The best back to school apps for BlackBerry 10

BlackBerry Q5 at school
By Simon Sage on 23 Aug 2013 04:30 pm EDT

It’s an exciting time of year for you students out there. Even though you’re leaving the summer behind, and likely facing monotonous lectures, stressful assignments, and a long list of expenses, it comes along with plenty of rewards: making friends, and who knows, maybe you’ll even enjoy learning a thing or two. You’ve already got your shiny new BlackBerry 10 device, but you’re not sure which apps to load up to face the school year. Here are a few pointers.


Let’s face it: you’re going to be on a budget, and living lean means keeping an eye on your pennies and nickels. The built-in Documents to Go app would certainly let you lay out your expenses in a straightforward spreadsheet, but for the truly organized, MyAccount can break down all of your expenses and income into various categories and dates. Make sure to get this one early - you’ll want to make sure you can make rent at the end of the month after picking up textbooks.


BlackBerry’s native Remember app is nice and all, but that can get really cluttered really quickly as the assignments pile up. SlickTasks kicks things up a notch by providing embedded sub-tasks, Hub, native calendar, and Active Frame support, priorities, and the usual stuff like tags, due dates, recurrences, and more. There's even a great web component so you can manage everything on the big screen when you have the chance. You may still want to use Remember since flagged e-mails populate the app, but SlickTasks will definitely help you keep the vast majority of your assignments front and center.


Sick of the library? Getting out for a run will do wonders for clearing your head. Plus, uh, the cafeteria food probably isn’t doing your waistline a lot of good. Endomondo is the top fitness app for BlackBerry 10 and will help you set targets, plan routes, and track long-term progress. You even get audio cues every mile or kilometer. Though Endomondo is mainly built for runners, it can equally be used for walking and cycling.


Odds are you’ll be going to at least a few parties this year. The built-in pictures app has plenty of editing capabilities for fine-tuning everything and tossing on artistic filters if that’s your kind of thing, but apps like PicMix provide the option to assemble those pictures into some great frames, and adding additional effects if you’re feeling goofy. PicMix is a great way to put together a bunch of classic shots from a fun night out into a single picture.

BeMaps 10

If your campus is particularly sprawling, you’ll want to know how to get around. BeMaps 10 is the best mapping solution available on BlackBerry 10, complete with transit, walking, and biking directions. Most major universities are going to be covered, so even on your first day, you shouldn’t have any issues getting lost, plus it’ll help you get around town after class.


That's just a quick look at some BB10 apps that will make life at school a little bit easier. Students, which apps have you relied upon to get you through the school year alive? 

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The best back to school apps for BlackBerry 10


I wish you don't rely heavily on those apps to attract the back to school kids !!! :)

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Oh and what would you suggest, snap chat so they can send dirty pictures back and forth? They were thinking practical not time wasting talking cats and fart apps!

Posted via CB10

I don't see the point of be maps if it relies on bbmaps. I watched the video review and the pros ate useless if it switches to bbmaps while actually driving. Why spend the money?

Posted via CB10

BeMaps provides a couple of features not included in BlackBerry Maps.

1. BeMaps is linked to Google maps so you get to search for pretty much anything that is on Google that has an address. BlackBerry Maps is good once you already HAVE the address.

2. BeMaps provides directions for walking, public transit and cycling as well as driving whereas BlackBerry Maps only covers driving.

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I'd switch Slick Tasks for OfCourse! Awesome app where you just add your syllabus and more. I like it a lot :p

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Excellent find! I'm curious how many students are interested in tracking their own attendance... If there was a cross-platform app that would send that data to a prof, maybe... Could only check into a class if verified over GPS or Wi-Fi... Maybe scan a unique QR code in a slide deck for each lecture... 

NFC would be a great way to do this :p much quicker than a opening an app to scan a QR code :p
Still, what I like about the app is that I can set up my syllabus and always have it with me. Sometimes I forget what one is supposed to read for the next class so this is a life saver in that kind of situation :p Plus, it also help keep track of your assignments. All in all, pretty complete app...


Ten bucks for a to-do app, no matter how good and feature-packed it is, is way too much. Drop it around to five, and I'll bite.

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Haha Very happy to achiev my bachelor title few years go and use my lovely z10 for work and personal gaming exp :)

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My own app - Amino Acids - for any biochemistry students out there! Especially useful for those who are taking an intro to biochem class. Good resource for the upper year students as well! :)

CascaRun has surpassed Endomondo with their recent updates in my view. Plus it's native! :) Part of why it's so good actually with bluetooth HR monitor and lock screen support.

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Why would you not introduce back to school apps for the PlayBook which has the larger display?

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How do you change the verbage at the end of your post? I see most post say "Posted vai CB10" but some have other customized verbage.

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Anyone know if you could change the currency in the MyAccountant app? I'm in university overseas and if I could it'll very useful. Thank you!

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MyAccountant supports all ISO 4217 currencies.

Just open the Settings and select your currency.
Please take notice that at the moment you cannot manage multiple currencies, though it will be soon be available on a following update. Also you can use at any time the integrated currency converter.

Indeed, 10 bucks for an app is too much for a student budget. I wish it was any cheaper, therefore I got to look for an alternative.

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