The best BlackBerry 10 apps and games for September 2013

By Simon Sage on 7 Oct 2013 02:51 pm EDT

Forgive the tardiness here, folks. Between BlackBerry Jam Asia and checking out the BlackBerry Z30 in Waterloo, I haven’t had much of a chance to round up the best BB10 apps launched in September, but we’re here now! September was actually pretty busy for BlackBerry World. Let’s dig in.


Evernote finally got its own stand-alone app for BlackBerry 10. The integration with the native Remember app was certainly great, but certain things like rich text editing, checkmark boxes, and adding tags were sorely missing for those that live and die by the cloud notetaking service.  As always, you can attach audio, video, and image files to your notes, and organize them based on notebooks. Those that only need a simple memo app will probably fare well enough with Remember on its own, but Evernote’s dedicated client is able to meet higher demands like a champ.

More information / download Evernote for BlackBerry 10


Badland graced BlackBerry World this month, bringing its own brand of polished one-touch gameplay and a unique, alien aesthetic to BB10. Players have to guide an odd little forest-dweller through a gauntlet of obstacles, often getting batted around, shrunk, expanded, and multiplied in the process. Though it’s a simple side-scroller game, Badland earned high praise after its launch on iOS, and BB10 has managed to snag this one even before it hit Android or Windows Phone. Pick it up, and show the dev it pays to come to BlackBerry first.

More information / download Badland for BlackBerry 10


Flipboard, a visually rich feed reader for Android and iOS, made its way to BB10 last month. Users browse through a large catalog of content, find their interests, subscribe to relevant channels, and mark stories to read later, or assemble their own themed, shareable Magazines from what they find. Flipboard earns its name through its swipe-based user interface, which flips the current screen in half in order to move forward or backwards through stories. For now, Flipboard is only available to us lucky bastards with a BlackBerry Z30, but sit tight Z10, Q10, and Q5 owners - I’m sure it’s coming your way soon.

More information / download Flipboard for BlackBerry 10

Contre Jour

At its core, Contre Jour players have to get a little black dot to a goal point by moving terrain, attaching ropes, and working with other various physics toys. There are bonus objectives along the way, which can be a challenge to snag, but will earn you the three stars needed for full bragging rights. Contre Jour is one of my favorite games on mobile for a couple of reasons. For one, it’s downright charming - maybe it’s the adorable black blobby main character or the classy piano soundtrack or the surreal, silhouetted art style. The gameplay is altogether original, combining elements from Portal and Cut The Rope with a few unique twists of its own.

More information / download Contre Jour for BlackBerry 10

Email Archiver

Email Archiver does exactly what it says on the box: save your e-mails as .eml or .html files. You can archive messages one by one, or as a whole batch, and password-protected for added security. The Active Frame shows how many messages you have across all of your accounts and a quick battery meter.

More information / download Email Archiver for BlackBerry 10

Those are just a few of the releases to come out in September - what are your favorite new apps for BlackBerry 10?

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The best BlackBerry 10 apps and games for September 2013


Spy Cam Extreme made it to #4 top free Built for Blackberry apps for a few days during september

actually mine in Evernote to keep me organised and i definitely need a brain extension to keep me updated for things to do

You sir/madam may want to consider taking your sarcasm somewhere else, it is getting rather tiresome.

Posted via CB10

Just reading the comments section of these articles makes me feel somehow... infected. And yet I can't stop myself.

Posted via CB10

Don't wanna sound negative but title says 10.

And to the Flipboard app, they said it's coming to select BB10 devices. I have a feeling Q10/5 may be skipped because of the screen size and the way the app was designed. To anyone who hasn't used Flipboard, it's very portrait based.

I was at work and my boss was coming around the corner. Had to read quick. I feel like a slacker...

Amazing Job blackberry no wonder ur last in the phone wars still wasting time making apps that don't matter and not focus on getting the ones that people want. People want popular apps that matter. So stop being so cheap. I know with the side loading thing helps but not enough. The damage it's getting worse. BlackBerry you guys had enough time to at least have most of the popular apps on bb10. And when is BBM coming out again? Next year lol what a joke .

Posted via CB10

The joke is your trolling a** f*g boy, if you knew a thing or half you would know developers makes apps not BlackBerry as you so stupidly put it puh!!!

Posted by z10 boss

A) BlackBerry isn't the one making the apps, it's third-party developers. You can lead a horse to water, etc. etc. B) If Flipboard and Evernote aren't popular apps that matter, I don't know what is.

Because he thinks BlackBerry is going to listen ti him HAHAHA!!

Love internet tough guys....they keep things interesting..

Posted via CB10

I so hate these tech illiterate morons who think BlackBerry writes EVERY app for BlackBerry phones.

How dumb must you be to think this?

Do you think that the Firefox team wrote every website on the Internet because you view webpages in the Firefox browser?

Do you think LG made every single TV show ever made because you watch TV on your Sony TV?

Do you think Apple wrote and recorded every song ever made because you listen these songs on your iPod?

Of course not! Because that would be complete IDIOTIC.

So maybe you should close your mouth, and sit back and learn something for once in your life:

BlackBerry does NOT write every app for BlackBerry phones.

Apple does not write every app for Apple phones.

Samsung does not write every app for Samsung phones.

Can you even comprehend this? Or is this beyond your ability to understand?

I support BB10, NOT BB Management!

Can't wait to see SnapChat, Vine, and InstaGram on this list. Or native 3rd party apps.

Posted via CB10

Nothing beats a native app using the potential of bb10 to its maximum. But, I sideloaded Flipboard and it's probably one that's worth the trouble. A lot of the other "big name" are maybe useful if you had time to kill. But, gladly, I don't. So BlackBerry is a great fit for me. Awesome device and nothing that I need is lacking.

Posted via CB10

Counterpath released Bria. The best SIP softphone software today.

Why is this nowhere mentioned at the editorials?

Blackberry Z10 STL100-2 + Q10 SQN100-3 + Apple IPad Mini 3G + Lenovo Ultrabook SSD (+ Playbook 32GB not in use). Carriers MVNO Netherlands and DTAC Thailand.

Yeah, Bla1ze nominated Reaper. I haven't tried it myself, but didn't want to make this month too game-heavy. 

Oh in. Well badland is also a good game. Even better when is hooked to a 50" TV lol

Posted via CB10

Haven't checked out Badland yet it'll be the next BB 10 game I play, Reaper is awesome though one of the best mobile games I've played

Oh, 5 apps, 2 of them games and 1 Android port that is not compatible with anything except Z30. Just wow, mind blowing selection

I had to laugh at that one, lol. crackberry means well and 5 apps are better than none but your post is still hilarious!

Chuckle. Yup.

The app situation sucks of course (editorials suggesting otherwise are wrong) however the worst thing about the store is the unfiltered new apps. Why should I even see offline GPS apps for Africa or S. America.

Why RIM? Why?

Posted via CB10

You may not use them, but there are people in the world who do actually travel internationally and need to have offline GPS maps readily available before they actually travel. Or perhaps for research on such places.

You are right though, the app situation could be better.

For every small city a own application? For this is in-app-payment made. This is clearly spam in the hope someone will buy it by accident.

And how the developer would get payment (100 dollar per app if I remember) and extra Dev Alpha A/B/C that later can be swapped to LE ;) ?

I wish there could be a possibility to "ignore" 2 or maybe 3 vendors. This would fix the issue for me. :) I am on AT&T Release and Flipboard works perfectly. it also worked perfect when I was on 10.2.1047 leak. Fetchnotes is my app which is why I'm back on 10.1 because it didn't work well on 10.2. This is a much needed app to be brought. A native G+ would be nice but really don't use the site much any longer so really no big loss. Still be nice though. SunTrust is maybe my biggest gripe about not being available. Not the fault of BlackBerry but still a much,much needed addition.

Posted via CB10

I'm a bit confused about this whole thing between remember and Evernote. If I make a note in Remember I can add voice notes ,attach pics etc but I can only have it be a task or a note as long as I don't select a folder that syncs with Evernote.

If I select an Evernote folder in Remember I can only make it as a note - not as a task.

So if I want a task list that syncs with the cloud I have to use a separate Evernote app?

I really like the remember app but can't use it for tasks for this reason.

Posted via CB10

I would add SubSonar to this list. Definitely worthwhile if you like streaming your personal media to your phone.

Posted via CB10

"For now, Flipboard is only available to us lucky bastards with a BlackBerry Z30, but sit tight Z10, Q10, and Q5 owners - I’m sure it’s coming your way soon..."

I want to be "luck bastards" too... :-(

Posted via Z10

I hope blackberry would convince the the popular apps developer to develop the apps in the bb10 platform also.

Posted via CB10

I can' install Flipboard on my q10. It says that it isn't avalible for my device. Whatks wrong?

Posted via CB10