Best apps for tracking diet and eating healthy for BlackBerry

By Alicia Erlich on 17 Jun 2014 02:15 pm EDT

Now that we are halfway through fitness month it is time to focus our attention on diet and nutrition. On a normal day, I find myself grabbing some form of chocolate as a snack but as we all know it is better to include fruits and vegetables and those other healthy items that make up the other food groups.

In order to lose weight properly and maintain the right level of nutrients to energize our day and workouts it is important to stay on track. Using our BlackBerry devices, we can not only track our calories and understand food labels in the supermarket, but also find healthier alternatives for our recipes. So let us get started with building proper nutrition and diet habits with these applications.

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Best apps for tracking diet and eating healthy for BlackBerry


You need an app for that? Does life stop until there's an app to show how to live life?

You need to download another app that shows you how to answer my above question.

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Darn, found this just after that piece of chocolate cake!! (not kidding) Well, at least I can be virtuous - it came in a recyclable plastic container!

Funny. Now these apps are highlighted. I've set out on an all-raw, vegan, no alcohol, no caffeine, no sugar, no processed foods diet two days ago and try to do it ***without any help***.

Aim is to do it for two weeks, then see how we go. I overindulged with pizza (geek staple) and coffee (geek juice) in the last couple of months, and I wanna get off it.

My favourite snack so far? Dried white mulberries, really cheap. Tastes like a sesame+honey cracker. Blackberries you can only get frozen, and they're rare in the tropics.

My favourite drink so far? Coconut water, you can get it here right next to the Gatorade at the corner store. And guess what, it apparently contains more electrolytes at a better balance!

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

Would like to download recipe box... but it's not available on my device... Z30 rocking in Switzerland...

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Probably because it's affiliated with a Canadian grocery chain. It's a good app. Sometimes slow, but the recipes are excellent and easy.

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Which is what I was expecting, but oddly enough it's downloadable in the US (plus I think Alicia lives in NYC?). So it's definitely a regional thing, I wouldn't be surprised if it was available to download in the UK as well.

Anyone else notice that the icon for "Minerals & Vitamins" in the "KeepFit for BlackBerry 10 by Total Wireless Solutions" app is the pill from Dr. Mario? lol

Body Buddy is BFBB certified but not in the list! So many native apps are not reviewed by Crackberry...

Myfitness pal calorie counter not even supported for Q10. And the rest are garbage or need to pay.

BlackBerry 10 App support just sucks.

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The livestrong my plate app from snap works good too. You can also punch in your exercise into that one as well as track your calories.


My hubby and I, love and use, MyFitnessPal. Just sucks they haven't made an app for BB10 devices. But using the web version is just fine as well.

I use body buddy.. it's quite useful.. never felt the need to go to any other app at all..

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I use Myfitnesspal but not available for bb10. The android from snap is hella slow and buggy. They need to make or port one. The good thing is bb10 browser works great so I just go to the website.

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Very surprised myfitnesspal was included as available for bb10. Anyone who has tried it on BB10 knows it's just about unusable. Weak.

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I use myfitnesspal and yes it does hang up, but usually only once, it is a pain for sure. I also have book marked it and on the browser is pretty good too. I like the database.

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I use Myfitnesspal on my Z30 and have had no problems whatsoever. Fast, responsive, and no glitches so far... also had no problems when I had a Z10 and a Q5 (yes, I swap phones a lot.)

My wife uses it on her iPhone too, and together we've lost over 55 lb since the beginning of the year, so it works for us. :)

And yes, my wife is moving into a Q10 once her contract is up in August. She's already bought a protective case she likes....

I've been using body buddy, yes a lot of food you have to enter manually, but I've lost half a stone just by having to examine what I eat and recording it!
Must be the man thing of lists and targets that helps ;)

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Observation junkie, maybe you need to download and app called "how to read and understand sarcasm" lol

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You can't beat MFP, simply because of the large database they give you access to and of how easy it is to just add food by scanning the bar code.
The one sown side is that it's not very flexible. It's designed for people who want to lose weight and who use a conventional method of reducing their daily calorie intake by 500kcal.

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