Best Buy Canada drops BlackBerry PlayBook pricing to $299 for all sizes

Best Buy Canada drops BlackBerry PlayBook to $299
By Michelle Haag on 7 Jan 2012 03:15 pm EST
Not one to be left out, Best Buy Canada has now dropped the price of the BlackBerry PlayBook like their US and Mexican counterparts. As it stands now, you can pick up a 16GB, 32GB, or 64GB PlayBook for $299, which matches the pricing that we've seen popping up all over, including straight from RIM. Thanks for the tip aphelion_blue!

Of course, many people have been left scratching their heads at the pricing, wondering why anyone would buy a 16GB PlayBook for the same price as they could get a 64GB. Well, the answer is pretty obvious if you think about it. They wouldn't, and that's what RIM wants to happen. When the PlayBook was released, the 64GB was priced at $699 and it seems that most people weren't willing to shell out that much for a tablet that they weren't 100% sure would be right for them. The 16GB PlayBook at $499 was still a bit expensive, but more likely to sell, and add to that all the 16GB PlayBooks RIM has given away through the developer program and at DevCon and BlackBerry World, and it's clear that RIM is likely sitting on a fairly large pile of 64GB tablets. What better way to get rid of them than to make the choice for the customer by offering the larger capacity tablet for the same price as the smaller?

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Best Buy Canada drops BlackBerry PlayBook pricing to $299 for all sizes


TheSource (formerly Radio Shack) is also matching this price. Bought a 64GB off their website yesterday.

Haven't decided what to do with my 32 now... Hmmmm... Kijiji? Dedicated dev machine? Root?

Decisions, decisions...

I am looking for someone to ship a playbook at a good price over here to Germany. 32 GB would be perfect for me,so could we come to a deal?
I would really appreciate it.

Michelle you are so smart, too bad most other internet bloggers could not understand why RIM was pricing all Playbooks at the same price.

Get the product in consumer hands even if you are selling at a lost.

Do it, and hope developers will start jumping on board.

Tough to beat the PB on price. Everything RIM does to put more PBs into peoples hands is a good thing. Picked up the 32GB on sale ($248 at Walmart) 2 weeks ago when I realized that even the 64 would not hold all my music. The cloud (50 GB free from and easy drag and drop mapping over WiFi all work so smoothly. Love it. Great browsers, great media player, great e-reader (hurray for Bookreader!); perfect for my usage.

I bought my 64 GB on Black Friday for $399. No, I am not suffering buyer's remorse. The PB was absolutely overpriced at intro, IMO. I've had the use of the PB for a little over a month and that's worth the extra hundred dollars I spent.

My husband got 64GB from Future shop last night and I bought mine this morning. Love them! At future shop the manager said if we're willing to buy an "open" Playbook, it would be at discount. Apparently if people returned their Playbook (from Christmas gift) to Future Shop, they don't re-sell it as new even if the Playbook was unused. We didn't ask how much the discount was because we prefer the un-opened one.

Same at the Media Markt Alphen aan den Rijn in Holland. Don't know if its country wide or just the Media Markt in Alphen aan den Rijn

With news of the great features coming with OS 2.0, this is a freakin' good deal!!!! GET IT NOW!