Best Buy ad confirms BlackBerry Bold 9780 pricing for Bell, Rogers and Virgin Mobile

BlackBerry Bold 9780
By Bla1ze on 5 Nov 2010 02:01 pm EDT

If you live in Canada and have been waiting for the BlackBerry Bold 9780 to arrive it might be now getting a little frustrating. While the device has already been officially announced, the rumored launch dates thus far have not really come through with delays having already been confirmed.

Newest rumor? November 9th will be launch day across Bell, Rogers, Virgin Mobile and possibly even TELUS. One thing that seems pretty much a lock though is the pricing according to Best Buy and the Rogers Q4 roadmap. Each carrier, with the exception of TELUS was featured in the above ad as listing the device for $149.99 on a new 3-year contract.

Sources: MobileSyrup / BGR

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Best Buy ad confirms BlackBerry Bold 9780 pricing for Bell, Rogers and Virgin Mobile


I would never pay 149 for this device if I had the 9700 which could already run OS6 perfectly. I guess this is just another cash cow product in my opinion.

Its for those which must only have the newest device. Some of those with a 9700 will feel the pressure of being less then the best and get a new phone for 500 plus dollars. Rim has put very small investment into this. CASH COW.

The phone has a 5MP camera and that's a nice upgrade folks. Not sure if it's worth it if you have a 9700 already, but if you want an upgrade from an older curve/storm, this is a nice device surely.

Is ok to buy this Bold9780 if you wanna have a solid phone, but if you already have bold9700 DO NOT BUY. It is almost the same phone only a few changes in OS and a Lil bit better response :D

I came from Samsung to BB torch

about 6 months ago, the 9780 was unconfirmed, but everyone wanted it.
about 6 weeks ago, we knew the specs, and everyone still wanted it because it had OS6.
about 6 days ago, the 9700 got the OS6 leak and suddenly the 9780 is crap. sometimes I find BB fanboys as funny as Apple fanboys!

Secondly.... lets take a second and think... HMMM does everyone own a blackberry 9700?

well judging by sales figures, Id assume the answer is NO

Therefore, perhaps this phone isn't being marketed towards 9700 owners, but ... wait for it..... PEOPLE WITHOUT THE CURRENT 9700

so 9700 owners... stop complaining and saying... IM NOT GONNA BUY THIS

and just ... DONT BUY IT....

Clearly people don't understand that this phone isn't meant to entice 9700 owners to upgrade. The same people would bitch about RIM selling old handsets if they didn't occasionally update their hardware. Given the choice, if I was in the market for a GSM Blackberry, I'd much prefer the 9780 over the 9700...

According to, the 9780 will be $499 without a contract and $99 with a 3 year term under Telus. There doesn't seem to be anything there for Rogers or Bell as of yet. You'd have to assume thought that the price will be similar.