iBee Farting - Best BlackBerry Fart App Yet?!!

Let it Rip with iBee Farting
By Kevin Michaluk on 10 Feb 2009 05:12 pm EST

BlackBerry Fart Apps: If you watched College Humor's hilarious Cell Phone Reunion movie we posted to the blogs last night you might come away thinking that BlackBerry smartphones can't fart. That's not the case!! BlackBerry Fart apps are starting to stink up the CrackBerry App Store at an alarming rate. First, it was the Fart Machine - very basic, but it got the gas out for $2.99. Then came PhoneyFart, which for $1 less comes with a free trial of 20 minutes or 20 farts (brilliant). Then a free fart app popped up in the forums, Cippi the Farting Chipmunk. Cipi's not a built-for-BlackBerry app (ported over), so it kind of really stinks (doesn't use up the screen, navigation is a bit wonky and doesn't seem to run on the Storm) but the price is right for bargain farters who don't mind that this one may be requiring a wipe.

iBee Farting: That brings us to the next contender in the evolving battle for BlackBerry Fart App supremecy, iBee Farting. I haven't farted around with iBee Farting too much yet, but if you plan on having a fart app face off (a$$ off?!) with your iPhone-owning, fart-app loving friends, from my first impressions this is probably the BlackBerry fart app you'll want to go with.

iBee Farting features include:

  • Record your own sounds (farts / burps / other bodily noises), be creative! (not available on the Storm).
  • Adjustable Time Delay (5 to 30 seconds)
  • Random Fun Facts about Farts!
  • Preloaded with over 10+ farts and burps sounds
  • Shake and Fart (BlackBerry Storm only) - You can shake your BlackBerry Storm to make it fart!
  • Free 20 minute trial

iBee Farting is available for the Bold, Curve 8900 and Storm and sells for $1.99. I installed it on both my Bold and Storm. The built-in farts are pretty good (there's a couple of burps too), and on the non-Storm versions there is a fart recorder within the app so you can record and playback your own toots. Due to a known bug on OS4.7.0.75 on Storm's OS, you need to actually have OS4.7.0.99 installed for it to play sounds properly (see product page for details). A free trial is available, so you give that a go before you buy.

I think next week I'm going to put together a video shoot out of all the BlackBerry fart apps going butt to butt. I'm guessing there'll be a couple more out by then too! In the meantime, give them a go and post your feedback in the comments!

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iBee Farting - Best BlackBerry Fart App Yet?!!


First it was a lightsaber app...now its a Fart app, Im glad I have a curve and not a Storm cause I would be pissed knowing that the Iphone has a ton of cool apps and these are the apps that are coming out for the storm...I plan on getting a Storm in the next 6 months so I hope they step up their game. I mean, what is the demographic they are targeting...14 year old's with a nasty video game habbit??

man just read an article stated 31 fart apps in 90 seconds on the app store from apple omg thats alot

How do you think the apple app store started. with a few basic apps that show what the device is capable of doing and it leads to more complex better ones.

Like a remind:
App Bundles for BlackBerry. Description : FREE Trial for 20 Minutes or 20 Farts Amuse your friends and Family with PhoneyFart! Phoney Fart comes pre-loaded

we are fixing working with mobihand. it was working before, as it is currently working for the Bold and the Curve.

will keep you updated.


I will never, ever, ever, ever, ever, everevereverever......... PAY for a blackberry application that does nothing more than make fart noises.

when i click on free trial for the storm it says: No Free Trial Available

Am I missing something?

That's a good question. I sorta held off on blogging fart apps for as long as I could! But once there's one app, then two, then three, then four...gotta round em up and post them or else I'm not doing my job! But don't worry... we'll try and keep the fart app posts down to a minimum. In the meantime, just scroll down to the next story. :)

I just purchased this application and I have to say that I'm a bit disappointed with the fart selection and the volume of the farts. My co-worker couldnt even hear it and he was sitting about 10 feet away from me. If it had a volume adjustment, I think it would appeal to me a bit more. I think next time I'll save my two bucks and buy a double cheeseburger from McDonalds so that I can reproduce the fart noises naturally.

Cippi the Farting Chipmunk is working fine for me. Uses up the whole screen and is really good. Plus its free.

I downloaded the lightsaber app to piss my dog off...

No way in hell I'd download, let alone PAY, for this app.

Had to download it...what can I say....I can't buy it though. On my storm when I click bb>buy it takes me to a page that says your shopping cart is empty, and I can't click on anything! :(

Most of the comments are in disgrace of this app. When looking at iphone apps the fart and childish apps are known as the greatest....with BB it is seen as not worth it. This just goes to show you how much more professional and matrure BB users are. ;)

I might have purchased this if I was still... I don't know, 8 years old. But I'm an adult, and it is certainly disgusting that is for sure!

What the hell is wrong with you people 2 dollars for a program that farts!!!!! FU#@*ng stupid!!!!! why cant the devz for blackberry apps be more user friendly and produce apps that are out their for everyone??? I mean who would actually buy this peace of sh#* app any way? really stupid!!! These apps should be free!!!! I could see paying for a service but most of the programs that are on this site don't do much and cost a sh*# tone of money. To each there own I guess, but some how I will end up getting these apps for free and be sure that I will be sharing with the rest of the world and the rest of you should be doing the same!!! FU#* these to bit programmers and there nine dollar themes stupid idiots!!!!!

"fart sounds IS produced by"? wtf

Pathetic that you can program a phone to FART but you can't speak correctly.

I remember everyone slamming the iPhone for releasing "stupid and useless" apps like these. At least on the iPhone, they are either free or only a buck. For three bucks you can buy several cans of beans and make the farts yourself. Plus you get feed. :-)

"this is genius!"

Are you kidding? It might just be genius if you never graduated past the 4th grade!

For the rest of us, genius is not an app that makes farting noises. FAR from genius.

"this is genius!"

Are you kidding? It might just be genius if you never graduated past the 4th grade!

For the rest of us, genius is not an app that makes farting noises. FAR from genius.

besides, do you really feel the need to insult me just because my sense of humor is different than yours? lighten up! it's all in good fun!