Best Buy Canada offering the Bell BlackBerry Z10 for $0 with contract

Save yourself some cash and grab the Bell BlackBerry Z10 from Best Buy

By Bla1ze on 16 Apr 2013 06:36 pm EDT

Been holding off on purchasing a BlackBerry Z10? If you're a Bell customer, now might be the time to go all in. Best Buy Canada is currently hosting a sale on select devices and among them is the BlackBerry Z10. Until April 18th, you can head on into a Best Buy location and pick up a Bell BlackBerry Z10 in white or black for $0 with the typical 3-year contract for new activations. As usual, Best Buy has pulled their inventory checker so there's no way to tell which stores have stock but that's a minor concern, just give your local Best Buy a call or stop by. A few folks in the CrackBerry forums have already jumped on the offer, any other takers?

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Best Buy Canada offering the Bell BlackBerry Z10 for $0 with contract


Just negotiate with Rogers customer relations. I got a white one for free 3 weeks after the Canada release for my wife.

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I wish I lived there, also f*ck you Nicolás Maduro(ad-related, venezuelans will understand).

I don't get this UK were offering Z10 for free on release for like £36 a month for 24 month contract??? Why is it so much over the other side of the pond???

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It works differently over there. Phone is usually free but the price per month for different phones changes. Example a Z10 might be 36 a month but an S3 would be 30 a month. Over here month plans are all the same but you pay up front different amounts for different devices to begin with.

You just know that someone will spin this negatively and say that the reason for this is because they are not selling

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It's a sale. Sales happen. The Galaxy S3, Galaxy Note II and uhh.. pretty much every other smartphone not made by Apple dropped in similar fashion on sale as well, was that a bad sign? lol. Do I dare even mention it's only one of the many carriers that Best Buy sells for or is that too blatantly obvious? I could see why it would be bad, if say it was ONLY the Z10 on sale but it's not.

Also best buy/future shop also have some good sales on phones buying power perhaps?. That being said, the $0 deal only applies to NEW not renewal contracts, as far as upgrades go they have to use bell's pricing. ($99 on a three year renewal) It is best buy/fs with the sale, not the carrier...

Why do phones go on sale? Is it not possible that phones go on sale when their sales slow down? That includes the other 3 models Bla1ze listed. I'm quite sure they don't lower the price of phones that are selling very well. Or do they just pull names out of a hat? How do they decide?

Why are you "quite sure"? I can see how they might lower the price on phones that are selling well. Selling for less than their competitors can give them a larger percentage of the overall sales of a given phone. And, putting a popular phone on sale for new contracts only is a good way to get people signed up.

I'm quite sure because its basic supply and demand theory. You don't lower prices on high demand products, I suppose there are always exceptions???

That same basic supply and demand theory supports the example I gave. Lowering their price increases the demand for their particular offering which may, if their share of the sales goes up enough, make for greater profit despite the lower margins. Is that why it is on sale or is it due to over-all lower demand or something else? Given how little information I have, I am not offering an opinion. I am only pointing out that there are alternate explanations.

Wouldn't go for it simply because it's a three year contract.

The Fido one at $350 on a two year contract is more worth it in the long run if you opt for their $39 plan which includes a ton of stuff that Bell still has the nerve to charge for even after you fork out at least $50/month.

Absolutely false :
This is ONE single carrier who chose this way as promoting vehicle. As a matter fact it's in canada...the ones who claim that sales are not going good often uses the "The z10 is only selling in Canada " line..nuff said....

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We pay for the phone on the back end of the contract anyway. It's only $0 if you don't buy a new phone (BlackBerry) for another 3 years, how many people do that these days?

This is ONLY for new activations. Call Best Buy and they will tell you this. Please fix this instead of having people think different.

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I think 3 year contracts are the worst thing these days, simply because we upgrade our phones around every 14-18 months or so, according to some stats I have read before. It's a great deal, but the time commitment is too long. I thought the crtc was going to ban 3 year contracts.

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*Please Note:This unit is not available for sale online. New in-store activation required on a three year plan with eligible packages in order to purchase this unit at the listed price. Some conditions apply. See in store for details. This is a listing for the product WebID 10237699 . I could not edit my comment so posting this here. Its on the buttom of the best buy page u linked.

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The fact that it's only one retailer offering the deal for only one carrier, and the retailer just started promoting their new cellphone mini-stores, almost certainly means it's just a store promotion and not a sign of the Z10 not selling well.

As for the deal itself, the 3-year contract is a great reason NOT to take this deal. You can buy a factory-unlocked Z10 for $545 at PDA Plaza, which is what I would do instead.

That's great for you who has $500+ on hand to get a Z10. But if you don't? Well then a free Z10 on a 3 year term is looking pretty damn good!

I don't understand what everyone's fear of contracts are?! You're willing to shell out $500+ for a month to month phone to mot have a contract but your not willing to pay the contract cancellasion fee to get out of a contract. Which by the way are in and around the same price range. Only difference is if you end up being a happy customer on a 3 year contract, well then you may have just scored yourself a free Z10 and probably a decent plan if you did your homework.

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It's not free. At last check, Bell gave a 10% discount on your monthly bill (before taxes) if you sign up for month-to-month service and don't buy a subsidized phone from them. Doing the math, shows that buying the subsidized phone causes your monthly service bill to increase by 11% + taxes. If your service needs could be met by the carriers with lower rates, then that "deal" is costing you even more in service charges.

In the long term, phone subsidies hurt the carrier and the consumer. It would be much better if the wireless industry adopted the same model as the ISPs: let electronics stores sell the devices and have the service providers use service-based incentives to entice customers. That should lead to cheaper prices for devices that are market driven and not carrier-controlled.

While I understand why some don't like the three year contract, I don't see any advantage for getting one off contract.

If you do not get a subsidized phone on contract with the big three, they give you no discount. There is no monetary advantage to using an unsubsidized one.

As for the three year contract, you can upgrade to a new phone at two years and start a new contract.

If there is a better monthly plan with the carrier or a competitor, they will usually match it.

At least that's the way it seems to work with Rogers.

The Big 3 carriers offer a 10% discount on your monthly bill (before taxes) if you sign up for month-to-month service and don't buy a subsidized phone.

Got mine through T-Mobile in the states. I put $250 down with no contract, and although I pay full price through payment plans, it's still cheap than other carriers who offer the Z10 here.

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I'm curious as to how long ago did you get yours for $250 down on T-mobile? I think the price is $99, now. I'm with T-mobile also, and am waiting to hear if they'll get the Q10 and if so, I'll wait and see if the price comes down in a couple of weeks like the z10.

It has always been $99 down* OAC (on approved credit). For less than "approved credit", the customer can pay a higher downpayment. The installment payments will be lower so the overall device price will be the same either way.

When the Z10 was first available for sale on T-mobile online, I'm positive, that the price was a $250 down payment, with a $50 mail in rebate, I think the following week, or just a few days before Amazon's $99 deal came out is when it dropped to $99. I'm not sure exactly the date of the price change and that's why I was asking when the others purchased theirs at the original $250 price? I'm assuming they got it within the first week?

It has been $99 down* OAC since release. If people with less than approved credit walk in today to buy a Z10, they will have a downpayment of $250, or not be eligible for the downpayment at all and have to pay full price.

Keep in mind that T-Mobile's device prices and plans are different from what you will see offered by third party sellers such as Amazon and Best Buy, because they do not have access to T-Mobile's Simple Choice plans.

I'm sorry guys, but I don't know if this should be a bad thing are good thing, this device is still fairly new and to be selling it for $0 send off a different message and its surely isn't a good one. I owned two of this device myself and apart from a few minor tweaking it's a awesome phone. I can also see where people has given up an BlackBerry and this being a strategy to get back BlackBerry in the game but I don't think that's the right move sorry. That should be more for Apple or other device since there seals for falling for the Z10. Let me know if anyone agree with me.

If this is anything like the Amazon $100 special, you better all GO READ WHAT WITH CONTRACT MEANS. On Amazon, it is a rip off. It is an attack on those that don't understand math.

Demand is still there for the device. Best buy simply going after that sweet sweet commission...

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I paid $89 the day after launch with Bell, it just took a call to customer retentions. The carriers are fighting among themselves to get customers, which is as it should be in a free market. Bell (and the other carriers retentions departments) will give you a way better deal if you call them when your contract is up, Best Buy is just getting into the game, they're still making money. Three years of a contract is a lot of profit to be shared.

Bell stinks. I paid through the nose to cancel my bell contract. Got my z10 on Rogers and it is much quicker!

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I don't see this as bad news. BlackBerry needs momentum sales will help, the more people who get this phone the more apps come, the more money BlackBerry makes off phones services etc and most of all there is that much more word of mouth.

That said I think another route would have been to practically give the first gen BlackBerry 10 phones away but keep the bis and collect through services then start raising the price. Kind of like the drug dealer methodology of the first one is free.

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Wtf Telus , despite the other 2 major Cdn Telcos dropping their prices of the Z10, we get no love from Telus, Price of the Z10 remains at $149 for crappy contact. Just do not understand their sales strategy at all.

This is for new activations, not upgrades! Rogers always does this as well. I tried it once and they wouldn't cave in, they said it was on my for new activations not hardware upgrades. They do this to bring new customers to their network. They did as well with the SGS3 after 2 months after it launched. So if people are complaining that it's too fast, it isn't. Bell and Rogers always do this. I got my black and white z10's for $49 each on 3 year after negotiating with them, plus they waived my early hardware up upgrade fee and the activations fees as well. So I'm pretty content and happy. Loving my z10. Awesome phone. These promotions will bring more people to the z10. This isn't a bad thing.

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It's a sale, nothing more nothing less. Phones go on sale all the time. In fact big box retailers such as Future Shop and Best Buy will put their phones on sale for new activations just to hit their sales targets.

Just recently Telus had a sale where the Samsung S3 and many of their phones were free or up to $100 off the regular price, this even included the iPhone 5. It's not like people were saying the sky was falling when that happened. In fact to my knowledge every phone went on sale except the BlackBerry Z10.

The way I look at it is the lower the price on the Z10 the better. That doesn't mean the phone isn't selling it means the carriers are supporting the selling of the device. Its difficult for the Z10 to gain ground on phones like the Samsung S3 when it's selling for $100 less. Now I know the S4 is coming out soon but regardless the S3 is a direct competitor to the Z10 and in today's economy it all comes down to price. If the Z10 is similarly priced to the competition that's one less obstacle that stands in its way.

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More people that have it the better it is for consumers as more app devs exist. Sucks that I paid $165 after fees for mine. Hopefully they keel improving and adding new features, especially the old BlackBerry features like hiding files!

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Nice! This is gonna give a nice nudge to sales! People saying that it's not a good sign has no clue how a product cycle work and how to manage a business.

BlackBerry has to push out as much Z10 as possible. This is an incredible device, word of mouth is the best way to sell them... If people buy them, then this thing will grow exponentially!

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BBRY will release second 'flagship' device later this year with Sprint. I believe that device will be the one to compete with the HTC One and the SG IV in the ongoing specs race.

Giving them away will help get the OS into more hands.

Who are you kidding?!

You're a fool if you think any one telecommunications company is better then the other. You the consumer has to learn how to shop smarter and not depend on a company to present you with what they feel is a good deal. You might have something good now but every 6 months pricing for goods and services changes. You just have to do your homework to ensure the company your with, is giving you the best service at the best price.

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Don't be afraid of the three year contracts. They are easily gotten out of with minimal fee . Most will just make you pay for the phone once you cancel. I canceled Rogers who arę supposed to be the hardest to get out of. Just give them a bogus address you know gets no service say you work 15 km away from that address then complain about not getting service and dropped calls. Then pay off the phone and carry on.

Oil sands Fueled

Hello ... Telus ?
Rogers had a sale, Bell is having a sale. I hope Telus is next, my girlfriend really wants a Z10 but is awaiting a sale.

Not a good deal.
I still think my $250 Z10, $40 300 minutes, 400MB, unlimited text and picture messaging, free evenings and weekends is a killer deal :)

Cost it out over the life of the contract, much like figuring out total cost of a condo before jumping in with 5% down and paying for the 30-40 years and increasing condo fees.....

Too bad Bell's terms prohibit streaming Internet video (see section 15: " You shall not use or allow others to use the Service or your Device if such use: ...
III. is for multi-media streaming, continuous data transmission or broadcasts, automatic data feeds, automated machine to machine connections or peer-to-peer (P2P)
file sharing, voice over Internet protocol or any other application that is not made available to you by Bell which uses excessive network capacity ; ")

Disgusting. It would be cheaper to get the phone with the lowest Bell plan possible, and keep my Wind account active with the unlimited data, than to get even 1GB through Bell.

Trying to play with their plans a bit to see if I can manage something even remotely reasonable has made me feel mildly ill.

(and before people remind me about Wind's poor network coverage, I live in Ottawa and have no problems whatsoever, apart from shrinking parts of Barhaven, but nobody wants to go there anyways. It's been great for the year I've been with them. I just can't put another phone on my tab at the moment or I'd have jumped on the Z10 on launch day)

I stopped into a Best Buy in northern VA and they had BlackBerry anything and no spot for one on their display.

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