The best apps and games for your BlackBerry 7 smartphone - 2014 edition

By James Richardson on 8 Apr 2014 11:11 am EDT

After hearing the latest earnings call from BlackBerry it's clear that legacy devices are still outselling BlackBerry 10 devices by a good margin. BlackBerry have also confirmed that they will continue to support BlackBerry 7 for the foreseeable future, which isn't a bad thing.

I don't mind admitting that I don't turn on my BlackBerry Bold 9900 as often as I should, but that's because the OS feels dated to me after spending over a year with BlackBerry 10. However, if consumers are still going out and picking up BlackBerry 7 handsets, there are still some awesome apps & games to be had. Here's a selection of what I would consider to be 'must have' apps for legacy device users.

The majority of the following are apps, but there are few games thrown in for good measure. I don't mind admitting that gaming on BlackBerry 7 is way behind the likes of BlackBerry 10, iOS, Android and Windows Phone at this point, but there are still a few beauties out there.

Here we go...

BeBuzz Pro

BeBuzz Pro was a must have app for me when I was rocking my BlackBerry 7 device. This one is all about tweaking the famous LED on BlackBerry smartphones. BeBuzz Pro allows you to select not only different colors for contacts and applications, but also the frequency of the flashes and also mixing up more than one color if you so desire.

The app is perfect for times when you have to set your BlackBerry to silent mode, as you'll know what sort of notification you have just by what color the LED is flashing. With over 35 million downloads I think that pretty much speaks for itself!

More information / Download BeBuzz Pro

Ice Age Village

Ice age Village has been a massive hit on all available platforms, yet it was only in early 2014 that it graced us with its presence on BlackBerry 7. It isn't designed for just a quick game - you'll be playing this one for weeks or longer if you really get into it. With familiar character from the Ice Age movies you need to hatch eggs and grow your village. Things can move pretty slowly so you either need to be patient with this one, but for both adults and children it's well worth checking out. Plus it's free.

Disclaimer - Here at CrackBerry we take no responsibility for any addictions that may occur from downloading such games!

More information / Download Ice Age Village

Photo Studio Pro

If you love to take photographs with your BlackBerry then Photo Studio Pro will be right up your street. Tweaking photos is all the rage these days and Photo Studio Pro will give you access to over 100 filters, special effects, frames, red-eye reduction etc to make your photos look as good as they can.

There's a free version of the app too, but if you're serious about posting awesome pictures to your favorite social media sites then spend a few bucks and pick up the pro edition - you won't be sorry.

More information / Download Photo Studio Pro

BlackBerry Protect


If you don't have BlackBerry Protect on your device you must be bonkers! It serves a couple of main purposes - both of which are fantastic. First up is backing up your information. There's nothing worse than losing a BlackBerry and therefore also losing all your contacts, calendar entries, text messages, memos and browser bookmarks. BlackBerry protect will save all these things in the cloud so if you switch to a new device all you need to do is install Protect again and your precious information will be synced with your new handset.

The other great feature is tracking the BlackBerry. If you do lose it you can jump onto the web and see where it is on a map - clever stuff. In addition you can remotely send messages or an alarm to the device - which we demonstrated on video. If you don't have BlackBerry Protect installed do it now!

More information / Download BlackBerry Protect

Brain Cube Reloaded

Gaming again - this time with Brain Cube Reloaded. I actually first played this one on BlackBerry 10, not remembering it was also available for legacy devices. We took a look at the app on video back in 2012 and if you like puzzle style games this one's a real beauty.

If you want a free challenge with great 3D graphics then check out the video and go grab the game.

More information / Download Brain Cube Reloaded

Stunt Pilot HD

You can try before you buy with Stunt Pilot as there is a free version as well as a paid one - priced at $0.99. It's a simple concept but one that's a whole load of fun. The aim of the game is to maneuver your plane through the rings but also avoiding obstacles and not crashing into the ground.

In terms of action games on BlackBerry 7 this is certainly one of the best. It runs smoothly on my Bold 9900 and the graphics and gameplay are more than decent. Give the free version a go and see what you think?

More information / Download Stunt Pilot

BlackBerry Travel

Whether you are going on holiday or travel for business, BlackBerry Travel will be your friend. The app can auto-scan your emails for flight bookings and will then enter all the info into the app as well as giving you notifications in advance of your trip. Having all your travel information in one place makes life real easy and I speak from experience with this one.

There are also a few other features that the app has to offer - such as weather, booking hotels, car rental, just to name a few. The app which was developed by BlackBerry themselves will be the perfect travel organization tool for your trips abroad without doubt.

More information / Download BlackBerry Travel

Six Tools

Like the name suggests Six Tools is a tool utility application for both BlackBerry 6 & 7 smartphones. It offers a wide range of features to make your life easier such as using your media keys as shortcuts for certain apps, a battery indicator, taking screen shots, battery alerts etc. Plus if you own a Blackberry Torch you'll get some extra features including nice sounds when you slide open your BlackBerry - something I loved when I was rocking the 9810.

For a buck Six Tools has a lot to offer and it's an application that was on my BlackBerry 7 device for a long time.

More information / Download Six Tools


This is one area where BlackBerry 7 has an advantage over BlackBerry 10 at the time of publication. Viber still haven't got around to giving BB10 users an app but the BB7 one has been around for ages and works a treat.

Essentially, Viber will allow you to make free phone calls and send messages to any other Viber user around the world, just by using data. The application is cross platform so if you have buddies in other countries who use an iPhone for example, you can still communicate with them - although BBM would clearly be the number one choice for us CrackBerry folk, but not everyone on the other platforms has made the BBM commitment yet.

Skype is probably more well known worldwide but Viber for BlackBerry 7 does pretty much the same job. It's free to download and as long as you don't exceed your data allowance, or stick to Wi-Fi, it won't cost you a penny.

More information / Download Viber


AccuWeather has been my go-to weather app of choice for years now and in fact the newer native BlackBerry 10 weather app is powered by AcceWeather.

Free to download, AccuWeather doesn't just give you a standard weather forecast, but in addition has a ton of extra features such as lifestyle and sports forecasts, special information for travellers - such as a hotel finder and flight delays, the option to get a daily forecast delivered to your inbox - just to name a few.

AccuWeather has always been the nicest weather app on the eye in my opinion and considering what it does and the fact that it's free to download you can't really go wrong with it.

More information Download Accuweather

Clearly, the above selection are just my choices. If you have any firm favorites feel free to sound off with your suggestions in the comments.

Reader comments

The best apps and games for your BlackBerry 7 smartphone - 2014 edition


Bold 9900 was and actually still is a great device. While I like my Q10 a lot, I miss the Bold tons.

Posted via CB10

BeBuzz is awesome. I use my 9930 for testing and some news update. However, I spend more time with my PlayBook. Great thread tho:)

You are right..on BB7 there was so many great news feeds..for me the flipboard app is not a option so i use RSS savvy and an app simply called news

The best BBOS productivity app I ever had, was AlertMatrix. It took away the annoyance of always being available, and at the same time made sure that I never missed any important email/call/sms ...

Despite its flaws, I still think my Bold 9930 is my favorite BlackBerry of all time. Even though I get way more out of my Q10.

Posted with my CB-Q10 using the power of " Q "

Dont give more support to os 7 make then come to see the light. Instead of promoting this os, i belive its better to encourage the transition to BB10 its getting better , with every update!

Like here its the list of games, you are missing if you dont have a BB10 device... asphalt 8 real racing modern combat & a lot android games.

BlackBerry Z10 better than all the os 7 devices together...

Posted via CB10

sell inexpensive bbm 10 devices and there is no reason to buy a bb7 device. Alot people can't afford a Q10, Z10 OR Z30.

Three of the most used apps on my 9810 are BlackBerry Traffic (Free), Opera Mini (Free) and BeWeather (costs $). Shazam ( costs $ - to find songs you hear) and TuneIn Radio Pro (costs $ - Internet radio) come in handy too.

Due to the stereotypical black gangsta talk yes I do know what you are saying. For realz yo.

Powered by my BlackBerry (Z10). Join my #BBM Channels C001227CF, C00476C37, C003829C9, C002454C9,C002190AC, C00120CE3

BlackBerry is in the position it in today because they let legacy BBOS live 3 years to long. They should have permanently killed it by 2009 at the very latest.

BBOS caused an anti-bb backlash that has never gone away :(

Posted via CB10

"I don't mind admitting that I don't turn on my BlackBerry Bold 9900 as often as I should." Why would you say that? Why "should" you feel "obligated" to use your 9900? I agree with posts above that BB10 should be 99% of the focus. If BlackBerry feels this urgent need to resurrect the 9900 and BB7, they should at least upgrade it. A 9900 with a better IPS screen (or AMOLED like the Q10), better processor, etc. would be a hell of a lot better than simply restarting a 3 year old phone.

I believe James meant he is supposed to because he works for Crackberry and has to keep up on all aspects of the company. Unfortunately, that includes outdated devices.

Powered by BlackBerry

I'm keeping my Z30 in a drawer and using a Bold 9930 for the next 30 days as an experiment, so this is a very timely post. Thanks!

Experiment Result : OS7 will look, run and feel like ASS, whilst you keep your amazing, awesome BlackBerry 10 powered Z in the drawer. End

Posted via CB10

Yeah, in terms of calling people and messaging it's capable (I'd be surprised if it failed at those tasks) other then that it can't handle much to be deemed as 'capable' compared to today's, higher specced, super powered phones, so ya

Posted via CB10

O.K., Here we go. This 9930 is my first BB device. I moved away from 'roids. Competely uninterested in an iTphone. I think like others, we're searching for something better. Yep, we're new BBs. Don't hate. This9930 has addicted me. Waiting for q20 to compare for a newer/different OS. Wecome us. We could well be part of th newBB future.

I'm right with you. I am mourning the recent malfunction of the M key on my 9900. I am begrudgingly using a spare iPhone until the Q20 drops. When I saw the Q10 ditched the "tool-belt" I was disappointed. With the Q20 bringing it back I suspect it will be the right mix of touch screen/physical button.

"Lode Runner: The Legend Continues" is an awesome game (just turn off the sound). Too bad it never got updated past the first 50 levels.

So many good memories! I still love all my old Blackberry devices!
I grew up with Blackberry! Even the old 8700 is one of my favorites!

Since I moved from a Bold 9790 (an excellent phone, in my opinion - unique compact design) to the Q10, I've had to say goodbye to several apps.
One of them is Glympse, which always worked well on BlackBerry 7, but hasn't made the transition to 10 yet.

Posted via CB10

Glympse is on BlackBerry 10, but built into bbm, that's if you're referring to the timed location application.

I find travel and protect much better on legacy devices. Shame we can't do a back up with protect on BlackBerry 10.

Travel is good on BlackBerry 10 but it isn't as reliable as it was on my legacy device but it's getting there.

No disrespect to people who still own BB7, but I have to laugh looking at these photos. It's beyond me that BB7 out sells BB10? I believe if a BB7 user had just two weeks on a BB10 device , they would be upset they didn't do it sooner.

Powered by BlackBerry

I have a 9930 and while it was great in 2011 is just ok now. I'm looking forward to BB10. I have to change with the times. But your comment about people being over nostalgic about BB7 and the Bold reminded me of a thread a few years back. The guy said he did not like BB6 and wanted to go back to BB5. What the heck, you can’t stand still is this arena or you’ll become irrelevant. T500J

They need to bring the trackpad back to BB10 devices and kill of BB7 already....

Posted via CB10

Wow, so much hate... Good thing you guys aren't in charge, or BBRY would be in worse shape than it is now. BB7 makes up 2/3 of units sold, and killing it does not in any way guarantee BB10 sales will triple to make up for it. If John Chen thought that were the case, he wouldn't be bringing back the 9900. This isn't like Windows XP which is full of security holes and incompatibilities. this is an OS that's secure, capable, and obviously popular among those who haven't defected from the brand yet. If you want to "force" legacy users into a modern OS, don't be surprised if it winds up being Android or IOS. Chen is trying to make money and turn things around, not lose even more marketshare.

I still use my Bb9900 cause of the physical keyboard. I wont upgrade to BB10 just yet, I want to see the Q20. I just hope Viber will come to BB10. But, I did buy an Android tablet and I love it. I use BB for calls and my tablet for games and cool apps. So far I'm very satisfied.

Posted via the Android CrackBerry App!

Thanks so much for this article! It's nice to see that BlackBerry OS 7 devices aren't completely being knocked by everyone. We're still here and we don't want to be forgotten! lol side note- Brain Cube Reloaded is the best! very addictive and makes you think, that's a win-win.

Oh! Throw the Digitally Imported app into the mix also. Awesome for lovers of Lounge/Trance/Euro chill.

The problem with most of these is the same problem as most of the apps on the blackberry world have. You need to pay and that goes a long way into the quality of the blackberry apps, no matter how much or little it is (don't even get me started on a PDF viewer that costs $12, you would NEVER see that on the play store/app world). BlackBerry would seem to have a lot more apps if they were all free. I know it's technically not RIM's fault, but still...

I may be the odd one out but I think the average user still running with a 99XX device is not playing games much. In my opinion, anyone still using this OS is probably the user that ONLY needs a pure communication device and not a time killer toy.

I use my 9930 daily and love it. Just don't ever think of playing games on it. Thoughts aside, thanks for shinning some light on a great OS.