Best Buy BlackBerry Z10 preorders kick off March 12th

Each Best Buy and Best Buy Mobile store has a specially-trained BlackBerry Expert employee who can help educate consumers on device features

By Bla1ze on 11 Mar 2013 06:18 pm EDT

To go along with AT&T's official announcement, Best Buy has now confirmed they too will be taking preorders for the BlackBerry Z10 starting March 12th. Preorders can be placed at any Best Buy location as well as over the 405 Best Buy Mobile locations across the U.S with the BlackBerry Z10 being available for purchase starting March 22nd.

In addition to that, Best Buy will also be offering in-house set up service to help customers learn all about BlackBerry 10 and the many new features that come with it. If you don't live near a AT&T retail store, then Best Buy is looking to be an easier route to take in order to get your hands on a BlackBerry Z10 first in the U.S.

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Best Buy BlackBerry Z10 preorders kick off March 12th


Great! I'm not on AT&T but I look forward to going to my local Best Buy to check it out and play with it. Hope they have it on display soon.

Best Buy (USA)? Are you kidding? They are a joke.............................never even seen a working phone at one much less a Blackberry. All the employees I've ever talked to badmouth Blackberry and don't know the first thing about them! Good luck!!

I actually went to a Best Buy Mobile yesterday and the employee there was given a z10 as the blackberry expert and he was willing to show it to me, pretty awesome if you ask me!

The fake demo models are pathetic. Whatever you do don't judge the phone by those.

Posted from my Z10 via CB10

The instore demos are the real deal. They are just set up on instore demo mode. By the way, to unlock the instore demos the code is instoredemo.

By the way, I forgot to tell you the instoredemo code is highly confidential. Don't tell anyone the code is instordemo because we don't want people to know how the phone actually works.

1 specially trained person can train many others. I actually think this is a great step for Blackberry. Previously it seemed like if there was "0" specially trained Best Buy employees, or atleast that was how it seemed with the Best Buy employees telling customers "you still use Blackberry", "why don't you buy an Android/iOS device" that was previously reported by CB users that have visited Best Buy's in the past year or so. Great move by whoever decided to have "1" specially trained person in high traffic stores. As time goes by, if they need more I am sure that will get adjusted.

@Judas Priest1 @warfroggy I guess you experiences are different than mine. My Best Buy has consistently had working flag ship phones from the 3 OSs, BlackBerry included. I'm fairly certain there is still a 9900 still on display, not front and center but still there. I trust they will have a Z10 and Q10 when the time comes!

Can you pre order for any carrier? Like will I be able to go & pre order a Verizon model?

Bldshd 189

I asked about the Z10 about a week ago and they said to wait until I hear from Verizon (have my name on the list for Z10 info), then I can place a pre-order with Best Buy. I'm just worried that the same thing will happen where the people with pre-orders end up having to wait longer than the people who went into a carrier's store the day of the release and they got one right away. Hmmmm....

I'm selling a white z10 unlocked if anyone's interested?

BlackBerry vet since 2004! Z10; Bold 9900 & 64gb PlayBook owner

In San Diego Best Buy might as well be called the "iPhone Store" with a full square section about 20' x 20' with nothing but iPhones and accessories. I went in once and asked if they had any accessories for BlackBerry phones and they were dumbfounded that I'd even have a BlackBerry much as less utter the word. He said "you are kidding right?"

The pre-order is carrier specific, for now only att customers can pre-order. I've talked to 5 different BB trained reps at best buy mobile all 5 have Android and are switching back to blackberry....have to wait for the Verizon pre-order to start.......Indianapolis area BB addict

The Best Buys in Canada (at least Mississauga ON) have huge billboard sized banners over the store entrance with beautiful images of the Z10 and all the BlackBerry goodness
In store banners are also prevalent along with a really nicely featured BlackBerry space in the phones section. Pleasantly surprised! I actually went in there to pick up a 64gig sd card (now rocking 80 gigs on my Z10!) they had on sale and came away feeling good about the positive BlackBerry vibe they had going on.

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It is hard to get too excited until there is some actual price information. Everything I have heard so far is they are going to be near the upper end of the price scale and the unit might not warrant it. Will have to wait and see plus do a real comparison of what apps are available that closely mirror Microsoft Outlook and will sync with it. The "Hub" and games have no interest for me. I have even deleted BBM because of a lack of others with BBs. Have pretty much given up on the advantage of the bridge as it is so slow, plus with my 4gLTE Jetpack any wifi enabled tablet could easily replace the Playbook. Has pretty much become an expensive reader anyway. I will give it a fair evaluation but the excitement from my last 3 Blackberry purchases is long gone.

Get ready to get your BlackBerry cherry popped again then. your experience with your last 3 Blackberries was like being married to a woman who barely did anything for you in bed, the new Z10 is the hot nympho model you just can't keep your hands off!

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in my country we already have the Black,White on all carriers/networks except the Red exclusivity belongs to Vodacom/Vodafone but they sell Black and White

I believe Best Buy offers far cheaper warranties than the carriers, I could be wrong about that though. I remember distinctly a reason BB was a better alternative than your carrier.

...just got back from the Best Buy in Forsyth, Il. - I asked about the BlackBerry Z10, "no, we don't have those". I then mentioned they were supposed to be taking preorders for them, "Er, no, we don't have those". Apparently they not only didn't get a demo, they didn't get the memo about it or the BlackBerry expert.

Does anyone know price of ATT Z10 and protection plan? Ill stop by there after work, just curious if its any better than going through ATT retail

The Z10 will be priced at 199.99 with a new two year and or upgrade 9.99 a month that protection plan offers no deductable with unlimited exchange unlike the carrier stores.

Does premier always means a business account or not necessary? Cause I had issues in the past with upgrading through Best Buy with a Premier business account.

I have a Premier account. I ordered mines by Best Buy. I'm going to let them haggle with AT&T.

Can Best Buy preorders pick up right away Friday morning? Has anyone confirmed this? I know they say we will email you but they should be able to be picked up right away correct?