Best Buy ad shows off BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.0 as coming soon

Best Buy Canada Flyer
By Adam Zeis on 15 Feb 2012 01:29 pm EST

This week's Best Buy Canada flyer is a bit of a tease for anxious BlackBerry PlayBook owners. The ad shows off the available PlayBook models, but in addition is sporting a BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.0 Coming Soon message. While there is no official date listed for the actual release, it's another good sign that things are on track.

The all-new PlayBook OS 2.0 brings together the best of BlackBerry communications including powerful productivity tools and your favourite applications in -- slim package. 

So overall it looks like we're in good shape to see PlayBook OS 2.0 in the next week or so. Try to stay patient and all will be well - we won't keep it a secret when it becomes available!

Source: MobileSyrup

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Best Buy ad shows off BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.0 as coming soon


+1 It's one year that we're waiting. At least they could tell when it's going to happen. At this stage they know if it's February 29th or 31th!!! :)

I'm sure the crackberry stuff knows the actual release date but they are under embargo.

This embargo thing is the most idiotic concept in journalism...

not even funny those tricks they pull on consumers should be illegal. they shouldnt be allowed of saying stuff like that if its not true. i bet they posted the same poster back in october. attracting consumer on suposition and rumors.

Arrghhhhhhhhhhhh! I keep hearing 2/21 but I can't hardly wait. I really want to get my hands on that Open On Playbook and that use your handheld as a mouse and keyboard for your Playbook option. So many apps will be better is you can get that mouse/cursor thing going, particularly those remote desktop options.

couple of things. 1. Pricing $299 for 16GB and 2. Name Playbook OS2.0. Does this mean newly manufactured PB with pre-loaded 2.0 on it ?

If the 3G is coming out then why not keep the current configurations at the lower prices? Increase pricing for the 3G models and provide more customer choice?

Again does this mean NEW Playbooks in new box with OS2 pre-loaded and perhaps better specs ?

I would not read too much into the version of software pre-loaded on the BlackBerry PlayBook because these flyers typically are for sales that start on the weekend of the week of the flyer's release.

Impatient much?

The current model of PlayBook will have 2.0 preloaded at some point potentially I'd assume, but if you're asking about a PlayBook version 2, then yes... but it wouldn't matter, after the update is released you would have access to 2.0 via a software update.

There have been rumors of a 3G PlayBook with a slightly faster processor (1.5GHz) as well as an LTE and possibly a 10" model. You'll have to wait and see what pans out though.

yes i am impatient because i cannot play my favorite games because i am going to lose progress as the backup is not working properly.

For those of us who bit the bullit and got the PB last year and this and to now hear of a possible 3G version coming....hurts and there then should be some form of "Upgrade Path" for those of us who jumped in and supported the PB and are now awaiting 2.0. ;-)

i was trying to go on that website myself. it will be working before flyers are released to the stores

I am in two minds about announcing a date, although its nice for us to know, it also sets them up for failure if they dont deliver by that date.

If you can avoid adding unnecessary pressure to an already volatile situation, why not do it.

They better get it out soon so that tech writers have a chance to review it. In a few weeks, it will be iPad 3 coverage all the time, on every tech site.

I can't wait to see what the OS2 release does to the shares. I bought a few more today as Global TV ran a little spot about the release of BB10 (after they did a piece on Samsungs new 5 incher released today - Galaxy Note)
And now we're seeing PB market share cutting into iPad, we have this article, a similiar article about BB10.

2012 is shaping up to be a good year for us BB addicts!!

My company went from Blackberry to Iphone in December and now I woun't be able to use the all of the features of the Playbook because I won't have the bridge feature. Right now I am using it to surf the web et home where I have WIFI and to read books on KOBO.

Is there a market to sell used Playbooks if people can get it cheap on line?

Does anyone have a sense if apps and software development will ramp up after 2.0? Or will the majority of playbook owners have to rely on existing apps available via android platforms?

Don't know if Thurston has leveraged the new OS with developers or if RIM has convinced developers to jump on the 2.0 wagon..

Well they had 6,000 developers sign up in the past few weeks.

And if you have an Android app you like and can get hold of the .apk file, converting it to run on Playbook OS2.0 is pretty well within the reach of anyone with a developer key from RIM. (Though not all Android apps will run).

So I'd say the old app issue is dead forever, for PB at least.

A Best Buy rep told me the PB is being discontinued and now this?!?!? I hate Best Buy... not one rep that I have ever spoke to knew what they were talking about. RIM should find a more reputable company...

Now now not ALL reps are. Yeah a majority of them are but it sucks to generalize everyone. There are guys who know their stuff. To be fair, as a crackberry member you know more than the reps do anyway lol, so use their help if you want but filter it out yourself.

On topic, glad to hear 2.0 is on its way. Excited to give the a go. There were no phones that interested me at the moment so I'm on a droid now when my 9700 crapped out on me but definitely still loving my PB (and bb for that matter lol).

Looking forward for the email support. Without my bridge feature I obviously haven't been able to use the Playbook for emailing lol.

In addition to my previous comment, Staples said a new playbook is coming out. I said don't you mean a new operating system? They said no, new hardware, possibly bigger. I commented that would be a mistake as it's 7" tablet is more portable and one of it's selling points. So maybe RIM has another Playbook on the back burner.

Hoping for the original rumour date of this Friday. I'm gone for a week starting Saturday to rural areas with sketchier Internet so I really want to have it installed before I leave.

WTF!? if they're gonna post a link in a flyer atleast make sure it works...

edit: whoops, guess someone already noticed this

399 for a 32GB? Hah! I just bought a 64GB last night for 299! I assume this just has the 2.0 update and doesn't have new hardware though..

same here. i guess lucky us. I hope RIM knows what is doing. it would be kind of slap in the face if RIM needed to slash prices again back to $199,$249,$299.

They said by end of February.

Rumour has it the 21st. In fact I'm so confident of the rumour source I'd be willing to bet your life on the 21st.


They keep pushing this. Early Feb they said it'll be released February 17th!!!!!!!!!!

If it isn't out by Friday I'm getting rid of this POS!!!! RIM deserves to go down a burn if they can't even hit a fuckin deadline!!! WOW!! And I'm a huge RIM fan btw. Or will be till Friday anyways.

RIM never said it would be released on the 17th, that was a speculation. "getting rid of this POS!!!" because the OS update may come a few days later then you expected is retarded! The Playbook is a solid tablet thats only gonna get better upon the release of this new update. I've had my Playbook since day one so I can understand being annoyed in not having a solid release date for features that have been sorely missed from the get go, but claiming that your gonna dump the devise based on rumors and a matter of a few days tells me that your brain must have fell out or perhaps was never tbere in the first place. Chill out and quit being a drama queen. It will come when its ready and then you can find something else to whine about.

They should continue with the price cuts to gain market share. Once everyone is onboard it will be easier to upsell them on both the new phones and the new playbooks.

Lol, how do we even know that this is a recent pic? hasn't OS 2 been coming soon for some time now? Like since Aprl 2011.
I went into best buy the other day, was going to update to a 64G Playbook from my 16G. OS2 looks nice...errr looked nice I should say. I tried a Toshiba Thrive, it was on sale, and I got it instead. I'm not hating, I've been loyal to RIM, bought my pb release day. OS2 doesn't compare to the big 2. Seriously, it doesn't. It brings email and contacts to your tablet. I hope that they have more up their sleeve for 2.0, otherwise, the PB will be just be a 200 dollar tablet. Docs to Go is a joke compared to what the Thrive out of the box. Print to Go is a waste of time, unless there is some hidden feature that I don't understand on it. I mean, I can open files on my Playbook outside of the app that I normally could open them in?
The Android apps that are being ported over are not good apps.

I use to think that Appworld was going to explode with new apps once 2.0 came out, but then I thought about it. RIM has been around longer than Apple and Google in the cell phone company, and yet they have less quality apps than either. I don't think that is going to change.

I hope I am wrong, I really do. I makes me sad to see that my Playbook, my business tablet, is now used as a Dora the Explorer player for my 2 year old, and that my Otterbox is almost worth as much as my PB.

I really hope I am wrong.

the anticipation is killing me. i can't wait. hopefully os 2.0 will be released this week. then our playbooks will be that much better. oh by the way i love all the new blackberry commercials!

Waiting almost a year for OS 2.0 - I really hope it doesn't disappoint. My $499 16GB Playbook bought on day 1 deserves the full package finally.

Uh, this story isn't news you know. Unless you're a PB owner who lives under a rock where there is no wifi and you aren't connected to a BB.

I for one am tired of all the d--k teasing, RIM is flaunting 2.0. like a "hooker in a mini skirt". It's time to put up or shut up. What other company could make people wait a YEAR for a product and still be in business? Oh wait? maybe that's why they are on the bubble! And here comes the Boy Wonder (Blunder) and he follows the same game plan as his predecessors. GREAT MOVE!!!!!!!!

OMG shut up already! Man this section is so annoying with whiners! Yes RIM didn't release bla bla.. It is a brand new OS and we know it was rushed. I think what's really bugging you is you want OS 2 so much that you have to take your frustration out on RIM instead of waiting a few more weeks possibly less! ... Also like to mention finally RIM is advertising and letting people know what it's new OS is going to have, which is exactly what apple does so good for them!

In Canada, BELL Mobility and Telus usually release their BlackBerry/PlayBook updates FIRST.

Adam - Have you heard anything? I hope BGR doesn't get an 'Exclusive' on this. Just sayin'.

- CB

lets see ......

- no idea when products are being released

- no marketing build up prior to release

but remember......... lets Rock and Roll This!!

So much has changed at RIM hasn't it?


PlayBook OS 2.0 Launching February 21st Officially Confirmed
Published on 02-16-2012 12:45 PM

BlackBerry News,
BlackBerry PlayBook

We have been waiting to hear an official date for OS 2.0 a really long time from BlackBerry or a RIM employee. Ever since the first whispers of a date were published, it's all been speculation. Today though we got some official RIM confirmation. At the Developing Native Games with the BlackBerry NDK 2.0 Webcast today, Angel Aldana, RIM Manager (Latin America Alliances), confirmed the official date of PlayBook's OS 2.0 launch to be... Tuesday, February 21st! Barring any setbacks, we will have a shiny new OS on our PlayBooks in about 5 days! This is awesome.

Does anyone know if the new OS will make the playbook compatible with adobe digital editions, making the device able to download public library books?