Best BlackBerry 10 Apps and Games

CrackBerry has hand-picked some of the finest free and paid apps and games for BlackBerry 10! From utilities to music to shooting games and puzzles - you'll find the very best that BlackBerry World has to offer right here. 

The best BlackBerry 10 apps and games
By Simon Sage on 4 Feb 2013 03:13 pm EST

CrackBerry's curated list of the must-download BlackBerry 10 apps and games, updated on an ongoing basis! Bookmark this page right now, as you'll be visiting it often! Welcome to CrackBerry's list of the BEST apps and games available for BlackBerry 10. We'll be updating this post frequently as great new apps and games become available for the BlackBerry Z10, BlackBerry Q10 and other BlackBerry 10 phones. Whether paid or free, if it's a great app for BlackBerry 10 you will find it here.

Last Updated: April 1, 2013


SELECTION CRITERIA: Every app and game on this list has been downloaded, installed and used by a member of the CrackBerry team. If we think it's an app worth taking the time to download, it will be added to this list. For the most part we are vetting each app for a quality experience (built native for BlackBerry 10 is what we prefer) that is also rich in features, but we'll also allow popular Android ports onto this list that are particularly good. Each listing will be accompanied by a short "review in a tweet" or the rationale of why it's worth your time to download.

To begin, we're keeping this list sorted simply between the best free and paid apps and games for BlackBerry 10. As this list gets BIG, we'll begin splitting things up into more categories and specific use-case apps. Our first goal here is to get you the best apps and games for your BlackBerry 10 phone that every BlackBerry Z10 owner should have!

Now, keep in mind that some of the very best apps come preinstalled on a BlackBerry 10 device, such as Facebook Foursquare, Google Talk, and Dropbox. Those are gimmies, so we've excluded them from the list. Entries that are in italics are recent additions.

INSTALLING APPS: If you're visiting this page on your BlackBerry 10 phone, simply clicking on an app link will pop up the option to then open the app in BlackBerry World. From there you can easily install it. If you are visiting on your desktop computer, the link will take you to the BlackBerry World website. Be sure to log in to BlackBerry World with your BlackBerry ID. From the website on your computer, you can actually complete the purchase (if necessary) or click the download link on a free app, and the download will automatically start on your BlackBerry 10 phone (super cool, we know).

SUBMIT AN APP: If you come across awesome BlackBery 10 apps that are not on the list, be sure to talk about them in our BlackBerry 10 Apps and BlackBerry 10 Games forums. We'll constantly be trolling the forums looking for more great apps and games to try out.

The best BlackBerry 10 apps


  • Stocks - $2.99 - Keep tabs on your favorite stocks, even from the active frame.
  • IM+ Pro - $4.99 - Chat with friends across multiple social networks seamlessly.
  • gNewsReader - $0.99 - Get caught up with all of your favorite RSS feeds.
  • Podcasts - $0.99 - Subscribe, get notified, and queue downloads for your favorite podcasts.
  • Book Reader - $0.99 - Read EPUB and MOBI e-books on your BlackBerry.
  • SayIt - $2.99 - A super-charged voice-activated assistant.
  • MyAccountant - $0.99 - A Cascades-friendly income and expense tracker.
  • PlayCloud 10 - $1.99 - An advanced file manager that provides Google Drive, FTP, and other cloud access.
  • ReadItNow! - $1.99 - Access stories that you've marked for reading later,
  • Paper Camera - $1.99 - Add awesome and unique sketch effects to still photos and video.

Honourable mentions: PicShop ($3.99),  Wallpaper Changer HD ($1.99)


  • CrackBerry 10 - The best way to experience CrackBerry on your Z10. AMAZING app!
  • Spark Me - Pimp out your avatar picture with a freakin' sweet Spark or CrackBerry logo!
  • Songza - Android port of the best streaming music service out there. Mood-based playlists with no audio ads.
  • Untappd - Share your favorite brew with friends and discover new beers.
  • Flixster - Look up movie info and find what's playing at local theatres.
  • theScore - Get fast sports scores, news, and standings on the go.
  • Badoo - Meet nearby singles.
  • Conqu - Take your task management to the next level.
  • BlackBerry Travel - Keep track of all your travel plans. Flights, car rentals, hotels and more.
  • Amazon Kindle - The Kindle app puts over a million books at your fingertips.

Honourable mentions: PicStory, Nobex, Slacker RadioWordPress, Cooklet

The best BlackBerry 10 games


  • World of Goo - $4.99 - A maddeningly difficult physics puzzler.
  • Pix 'N Love - $2.99 - Hectic platforming with a unique twist on the retro feel.
  • The Bard's Tale - $5.99 - A classic tongue-in-cheek action-RPG.
  • Devil's Attorney - $2.99 - Sleaze your way to the top with this strategic legal game.
  • Gyro - $0.99 - A simple, abstract reflex game about spinning a color-coded wheel.
  • Funky Smugglers - $0.99 - Make sure granny doesn't get on the plane with an uzi.
  • N.O.V.A. 3 - $0.99 - The premiere sci-fi 3D first-person shooter. Buckle up, Halo fans.
  • Sprinkle - $1.99 - Douse flames in this mind-bending puzzler.
  • Super Hexagon - $2.99 - Super Hexagon is an intense and obscenely difficult abstract puzzle game with an awesome 8-bit soundtrack.
  • Need for Speed: Undercover - $2.99 - Real cars! Real fast! Play the critically acclaimed racing franchise on BlackBerry 10. 

Honourable mentions: Alpha Zero ($2.99), Shine Runner ($0.99), EDGE Extended Gold ($2.99), Anomaly Korea ($3.99), Autumn Dynasty ($4.99), Asphalt 7: Heat ($1.99), Eufloria ($2.99)


  • Radiant Defense - A hilarious tower defense game with unique art style.
  • Beach Buggy Blitz - A gorgeous 3D racing game with lots of upgrades and customization.
  • Sector Strike - A fast-paced retro-style shooting game. Steer, shoot, and stay alive.
  • WordHero - Compete with others online to come up with as many words in a letter grid in a limited amount of time.
  • Angry Birds Star Wars - It wouldn't be a next-gen smartphone platform without Angry Birds, now would it?
  • Jetpack Joyride - The classic endless runner is back! Grab coins, taunt scientists, and pimp out your airborne ride.
  • Let's Golf 3 - Bust out that nine iron and play a round of golf with friends online. 
  • The Oregon Trail: American Settler - Build and run an old-timey settlement in this casual title.
  • Sudoku United - The classic number puzzle game with a smooth, modern layout.
  • Draw Mania - Guess what your friends are drawing, and have a go yourself. Optional premium upgrade for more brushes.

Honorable mentions: Run in Crowd, TridPewPew, Texas Hold 'Em King

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This post will be getting updated regulary, so be sure to bookmark it and visit back often! In the meantime, check out these other great BlackBerry 10 apps...




Is there a reason when I click on Billy's Hill (in Chrome) it brings me to the app?

Simon Sage

Because I'm a nerf-herder. Fixed. 

Adam Zeis

Who's scruffy lookin'!?


Oi! Adam, he's shaggy lookin', not "scruffy lookin'" !!! :p



Love it. Episode 4 Star Wars; Hans Solo to Princess Lea. Still . . . the new z10 post keep comin in!


does anyone know if ubersocial is on BB10 yet ?


I received an email from Paul McDonald (@TheUberGuy) at UberSocial Support earlier today which stated: "We will port our Android app over soon"


are all the games from playbook's app world available on BB10?

if so, then the list of games is way out of whack.

Simon Sage

Nope, different selection. There's a clear upgrade path for devs, but PlayBook apps aren't automatically included. 


So if I own IM+ on PB am I going to have to buy again on BB10? (thats of course after I bought for the old Java based BB)

Simon Sage

It's a case-by-case scenario. Some devs are upgrading their PlayBook apps to BB10 compatibility, while others are making entirely new entries. Very similar to Universal apps on iOS. IM+ in particular has two separate entries unfortunately, so you'll have to buy twice. 


SHADOWGUN, best game free on Playbook, paid for BB10


Free for a short time on PlayBook, c'mon. All the vendors and marketplaces do that, apps are free sometimes, 50% off others, full price or $1 more for the rest of the year (Bard's Tale is +$1 on PlayBook since I bought it, which was not that long ago.)

You gotta watch for bargains, and you gotta watch for rip-offs, just like everywhere else (unfortunately.) There's a lot of crap on all of the platforms too, it's everywhere, it's everywhere!


I can't find Shadowgun in BlackBerry World on the Z10.... am I missing something?


Calendar Sync just made my day! I have been having to enter everything into two separate calendars since Google stopped supporting BB so my secretary can schedule my appointments. Now if we can get the Z10 in the USA...


I've been waiting for a post like this!



"Badoo - Meet nearby singles." Are there are so many singles in CrackBerry team? ;)


+1. I was wondering the same thing when I read the description. Also, would be nice to know who tested this on the CB team.

Drew Oswalt

Sucks that isn't free like it used to be. I'll probably still get it though when the Z10 comes out on the "5th of never" (to quote someone from another post).


Hopefully the bb10 apps won't be more expensive than the Android equivalent.


Dropbox isn't mentioned. I'd say that many think that Dropbox (or other popular cloud storage options) are absolutely essential.
Calendar Sync looks even better than what we've had in the past from RIM *or* Google Sync.
Get Netflix together, and this thing is looking massively nice.

Simon Sage

Mentioned Dropbox specifically in the preamble; anything that's preloaded or integrated I skipped since most users don't need any help finding 'em. 


Any sign of a good google reader app? I did some browsing of BB World today and nothing really showed up... Can't wait to start loading my Z10 tomorrow!

Simon Sage

News360 is the closest thing I've found yet, but I'll keep hunting. Could definitely use one. 


I'll probably want to know that... but after trying a couple on my PlayBook I ended up just going back to using the mobile view in my browser.


It's a shame BeReader isn't available... but yes we definitely need a good google reader / RSS app!


Do BB7 apps update to BB10 phone?

Do BB7 apps play on BB10?


Entirely new platform. Not even possible. RIM could have created an emulator as they did with Android but what's the point? They preferred to tap into the Android Market to grow BB World as they have over 700,000 apps.


The ReaditNow link takes me to


Why buy Can't you just browse to it? I mean all you're doing is looking up a word...

Simon Sage

Better UI, pronunciation guide, marking favorites. Also, the format could enable offline access. 


Grab the port; it works just fine.

Ashish Sanghvi

Can u post a link to i tried to port myself, it dint worked

Simon Sage

Only one clone, and really choppy performance. :/ Would have loved to see it on the BB10 loading screen. 


RIM needs to get the apps in the queue out in BB World. I can't believe Run In Crowd made the top free games. No disrespect to the developer, but it's a rather simple game.

Simon Sage

It's still early. The big stuff from EA and Gameloft is still on the way. Expect this list to be overhauled very soon. 


Most people like playing simple games on small screens. Temple Run ain't exactly complicated.


curious, if i were to use my BlackBerry ID for the Z10 later this year will i get all the games that i purchased from my playbook?

Simon Sage

Only sort of. Any apps that have been upgraded from the PlayBook version to the BB10 version will still be available, yeah. There's a dedicated section in My World for apps you've already bought, and there were a handful there when I first booted up the Z10. 


What ever happened to Cubifice?? There was a big press release about how the developer was porting to the bb10 platform, and it actually appeared in both the bb10 and playbook blackberry world stores for a while as a free app, but now it's gone, and the developer isn't listed anymore.. (I still have it on my Playbook, but unfortunately lost it off my bb10 alpha devices due to wipes and reloads..)


You guys should check out the game "Quell". It was one of my favorite games on Android.

Simon Sage

Yeah, I played around with it a bit. Very nice, calm, and challenging. Will be including an honorable mention section in the next revision. 


I would like to know how much the bb10 will cost.....(without contract)..cause with this economy that will make or break blackberry(formally known as RIM) in the us market.


why is Songza unavailable to download for me in the UK? Also I have to say that I'm disappointed that very few of the apps that were announced at the launch event are even available. Games like Jetpack Joyride that are on the PlayBook should have been in BlackBerry World from launch!

Simon Sage

Sooooooon. I'm sure the vast majority will be coming out between the  Canadian and American launches. 


tapyhold , multimedia book with built for blackberry award. fantastic app, yes. its my app. hehe


Is there an app that can take all of my messages (email, texts, Facebook, Twitter, etc.) and put them all in a centralized place, where they can always be accessed with a simple gesture, from anywhere on the phone? That would just rock.


Of course, it was just joke


I knew that. I liked it.



Is "Poynt" not on BB10?

Simon Sage

A bunch of the old Poynt guys are working on Spotcast ( It's still in the early days. 


Not native but the port works well.



I was hoping to have that launch day tomorrow for us Zed10 Canadian Users.


CrackBerry ...... Where the F*** is social feeds????????????????????????????????????


This is an app that needs to be remade for BB10!!

The 411

Nice, but I think a section is missing:

- Best ported Apps (From Android)

My 2c.

A few of my favorites: Flipboard and ES File Manager.
I've tried them on the dev alpha and they worked!

Simon Sage

Yup, working on that now as a separate story. You're right, Flipboard runs really well. Path is decent, Google Maps is great. Pinterest works, trying Pocket next. 


i thought angry birds was .99 :)

Simon Sage

It was initially then went free for some reason. 


well thats good news.
hopefully it remains free until i get my z10 :)

CertifiedNo.1 is now a paid App? You have to be kidding me! Why pay for this when you can use your lighting fast BB10 browser and visit their site for free. This is the drawback of the BB $10,000 app chalenge. Developers are going to go the route of charging for apps that should be free. SMH.

How about Words With Friends, BeWeather, BeBuzz, Vlingo, Wikitude, are they in Blackberry World (for BB10).


So no BlackBerry Podcasts App in BB10?


podcasts is a paid app? Weak.


Wasn't that app free back in the day?


yeah it was.
dunno why they made it paid?
could just google the word


i bought the bards tale for my playbook will it work on the Z10 without having to pay again?


Yup. You need 1.34GB of storage!


I am SHOCKED you don't have Taptu to there. That app is amazing!

Simon Sage

I was torn on that one. It was better formatted for one-handed use than News360, but didn't operate as smoothly. If Taptu made a native app, then I'd most definitely consider it. 


Hopefully by March, they'll have.. Chase Mobile, Logmein ignition, *cough* instagram


Chase Mobile is a must have. The app rocks on my 9930.


I'm impressed with the Z10, having owned one since last Friday, but disappointed by the apps available. Yes, I know it's a new OS but there's been plenty of time to get ready for launch. A few of my favourites:-

BBC news...No
BBC iPlayer...just a shortcut
YouTube...another shortcut
Sky News...No
Bloomberg ...No
Wolfram Alpha...No
TuneIn radio...yay, it's there

An excellent paid app (£0.75 in the UK) is StarTracker, a very nice astronomy app which should even better after a couple of updates.

Not really doing very well are we?


did iOS or Android have 700+k apps when they first launched???. Remember that patience is a virtue.


yes but when they promote they have all the top 1000 apps.. you expect Flipboard, Netflix, Skype, Instagram etc. to be there.


Remember, integrated apps aren't mentioned in this article. A few of the essentials are factory installed.

The 411

Hi Jaycee58,

FYI you can port Android Apps to the Z10 just like you'd do for the Playbook. Flipboard works, I personally tried it. I don't know if eBay works, but it works on my PB. Check out this site for info:


Manuel Bujan

I've side loaded Flipboard and BBC News from Android and both work perfectly on my Z10. Give it a try.!!! Also the others might work as well.


I honestly cannot wait for BB10 on my playbook!!

Milad Hotak

Haha just downloaded a couple of new games and apps on my Playbook through these links :D
When clicking on the links in your Playbook browser... The links will bring you to Blackberry App World. Some of them you can download (if not allready done) but some are BB10 only naturally.
Big thanks Crackberry!
Ow yeah... The ones you can't download... The screen captures are viewable. Thus it gives you an idea on how it looks like on the Z10 and keeps you mouthwatering untill the Z10 gets available in your area.


Quicklaunch ? But then will we even need QL on BB10 I wonder.


Sweet, this is an essential post. Will be checking back all the time. You guys weren't joking when you said crackberry is more then a news site, its about providing a good blackberry experience. Its hard to keep up with the forums, and weekly app reviews. Even hard to follow blackberries "featured" apps and games. Which can only get worse the more we ask for a trillion apps available.

Any word on some of the essentials must have apps we use for BB7? Bebuzz has gotten so good on BB7 I dont wanna lose that when i get my z10 tomorrow. I can report that Beweather is almost ready for BB10, I think i saw that on twitter. Quicklaunch, leave it on, fixmo tools. wheres my phone (10 times better then blackberry portect) These were make or break your BB7 experience.


Just wondering when we'll see What's app hit BlackBerry world?


+1, I just don't like they will be charging an annual subscription. I'm switching over to the BlackBerry version of Skype.


Toronto Maples Leafs app........definitely NO!


Regarding Calendar Sync. If you only use one google calendar, does that sync ok without this App?


IM+ Pro is considered best App for paid? Who the heck comes up with that stupid conclusion? You can't even make calls or video! OoVoO is way better and I can't believe it's not there.


Where are the indie developer games? Disclaimer: I'm an indie developer, lol....but my game WordsPlus is Built for BlackBerry certified!

Give it a test and see if it's good enough for the list


Mine is Built For Blackberry certified too, but we, indie developers seems that aren't important ;-)

Good luck, Jason.

SA Omair

Do we have Skype and viber in the app list.????this what mostly used by asian peaople and in middle east. as voip app!


TuneIn needs to be seen!! It's an *AWESOME app!!*


I just downloaded it... pretty awesome! Got my favorite local stations :)


Caledar Sync. I cannot find it on Blackberry world and when I link through the link above it states that It is not available for Z10. Does anyone have it on Z10


Does anybody know when we can expect real apps? Apps like Skype, Tango, Viber, Evernote, Netflix, Pinterest, Instagram, Pandora, and Spotify? Thanks guys.


Built For Blackberry apps and Native/Webworks/Flash/etc. apps ... are not real apps ?

Simon Sage

Right, because these are all just a bunch of make-believe apps. 


INDIE APPS! INDIE APPS! Do a section on great indie apps or apps you can ONLY find on BlackBerry umm...WordsPlus :)

You can get Angry Birds on any phone but WordsPlus is exclusive to BlackBerry 10
You can get WordHero on any BlackBerry phone but WordsPlus is exclusive to BlackBerry 10

Get it? Then go GET IT! :)


I agree. Me, Jaiaca and much others spent a lot of time, money and effort to develop great apps with or without Built For Blackberry designation, but nice native apps at the end, *exclusive* to BB10.

Most apps in this list come from well-knowed midsize or large companies. They dont need much help. Their apps will be sold as hotcakes within Android, Iphone, Blackberry or Windows markets... but we are individual, indie developers commited with Blackberry...we don't do simple androids ports *cough*Instagram,Skype*cough*.

We have limited resources, no influence, little or inexistent reputation, but i think some of our applications are worthy of being on this list . I think we deserve your support.

Best regards.


the fact that you need to pay for a podcast app is a joke. really frustrated at the garbage selection of apps in the app world, especially the games. at least some of the better apps are ported


Lords of Midnight. Nuff' said.

Oh actually, not quite enough said: Fly Cargo. Corking game.

And, and, and.. actually, the gaming scene on Z10 is looking pretty good :)


cooklet app is £1.50 in BB World not free


Has Shazam or a Shazam type app been rumoured or announced yet? Wouldn't mind having it on mine...


What about Eggventure ?


ReadItNow! - $1.99 - Access stories that you've marked for reading later

Maybe ReadItNow should be called ReadItLater? :-D

Love these selections! Thanks for the great list!!


with all these great apps & games, 16gb internal storage could get filled up quick... hehehe .. Thx to the micro SD, music & all other files can be stored with not much worries ...


Ok. I'm a bit hammered right now, but I'd like you folks to give me a few answers, especially if you've used the Z10. I heard the BB maps is not food. Can I download Google maps? Would it work on the Z10? What about Poynt, the NY Times, LifeinPocket, MaraTick, BB Travel, The Weather Channel, ESPN, Scoremobile for BB? You guys have any info about them? I'd LOVE to ge the BBZ10, but I'm looking at the LG Optimus G. My thinking is I hang loose with the LG until the Z10 gets the bugs worked out and then in two years, go to the Z10. Or am I full of S----? Ok, Someone will say I am no matter what! But I'd like some serious feedback guys. I respect Crackberry folks' opinion since they bailed me out of a lot of stuff with my 9800. Thanks guys!


flixster doesnt work on my phone. it just thinks forever

Edit: At first I denied the permissions it requested. I granted them and now the app is fabulous. Why does it need device identifying info to work?


Hope they improve their Maps or get google to make google maps for the z10.


their maps app isnt even bad. used it many times with no issues.


I agree that it isn't bad. It does the job for the most basic task. I never use 3D view but A few more features would be nice. Loving the phone though.


Hi!! I would like to download a good GPS service. What do you suggest? I live in Brazil.


Simon, when you have time we could use your input on BB10s Best 10 now that an additional 2 months have passed and there are 25,000 more available.. Has it ramained the same 10.


Simon :

What's the best alarm clock app? I need more the one that's on my phone!


When is Shazam or Soundhound coming ti BB10n


I would love to see one of the further break downs be "Best Blackberry 10 Apps and Games that don't require you to relinquish all of your personal information, contacts, shared files and location to a third party for God knows what reason."

I'm using a Blackberry, for Pete's sake. Why does 'Unblock Me' need to have access to such things?


Jump Birdy Jump from... me, but hey, it deserves to be on that list, it's awesome.


is there a way to add a phone number to my contacts list from my phone call list ? Thanks


Yes it's actually quite easy! Tap and hold the phone number, and then a menu will fly out from the right side of the screen. The 3rd option down is to add to contacts. From there, you can select one of your existing contacts to add the number to, or down in the bottom action buttons click the "New" button to create a new contact with that phone number.

samuel Hal

is there an app to download on blackberry 10 to convert an MPG file to video


BB World in Aus is very lacking, almost embarrassing. No music service support for any of the big ones like Spotify, Rdio, etc etc.... Anyone know of any way around this?


I would like to see best free sports applications.

On the free PGA Tour has to be there. It is the best PGA tour app in the market (Better then iOS and Android)


HUB++ LED Disco is currently the number 1 paid app in BlackBerryWorld.

Dave Mcdonald

Looking for a BAR file for Touch aka Ping Chat to load onto a Q10. I already have it on my Z10, and now want it for my q10 to chat with friends on other platforms. The only reason I use Touch is it doesn't ask for all the personal information that others such as whatsapp does.
Anyone know when I can get the BAR to sideload?

Serena Celentano

Waze - Cool GPS, Traffic and police (social app)

Serena Celentano

Skooday - cool music streaming app
George the unlucky fish my 2 year old LOVES


Sudoku United is great! thanks!


But it is not available on Q10 or Q5.
Touch Sudoku supports all BB10 devices, also available on devices running BBOS 5 and up, even on Playbook!
Plus it has a cool unbeatable feature: show the logic beyond solutions in animations!
Check it out:

Kadri Walcott

Operation: Desert-Fox - Defeat The Al-Qaeda in this challenging vertical scroller jetfighter game


Hi Simon, maybe we could have a "build by CB members section" ? (not only self-promo here lol).


Hey guys, did you recently write about a remote desktop app for BB10?? I remember seeing one but now can't find it...


Shouldn't this be updated like every month?

Mega Skipper

Hello Blackberry fans,
Recently I've developed one app for BB 10.
CineTalk - It's great for all movie lovers, Very nice intuitive design and UI.

Please check it out in App World and give your rating

Nicolas Beuvin

Hello all,

We have just launch our new action-RPG exclusive for Z10 and Z30 : "Song of Swords".

We had 4 "five star review so far, and are very happy about it.

We are all former Gameloft and have started our own studio about 9 months back.

Check it out and let me know if you need more information




now Song of Swords is available on all BB10 and playbook devices!!


good games, i also like to suggest some funny games here:

Super Mario Galaxy 1&2
Zelda : Twilight Princess
No More Heroes
World Of Goo
Super Monkey Ball Banana Blitz
No More Heroes
Super Mario Kart
Bit Trip Beat
Deadly Creatures
New Super Mario Bros
Metroid Prime 3 (or better yet trilogy if you can find it)
Donkey Kong Country
Legend of Zelda


i am pretty sure those games can well run on the cheap smart phones, you can check the phones here:


Would it be possible to get these "best of" lists specific for BB10 devices? I can't tell you how many times I have been excited to read about an app on here then find it is unavailable for the Q10!


Touch Sudoku should be in this list as the only Sudoku game in this list is not available on Q10 or Q5.
Touch Sudoku supports all BB10, also available on devices running BBOS 5 and up, even Playbook!
Plus it has a cool unbeatable feature: show the logic beyond solutions in animations!
Check it out:


Checkout The Best Android Apps for BlackBerry BB10/PlayBook Downloads
Whatsapp, Viber,snapchat,twitter,youtube downloader, 1mobile market, Instagram, etc.
Get Here


Draw Mania should be removed as it does not open when you download it and it's got less than 3 stars with all reviews purporting it does not work as promised. o.O

Puneet Kohli

May I suggest Pastry Push as a top paid game?


I can't believe SayIt is on this list. The built-in voice app is much more reliable.


Where you are talking about favorite words, well I keep a track of mine on this social network based on favorite words out there: FavoriteWords (a perfect name) - it's intriguing.


They forgot WhatsCam. the best application to take pictures in the bus, lol


Touch Sudoku should be in this list. It supports all BlackBerry devices running BBOS 5 and up, Playbook devices and all BB10 devices!
Plus it has a cool unbeatable feature: show the logic beyond solutions in animations!
Check Touch Sudoku out: