Best Buy Launches Free mIQ Sync Service

By Adam Zeis on 5 Oct 2009 03:12 pm EDT

We just got word on this upcoming launch and it definitely looks promising. I wouldn't have expected something like this to come from Best Buy, but it is what it is. Their new mIQ service lets you backup pretty much all of the data on your device. Calendar, contacts, text messages media and more can all be backup up with the service, and you can access everything from the web. The changes you make on the web are synched to your device and vice versa.

mIQ from Best Buy Mobile helps users sync their contacts, text messages, calendar events, calls, photos, videos, and internet favorites from their mobile phones to their private web-based mIQ account. Once backed-up in the cloud, users can interact with their information in exciting new ways, share their experiences with friends and social sites, and easily restore their content when moving from one phone to the next. Content instantly transfers between the phone and the web without requiring any user interaction - ensuring that users are always backed-up and have access to the most up-to-date information - wherever they are. 

I'm actually very excited to check out the service and see if its all that it claims to be. It has potential to replace multiple BlackBerry apps if it does what it says and does it well. You will need to install the app on your device, but any phones purchased from Best Buy Mobile will come with it pre-installed. Perhaps the best part is that the service is totally free. Accounts will be given out on a first come first served basis starting October 12th. You can signup now by visiting

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Best Buy Launches Free mIQ Sync Service


Sounds too good to be true. Basically this is like by Apple ($99 a year)? I really wonder how / why they could provide everyone this service with no charge. Are they collecting marketing data from this??

Possibly. Consider this; now Best Buy can tailor ads, products, and services from what you are interested from in and directly place them on that mIQ homepage. If there can be some an incremental increase in sales because Best Buy is offering you what you want, then this strategy would be a success.

Plus, since this synced with your, I could not see why Best Buy would not use this to send you reminders of what sales and offers are going on right to your phone.

I love it click on the privacy link and terms of use...It is forthcoming. sign up give us all your stuff we will tell ya later what we are going to do with it. VERY WEAK

folks, there is no posted privacy policy yet. I'd hang on to your data until they publicly announce what their intentions and policies are.

Lately it seems like a lot of companies want control over all your mobile, social, and personal data, Microsoft -,, Apple, yahoo enhanced mail system, best buy, etc.

Why would I want to pay a service, when I can back up to Outlook on my computer at no cost. Also, I backup my BB with Desktop Manager.

Can someone please explain.

Who said anything about paying?

I'm not promoting or defending the mIQ service as I'm sticking with the Sync capabilities under my Google & Google Apps accounts. But, syncing smartphones to the cloud is where technology is going. The idea is that your info can be retrieved from ANY Internet-connected computer, not just your PC with Outlook and DM installed. If you're a true mobile worker, having a back-up plan is critical in those occasions when your laptop is stolen or fails.

For me, the only thing about mIQ that I might like is the syncing of pics and videos. But, the site doesn't say how much storage space is offered, and sycing pics and video isn't enough to make me sign-up.

With the privacy statement, this DASHPUSH stuff, and it being shady Best Buy in general, I am quite suspicious of signing up for this "free" service.

No telling what it will come to soon, no matter how great and free it appears right now. Best Buy will be able to directly push shit I don't want out onto my phone instantly. Gross.

I just got my link invite in my email inbox. IMHO, it looks better than Skydeck. Skydeck was causing problems with me, well only one...the outgoing message listening service never starts even after upgrading to the latest version and following tech support instructions. Hopefully mIQ performs better for me. So far so good.

Just got the link this morning and so far, after a day of use, I am loving this FREE service. I have basically no problems using it with my Tour (Yes it is compatible with 5.0, as on one phone I am running a hybrid while my other Tour has the .230 leak - both have worked fine).

It has backed up all 247 of my contacts (and re-synced automatically after it recognized changes made by Outlook/DM), and the integration with my messaging has been spot-on. I love being able to send texts from it directly, and wish this was something that included BBM (when replying to messages on the computer, messages sent were not synced TO the phone - only sent messages from phone are synced TO the server.)

So far, only major issue has been related to the media sync. The program froze and became unresponsive (while still causing a major lag throughout the computer) after I selected "photos" and "videos" as items to sync. After resolving the issue (just turn off the radio before restarting the program and turn off photo/video sync), I found out that the problem was caused after only 8 pictures were uploaded to the server. Your best option is to turn this feature off and just save your media elsewhere.

Overall, the program is great, aside from that one issue. Nice work Best Buy!

I downloaded and installed last night. Running the app presented me with an error message. I reported the exact message on feedback. Then I deleted the app.

Today I reset my Tour and received a "Reload Software 552". I quick search of the forums reveiled someone else with the same problem. I did try a couple of other apps so I am not 100% sure it was mIQ that caused my issue. However, I am not going close to mIQ any time soon.

I am running the delivered OS version