Best Buy Canada now taking pre orders for BlackBerry Torch

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By Bla1ze on 3 Sep 2010 05:39 pm EDT

As all the major carriers in Canada get set to release the BlackBerry Torch on September 24th, Best Buy is wasting no time in letting customers know they can be among the first to put the device in their hands. The pre ordering page has now gone up on the website, although you do still need to visit a Best Buy Mobile location to process the preorder. Oh ya, bring $50 with you as well as that's the preorder cost.

Source: MobileSyrup

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Best Buy Canada now taking pre orders for BlackBerry Torch


Just today I met my sister and I noticed her new Torch. We don't really talk lately cuz we're busy people. I thought she just bought it today but she said she bought it more than two weeks ago. I was stunned cuz we're living in Jakarta, Indonesia. She bought it at the regular cellphone shop. I was wondering, who the hell brought those phones while some operators in US and Canada still doing pre order for Torch.

:) This is exciting! I guess I'm going to have to go in store and find out whether I am still able to get the phone at no-contract pricing.

pretty funny. Edmonton South had no idea about this. I'm the first one! :)

Actually Edmonton in general has very little education on their sales teams. Four out of five Rogers stores I called said the Torch isn't even coming to Canada and that there must be a mistake on the website. The fifth said they know its announced for the 24, but their rep said it would be postponed till next year and that I should just get an iphone cus its better anyways.

Oh well, at least I got the best buy staff excited about it.

I love how the staff assumed that the web site is wrong. How about you fools are wrong!

As a side note, I don't know how much I believe this story.

Future Shop also started taking pre-orders for the Torch. Instead of a $50 charge, you buy a car charger, then when you go down and pick up the phone, they refund the money for the charger ($29.99) and package it in for the price of the phone. Strange way of doing it, but hey, free car charger I guess!!