Best apps every BlackBerry owner should download right now

By Adam Zeis on 21 Jun 2013 01:44 pm EDT

This week we're talking apps during Talk Mobile 2013, se we figured we'd take a look at some of the best apps out there for BlackBerry 10.

If you're having trouble finding the absolute best apps for your BlackBerry Z10 or Q10? Not to worry. We've spent countless hours finding the goods and can proudly say that we've found the best. 

These are the apps that every BlackBerry owner should download right now. If you haven't tried them yet then you need to - and that's all there is to it. 

Great apps can be hard to find at times, so aside from this list you can always check out the CrackBerry App Gallery where we keep our editor's picks for only the best apps for BlackBerry 10. 

Now, on with the show!

Best Camera App: 360 Panorama ($2.99)

While the built-in BlackBerry camera does have plenty of great functions that include HDR (10.1), multiple modes, scenes and aspect ratios, there are still some things it just can't do. One of those is taking panoramic photos. For that we have an awesome app in 360 Panorama. With 360 Panorama there aren't very many features, but what you can do is take awesome panoramas. It's dead simple to use and you can save files or share them instantly right from the app.

More information/Download 360 Panorama

Best Cloud Storage App: Box (free)

Even though it comes preinstalled with BlackBerry 10, this one still makes our list by just barely nudging out Dropbox for one reason - automatic uploads. While we still prefer Dropbox overall (we're big fans at Mobile Nations) Box does have the ability to automatically upload photos from your phone to your box account, making it an awesome cloud service. 

More information/Download Box

Best Navigation App: BlackBerry Maps (free)

While there are plenty of mapping apps available in BlackBerry World (seriously, have you seen how many there are?!) BlackBerry Maps still takes the cake for us when it comes to maps. It's had a bunch of updates since the initial release and with its turn-by-turn navigation, search features and plenty of customizable options, it holds strong as our choice for the best navigation app for BlackBerry.

More information/Download BlackBerry Maps

Best Stocks App: Stocks ($2.99)

As one of our favorite Built for BlackBerry apps, Stocks is an amazing app for anyone who wants to keep track of their portfolio. The app lets you view news, over twenty exchanges, historical charts and much more. Best of all it has one of the coolest Active Frames around so you can always view your numbers at a glance. 

More information/Download Stocks

Best Music App: Songza (free)

This was a close call, but Songza gets the nod for the best music app. While the current version is an Android port, it still works amazingly well - plus Songza promised to crank out a native app for a better experience, and we can't argue with that. The free Songza service isn't an on-demand service, rather lets you choose playlists based on the time of day - so you can choose from things like working out, cooking dinner or entertaining friends. It's one of our favorite services hands down and we love that they support BlackBerry 10.

More information/Download Songza

Best Travel App: BlackBerry Travel (free)

Ever since BlackBerry teamed up with Worldmate, BlackBerry Travel has been an awesome app - and BlackBerry 10 is no different. BlackBerry Travel lets you view all of your trips in one place complete with flights, hotels and rental cars. You can automatically import your itinerary and receive instant flight alerts right on your BlackBerry 10 device. If you travel at all then this is one you don't want to be without. Plus, it's totally free.

More information/Download BlackBerry Travel

Best Twitter App: Blaq ($2.99)

While the native Twitter app for BlackBerry 10 does work pretty well, Twitter power users want a bit more. For that, Blaq saves the day. This full-featured Twitter app has real-time streaming, mentions, direct messages, lists and plenty more. The developer is always hard at work making fixes and adding new features, so you know you won't be left out to dry. Twitter users should welcome Blaq with open arms.

More information/Download Blaq

Best Weather App: BeWeather 10 Pro ($4.99)

Weather apps are all over the place, but if you truly are a weather nut, BeWeather 10 Pro is the only one you need. It features multiple locations, weather alerts, radar, maps and a great Active Frame view with temperature and  current conditions. You can see hourly and daily forecasts, and if you travel often, let it find your location for instant weather no matter where you are.

More information/Download BeWeather 10 Pro

Best Game: Angry Birds Star Wars (free)

Angry Birds are everywhere, so why not on your BlackBerry? Angry Birds Star Wars gets our pick for best game for BlackBerry 10 for it's simplicity, ease of play and "time killing" ability. This is one that anyone from 1 to 100 can play and you can sit for hours or just a few minutes. The premise is simple and it has loads of replay value. Best of all? It's free.

More information/Download Angry Birds Star Wars

Best App, period: CB10 (free, duh)

If you only download one app for your BlackBerry 10 device (which is just plain silly) then make it CB10. Winner of the Best Built for BlackBerry App, CB10 gives you instant access to CrackBerry news and reviews as well as the CrackBerry forums and accessory store. It's fast and easy to use and no CrackBerry fan should be without it. Get instant alerts for new posts, talk it up in the forums and waste your days away buying accessories. It doesn't get any better. Oh and, FREE!

More information/Download CB10


Check out the CrackBerry App Gallery!

We get that some of you may have other apps on your best list, but in case you didn't know, you can check out our growing list of the best BlackBerry 10 apps and games in the CrackBerry App Gallery as well. While searching through BlackBerry World for great apps can be a bit daunting, we've done the hard work for you and picked out the best of the best. You can view all of the apps that have been hand-picked by our editors and even recommend your favorites.

What are some of your favorite apps? Let us know in the comments!

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Reader comments

Best apps every BlackBerry owner should download right now


BlackBerry Travel is an amazing app. It's nice that you can add the details of your trip on a PC or your phone. I used it for my trip to Philadelphia and it didn't disappoint.

Posted via CB10

I have all on your list except 3 of them. I do think $4.99 for the weather app is a bit much considering there are good free ones out there...

Posted via CB10 on Blackberry Z10!

Yes I have that one too, give AccuWeather a try see what you think.

Posted via CB10 on Blackberry Z10!

Every time I use Accuweather and see "Realfeel(TM)" instead of "Feels like" I just want to start punching people.

The problem I have with Accuweather is that it isn't very accurate. When checking the maps to see how much longer the heavy weather is going to be over top of us, it doesn't even show that that weather is within 70-100 miles of our location. Pretty poor as weather apps go in my opinion.

I wouldn't spend a dime on an app that won't show how much rain/snow to expect. ridiculous. My city is half under water right now and beweather only told me 'hey buddy it's rain in your forecast.'

Edit: Let me be clear though, the flood didn't sneak up on me despite me having beweather on my z10

Calgary? Sorry to hear about that, I hope all will be okay... the weather is only getting worse these days with all that man kind is doing to the earth.

One day with all this fracking their doing out there in the world to get gas and oil, pumping chemicals deep into the earth, how stupid can people get all it takes is a few earthquakes and bam your drinking water is toxic and people die. All for the love of money.
Anyways this is all foretold in Revelations (Bible)

Take care my friend I hope all will be okay.

Posted via CB10 on Blackberry Z10!

Way to stay on topic about weather apps. I see what tour saying, fracking leads to floods......

C'mon man.

Posted via CB10

"Fracking leads to floods" I have no idea what you have been drinking but I would stop ASAP... and yes floods and earthquakes do have something to do with the weather. You must be an oil and gas guy who is in love with the almighty dollar while people's lives are on the line...

Posted via CB10 on Blackberry Z10!

Wow; way to stay on topic, and draw completely wrong conclusions, drinking water sources tend to be in the few hundred foot range or from ground water sources like rivers, fracking occurs in deep regions, and besides if an earthquake somehow released the chemicals it would also release the gas and oils.

On to the topic of weather, So the Dirty Thirtys was also caused by man correct?, how about the mini ice age we are just now getting out of, I think that started what 40,000 years ago, somehow man sped up the warming, right, oh that is right the earth isn't actually warming, it is getting colder, stop reading junk science and read the latest literature that shows in the last 10 years the earth has not warmed unlike your buddy Al Gore who has made Billions of the fear of Global Warming some of us actually read up to get the real facts.

Sorry for my Tirade and No I am not in the O&G industry or any industry that supports O&G.

"and besides if an earthquake somehow released the chemicals it would also release the gas and oils"

I think you just proved my point. I mean who pumped the chemicals down there and drilled the hole in the first place.

"Dirty thirties"

Are you referring to coal burning?
Something man does....

Anyway this life is short I am looking forward to the next one. Take care.

Nice, call people names, why not respond with a valid argument, go read NASA's latest heat studies, read up on the changing currents in the Siberia/Alaska water ways that is causing a shift in ice buildup.from one side to the other.

No you call people names, nice.

Earth is changing. Earth exists for billion of years and you blame man kind. Lol keep buying into that cap the media and politicians feed you. Sry but your comment just reminded me of how stupid and ignorant some people are. Apps are top! Love Em all;)

Posted via CB10

The earth is changing I agree 100% some things naturally and some things because of what mankind does. Billions of years I don't think so, might as well throw out any number anyway that doesn't matter.

Think of the earth as a big car garage with its doors closed. What happens when you are in the garage and spill chemicals and oil or gas on the garage floor? It becomes dirty and slowly toxic to whom it is in contact with. Now while you are still in there run your car with the garage doors closed guess what's going to happen? You will pass out and die. This earth is an inclosed environment too. Times your car with the millions or billions out there not to mention all the factory's spewing chemicals.

We have to live but why do things so stupid like pumping chemicals into the earth for oil and gas taking chances with our drinking water, it's just plain dumb.

I'm not an environmentalist or liberal, I'm just pointing out the obvious this earth is not the thing I am concerned with other then the health and safety of others. My main concern is for the lost and their souls. For in this life we will all die and then face God to give an account for everything we have done with the little time here that he has given us weather you believe this or not.

Here's your bible verses for today. :o)
Take care

Revelation 1

1 Now I saw a new heaven and a new earth, for the first heaven and the first earth had passed away. Also there was no more sea.
2 Then I, John, saw the holy city, New Jerusalem, coming down out of heaven from God, prepared as a bride adorned for her husband.
3 And I heard a loud voice from heaven saying, "Behold, the tabernacle of God is with men, and He will dwell with them, and they shall be His people. God Himself will be with them and be their God.
4 And God will wipe away every tear from their eyes; there shall be no more death, nor sorrow, nor crying. There shall be no more pain, for the former things have passed away."

CB10 is really good. It's my preferred way to access forums content. I hope they bring private messaging to the app soon too.

Same here, don't even have Songza installed since I did the 10.1 update. Also use Nobex a lot more now that they have DI stations baked in.

Posted via CB10

Yup. Been using Skooday for a few weeks now since a stranger was recommending it in the forums and I decided to five it a try. Now it's the only streaming service I use in my car.

Posted via CBZ10 baby!

Good post! CB10 is the first thing I check every morning. Then my stocks. Sometimes stocks first, then CB10. LoL

I also love so many games. A lot of great stuff can be done on a BlackBerry 10 phone out of the box. But, with this list of apps, a BlackBerry 10 user cannot go wrong.

Good work!

Posted via CB10 from my Q10 or my Z10, either way it's golden.

I play that thing religiously. Well, not quite religiously, but pretty often. More so than Angry Birds though, for sure. Another good one is Stick Tennis. If you're into that kind of game of course. It's also FREE!

Posted via CB10

I'm like that with Robotek. Whenever I get free time I start it up and play a round. Even when watching TV shows I play in between commercials...

Posted via CB10

Careful. You might get Hidjk foaming at the mouth because you mentioned religion.

For real, stick tennis is a lot of fun.

Songza isn't available for Z10. Well that's what I get from blackberry world when using the link provided. ....

Posted via CB10

Omg the panorama app is awful!!....stope advocating that glitchy crap!

Everything else is def worth getting!

Z10in' since the Beginnin'

Works fine for me on Z10, I use it for panoramic pictures for my work... very handy app! Have you fedback to the developer?

Have you used other Panorama apps before on other platforms?.....This is truly terrible in comparison. Its not good at all, it sloppily cuts and pastes regular photos together no steady tracking just poor.....its a terrible implementation. Not worth 3 bucks. Avoid it people.

Z10in' since the Beginnin'

Bought it for my sisters phone and tried it out. Have never used a panorama app before, but it was pretty straight forward and worked well. So don't really see the problem :s

Posted via CB10

it is at first. but once you play with it a little and figure out the sensitivity It works awesome.

weesteev and amp323, could you guys in one of the threads your panoramic pictures? I'm debating whether I should download it for my sister. Thanks.

I think Jerome's a great guy and I agree that Blaq is the best Twitter app, but I think Willow is worth looking at, as well. It has one or two implementations of the Twitter API that Blaq doesn't. I also think Willow is interesting because it is built with BBUI.js on BlackBerry's WebWorks platform. Not quite as snappy as Blaq, but it's interesting to see how well HTML5 apps can perform on BB10.

Posted via CB10

Yeah, many great apps were not listed.
Photo Studio Pro, Battery Guru, Sports Tracker, Handy Scanner, HUB++, Waze.

I may disagree with the GPS app, there's a few out there that have more features and a friendlier UI.
Waze is simply amazing, it maybe an Adroid port, but it just works so well and turn by turn is such a plus. It's right in the BlackBerry World, and I've heard great things about Mireo too.

I have also been using Waze. Z10 times better than BB Maps! I mean... there is just no comparison!

Posted via CB10

Some apps your missing that you need to create a section for... Kindle, Whatsapp, Webex, Endomondo, Stuff I Need, Night Ports, AIO Remote, XRMT, Data Check Pro, Nobex, TuneIn, FidMe, PlayCloud, Vivino, The Last Weather App, myBuses and SoundHound.

That was my point to someone a few minutes ago about blackberry should bring a big name app.....

Go Sens Go!!!!!!

I normally am 99% in agreement with everything Adam posts, but I have to disagree on the weather app. I'd agree that BeWeather is the best LOOKING app - hands down. It's stunnning. But as far as content, I'd put it towards the bottom of the pack. The lack of ANY forecast info beyond a silly little picture of a sun or of a sun with a thundercloud in front is what ruins this app for me. I'm an adult, I need more than pictures to make me happy.

(What makes it worse is that they stripped down the app from the previous OS 7 version - THAT version was a definite 5-star weather app).

This. I got it, and used it for about a week. Having some idea how much precipitation is expected is kind of a critical piece of data which any other free weather app provides. Plus I never heard back from support when I asked them about it. At least it's pretty.

Posted via CB10

I agree. BB Maps is not updated and is not integrated with anything else (like the reviews or hours of operation Google provides on iPhone...or Apple's maps (even though these kinda suck) they have Yelp!).

BB Maps is also not consistent or as accurate as other mapping solutions. One of the reasons I returned the device. BB Maps needs to get a briefcase full of cash out and hand it to Google for a native application that is superior to other platforms.

Yes, i totaly agree with you. For blackberry europe ends with germany. There aren't maps for scandinavia, central a east europe... For americans and western europe the BB maps are okay. For the rest of us no. I have to use google maps in browser, so it kinda sucks, because i always prefer an app to browser. Overall i think that this list was ment what is best for everyone not just part of the world. They should pick different app...

Posted via CB10

+1 I agree blackberry maps absolutely sucks! I'm a die hard blackberry fan but I'm man enough to admit it. I side loaded an android port of Google maps on my Z10 and it's been clutch since day one (Pun intended )

Sorry but the list is very obvious lol not a lot to choose from at app world. More free native apps please!

Posted via CB10

Sorry, best navigation app: Mireo Don't Panic. Hands down. I downloaded their maps when on sale and for $12 I have a fully functional GPS in my Z10. Cannot beat that.

Everything else i agree with... except for Angry Birds. I'm so sick of hearing about them birds. I get it! Bird is the word.

Posted via CB10

Ahhh I thought so, but sort of hoped it was some new brutalist looking case. I'll have to try get my hands on one. Cheers.

Posted via CB10

Flip Shush (<-- shameless self plug) just got Built for BlackBerry Approved! Best app to mute media, notifications, and phone ringing volume!

Now that your BFB Approved... any sales on the horizon to celebrate? ;) I kid! But seriously, great app, glad I upgraded.

I definately do not agree with Blackberry Maps being the best navigation app. Mireo is better in every aspect, (except price: it isn't free). To give one example: offline maps.

This is very North America centric list:

Songza - nope, not available in your country - my vote goes to Skooday, honorable mentions 8tracks, TuneIn and Neutron.

BlackBerry maps - nope, no coverage in your country - my reluctant vote goes not to app but Nokia map web navigation.

Weather - Much more useful in my region is MeeCast especially with legendary data used.

Useful tool award: Remember (hopefully they alow share menu and moving of entries between synchronized and local folders)

Posted via CB10

The BlackBerry maps have poor coverage. Still no middle Europe coverage makes me mad, because the port of google maps is not integrated into the system so apps like whatsapp endomondo, do not count with them. For me one of the biggest faults of BB10.

Posted via CB10

Unfortunatly i have to disagree. 50% of the list is either unavailable across the major part of the world, or half the info available for europe like maps and travel and best game angry birds! Really? Nova, modern combat, much more complex and beautiful game. Its like saying a mini minor is the best car in the world... yes could be but cannot compare against the big guns. First time i disagree with a post, maybe cause it hurts that apart from a few countires enjoying all the luxuries will 75% cant get anything... it's stupid and baseless.

Posted via CB10

BlackBerry Travel is brilliant!
I also like BlackBerry Maps. It's free and works as advertised. I've considered Mireo but the maps are necessarily large and fill up my local storage. I would buy them if I could move the maps to my SD card.

Posted via CB10

The more I have to use BlackBerry Maps, the more I dislike it (too slow and I have had to many situations where searches gave incorrect results). I hope 10.2 with Jelly Bean support means we can run a decent port of Google Maps.

And I like Blaq but I still miss integration in the hub and being advised of new tweets (not direct messages). Hopefully that too will come in 10.2.

It is strange and making me angry that my Bold 9900 had a perfect map in my country (Bulgaria) while my Z10 says "no map data".
Also, someone has to explain me why there is only limited number of languages for Blackberry phones...

Install Waze and side load Google Maps. I use all three just to make sure I have the most efficient way to get to where I need to go.

Which other languages do you want to see supported?

I know how and what to side load :)
The strange thing is that there is a blackberry map for os 7 and no map for os 10.
As I wrote, I want Bulgarian language. It is supported in every OS except BB.
The workaround is to use Russian, but in BB 10 there is not Russian phonetic keyboard. As a result my Z10 made me hate texting :(

Strange that you don't have BlackBerry Maps for your Z in Bulgaria. I think BlackBerry would have done a better job partnering with Waze.

The lack of any language support on BB10 has to be frustrating. The take away from this is that the OS is brand new and is being improved upon (some would say at a glacial pace)

I have to agree on the choice of Box. I signed up during the 50 GB free promotion when I got my PlayBook, but it's become my go-to resource for cloud storage.

Everything is fine but BlackBerry maps, sorry. More than half of the world is not there in it. Its hard to think of a reason why they cant update it, if not then pay Google and get the best in business app Google maps for BlackBerry. My earlier phone was BlackBerry bold, and it had official Google maps, never ever touched the BlackBerry maps.

Posted via CB10

^Guys, follow the news on PlayCloud. It is definitely an amazing app. Huge feature is sharing from the app using the cloud storage platforms sharing protocol, i.e. share google docs with google docs users, not emailing, texting, etc. This alone puts it on top.

My one hope is to soon be able to open a document that is a cloud document, make an edit, and hit save, and have everything automatically sync. Currently it downloads a local copy which I can edit and then manually copy to cloud storage. What do you say Nicklas?

Good stuff nicklas, really love your app, im dissapointed that Box won over PlayCloud. Look forward to future updates.

Well, to recommend Blackberry Maps which are missing like half of Europe is quite, eh, US-centric view of world?

Immediately discounting this entire article now that I see BlackBerry Maps in the list. It's absolutely TERRIBLE. I love BlackBerry and I really wanted to enjoy the app, but it just can't find 30% of every places I try to look up. Some of the addresses it does come up with are just dead wrong. Sideloading Google Maps is the way to go.

What is with these weather apps for the US only? Be weather pro has radar available but only for the US? Why?

Posted via CB10

Angry Birds... BEST game, really?

I guess to be fair I only have 1 game installed and only played it it wasn't free.

Posted via CB10

I can't justify $4.99 plus tax for BeWeather, especially since it doesn't even tell you how much rain is expected like other "free" apps do.

Posted via CB10 via BlackBerry Z10 (Telus)

You forgot a flashlight app!. Believe me when you're in the office bathroom and the power goes out, you'll thank me! :-)

Really wish they could add public transit support for BlackBerry maps...I'm sure most of the the APIs are freely available and quite frankly no one else seems to be interested in making one...

Posted via CB10

Really?????? Are you guys drinking your own Kool aid?Songza app??? Has the developers figured out how to even make it work on the z10???
Emailed them 3 times, still no fix for audio issue. Patiently waiting.

Posted via CB10

Of course this doesn't help you :(, but for me Songza has always worked perfectly.

Posted via CB10

Songza doesn't even work on my Q10. The concierge feature is inoperable, and the skip and like dislike buttons only work once in every ten times I press it. Maybe the native app will be better.

Skooday- This app seems really cool and works well, but what's with all the red no signs over just about every song I search for. What's the deal with that, does anyone know?

Apollo- Good audio quality, but this hasn't been updated for the Q10 yet. On the Z10 the like and dislike buttons are both there. On the Q10, the dislike button is cut off.

Grooveshark- Thanks to the great BB10 browser which supports HTML 5, you don't even need an app to get just about every song out there on demand. Grooveshark is the best streaming music solution out there right now. Check it out guys. I'm in no way affiliated with Grooveshark, i'm just happy to have found something that works and want to spread the word.

Posted via CB10

In the last day or so I've been spending more time with Skooday and realized it must have been a problem mainly with the few songs I searched for. The majority of what I've been looking for has been playing no problem. This gives it a big leg up on Songza and Apollo, which can't do user selected playlists and doesn't have unlimited skips. It's all too easy to pass judgement too early with apps, I must admit. I'm loving some Skooday and probably won't even touch Songza or Apollo until the kinks get worked out on Q10. Just saying.

Hey, is there any list of apps available for the Q10?? It's so sad that so much of the listings are only available for the Z10!
Can anybody say something about the releases of the apps for the Q10?
Would be nice.


Posted via CB10

Why pay for a panorama app when it's free on most other phones and cameras. Should be an embedded app just like slo-mo. Geez.

Best Map App is Magellan Compass not bb maps

Magellan compass is awesome I even just used it recently for a trip to toronto and back 8-10 hr drive np's

Posted via CB10


They need to just combine the features of bb travel with Maps. Not sure why they have ever been separate apps?????

Posted via CB10

BlackBerry Maps best maps app? Really?

What about miero? It's pricey but I've heard it's better than Maps and for the price you get the maps to use offline when you roaming for example.

Posted via CB10

I've been struggling with mireo Don't Panic, it is rather expensive for an app. Because I've never paid more than 10 bucks for an app before therefore I'm a little hesitant. Storage isn't a problem. However due to the overwhelming shouts and rave I've seen, I decided to give it a try, good thing there's a trial version of it. Smart move. I do like BlackBerry map for its simplicity pretty straightforward no bull shit functionality, but I agree with some of you that it could give you rather inaccurate location and it's constantly telling me to make a U turn where I just possibility can't. Like on the high way for example. I'm also using Spotcast as a quick Yelp like when I'm on the spot, except now I'd like it to link to Mireo (it automatically routes it to BlackBerry map)

Posted via CB10

Anyone else find it stupid to have to do a manual download to get the latest BlackBerry (created and hosted) Maps application?!!?!?!?!?!????

BlackBerry is the one that knows their system better than anyone yet they cannot resolve this and push an update to their own application?

I agree with you guys on everything EXCEPT for "360 Panorama"
The App has GREAT POTENTIAL but it's quite buggy. I'm not the only one
who find that either, check out the comments/reviews & you will see
a lot of complaints. I was hoping that it would get lots of updates,
bringing improvements & bug fixes, but so far the developer
hasn't done that :(

I like the idea of panorama but I don't wanna pay for something that could be added in a future update rendering it useless, the same goes for say it, I don't wanna download it and all of a sudden BlackBerry decides to flesh out their virtual assistant. Or rather they decide to buy them and add them into the OS

Posted via CB10

Yes, I love BlackBerry Travel app. But actually the BlackBerry maps app is not bad too! I used in Singapore and so far I can get to my destination. No wrong info given, just perfect.

Go BlackBerry!!

Follow my channel, this is the best channel for technology C00010BB9, over 314 subscribers and over 2800 vists, subscribe now!

Posted via CB10

Follow my channel, this is the best channel for technology C00010BB9, over 314 subscribers and over 2800 vists, subscribe now!

Posted via CB10

My best ones:
- Calculator
- Whatsapp (best app)
- Joyride Jetpack
- Google Maps (sideloaded)
- clever- tanken (cheap gas stations)
- Remember (to take notes)

I Need Google Apps !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Google MAPS with Street View and Turn by Turn Voice Navigation with Offline Support
Google+ with Hangouts

Street view is the only thing that hasn't worked for me; otherwise Google Maps is pretty good. Too bad we have to side load it.

calling someone out... how is this "stocks for BlackBerry" app considered real time when the quotes are delayed up to 20 minutes

BBM CHANNEL C000EF854 < bbry stocks*C0004ABC9

Of the apps I have downloaded, the best app by far was the CB10 app. I think it made better use of the interface than any app so far, that I have tried. I wish more apps were designed that well.

As a developer, I think I'm pretty critical of many applications. This is probably true for a lot of developers because you can spot bugs, usability issues, etc in other apps because at the back of your mind you believe you "could have done it better" :D. This is especially true for platforms that you actively develop for.

In reality, it might not be the case that we could have "done it better", but that tends to be Developer's mindset. This makes us very tough reviewers.

But I have to say that I agree that the Stocks App it pretty darn good! All the features you would expect, works well on the Q10, etc.

Although I "could have done it better" (I say that tongue in cheek :D), I definately agree that the Stocks app belongs on this list because it's it's a fantastic App. It's place is well deserved.

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with the Stocks app developer in anyway. My opinions are simply mine.

National Rail Times App for BB10 (Q10 and Z10) -

Have to strongly disagree with two of your choices. Map app : waze is unbelievable. Travel app : tripit is hard to beat.

Posted via CB10

The Beweather app is a must have for 4.99? Seriously?
What does it do that the free weather network app doesn't other than have those fancy motion graphics describing the current weather.
I tried the free version - funny it's weather is not even as accurate as the weather network app.
Common crackberry are you getting a cut from it?

Posted via CB10

I find BX Battery Info ( very useful. I like it much more than Battery Guru.

I also hate all the Battery Boosters and Battery Savers as their authors cheat and in fact such a apps can't significantly improve your battery live.

hi, my name is Onesimo GJ. and i got a question that i hope u can answer me. Why hardly anyone wants develope good apps for BlackBerry like anothers promgrams (IOS, Android, windows phone) i am new on BlackBerry and i waiting 4 answer thanks