The best BlackBerry you can buy right now

By Adam Zeis on 29 Nov 2013 11:45 am EST

Let's face it. The selection of BlackBerry devices isn't huge in comparison to the likes of Android -- but there are still a few different options depending on your needs. When we break things down, for the most part all the devices are sporting the same OS (or at least they can be, depending on your carrier) so you don't really have to base your choice off software, which is nice. What you do need to decide however is what you're willing to spend and how you'll be using your device. Are you straight up messaging or do you watch movies often? Play games or stick to social apps? Some of these will influence what device you go with, though you'll be able to do all of them on any BlackBerry you choose.

Let's take a quick look at the best BlackBerry you can buy right now in a few different categories. 

The Best BlackBerry You Can Buy - The BlackBerry Z30

​Based on a number of factors, our top pick for the best BlackBerry you can buy is the BlackBerry Z30. The Z30 has some impressive specs including a huge 5" screen, a Dual Core 1.7 GHz, 16GB of internal storage and some awesome built-in speakers. It's also running OS 10.2 which is the latest available update from BlackBerry. 

Some might find the Z30 to be a bit too big, but we love the size and feel of the device, making it our top choice overall. Everything about the Z30 screams "get things done". It has an amazing virtual keyboard which is perfect for small or big hands thanks to the screen size, and did we mention is has crazy good battery life? This guy is packing a 2800MAh battery which is more than enough to get through a day or more for the average user.

Watching movies, playing games, browsing the web or just sending of emails -- the Z30 is where it's at when it comes to BlackBerry. 

Best Touchscreen - BlackBerry Z30

​There are two options for a full-touchscreen BlackBerry 10 device -- the BlackBerry Z10 and BlackBerry Z30. While the Z10 was the first device to hit the market it still remains the most popular among BlackBerry 10 users. The Z30 is the new kid on the block so it's still not available to many users, including plenty in the US as it's currently a Verizon "exclusive". 

The large screen size of the Z30 makes is great for watching movies or playing games. One of the big sellers for the Z30 are the amazing speakers -- dubbed BlackBerry Natural Sound. The speakers are super loud and clear and we've really never heard any as good on a mobile device before. 

It may be hard for some users to find a Z30 -- especially in the US if you're on a carrier other than Verizon. Sadly the only way around this is to snag an unlocked version to use with your carrier. This may be a thorn for some, but if you have the means the Z30 still beats out the Z10 for best touchscreen BlackBerry.

Best Keyboard - BlackBerry Q10

Again we throw down with two options here for BlackBerry 10 devices -- the BlackBerry Q10 and BlackBerry Q5. The Q10 was the first QWERTY BB10 device to hit the market and was quickly snagged up by keyboard lovers everywhere. It still hasn't hit the adoption level of the Z10 but many faithful users pick the Q10 for it's insane battery life and amazing keyboard.

The BlackBerry Q5 was introduced as a low-cost device for various markets. It doesn't have the bigger features of the Q10 as it only has 1.2GHz processor, 8GB of storage and 5MP camera. It's been a good seller in some regions but doesn't really have the spec-power or design of the Q10. 

If you're going with a physical keyboard device, the BlackBerry Q10 is a no brainer. 

Best for Photos - BlackBerry Z30

When we think BlackBerry and photos we always flash back to the EDOF camera on the BlackBerry Bold 9900/9930. While we loved the Bold 9900, it was truly a shame the camera fell so short. It has no auto-focus and took really crappy photos. 

For BlackBerry 10, all of the current devices take great photos (with the exception of the Q5 - it's just so-so). After some deep thought though we have to go with the BlackBerry Z30 as our pick for the best overall for photos. The BlackBerry Z30 can take some really awesome shots and thanks to the larger screen there is plenty of room to edit them to make them even awesomer.

Best on a Budget - BlackBerry Z10

You may have guessed that the best budget BlackBerry is the Q5 since that's the way it's been marketed since the start, but currently you can do one better. The BlackBerry Z10 price has been dropping across the globe at various retailers, some even dropping it down to $.01 on contract. This isn't bad though as it gives finance-conscious buyers two options for a device -- both a QWERTY and a full touch. 

So you essentially just need to decide which route you want to go, but luckily have two options for budget devices. Our overall pick? Definitely the Z10.

Best Communication - BlackBerry Bold 9900/9930

This is the one you didn't see coming.

If it ain't broke, don't fix it, right? We know a lot of people that still love BB7 device, and that's okay. When we break down all of the other things that BlackBerry has to offer, the one that still tops the list is communication. For that reason alone, our choice for the best BlackBerry for communication is still the BlackBerry Bold 9900/9930. It may seem more than outdated at this point but we still love the ease of use on BBOS 7 as well as that "typing on air" keyboard the Bold 9900/9930 has to offer. 

It doesn't have the flair or features of BlackBerry 10, but if you think about communication -- pounding out emails, texts or updating your social network -- the Bold still holds the crown for that. Oh, and did we mention it has amazing battery life AND a built-in kickstand?

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The best BlackBerry you can buy right now



The fact that the Bold 9900/9930 is still up there in the list of the best BlackBerry's you can currently buy is very sad and worrying but it does reflex the current state of BBRY.

The only thing, that is sad and outdated is your good taste my dear sir. Bold 9900 is state of art device, rough and classy in the same time. I'm still using it, I will upgrade probably to Z30 from pure need for BB10 Os but until this moment, there is no device, that captivated my heart and eye more . . . The only words I have to describe my dear Berry are the same words I usualy describe heartbreakingly beautyfull women . . . And with this, I will bid you farewell and leave.

how can they say in this article that 9900 haves an AMAZING battery life? the phone will die after 4-5 hours for heavy users

"Amazing battery life" in what other universe? My Q10 lasts at least 40% more than my old 9900. And communication? Are you joking? The BIS was less compatible with modern corporate emails than the OS10. And the BIS suffered down time every now and then.

Guys, are you rooting for OS7 because JC asked you to? Come on... This is madness...

For me, the 9930 had great battery life for the time it was in use. I got a full day plus out of it. The keyboard was great, that is certainly true. The mix of the touch screen, with a trackpad and that keyboard was wonderful. Honestly, if we had the 99xx internals in a 9000 body, it would have been the ultimate device for those times! The 99xx devices were slimmed down to fit in more hands (male and female) which made it a tad too small, for me. But still, an overall excellent device and still going strong in my Enterprise environment, even as we phase out BB7/BES5 infrastructure.

OK on the Q30 - but the Q20 is going to be a great device. My post-9930 users (on Q10s today) are looking forward to the return of the all powerful "band" of buttons + trackpad.

What is sad is that a company that was famous for its communication devices has currently on the market under Best Communication device a phone that's over 2 and half year old (not to mention it was late brought in the market back then) and in technology it's just not acceptable. That's why in 2011 BBRY stock was worth 70$ and now it's at 6.40$

When you describe your bold 9900 you should use the words you use to describe heartbreakingly beautyfull women than are now aged and lost all their beauty.

You didn't get the point that Frich made :(

On top of that, I would argue that Q10 replaced very well 9900. I love my Q10 and I had a 9900 (that I thought was the best ever phone at that time).

Posted via CB10

I will be honest, I still am using my bold 9900 and my Playbook. If I had never seen the ease of multitasking on a BB10 device I would not switch. I know that my Bridge capabilities will be severely limited but my multitasking is so intense that I MUST switch. When T-mobile gets their act together and carries the Z30 I will do so. Until then it's all legacy for me.

P.S. I am still looking for a 4G LTE playbook if anyone is selling. Hard to believe it is so hard to find and yet so many talk about putting their PB's in drawers and such.

What exactly do you mean when you say your bridge capabilities will be "severely limited"? Current iteration of bridge for BB10 allows for remote control, BBM, sms, and bridge tethering. What functionality are you missing that would cause you to deem it "severely limited"?

Posted via CB10

Let me start by saying that I am basing my knowledge off what I have read in the forums and post as I obviously don't have a BB10 device. Okay so in response to your question I thought that with the newest PB update that we got back many features but SMS was NOT one of them. Also I enjoyed the caller ID on the PB. I run my business from home and move from room to room often so I leave my phone in various rooms sometimes so the ability to just bring my PB with me is not only a treat but a functionality that I use. The reason I use the term "severe" is because anytime I am offered the best 1st, then I am told in the next edition I will get less, I consider that a sever blow. If I wanted less I would leave BBRY :) But if what you say is true then I stand corrected and look forward to my upgrade even more.

It may not qualify as a 'severe' limitation to you but others may find it so: Bridge for BB 7allows BBM, text, email, calendar, MemoPad, Contacts and Tasks access while BB 10 limits it to BBM and SMS.

On BB 7, (via File Manager on the Playbook) Bridge allows browsing and editing files on your phone. BB 10 Bridge also permits this but I don't know if it's to a greater or lesser extent.

I hope Blackberry integrates email access into future versions of bridge for BB 10 but I gather the Playbook is officially legacy hardware....

I think it is a problem that the 9900 was chosen for best communication device because BB should have BB10 as the best communication device. It has nothing to do with the quality of the 9900. The 9900 is amazing, that's true but BB should have BB10 beat OS7 in everything.

I think the reason for 9900 beeing the best com.device is mainly value for money . . . at its current price point there is nothing even slightly comparable. I'm not talking about masses that go and buy latest products, but if you measure value for money and want communication device, there is no competition

The fact of the matter is that the 9900/9930 *may* be best for *some* people. Definitely not for me as I'm very happy with my Q10. That said, for those who like the 9900/9930, I'm willing to also bet those people also think that device is better than anything iOS and Android have to offer. Also, BB10/Q10 has been getting many upgrades. Think back to when iOS and Android came out. Did they have every single feature right out of the gate? Heck no. And in my opinion, we're getting new features (and legacy features) at a very rapid rate.

I fully agree with sk8er_tor, the 9900 is the best for "some" people, and if I may add, those "some" people are actually a huge sector of BB users. You are also hitting the nail regarding those "some" people also thinking the 9900 is better than iOS and Android.

Well, I'm one of those "some" people!

My hugeist (if such a word existed) problem with my Q10 is navigation. I've been using it for 4+ months now, and I STILL miss my navigation controls.
This includes the DIAL button (used all the time for redialing or quickly accessing the call list WITHOUT having to look on the screen all the time while trying to hit a tiny icon I keep missing)
The BB button (or right click, you can access ALL logical options from there in a very predictable manner, many times without needing to look at the screen)
The trackpad (This is REALLY essential when browsing webpages. Each time I use my Q10 to access the net, I have to click a link several times and hit back several times before getting the right link. I also need both hands if I wish to zoom in in order to click the link. On the 9900 I NEVER had issues like this and the Q10 is really driving me out the walls.)
The back button (you ALWAYS know where the back button is, on the Q10 you have to scroll up or do other weird things to get the icon there and sometimes you can't even hit it because the phone thinks you want to type a predicted "L" or something)
Red Button (This is SUCH an important button. 7 out of 10 calls I have I wish to terminate immediately, as I'm usually next to "verbal" colleagues who sometimes give bad comments on the call I just had. When I have to spend 5sec trying to hit the stupid red touch screen icon, the remote party sometimes hear all my colleague's comments before I find the stupid red icon.)

In my opinion and experience, the Q10's multitasking capability is really frustrating. I have to swipe and caress the screen more than I need to caress my wife for attention, before I get to the program I want. And the programs are never in the same place (what made a phone think I want to access the last used app next, who says I don't want to use another app which may be in the bottom of the list?)

In my opinion technology (in general) is really forcing people to become more and more narrow-minded whilst thinking they can multitask better. Let me explain! In the old days (W i ndows 95 onwards) die-hard computer users learned how to really multitask. You learned to subconsciously count how many times you hit alt+tab to switch to different places. Nowadays you have to watch your screen to see what program is about to launch, as the order of your open programs are never in the same place (since Vista). Bad example?
Ok, let me give you a better (more appropriate) one, with my old Nokia 3330 (before the days of mobile email etc), I was able to phone and/or text while I was driving and having a smoke (illegal? Well, I'm still going to do it like many others). Nowadays, I have to use both hands for 90% of what I do on my Q10, AND I have to keep looking at the screen (except whilst I'm typing, at least then I'm in control, unless the stupid English autocorrect changes my Afrikaans words to meaningless words).
Still not happy?
Well, then you probably fall in the iPhone / Android / Z10 / Z30 era where touch screens are the "thing of the future". I wonder if there's an app that teaches you how to caress a woman, o wait, touch screens already does that!

Ok, enough jokes! (really just me blowing off some steam, please pardon me for that)

Having said all of the above, I really do see a future where you'll have two main groups of people: 1) Those who like "technology" (I see that kind of technology as the "coolness factor" and aimed at 16yo's). These people (generally) don't mind following more steps to obtain their goal and they certainly don't mind clouds with rain drops and StarTrek sound effects for 7 seconds when they unlock their phones.
2) Those who really need to be productive. These people want to do XYZ when they unlock their phones and couldn't care less for raindrops and Spock losing his emotions, and waiting 3 seconds for nonsense cost them 3c of their business day and life and that frustrates them. (OK, perhaps I'm exaggerating, but you get the point right?)

If you're not sure by now, I fall under the second group, those who couldn't care less for the "coolness factor". All I want is to to my thing, do it fast, do it effectively. Therefore I need a predictable device which requires no "but why don't you just disable this or that" arguments. Blackberry has ALWAYS been this phone and that certainly attracted a huge amount of clients. I don't know how many, but I'm sure a very large amount of old Nokia users logically switched to Blackberry due to reliability, solid hardware quality and logical navigation. Unfortunately BB also attracted loads of kids who primarily use BB for BBM'ing their friends. Well, BBM is a good thing, but this has also lead to many non-business orientated users using BB's and I believe those users (mainly kids, but some of the previous generation kids are now also starting their careers) are pushing for the "coolness factor".

I have to face the facts, which are, the serious hard bearded business orientated users are dying out. I am currently considering an upgrade to iPhone. "But iPhone is only touch and you are complaining about Q10 not having navigational controls??" True, but I see it this way: If you are forced to go touch screen, why not go for a device with a GREAT touch screen? The iPhone is (although somewhat limited as compared to Android and BB10) extremely predictable and the iPhone's voice commands actually work, even for non-English and non-American users. Both Android and Blackberry's voice dialing can NOT dial my wife, no matter how I pronounce her name. She has a very popular Afrikaans name, Yolande. When I say "call Yolande" I get responses like "did you say, call John Work?". John has a JJJJJJ (a "hard"/"loud" letter like JUNK) whereas Yolande has a soft Y (like Yes or Yellow).

So if I chose iPhone, at least I have a predictable device and a 99% working voice command system. With Android or BB voice commands probably won't work for another couple of years (if ever), and navigation are becoming more and more touch orientated.

Touch fanatics, it really IS worth getting a wife, touch and caress her, and give us serious users back our hard buttons!

(some may not appreciate my humor, but I urge you to please try and see some funnyness in my statement :) )

I would really be happy if BB brings back a BB10 device with the 9900's physical layout (AND DON'T FORGET THE NAVIGATIONAL BUTTONS!!)

So if someone know someone who knows someone else who works at BB, PLEASE TELL THEM!

Thanks guys!

Excellent, technical, substantive rant (though I may have been the only guy to read that despite NOT having a wife, beard, smoking habit, etc.). That said, the "get things done ASAP" mindset is why I was drawn to BB and loved my 99xx. Yes. Cutting out of a call IMMEDIATELY to not hear inane comments, too. Only upgraded to Z10 after the Bold keyboard literally crapped out beyond repair.

It's easy to replace the keyboard on the 99xx. The red button for hanging up is too hard to get to. Please fix.

I've been saying this for months......
I'm still using my 9900 despite HOURS spent in stores trying the Q10 and Z10. Waiting to find a Z30 in a store to try, but I guess the (expert) judges still give the nod to the 9900. Do love the Q10 keyboard over the 9900, but no trackpad and a harder to use calendar due to this means I have to be convinced.
And speaking of if it aint broke etc..........the best calender was on OS5.
For straight out appointment making and messaging NOTHING on the planet comes close to the 9900.
Although it is starting to feel a little laggy..........

Bring on a Q30 and I might jump :)

I moved from 9900 to Q10. You are right about the calendar and editing a text that you wrote but even so I wouldn't want to go back to 9900 and I really liked my 9900.

If you are so inlove with your 9900 I definitely think you should go with the Q10... a full touch screen device with move you even further from the 9900 experience and you don't seem to want that.

Posted via CB10

I was thinking the same thing, but when I played with Q10 in mall . . . it kinda felt different . . . it was not the same feel as with 9900 . . . I love HW keyboard but FOR ME it was not feeling right with the BB10 OS

Someday, there will be a new complete developed OS for old devices. And OS10 is just a try and will be a direction.

The 9900 is a message machine. Its keyboard and trackpad, in conjunction with BB7's contextual menus–and third party extensions such as Later Dude and QuickLaunch, provides instantaneous access to a whole host of functions that compels me, on my Z10, to gesticulate like a Bernstein conducting the New York Philharmonic.

This column and its comments reaffirm that there is no such thing as the perfect device.

"on my Z10, to gesticulate like a Bernstein conducting the New York Philharmonic."

Exactly THIS!

I feel so melodramatic swiping across Z10 screen to switch between tasks … when the same switching on my Torch was a small inconspicuous (1 cm) flick or two of the thumb using the trackpad. Or more efficient yet - keyboard shortcuts!

I would say what is more sad and worrying is that more horsepower these days needs to be thrown at applications just to run them decently. There's no reason for it, it's just laziness on the part of developers. It's not like today's apps give us any more power, it's just repackaging and mixing up and combining what has already come before, and sticking a new name on it. There's no real reason to 'upgrade' to multi-core smartphones with 2 GB of memory. We're being sold that because it's easier on the developers to make apps which just offer a slightly different variation on what already exists, and for the least amount of effort on the developers part.

((One of the big sellers for the Z30 are the amazing speakers -- dubbed BlackBerry Natural Sound. The speakers are super loud and clear and we've really never heard any as good on a mobile device before.))........what about HTC one ?

Posted via CB10

It really shouldn't be considered a budget device, but oh well. If it means I'll have a new device to buy come 2 years from now I'll accept it. Plus, none of my friends know anything about BlackBerry, so then have no idea lol. Still love the phone, was worth every penny.

-ARWestenberger, Maester of New Yevon

Honestly. I was thinking about doing just that. And I probably would have... if I already had the phone. But because I don't have one yet, my "journalistic integrity" prevented me from doing that. :)

Hey, don't knock the 8900. I loved that phone.

When I upgraded to the 9900, it certainly felt like a step back in some areas, namely the camera and battery life.

For its time, the only things it lacked were 3G and the trackpad which debuted on BBs shortly after

Agreed. The 8900 was probably the best EDGE Curve ever to come out of Waterloo.

'Cept for no 3G, the keyboard and a 124mhz difference, it was just like the 9700.

What i find strange is the camera performance on OS10. Pictures taken via Instagram without filters appear sharper and show more vivid colors than the stock camera app.

You don't have to swear. + wtf are you doing on this site if you dislike BlackBerry?

Posted via BlackBerry Q10

The original comment must have been deleted, looks funny though when people appear to be arguing with themselves.

-ARWestenberger, Maester of New Yevon

I had the 9900 and it way great. Now I use my Q10 after a short affair with the Z10. Maybe I would have kept both but battery life on Z10 wasn´t enough for me.

Since the arrival of the Z30 I´m a bit torn apart. Should I stay with the Q10 or should I take the Z30, both would suite me well and for fill my needs. Any advice?

I had the Q10 for a few months, loved it, and was hesitant to switch to typing on glass, but the screen real estate of the Z30 was very attractive. I made the switch on October 17th and haven't looked back. I suggest you do the same.

You do not need advice. Ya just need to decide, kb or type-on-glass.

Personally I regret getting my Z, impatience made me do it. If I had waited 3 weeks I would have a Q.

I never took to typing on glass, and I cant stand it. A Q is on my shopping list this season.

BB until it is not CDN

They got 2 more coming out soon,maybe you should wait.When will they arrive?Can't stand it, I really want theZ30,but the ones coming out will probably be better.

I would buy another right now if the new ones would look like the Z30 and have the dimension of the Z10.
4.2 inch is the perfect size of a full touch but it should include at least a 2600mAh battery

^^This. I love my Z10 and, for me, a bigger battery would complete the picture.I know there are extended batteries available but they either are completely external and have a lump to plug into the micro-USB, or if internal inactivate the NFC. I'm sure it's not beyond the wit of man to design a larger battery with a passthrough connector for the NFC, if only the market were sufficient for the economics.

Q10 is the way to go! Best typing experience on a phone on the planet :)

Actually... sometimes I think it is even better than on my computer.

Posted via CB10

Yes, I type faster on the Q10 than on my PC. And MUCH faster than on my ipad. In general, though, I am a pretty lousy typist. I love the Q10, even with 10.1!!
I loved my 9000 for 4 years, but this is better!

Imo you wouldn't regret the z10. I'm able to type nothing short of complete nonsense and it gets turned into legible correct type.

Posted via CB10

I had the Z10 before I switched to Q10. Both devices are incredible but for now I will stick with my Q10.

How do you get around the battery life?
Spare? I think they need those battery cases, or to sell better batteries!
If they put the good speakers, as well as a better battery in the Z10, it would be an awesome phone from what I can see.

"The best BlackBerry you can buy if you're on Verizon in America or in the rest of the world. "

Posted via CB10

Indeed. I am on Sprint so I don't have choices really as the rest of the world keeps moving forward.....ho hum.

Adam what happened with the 9720 I believe it was? I was expecting it to be the BBOS follow up to the 9900 but it's not on this list? I had heard that the pricing was reasonable also.

Got it. It's the only reason I check in to this site from time to time. The community here is awesome. (outside of the blind fanbois)

((One of the big sellers for the Z30 are the amazing speakers -- dubbed BlackBerry Natural Sound. The speakers are super loud and clear and we've really never heard any as good on a mobile device before.))....what about HTC one ?

Posted via CB10

To tell you the truth,
The stock battery on the z10 suck because I think it's a manufacturer defect.

When I got my battery replace on the z10, the aftermarket battery last much longer.

If you want a better battery life on the z10, get a new aftermarket battery

White Rogers Z10 10.2 Dark Theme

I've had the Z10 since launch and I've never experienced a problem with my battery.. I use my phone consistently and it lasts me more then a day. I charged it overnight and took it off the charger yesterday morning at 8am, and just now as I'm typing this it popped up at "less than 20%". I don't know if I'm lucky or if I switch to the Z30 this would be even better.

Posted via CB10

try using your phone for 3 hours with the screen left on, at minimum brightness. My Z10 only lasts one hour or so. If I turn the screen off, with mobile data left on, I can stretch it out to 3 hours, max. Battery life on the Z10 is abysmal enough that I'm seriously considering upgrading the battery and putting up with a fat Z10 just so I can go a day without worrying that the phone is going to die out.

Indeed, aftermarket batteries give much longer battery life but my biggest gripe with them is that the Z10 can't read them properly. When you reach zero the phone can still run for hours !

I agree 100% from my experience too. The original battery is awful, still to this day, but my 2nd one that I've bought a few days after launch works great. Funny thing is that they're both BlackBerry OEM, one from the official charging bundle and one in the new phone. All of the battery software says both are in good condition, but the real life use is noticeably different!


Hmm very interesting. Maybe I ll consider getting an after market one for my z10 since the battery life on it sucks ass.

I too have a Z10 and my battery lasts me about 11 hours. Keep in mind I use it to do absolutely everything seeing as I'm only in Grade 10. I use it for school stuff, social stuff and games all day and I have no problems with it ever. I really don't think the battery is all that bad, if you actually try to save battery life by turning down brightness etc. it does quite well.

Posted via CB10

I have a work supplied Z10 and just got the Z30 for myself and I am loving the Z30. The size is amazing even though I can't reach all the way across when using one hand, but that's a minor inconvenience. Watching videos, reading and typing on the bigger screen is great. And it's really not that much bigger than the Z10 overall. My wife has a Z10 and tried the Z30 but finds it too big for her liking. It's a personal choice. I can't seem to put it down. I'm always checking my stuff out on it and I have not had to charge it at all during the day. So a good 14 hours during the work week and i'm still going. Now to see about the weekend.

the z30 sounds perfect for me.. i've got 'piano hands' lol (meaning I have large hands i guess).. the Z10's screen is awkward for me.. not big enough to use one-handed with any real speed, and certainly not big enough to use 2-handed, which would be best when using the keyboard. The keyboard on the Z10 is nice enough, but the screen isn't quite big enough for me to use it with two hands comfortably.

The "you" here is so relative. It really should be called "how i would rank the current selection of BlackBerry devices".

Posted via CB10

So true. One guy's (and his buddy's /colleague's) opinion. Lesser minds will eat it up and cherish it as if it's the final word of reality, though. Thus, they will be influenced to purchase accordingly, as well as, to look at others' devices as a budget device. Use your common sense and choose which BlackBerry is best for you, people. It's a blog. Just because CrackBerry dubs a device the best, the worst, budget, or whatever, doesn't make it so. It's an opinion.

Posted via CB10

So true. "The best" articles should always have a disclaimer that they are the opinions of the author, for his or her use, but YMMV. :)

"psychical keyboard device, the BlackBerry Q10" - somebody's keyboard is psychic or psycho.... either way it must be a one-off design...

Posted via CB10

I'm a traditional BlackBerry user that can't do without a physical keyboard. The Q10 seems to be the most advanced model in this sense. However,I consider Bold 9900 as a legendary device.

Tan Okan Q10

Yes it is, given that the phone has expandable micro SD card for up to 64GB. 16 + 64 = 80. :). That's what I have on my Z30 right now. My iPad is only 64GB....non expandable.

Posted via CB10

That expandable SD card slot hardly counts for much when you can't install apps on that card. BB10 is behind Android in that respect.

You install 16gb or so of apps? That is a lot of apps... this would be a good comercial that BlackBerry has lots of apps available.

I guess if you download games...

Posted via CB10

They're all great. The one common feature is awesome communications using BlackBerry 10 peek, hub, and flow. There are more features the more you spend.

Posted via CB10

I like the peek, hub and gesture-oriented nature of BB10, but I don't for one minute consider it superior to Android. Android apps are already incorporating gestures to access different app functions... it's only a matter of time before Android uses much of what makes BB10 'unique'. I suppose what's left is Blackberry's superiority when it comes to security, but if that's all it has to crow about, it has failed. As it is, Android can run on 512 megs of memory. BB10 needs at least 1 GB.. and Android runs a variant of Java! Needless to say, BB10 isn't exactly light on resource requirements. It's a pig.

Ok. this is making it worse.. I've been trying to get an ATT Z30 variant and this is like adding fuel to the fire... How about writing an article ranting about ATT and BB?

I don't think they're looking for information, just an angry rant directed at ATT in solidarity of its unhappy BlackBerry user base.

Posted via CB10

Did I read that correctly? The Bold 9900/9930 has "amazing battery life"?

Does anyone proofread the copy before posting it?

Cheers. :)

+1, 9900's battery life is ridiculous, considering its predecessors bold 9700 and 9789.. I still don't get it until now why did they put such a small battery, despite improved specs+touchscreen.

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Haha I was wondering about that too!

I got distracted although by the comment of "built in stand". I remembered reading that article at that time and I found it extremely funny :)

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I agree the 9900 is probably still the best for communication, but I don't think it had "amazing" battery life. In fact I believe the battery life was one of the most common complaints of the device. You'd still get through the day, but when compared to the battery life of previous BBOS devices, it was lacking.

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I loved my Z10 and thought this would be "it" for a few years. But after the Z30 trial I have to say that this is the best BlackBerry I have ever owned and I've used Curves, Tours, Bolds, Torches and Qs. This is an absolute class act.
Battery life
App selection . . . Esp with android apps on .1055.
You name it

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I have to say...I miss my 9900 more than I thought I would. I think, in t=retrospect, I would have been content with an updated/upgraded 99XX. Really miss the back button and trackpad.

Well I have both Z10 and Q10, which I only use for email and writing my papers for school. And the Z10 is my babe used for my media consumption, internet, music, movies, and pics.. great phones and great article read.


I love the crisp LCD display on my Z10. Compared it to the Q10 and what a difference. For smaller hands, the Z10 is a good fit. And my Z10 has pretty good battery life. It will be late evening when it reaches 20%. And battery swap is not a big deal. Gives me a chance to put the phone down for a bit, lol.

Curve 8320, Bold 9780, Bold 9900, PB 64gb, Z10

I don't want to read anymore about Android and BlackBerry together...but I see you continue to talk about this. I'm very disgusted...what the hell!!

via my super Z10

Good article Adam, as always. I have the Z10 and I am very happy with it, except the O/S 10.1; what is the deal with Verizon and other USA carrier not sending out the official 10.2 upgrads? It seems almost like they want BlackBerry to fail. I have been happy with all the BlackBerrys which I have owned and at this time my only dissatifaction is with Verizon delaying the update of the O/S. While the Z30 does have the Quad Processor and more memory, the Z10 performance is great and with the 10.2 would be stellar and I am speaking as a poweruser. Can provide us with any news regarding the USA carrier and their releasing of the O/S 10.2? It seems like another great article might be.... "USA Carriers are they sabotaging BlackBerry's come back in the USA?"


The Z30 is definitely, hands-down the best mobile device I've ever used, especially with on it. I loved my Z10 despite all its flaws but the Z30 blows it out of the water. The 9900/9930 was a great device as well, no issues with it but the latest version of BB10 makes me zealously proud to choose Blackberry.

The BlackBerry Z30 is clearly the best BlackBerry ever built, simply because of the fact it has the best of everything. It's a seriously awesome phone. That being said, it doesn't mean the Z10 or Q10 are "bad". Not at all, it all depends on what you want from a pocket computer. Personally, I want all the BlackBerry 10 devices, so far so good. Each device is a unique experience.

Today's business model dictates 2 things: cyclical consumption and planned obsolescence. Does this mean a person who chose a Z10 is missing out? Not really, they're silky experiencing the Z10.

To expect new devices to not have new features is mentally retarded, especially when nearly every single company operates under this business ess model. Until we stop raping each other for money, we won't ever change.

The future is open source and modular. Nanotechnology science and quantum computing. There will be a point of time where we look back on all this bullsh!t and laugh our @sses off at how f#cking stupid we are (were).

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Newsflash, purely FYI: BELL has the Z30 for "$ 0" on something called a 2-yr Voice & Data Plus plan ...

It might be in response to Telus's current Z30-$0 promo OR Bell's "new/reduced" Holiday Season price, or maybe it's just a Black Friday Special, or even an inventory blowout.

Either way, I checked last night & it was still $99 and last week $179, so "this $$" probably won't be around for too long. Since the oft-rumoured and slightly hyped BB10-Torch (touch+qwerty slider) appears NOT to be forthcoming, I'm going to pick THIS Z30 up 'pronto.'

Maybe it'll also help someone decide ...

Just my 2 cents from our penny-less country.
Cheers & Keep Moving!

Ummmm, no dude. I just clicked on your link, and it is going now for $49.95 with 2 yr agreement.
Perhaps it was 2 weeks ago when you posted this, but not now.
I am thinking about going for it anyway, as 50 bucks still seems like a good deal! Although I do not like the over data usage prices Bell charges compared to others like Rogers. They charge $0.05/mb over-usage charge. I did the math, and correct me if I am wrong but that adds up to like $50.00 per gig!
Other carriers charge only $10.00/gig!

Come on Adam and Kevin;
The colors are clearly more vibrant on the Z10. If the battery were fixed, the Z10 would rule. Nice's just right for you pocket. Where is the love? So now my Z10 is a welfare phone for the financially challenged. I think not. Hope you guys had a great Thanksgiving.

My Z10 has a Flow

Having just run my 9810 for a week as the Z10 was being RMA'd for a speaker issue, I can definitely say 7.1 is a better OS for straight up e-mail and communication. Oh, and it was awesome to have full bridge back on the PlayBook... dammit BlackBerry... get that happening with OS 10.

Great late tip on the battery door kickstand. I wish I would have read that a while back. Better late than never though.

Keep The Faith

Funny, I still like my old 9900 (on a Z10 now). My buddy has the Q10 and still carries his 9900 with him. Still a great phone.

BB Proud

Went from high end to low end, the Z10 did go.

Sorry but none get my vote.

Nothing like being the number one phone in the number 4 cell phone maker.

Verizon Z10

Why are you on here if you don't like them? Perhaps you should sell your Z10 then and go on your icrap forums, or android thieves forums!

Well as someone who has tested the Z10 I can honestly say it just doesn't compare to the 9900 at all. The Z30 is a phablet and that just leaves the Q10 as possible contender for best PHONE (as opposed to phablet), but to be honest OS 10 isn't really 'all that' and I'd prefer a trackpad to swiping in all directions and tilting my phone between landscape and portrait all the time.

I think the Q10 and Q5 are indistinguishable. If you have the purchasing power the Q10 is a nice device with more app support but the Q5 is still good.

Still find myself going between BBOS and BB10 so I fully agree with the 9900/30 selection.

What is taking blackberry so long to sell the z30 on their website. If not they need to get the other carriers here in the US to carry it now!

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You know, having had a Bold 9780 for a little over two years, I only switched because I wanted a BB 10 device, I had done research on both models at the time (Q10 and Z10); and still wanted the software and customization features of BlackBerry, opposed to other platforms. Also, my battery was gone and my trackpad was lagging, but I digress. Using my 9780 to text, send email (definitely), and update my social media was always a great experience on my 9780. I have smaller hands so I didn't have a problem with the keyboard. It was only until I upgraded to a HUGE keyboard on the Q10 that I realized it was a bit of a squeeze. But for social media and communication, legacy devices work really well. Some people still prefer them because they love how they work and don't want to get rid of a good thing if it's still benefiting them. Ort maybe they're loving it and holding out for a new device that's coming out soon (i.e. Z30 or dare I say, Q30... ? That would be sweet!). :) Both are good reasons, IMO.

Is a iPhone :)) After 5 months with an Z10 I have decided this is my last BlackBerry device. It is like BlackBerry is struggling to see everybody leaving them.

This article is making me regret never getting the 9930. I had both Storms (which I loved) and then held out for BB10. I should've given it a try. I'm sure I would've loved it too because I can't seem to put down my BBQ10.

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I am using a Z10 from the start... and a Q10... I am completely addicted to my BlackBerry devices but the Q10 makes the difference for me. I used the 9000 and 9900 (have used around 2 of each!) but I don not understand why people prefer at this time the 9900 above the Q10...

I love the Q10!

Blackberry Z10 STL100-2 + Q10 SQN100-3 + Apple IPad Mini 3G + Lenovo Ultrabook SSD (+ Playbook 32GB not in use). Carriers MVNO Netherlands and DTAC Thailand.

I thought I read somewhere that the Z30 camera actually has a long delay which a lot of people don't like. I know it would be difficult for me trying to take pictures of a 3-year old.

awesome battery life on the 9900?! ffs no! I even had the stronger 1400mAh battery and was still suffering to get past a WORKING DAY. With my Q10 I can go out for 2(!) days without worrying about my power. Of course I still miss some Bold9900 and OS7 things like the convenience key, tune in pro, the bezel, flash sms, six tools (holster sounds), quicklaunch, skipping/pausing track with n/p/space... mostly things you BlackBerry could solve with a decent software update. anyone else missing these key features (pun intended) ?

I agree for most of the awards except I think the Z30 and Z10 take all categories. I'm fortunate to have the Z30, Z10, and Q10. I can see why the Z30 is overall the best phone but I still prefer the Z10 as my daily driver. The Z10 form factor is still better for small hands typing and one thumb use. The Z30 is too big and heavy to hold outside of a perfect head tilted forward and down, phone directly into cradled hands at the waist level position for extended periods. Forget one hand typing for me; possible but too precarious. While the Z30's screen is far better than I expected, I still prefer the IPS screen of the Z10.

As for the Q10 I love the build quality and keyboard instant actions and short cuts, but at the end of the day I can't type as quickly as I can with the Z10, and my thumbs hurt after pressing the Q10 keys for more than a few minutes (excruciating actually.) Something about the key size and angle doesn't work for my right thumb in particular. (This from a diehard 9810 Torch slider keyboard user. )

In summary, I would say the best phone BlackBerry should make is an upgraded Z10 form factor with better internals across the board (esp. Bluetooth and wifi chip/Miracast), and better external materials like a stainless steel frame and slightly enlarged screen to 4.7".

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Excelente Mercadeo!! esperamos que con el nuevo CEO las cosas comiencen a cambiar para los nuevos usuarios!! mejorar, mejorar es la consigna!!

Excellent Marketing! hope that with the new CEO things begin to change for new users! better, better is the slogan!

Without doubt the Z30 is a fabulous mobile especially with the 1055 leak. I gave my Z10 to my girlfriend until she can get a Z30 in March when her contract is due. For me the Z30 is significantly better than the Z10 on all fronts. Battery life is fantastic, more like the old BlackBerry days! Also the built quality is better than anything else out there.

Think about it, the Note 3 weights 168 grams and has a 3200 mAh battery and 5.7" screen. The Z30 weights 170 grams, 2880 mAh battery and 5.0" screen. The Z30 is built with quality components and built to last, you feel that when you hold it!

Got to agree with you crackberry guys I love my Z30 battery lasts for ages
Its a great phone can't stop praising it...


Currently with a Q10, i've been considering a Z30 but with 4 new devices set to appear next year i'm not sure what i'm gonna do next. I really like the keyboard... but I also want a big screen...

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I love my z30 it works like a horse and eats like a mouse. I even like the weight as it gives me the feeling of holding something solid that lasts.

My bat lasts two working days and I am a heavy business user which means lots of phone calls and mails. The keyboard is that amazing it saves me at least one hour of work each day compared to my android or iPhone where I spent hours correcting my typing.

By the way it is not correct to compare android against BlackBerry looking at the number of different devices.

BlackBerry is made only by BlackBerry and android is used in hardware if a dozen makers. If you compare to a single android hardware maker the BlackBerry has really big variety of devices. Apple by the way has just one smartphone.

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In addition to my post abv I like to give an example of the z30 hardware quality.
My first z30 dropped if the roof of my car at abt 60 kmh. (pls don't ask how it got there)
And guess what... it was still 100% operational. of course the glass was quite broken and the frame damaged from the concrete but I could use it unt my new z30 was delivered a week after.

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Great article, thanks! Having had both the 9900 and Q10 (and Z10), my opinion is that the Q10 beats the 9900 as a communication device, if only by the thinnest of margins, due mainly to the epic battery life, HUB and smoother OS. Having said that, you can't go wrong with any of the devices mentioned in the article.

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Adam, you forgot "Best Build Quality" - Bold 9900/9930. I love my Q10, but it's build quality is sub par to my 9930. I hope they get it figured out with next year's models. My biggest gripe is this flimsy battery door.

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Having used the Z10, Z30, and the 9900, I can attest to this review. I haven't used any Q devices yet but I'm sure the review is just as spot on.

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I love my Z10 for an all touch device. But I resent having to carry around my old Nokia for the FM radio, especially when the Q5 has one built in. I feel silly. They talk about BlackBerry as a one device solution. An FM radio, linked to the BlackBerry World music store, should be a no brainer.

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Blackberry just needs a new approach. Just change BB10's look and feel to be a launcher and skin for Android and be done with it. It's not like BB has anything to lose anymore by embracing Android, their app ecosystem already depends on the android market anyhow.

Where do you come up with this? Why would one buy a BlackBerry with Android on it?

I buy BlackBerry because how much better the operating system is versus android or os.

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true... if blackberry used Android, i would have left bb long time ago , Android is great and all but i feel like its just a platform ...bb10 is best i ever used( i used every platform except windows phone )

Can't believe you are calling the z10 a bloody budget fone. I bought it straight away when it came out and paid over £400 for it. Maybe if the z30 was released at the same time I would have bought that. But BlackBerry brought out the z10 as there all singing and dancing touch fone.

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Is that a typo on the 9900 battery life?!

Crappy battery life was one of my most peeved issues coming from the 9700 which was the best BlackBerry I ever had (till I got a q10). I also work with a lot of folks who still run Corp 9900 and they hate their battery life.

I'm interested in the z30 but unless they really deliver seamless android apps the app gap is a bigger issue for a larger screen device which is more used for apps and entertainment.

I jumped the gun and bought the "budget" z10 out of contract so I guess I'll wait till the z30 becomes a "budget" phone in a few months...if it's ever available on AT&T.

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If you conduct a poll in cb nation the winner would be q10.The best device which is running bb10 and which is beautifully built masterpeice.

I really loved the bold 9900 I just wish it would have a faster processor the camera was bad but you had to switch something in the settings to hd and I miss the mp3 player with a built-in specific eq settings like more bass less bass jazz hip hop etc
Honestly if you don't play games and just want a phone to talk text and email it's a good choice that phone lasted Damn near 2 years

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Going to sell my Z10 soon to buy the Nokia Lumia 1530. I am so disappointed at BlackBerry. Really I am

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The BOLD is A Communications Monster no question, despite its age. Which is why many current BOLD users continue to use it. "THEY" don't care much about fancy graphics and icons, they just want something that can communicate efficiently and super fast with ease.

That said, my Z30 will be here in 2 weeks. ;)

I own the Z10, Q10, and now the Z30.
Also a couple of 9900/9930's.

The advantage the old 9900 had was it was able to function in the worst of conditions with crappy signals and almost no bandwidth. I had
several occasions where the old 9900 was the only device that could still get the messages through.

Having said that, I agree the Z30 is top dog.

The Z30 took the great keyboard from the Z10, and made it better. I had a lot of trouble typing in the Z10 because I have big hands. The Z30 is the best phone I have used, and I have used a pile of phones. LOL

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what type of frequency do you get with tmo 3g or 4g or lte and also do you know what i would get with at&t looking to pick one up

I took the chance to try a Z10 for one week. Then i bought a Q10. I absolutely love having the same specs but with keyboard. My previous smartphones with keyboard all had a slower cpu and less memory than those without keyboard. The Q10's speaker is great to. I guess it' only mono but loud enough to navigate in a noisy car. I think the keyboard from the Q5 is even better then those Q10 and 9900 keyboards since the keys are separated by the housing. I don't know the old BBRY phones. I can't imagine those are better in communication. The hub in OS 10 is great to do that job. No extra charche for BIS is a benefit for me.

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I thought that I was going to miss the key board since I was a long 9900 user, than I got my Z10, I then tried the Q10 and I can tell you, I love my Z10, I really got use to the V keyboard and I can type as fast as on the physical one, I fly with this phone, just love it.

Haven't tried the Z30 yet

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Budget? I am pretty sure I'll spend less on my Z30 when I get it than I did on my Z10 I have now.

I am on Z30...and still waiting for bulgarian keyboard. Then I'll buy new blackberry with hardware keyboard..

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Love this article and I agree, my Q10 has amazing battery life but my two 9930s had horrible battery life. They would die faster than any phone I have ever had...even while sitting idle :(
Other than that... yup! Q10 is a typing beast!

"Insane battery life of the Q10"

Whilst I love my Q10 device the battery never lasts longer than a day, I wouldn't call that insane unless the Crackberry editor meant insane in a negative way! Also my previous device, the Bold 9900 (which on a separate note I think is slightly better than the Q10 in terms of build quality) also suffered from a short battery life. This article sounds more a sale pitch than an honest comparison of BlackBerry phones. Shame :(

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upsetting that i paid over £500 for my Z10 less then 10 months ago and now it is the best budget phone

I think the Z got a littled 'dissed' there. I have the Z, and had the opportunity to switch to the Q at one stage.

For me, the Z10 is perfect size (ie: usable with one hand, if needed), but still has a enough screen real estate. The Z30 is awesome, but, despite it's great battery life, I still prefer being able to carry extra juice with me, and swap when needed. Yeah, the Z's battery isn't the greatest (altho' I've seen a vast improvement with the .1055 leak), but I have 4 spares in my bag/coat wherever I go. That'd see off the Z30 even with going mad with it I would imagine... :)

Overall, I want a full touch screen, but I like my phone to still be a phone, and the Z does it for me.

Z30 - Speakers, and especially the touchscreen - nothing in the market compares to it.
If BB just gets rid of that shit simply synchronizing thousands of Facebook Twitter LinkedIn etc contacts into your phone without asking !!! ... that would be better. It's a hassle to get them out again (actually works only by just "hiding") ... A smartphone should be smart enough to ask the user what is "do or don't" before executing ...

I realize many people like to use social media on their mobile phone. I use a 4G Playbook for mobile social media and for more serious emails and browsing. I use both a Z10 and the Z30 for quick emails, quick browsing, convenience of a small camera, phone calls, and overall personal and business time management.

I have all my devices synced with Hotmail, and also with MS Outlook on my computers for my contacts and schedules.

Overall these are terrific devices!

Am still happy with my Q10 for it's keyboard...I only mainly use it for emails, love the REMINDER app, and communications BBM, Whatsapp, Text, Calls...mainly a work device.
For media and social, I use my tablet which is easier on the eye and more display real estate.

Love how 'amazing' or even better, 'insanely' great battery life is being used by cb reviewers.. truly incredible.

Posted Via CB10 with BlackBerry Q10 2AEFCF1A

After upgrading to Z30 I still cannot live without my Lil 9900. Tough and solid device. Btw, testament to the durability of the 9900 it was able to survive the hot humid jungle of borneo last year. With my playbook and vita to compliment my other devices I'm completely mobile while traveling overseas.


One thing: as BB10 may have added features, there are still many worthwhile/critical features left out. That is why I am still on my 9900

Adam, I have so much respect for you in that you mentioned the 9900. It's not easy making such a statement because of all the marketing and mob behaviour saying that older devices (or any BB device) are not as good (I guess saying it is not good for the economy / sales commissions!).

My 9900 was beefed up, and I really miss that pocket pouch! I used MyOwnHotKeys, DeBuzz, Opera Mini, Rdio, Kindle, and Bridge to my Playbook... on top of several email accounts, social media (facebook mainly), wikipedia... I texted a lot and had no real problems, although it did lag and did not have great battery life around some apps. I currently use a Q10 as my company offered me one, but I seriously don't think that any BB10 is a great upgrade to the 9900. The camera still sucks, I miss the track pad, I cannot customize short cuts as easily, it doesn't natively load up Kindle or Rdio, I'm not a huge fan of the hub personally... I've since moved to the Nexus 5, and I find that it has hub-like features that are superior. I've been able to create my own customizations which makes my N5 feel like an extension of the 9900, ironically more so than BB10 can offer (read about Nova Launcher short cuts). I do miss the keyboard and track pad, but I can see myself getting used to the full touch. Who knows, maybe the physical keyboard / track pad will make a return (the stylus pen has with the Note 3 - how primitive is that!?). If BB10 had virtual keyboard short cuts or a virtual trackpad, had a working Rdio app / native integration with other apps, did not kill the PB (way to destroy customer trust), I would have a BB10 device for personal use. I feel that BB10 did not extend what I liked about my Bold, and so they've lost me as a customer until they make those changes... I simply don't like where the company is going or what it's focusing on. The Q5 is some sort of joke right? Affordable device? The 9900.

I didn't need to buy a N5, I sort of just wanted to try something new and different. I still would have been completely happy with my 9900. Kudos to those that still use a 9900 willingly.

I am using both the Z10 and the Z30 because I require two mobile phone lines for my work. I love the Z30 for browsing on the larger screen, and the bigger type of sound. I also find the slightly larger keyboard easier for typing emails. I am nearly as fast on these phones as I was on the 9900 with the mechanical keyboard.

Overall both of these phones are excellent. The only thing I found with the Z30 is its size for putting in to a pocket or a pouch requires a bit of size consideration. For me this is only minor.

My bottom line is between the Z10 and the Z30, I prefer the Z30 because of the slightly larger size. As far as my perception of data and visual performance, and for quality they are both the same.

I'm still rocking my 9930 and am waiting for one app to be ported over but with the new OS in Beta I may jump now since it does allow us to run APK files. Z30 is my first choice, even though I may miss the physical kb, the larger screen works for my old eyes and may substitute for my PB more often.

Very surprised to see the 9900 mentioned at the end...but love it! I still am using my 9900 and at the moment don't have any reason to give it up. It's a communication device for me first and foremost - emails (therefore by extension contacts) and calendar, then BBM and Whatsapp. Browser access and media consumption is not want I want to do while on the move. And most importantly, when I'm international roaming, the amount of data used by the 9900 is very little!! My ATT 30MB int'l roaming data plan can get me through 3 to 4 weeks of international travel on emails, BBM and Whatsapp. I think the fact that BB emails (at least with the 9900 and older devices, I can't speak for whether this still holds try for the new BB10 devices) uses so little data is something people seem to overlook when the carriers still charge quite a lot for data whereas my friends who use iPhones get slammed on data usage. When you're a small business person who travel a lot, these little things really matter!

I know a lot of you put leaked versions of 10.2 on your BB's, but until ATT releases 10.2 formally, my Q10 stays in the drawer. Why? It still doesn't do things that I could on my 9900, on OS7! Currently it can't even give me audible notifications of task reminders! I even have to dumb down the phone, to get rid of all the crap that gets in the way of daily business. Admittedly, I have to do that on the iPhone too, with all the location aware stuff, and privacy infringement.

The Z30 isnt the best phone for users like me, that dont want such a big screen :)
my Z10 has the max i would use :)

Love, love my 9900, but, after ditching my Playbook for a Galaxy Note 8, and loving almost everything about it vs the PB, am seriously considering the next version of the Note 3 (I hear Feb ?) ... sigh ... bye bye BB

I'm a BlackBerry user since the mid of 2008 and 10 months ago I bought the Z10. I'm happy, but today I was testing the Z30 and I'm going to spend some money in February to get this new model.

Switched from z10 to z30. Definitely worth it! Screen size is perfect and the keyboard is just enough bigger that typing accuracy is improved. Only problem is getting a leather holster! Sold Out!

I love my Q10, I've been using it for a week and now concluding that it could replace my Droid Razr as a primary phone.

Though I still love the performance of my Curve 9320, when it comes to battery performance, with the same type of activities made with both phone, I still can't throw away that C9320 experience.

Anyway BB10 OS was very promising, and I'm looking forward to the future optimizations it could provide with the device

I am reviving this thread, due to the fact the BlackBerry Z30 smart phone is in fact one of the best you can buy to date. Its been getting high user ratings and beating down Apple's best iPhone and Samsung's newest Galaxy S4.
Bar None, the Z30 is where its at, rock solid, multi-media and communications monster. Looking forward to the Z50 by far.

thats great but the specs are so backwards that i still cant warrant buying a NEW phone with only a dual can you call it a new phone?

i have 3 months to decide otherwise i will have to loose BB for good :( i wanted a Z30 but its just too low in hardware for a phone that i will have to get another 18 months out of after purchase, BB need to future proof their tech a bit! what ever happened to the Octo Core :( or even a Quad core!

It's all about software that can keep a phone up. Apple is doing quite great with iOS I think, iPhone doesnt have the best hardware, but still the smoothest, hope the same goes with BB in the future.

I had the bold 9000 (very good sound), 9780 (the little powerfull black BB), 9900 (the slim and stylish battery consumer) and the Q10 (the non slip perfection).

Yes the Z30 is the best in camera, even though it used exactly the same camera as the Z10s, but it is indeed better cause it's the z30, right?

LMAO fanboys everywhere

Hey everyone, I got my Blackberry Z10 about a month ago and love it but i have a Blackberry fetish and get a new one every couple months just because. But is it worth it to upgrade to the Z30? It looks gorgeous but is it worth the 250$ (upgrade fee). Thanks for your feedback.

The Z10 does get an unfairly rough time. It's display is sharper than the Z30. Yes, the Z30 battery is amazing, but it WILL die, as will the Z's... for which I have 5 spares (OK, not ideal, but 3-4 days heavy usage if ever needed - even the Z30/Q10 would struggle to get to day 3 without a plug!). It has good real estate with a 5" screen, but is still small enough to use one handed if required (which I can't manage easily with the Z30).

On top of all this, its the cheapest BB10 phone out there! If I was buying a BB10 phone today, I'd buy a Z still.

I personally am a die hard Bold 9900/9930 fan. I have owned and used every BB smartphone that has come out. They are the best for someone like me who sends a lot of emails, writes a lot of replies here on CrackBerry, and I am a PR person so I type a lot. The 9930 is one of the best looking BB's in history. It fits good in the hand, and its just a power house. It took me a long time to let it go, and move to the Q10, and now that I have, I am even more happy. I do miss my trackpad, and the feel/space of the 9930 in my hand, but my Q10 still lets me do all my work just as well as I used to, and sometimes better.

But now that BB is thinking about putting our beloved track pad on the new Q20, I am going to be on the edge of my seat every day until it is here, and best believe I will be first in line somewhere to get one!

today i found one problem..SMS / Email folder cant open..appear Uncaugth exception:DSSMA:invalid state (5):33...what is this meaning?