Best Buy kicks off summer with the BlackBerry PlayBook

By Adam Zeis on 24 Jun 2011 11:13 am EDT

Best Buy is kicking off summer with a big push on tablets. While they stock quite a few so consumers have their choice, it's good to seem them pushing the BlackBerry PlayBook as well. This time the PlayBook gets it's own spot (which I caught on TV last night) and is shown off doing what it does best. Nothing super special in the ad but I'm still a big fan of seeing commercials for RIM products since they have been so lacking the past. Check out the full commercial above.

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Best Buy kicks off summer with the BlackBerry PlayBook


Just was in our brand new Best Buy in town yesterday. They have a big beautiful section of well lit displays for all of their Tablets. Oh and across the store at the back end of a rack of phones in a space that literally took me 10 minutes to find, is a Playbook on a darkened shelf.

Picked mine up yesterday @ Best Buy. They had all the tablets out so it was nice to quickly compare them. Bought it @ Best Buy because they were they only ones around that had the 64GB in stock - even though it was not on their product info. I had to tell the sales guy that he had two in stock!

Went to buy one at local Radio Shack. Guy had no idea what I was talking about. Told him it was on their company web site. Had to ask someone at Best Buy where they were. They had them hidden in the "mobile devices" area even though they have a tablet area. Both sure make it difficult to purchase at great device.

I bought mine at Office Depot. I went straight to Best Buy to look at cases, and was told by a snooty young man who looked down his nose at me, "we don't carry much for the playbook because it isn't very popular." So....I left....found my case on I DO like to shop locally, but not when the employee doesn't actually want to SELL me something....

Maybe Best Buy is running for office! They put on this great front in the commercial....but the stores tell the tale. Welll...I'm sure there are good ones and bad ones, so no biggie.

Was just in my Best Buy today here south of Tampa, FL. All down one of the main aisles were tablet displays. A smallish one for the Galaxy Tab, a bigger one for the Motorola Xoom, and of course a giant one for the iPad2. I looked around a bit more an concluded that Best Buy does not carry the PlayBook. Oh well...another RIM marketing failure. (Side note, I ordered my 64 GB PlayBook from the RIM site on April 18, and it was shipped four days later.)

I was just at Best Buy and the people there didn't even know how to get it turned on. They then tried to sell me something else saying "The Playbook is too hard to understand how to use".

My reactions was, REALLY?

I had a similar experience. Several employees trash talked the PB and after i showed them that every starement they made was false, they admitted
to me they havent used it.

Went to Staples ..... they were out of stock.
Went to Wal-mart ... they had 1 on display, but it was in limbo .... couldn't do anything with it.
Bought a 32GB from them. They had a few of them tucked behind the counter, hidden away.

Either these things are made from solid gold .... or some stores are not promoting them that well.

Went to the Source .... the guy was trying to do his best to sell it (bless his heart ... but I already bought one). Ask him if he had the cable to connect it to my TV ..... he said 'no', but they should be arriving soon .... ( maybe around the time that 'Angry Birds' are released ?? )

I got my 32 gb from Visions. If you've never been, it's an overall great store, and the staff are usually good (except for this one asshole in the Calgary McLeod trail location: pushy, and lies about the products)

Canadian patriotism FTW.

At my local Best Buy, they keep Android and Windows tablets as well as the iPad. No sign of the Playbook. They just don't keep it... no Playbook on the stands, nothing in the racks... It's the Best Buy at Galeries de la Capitale, in Quebec City. It opened two weeks ago, so it's not out of stock as all the racks are full, it's just not there... hope they'll get it soon.