Best BlackBerry 10 apps for creating crazy cool cocktails

By Adam Zeis on 2 Sep 2013 12:27 pm EDT

I have been bartending for years so I know the power of having an arsenal of crazy cool cocktails at your disposal come holidays, parties or friendly get together. It seems that I'm always the one left answering "what can we make with this" time after time. You too can share in the glory of being in the cocktail know just by having the right app on your BlackBerry.

There are a variety of great bartending/cocktail making apps available for BlackBerry 10, so here are a few of our favorites that are worth checking out. 

Bartender Cocktails and Drinks 30000 recipes

Just as the name states, this one have over 30,000 drink recipes. The list of easy-to-follow recipes allows you to create awesome cocktails in minutes and even adds the ability to store photos for each. You can input your custom drink creations or choose from drink list with easy search options. Add favorites so you never forget which drinks were a big hit! Available for the Q10, Q5 and Z10 for $0.99.

More information/Download Bartender Cocktails and Drinks 30000 recipes

MixMentor Classic

If you're looking for just the basics, you can't go wrong with MixMentor. This one has been around for quite a while and is not only available for BlackBerry 10 but legacy devices as well. MixMentor gives you 35 classic drink recipes for the Manhattan, Moscow Mule and many more. If you're just starting out you can pick up some common bar terminology with this one as well. 

More information/Download MixMentor Classic

Pocket Bartender PRO for BlackBerry 10

Pocket Bartender Pro has over 1,000 recipes for cocktails, shooters, frozen drinks and more. You can search drinks based on type or quickly see what you can make with the ingredients in your bar. Add drinks that you've come up with on your own and they may even show up in the database if they get enough good votes. A quick and easy app that runs great on BlackBerry 10. $0.99 in BlackBerry World.

More information/Download Pocket Bartender Pro

Bartender's Bible

The Bartender's Bible has not only over 25,000 drink recipes but also can help you get started bartending the right way. It includes everything from stocking your bar to drink history to the proper way to shake your concoctions. Search or browse for the right drink for your occasion and share them with other users over social media. Available for the Q10, Q5 and Z10 for $4.99.

More information/Download Bartender's Bible

Cocktails Recipes

While this one is only available for the Z10, it's free and gets the job done. It boasts over 9,500 drink recipes across 12 categories so you're sure to find something to liven up the party. It's not as full-featured as some of the paid apps but it will certainly help out in a pinch.

More information/Download Cocktails Recipes


If you're not having a party and have no reason to make drinks, you can always watch Tom Cruise do it in the most campy way possible. Cocktails and dreams anyone?

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Best BlackBerry 10 apps for creating crazy cool cocktails


Glad crackberry has this type of articles......its more variety, ,,,, wish crackberry would come preloaded with bb10.........@@@@ people please tell anyone with bb10 to download it......i got a few people at my work to download it, ,,, this makes them happy with their new BBRY.....and they know more features through this website

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Nice. I downloaded the Bartenders Bible the other day. Great collection of cocktail recipes. I'll check out the others. Thanks! :-)

Sent from my sexy white hot Z10 in Sin City ;-)

Thanks for the article, I bought but I didn't know there was a Bartenders Bible available. In my bartending days (pre-Katrina) there was a book called Coast's Cocktails that was a standard along the MS/AL coast. I wore that book out and I hope they put an app up for it.

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This is something I've been looking for, Adam where have you been all my life -sings in Rihanna's voice-


Started from the bottom with my Z10 ...

Lmao! You guys are funny. Where is the karaoke night already ? Lets set up a hang out channel for it !

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Don't bar tend while driving please!

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Thanks for the write up, Adam. Not much of a drinker but always wanted to learn mixology. In your opinion, what's the best way to learn? Are the online courses worth it?

Posted via CB10 on my white Z10 & lovin' it!

Nice article. Didn't even know apps like these were available. Sweet.

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Any bartenders here that care to rate the BB10 apps? I noticed that the Bible one for BBOS got some bad reviews including one from a bartender. The BB10 apps don't have many reviews at all.

So you were the one who answered the ad "Blackberry enthusiast needed to assist and blog for CrackBerry. Must be available for international travel, extended time away from home. Bartending skills required. Ask for Kevin."

Working in a cocktail bar means I get a lot of random requests for drinks I've never heard of(or some I've heard of buy never actually made), so these will definitely come in handy. Glad they are on bb10. Probably gonna download them all.

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Do any of these apps allow you to enter in a list of liquors and mixes that you have at home, and provide back a list of drinks you can make with them? I've been wondering if something like this exists...

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