Best Buy Canada drops all PlayBook prices by $20

BlackBerry PlayBook
By Bla1ze on 2 Aug 2012 08:17 am EDT

*UPDATE* - As pointed out by @AxlleBeer, the sale is also happening on Office Depot in the US

With the impending release of the BlackBerry PlayBook 4G, Canadians looking to get in on some cheaper variations of the WiFi version are now in luck. Best Buy Canada has dropped all prices on PlayBooks by an additional $20 though, the listings oddly show the sale is ending August 2nd -- that's today for in case you missed that. You can pick up a PlayBook at the following prices:

  • 16GB reduced to $179.99
  • 32GB reduced to $229.99
  • 64GB reduced to $279.99
You'll have to decide, wait for a higher priced 4G version or jump on the WiFi version? Rumor has it RIM is also blowing out the WiFi version internally as well, offering even deeper discounts to employee's presumably to help make room for BlackBerry 4G sales. Have friends at RIM? Ask them for the their discount package -- worth a shot.

More info at Best Buy

Reader comments

Best Buy Canada drops all PlayBook prices by $20


Actually Mr. Sarcasm, it's a REALLY good deal. The hardware is still very good and capable, build quality is great, and it will get the OS10 update. The apps (mostly games for now) are pouring in and I'm certain many more will come once the OS10 phones and additional devices are released.

I already have a 64 gig playbook, but if I had more disposable income, I'd upgrade my wife's 32 gig to a 64.

Most likely going to buy one for my daughter for her birthday... She is always using mine so why not get her one of her own!!!