Best Buy Canada BlackBerry 10 pre-orders go live

Best Buy BlackBerry 10
By Bla1ze on 11 Jan 2013 05:53 am EST

With all the major carriers having already signed on for BlackBerry 10 in Canada, it's time for some retailers get in on that action as well. First out of the gates in that arena is Best Buy Canada who has now sent off emails highlighting BlackBerry 10 in addition to having it posted right on their main page homepage. Pre-Orders can be completed in store for each of the carrier selections and while it's not noted, you're probably looking at the typical $50 down. Now, we'll wait and see how it takes for Future Shop to follow suit.

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Best Buy Canada BlackBerry 10 pre-orders go live


Finally Best Buy Canada now has BlackBerry 10. This is great news. I may just take them up on there offer for that $50. Now to go BELL or Telus?

Anyhow in Canada, Future Shop owns Best Buy Canada, they are one in the same, but either does not hurt each others business. So I can see Future Shop jumping in for BB10. Next would be The Source along with several more such as Wal-Mart.

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what does the pre-order entail, and is there a cost?

Edit: Just pre-ordered at Future Shop. $50 fully refundable deposit. Carrier locked phone. No word on release date or prices.

Funny how stores are taking carrier pre-orders but the carriers (except Rogers) are not.... Yet. Did I miss something?

Doesn't matter, in fact once a carrier confirms they will be carrying a certain phone, it means the retailers will,for sure, get them on launch. That being said, retail stores are smart by offering pre orders since it pretty much confirms a sale.

I agree with you. I just think carriers should take pre-orders before stores because I'd think that business wise now the stores get a cut off the top instead of carriers. For the consumer it doesn't really matter I guess. :)

Curious if they fixed a price to the phones - can you really call it a pre-order if you don't know what it costs? I think that's why we are not seeing here in the States yet I do not remember seeing a carrier do what is in effect a reservation for a phone without a price on it. Have only had 2 carrriers in my life and don't pay much attention to the others, but usually here (USA) to preorder you have to commit to paying for the phone.

I hope to God this doesn't mean that FIDO owners are getting shafted... Although FIDO is owned by Rogers I know they don't always get the same phones.... Sigh... I guess we'll have to wait and see

I can't wait to see the new displays at Best Buy, Future Shop and the Carriers. I bet in a month or so they are front and center sporting the Playbook as a great partner to your new phone......currently BB is barely visable at the back, the Playbooks are not even powered up and if they are, they have nothing on them and they are not even placed in Demo mode.....frankly it is a horrible example of how marketing is controlled. Yet the displays for Apple are keep finger print clean, all units running, well lit and front and center......BB10 its your turn!

They really need to market them well in the stores. I went to a Micro Center (technology shop, few across the country but the biggest is here in Chicago) and the PlayBook was in the back with all the other Kindle/Android Tablets. The PlayBook was dead, and when I tried plugging it into get it working for other customers as I already have one, I was greeted with a very loud alarm thinking I was trying to steal it. Please do better than this!