The best back to school accessories for BlackBerry users

By Adam Zeis on 26 Aug 2013 12:59 pm EDT

There are plenty of things you'll be picking up when heading back to school, and most likely equally as many you'll forget - don't let BlackBerry accessories be the ones. Your phone will be an integral part of your school year for keeping up with your studies, calling your parents (yeah right!) and staying in touch with your friends.

We've already checked out some great apps for BlackBerry 10 users, but if you want to get the most out of your BlackBerry there are a few accessories we recommend picking up to help make it through the school year.

There are plenty of different accessories that will make your experience that much better this year, but we've handpicked a few that we think are top notch. 

BlackBerry Battery Charger Bundle

When you get busy during classes or other activities, it's easy to forget to charge up your device. Long days mean you'll need to stay charged, so having a spare battery at your disposal is the best way to ensure your device doesn't go dark when you need it. For both the BlackBerry Z10 and BlackBerry Q10 you can pickup a BlackBerry Battery Charger Bundle - a killer combo with a spare battery and external charger. Charge up the battery while charging your device and you'll have double the juice so you can always make it through the day fully charged. One of our favorite accessories that no hardcore user should be without.

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BlackBerry Mini Stereo Speaker

One of my favorite accessories for going out on the weekends is the BlackBerry Mini Stereo Speaker. Ever since we first laid our hands on one back in Toronto I've always kept one in my bag and ready to go. It not only lets you play music via Bluetooth to the speaker itself, but you can also use it as a speakerphone for phone calls (great for conference calling on the fly). It easily clips on to the strap of your back or sits itself up on the table without a hitch.

If you want, you can always plug it into an external system with the included 3.5mm cable and use it much in the same manner as the BlackBerry Music Gateway as well.

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BlackBerry Music Gateway

I've loved this little guy for a few years now. I've had one in my car and most recently made up my own makeshift Sonos system in my living room. The BlackBerry Music Gateway is one of the smallest accessories I own but also one of the coolest. Plug it into any stereo or external speaker in your home or car and stream your music wirelessly via Bluetooth from your BlackBerry. 

You can even connect to the gateway using NFC, so rather than having to pair new devices, your friends can simply tap the gateway with an NFC-enabled BlackBerry (or other device) to connect. Great for multiple DJs for those crazy house parties!

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URBANEARS Zinken Headphones

No good student can make it through a day without a great set of headphones, right? For that we love the URBANEARS Zinken. Available in a variety of cool colors, these headphones not only sound amazing but also let a friend hook up for double the listening pleasure. Plus if you happen to twilight as a DJ, the Zinken headphones offer a 6.3mm plug so you won't need an extra pair to get your groove on. They're also sporting a coil cord to help keep tangles to a minimum and a built-in mic lets you chat away should a phone call interrupt your quiet time. 

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Last but certainly not least you'll want to make sure you're outfitted with a great case for your device. There are plenty of various styles available to fit any student's needs - from simple protection to the most hardcore. Keep your device safe for the whole year so you won't need to waste your precious food money on buying a new one from an unexpected drop on the pavement. You can check out the full line of cases available at ShopCrackBerry to find one that best suits your needs.

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Still want more? Head over to ShopCrackBerry and see all the newest accessories for your BlackBerry!

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The best back to school accessories for BlackBerry users


These are some really terrible headphones. This article is like asking a wheelchair user what kind of running shoes he's wearing: "I only know these but they are the best!"

Have you used them? Why didn't you like them? Definitely my favorite of all the ones I've purchased over the years. 

1. Sorry for stepping on any toes and the wheelchair comment.
2. Amazon is full of wheelchair users, claiming the only product they have is the best. Also my sister rated these 5/5.
3. My sister only bought these because she wanted green headphones.
4. The sound is a muddy blur without treble extension, non-linear mids and a fatiguing slobby bass and still can't even portray the feeling of a soundstage at the slightest. Listening to Acoustic, Classical or Jazz is simply impossible without to grimace.

I am surprised "the masses" just accept products like these. Or does nobody listen to music outside of synthesized, over-produced, auto-tuned and over-driven chart music anymore?
If you are just a wee bit interested in the term hi-fi (high fidelity = true reproduction of sound), do yourself a favor and stay away from these.

Definitely, although usually hifi enthusiasts are willing to spend (a lot) more for good sound. I don't want to come off as advertisement so you best head your way to a dedicated headphones forum. There's a plethora of unknown headphones aimed at good sound quality.

The sad thing is, most people are not aware of the sonic capabilities of a headphone. If you look at a headphone as a broken leg and think it's a necessity to be able to listen to music on-the-go, you will accept poor quality.

If you had to get one, which would you get: the Mini Stereo Speaker or the Music Gateway? I ask because I'm considering purchasing one of them.

I feel like the Stereo Speaker may be a slightly better buy just because I don't have to hook it up to anything, I can play right through it. Does it have NFC as well? Is the sound quality when connected to speakers noticeably different between the two?

Hey is that an orange Crunk case complete with BlackBerry flying B's logo on the back??!!

From my sweet BB10 Neutrino powered Z10 :D

Oh snap! I didn't know about that music gateway. I was looking for something like that at best buy. I ended up buying a portable speaker with bluetooth enabled.

Posted via CB10

Hi, i was using my BlackBerry Battery Charger Bundle on my Z10 and now my Z10 is not working anymore. i send it back to Blackberry. (nothing is working and i lost all my data, photo's, agenda......)

Is it bad luck or are there problems with the BlackBerry Battery Charger Bundle....?

@luigie, the Netherlands

I'm sorry Crackberry but lists like this really frustrate me. Being a college student, I would have to say money goes to books and supplies (like paper, printer ink, etc.) and not these items you have listed. Beginning of the semester means trying to get a full schedule from the short list of classes that haven't been cut because of funding. On average, one textbook costs the sum of the items mentioned here. Give us a list of stuff that students can actually use and get to. Give us a list of items and apps that will actually help us get ahead. Free apps for organizing, best eBook apps, tutorials on using the voice recorder for a class, etc. Sorry for the little rant but these aren't the best Back to School Accessories.

Why use bulky headphones when the JayBird BlueBuds provides a sleek listening solution and you won't look dorky.

Posted via CB10 from the BlackBerry Z10

Really cool but....... wait is the store pci compliant now?

I didn't received any update since that email telling my Credit Card was in danger because some hacker broke into the system.

Posted via CB10

Mini Stereo Speaker is amazing. I have one and recommend it to everyone. Look at all the things you can do with it, so much more than just play stereo music. You can even tell it (yes TELL it) to phone your best friend an it actually will do that through your Z10 or whatever. Stream wirelessly to it via Bluetooth when its plugged into a TV or HiFi or car or whatever, and get awesome sound. Actually uses the same charger as your Z10 or whatever, so you don't need to pack another charger, Long lasting internal battery as well. Nice shape for pocket/bag. Clips onto the curtains or anything, its really nice and easy.