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The best BlackBerry 10 apps for August 2013

BlackBerry apps
By Simon Sage on 28 Aug 2013 04:05 pm EDT

We’re kicking off a new series at CB which rounds up the top BlackBerry 10 apps that have been released over the month. Our editors churn through a ton of reviews on a weekly basis, but only a few ever find their way to the prestigious Editor’s Choice App Gallery. Of course, you can always add your own votes to your favorite apps there, or see what individual editors have picked thanks to the drop-down menu at the top. Let’s take a look at what made the cut in August.


ARKick is the first solid augmented reality app we’ve seen on BlackBerry 10 so far. It debuted on BlackBerry World this month, powered by the well-established Wikitude engine, and offering easy access to nearby points of interest, weather, and directions. Users just have to point their BlackBerry’s camera in any direction to see what’s out there.

More information / download ARKick

NFL Mobile

NFL Mobile

The official NFL Mobile app landed on BlackBerry this month, complete with scores, fantasy football, and alerts for your favorite teams. You can even check out highlights from the latest games and catch up on news feeds. The football season is right around the corner, so fans will want to make sure they have this one loaded up in advance.

More information / download NFL Mobile

Real Racing 3

Real Racing 3 is one of the sharpest racing games available on any mobile platform, and it careened into BlackBerry 10 at the end of the month. It's a free-to-play title where you race in recognizable brand-name cars through tracks based on real world locations. Players climb the ranks, upgrade their rides, and compete against their buddies in a novel time-shifted multiplayer experience. If you're into cars, get Real Racing 3, like, now. 

More information / download Real Racing 3


Canabalt is the quintessential endless runner. Players have to leap between buildings with expert timing and vault over obstacles as the pace picks up. The chunky, minimalist style is instantly charming, especially paired with the extremely smooth animation and overall polish of gameplay. If you haven't played Canabalt yet, now's the time. 

More information / download Canabalt

The Sims FreePlay

The Sims FreePlay

The quintessential sim game landed on BlackBerry 10 earlier this month. Players have to guide their own little virtual person through relationships, homebuilding, and careers. The franchise is a classic, and it’s great to see the mobile iteration being faithfully reproduced on BB10.

More information / download The Sims FreePlay

That’s it for this month! If you find a particularly great app that hasn’t been covered on CB yet, be sure to hit us up on the tip line!



Should have done best app by category: best business, best utility etc...

Regardless, I'll be downloading all/most of them! :D


OH and does anyone know where can I buy Pittsburgh Steelers hats/mugs in Toronto?? LOL I need to give a gift :P


There's a sport clothing/memorabilia store on Yonge street right downtown - I think just north of Wellington, on the east side - but I can't remember the name. They're likely to carry Steelers stuff.

Edit: It's called SportsZone. But you could also try Champs, further up Yonge St.


No, but I can tell you that you can find Green Bay Packer apparel in Toronto. :)


Where would that be? I'm sure they carry Steeler shit too :D


That was so random.

Q10 and Canadian all the way!


I'd like to see game contests. Let's say:
Canabalt "Simon Sage vs. DJ Reyes"
ThumbMaster "Kevin Michaluk vs. Alec Saunders"


Top 10 would be awesome!

Posted via the best phone ever. The white Z10.


And not one is `Built for BlackBerry`.


NFL mobile may or may not be BFB, but it's a damned good app!

Luis Torres2

For me the best app is: gadget box, is very useful toolkit.

Posted via CB10


Any apps that are actually useful going to be added to this?

Posted via CB10


I think you'll find that many think the NFL app is useful. What would YOU add?


ARKick is quite useful for finding what's around you, where ever you are.

Posted via CB10


Last Updated: 31 Dec 1969

Posted via CB10


Remember the olden days when people used their eyes to look around them? Lulz

Posted via CB10


I would add: Photo X pro, XE Currency, Easytune

Posted via CB10


Go Pack Go!!

Posted via CB10


Would love to see more of these. The app gallery is great, but I like the compilation articles. Keep 'em coming.


FYI. NFL mobile not available on Z10 according to my device......

Posted Via CB10 with my Z10


That's odd...are you in Canada? It's been said that it won't be available until later.

Posted via CB10


This was limited to the US initially, I believe. But others found a way to grab it.


The Goal app has been out since around late June to early July...

Posted via CB10


My thought exactly. Maybe it received an update recently that bright it back to light?

edit: yep it launched way back, funny crackberry reported it back then as well.


It received an update for some video playback errors. It is true though that it's the best app available in English though. The LFP app is good if you only follow La Liga and Champions League.

I use the AS and Marca app for my news content and Soccer Ticker for scores. I don't like the Goal app mostly because I'm not a fan of their writing.

Posted via CB10

Simon Sage

Damn, good call. I was going by the date in our app database, which is apparently just pulling in the last updated date as the initial release date. Will get our tech guys on that. 

Works out alright though - it means I can swap in Real Racing 3 for Goal. :)


the best? I would argue with that


Apart from my own App ClipMan there is surely "Playback Plus" missing at this list which showes the power of the BB10 multitasking by making it possible to play a video while checking Mails, CB10 and BBM without any kind of lacks or disruption. :-)
Such kind of Apps and possibilities are the reason why I'm proudly developing Apps for BlackBerry! :-)


Lol a Pittsburg fan in Canada, oh boy

Sent from BBQ 10 / HTC One


Nothing exciting there except maybe NFL


The most apps I used daily is CrackBerry :)

Posted via CB10


So true... and CBC News.

Q10 and Canadian all the way!


There isn't any of those that I'd even think about downloading. Pathetic...

Posted via Q10


I like this new feature article. I'm probably going to buy the ARKick app now.

Posted via CB10


That blackberry circle would look good as a clock in my room



Brilliant idea Simon! to expose the weakness of App World on a monthly basis? Judging by a lot of the comments, it's not going to go over well. Instead of you picking the "winners", maybe you should have the members give their opinions on the best apps of the month. At least that way you won't be getting all the criticism.

Simon Sage

Well, the comment section is precisely where folks can mention which apps they'd like to see. I fail to see how any of these apps are so weak, though. 


Best app for August? The update to Adobe Reader!


Really? These are the best? Guess when there's slim pickings...

HBB Posted via CB10 from my BlackBerry Z10

Bacon Munchers

That AR KICK reminds me of TAT. Man, I hope BlackBerry gets that going, and soon!

You are what you do.


Did crackberry develop Arkick.. they are pushing it so hard. Personally I see nothing it provides which I don't get in several sat navigation or location apps like point etc which also provide far more attractive presentation

Posted via CB10


Sidekick mode is really useful. Esp. to discover new places to be now. Maps are great but AR is better. Only hopefully the next update will improve battery performance.


Where's Spotify for the Q10?


ARKick :D Makes me feel like Iron Man, also kills Nokia's city lens.


This may sound really silly, but what I would like to see are applications that are not games, but useful things, like the Starbucks card. It just annoys me that BlackBerry has be so discounted by these companies. Sorry, it just rankles...

Greg Barker1

I am up to date with my Z10 OS but ARKick and the Sims App both tell me they are not compatible with my OS. What's up with that?

Posted via CB10


These appear to be games...

Posted via CB10