Getting a 4G PlayBook? Here are the best games!

By James Richardson on 4 Aug 2012 12:52 pm EDT

With the launch of the 4G BlackBerry PlayBook imminent I thought it would be a great opportunity to talk gaming on the tablet. Fingers crossed this new version of RIM's PlayBook will help increase sales and generate some Blackberry loving. Also remember that the PlayBook will get an upgrade to Blackberry 10 in the future so it will rock even more.

This article is really aimed at those of you that may be thinking about picking up the 4G PlayBook. We all know that the wide selection of Android tablets as well as the Apple iPad have a far greater variety of games available for them. Don't get me wrong; there are some fantastic games available for the PlayBook and I'm hoping that this video goes to prove that.

I own an iPad as well as the PlayBook so I am not just writing this from a BlackBerry addicts point of view. I can say hand on heart that when I do play a game it is always on the PlayBook and not on the iPad. You are more than likely are wondering why. For me it comes down to one thing - the tablet size. I feel far more comfortable gaming with a 7 inch tablet as opposed to a larger one. With the added bonus of portability the PlayBook suits my needs in the gaming department.

The above video is not only showing you some of my favourite games but it is also a perfect example of how wonderful multitasking is on the BlackBerry PlayBook. It may not be every day that you have a load of games running at the same time but the point I am trying to prove is you can if you want to, or at least have games running alongside other applications.

You don't have to agree with my game selection, but if you are tempted to invest in a BlackBerry PlayBook now that we are getting the 4G version you may want to check out the games I enjoy most. You can find download links below to my choices:

Angry Birds Space

9mm HD

Reckless Racing

Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light

Smash Cops

Modern Combat 2: Black Pegasus HD

So after reading this are you tempted? If the 4G PlayBook was rolling out here in the UK I would upgrade to it without a doubt. We need 4G first!

Thanks to 9Blind for the use of the music soundtrack.

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Getting a 4G PlayBook? Here are the best games!


Starfront collision, tofu, cut the rope, tank hero, nova2.... The list goes on. RIM definitely has a lot of "play" in the playbook. :)

Yup, I concur! I love what you said: lots of play in the PlayBook! Huge fan of many of the titles including Plants vs Zombies, Asphalt 6 (just crazy!), Spider-Man Mayhem, Machinarium, but they also have some good staples like Madden 12, Sim City Deluxe, and even Monopoly is great with the kids :) I haven't tried Galaxy on Fire 2 or 9 mm, but they look HOT! I only really need a great golf game like EA's PGA Golf :)

YEA! Samurai Vengeance is soooooooo much bloody violent fun! I also agree with the post about portability - one of the best things about my PB is that with its size I can JUST fit it in my back pocket even with a (thin) case on it and head out. Something you can't do with an iPad and probably can't with a 7.85" iPad mini if it retains a 4:3 aspect ratio.

Great compilation of game. Showed the true multitasking playbook power

RIM is the best and I am a crackberry addict.

I noticed your list and there is so much more to offer. You haven't nearly scratched the surface. Galaxy on fire 2, Asphalt adrenaline, Spider Man HD, Air Attack, Nova 2 HD, Plants vs Zombies, Cut the rope, robetek, radiant defense, starfront Collision... The playbook doesnt lack in the gaming department....

You are right,  there are plenty of other great games however the ones I chose to show are my personal favourites.  The list could go on and on but for the sake of not boring people with a long video I limited them. Maybe more will feature in future videos .

Frigging right it is!!!!! This is why RIM should avoid all talk of licensing it. It will just crumble when others start poking into it to open it up -- porting the best of QNX into Android or some other OS.

RIM has a real gem of an OS under the PlayBook & BB10!

I believe you are confusing Licensing with open sourcing.

RIM has never said anything about making the source code available for others to alter or use in other products

I am not mistaken or confused, but other hardware manufacturers will want some info about the internals so they can tweak it to run on their own hardware that RIM may not yet support (drivers, APIs, internal architecture, supported firmware, etc.). RIM will have to give too much internal info about PlayBook OS/BB10 to allow them to do that.

QNX has been a best-kept secret until RIM made their acquisition public. Now everyone wants a piece of QNX -- Nokia, Samsung, even Microsoft.

If microsoft gets qnx and pays RIM royalties, oh man, I would dump windope in a heart beat for it!!

Then again, ubuntu + sawfish or fluxbox, is THE BEST combination out there. Slim, FAST and smooth. :)

I see all these awesome games but what people bitch about are Skype and Netflix. If this didn't show the awesome ability of a tablet to truly multi task, which none other can do, then I don't know what will. If shortened this would make a great 15 second commercial.

yea that's exactly what I was thinking when I saw that video. The PlayBook is a multi-tasking power-house!!!

NO OTHER OS would be able to do that....They may have all the same games, but non of them would be able to play them all at the same time.......granted in real life you wouldn't want to. BUT I do multi task with my PB in real life. I often have multiple programs running

The video should be used by RIM as a commercial :) It is an impressive demonstration of what QNX can do... After watching it I was curious and I tried to see how many games he PB can handle.. I have launched 9 games before one automatically shot down.. Really really impressive..

My god. This is so beast!

Yes, I am buying a 4G PB, off contract, and not even thinking about the price tag. I love all my fellow Canadians, but why do you guys get to have it first?! #unfair.

San Francisco is an iDominated city of devices, but I will slowly change that!


Also, please send this video to Frank Boulben for international distribution. This is the kind of thing that will take back this market.

Android and iOS, it was fun while it lasted...

I love my fellow Americans too, but now you know how we Canadians feel when we see you guys get tons of stuff first, and we have to wait months.

We get it first cuz RIM is 100% Canadian :-) No worry manny, San fran, New York, and LA all rock and will be the first American citys to get this little beast.

If you cant wait till then, you can always visit Canada, buy one and take it home. You may have to pay duty when crossing the boarder, but its worth it.

My wife wanted a Samsung Galaxy plus and we went across for her to get it. It was worth it for her though as that device didnt come out here for 6 months after
Playbook, the one and only

I think because of small qualities, RIM is only doing Canada first. Perhaps they should have done it everywhere right away, but people would soon be upset if it's sold out quickly and on backorder.

I think RIM is correctly testing the market with the 4G PlayBook. If it sells well, they'll produce more quickly. Nevertheless, in time, it will be coming to a retail outlet near you.

Thanks, and maybe beggars shouldn't be choosers but the video title bar still says "here's". :(

I know, I know. Sorry, I am who I am. :-)

Sweet video even though I had to mute the music. QNX is a gaming monster!!! I love playnig Angry Birds Space and Ashphalt 6 Adrenaline. I'm buying a 4g Playbook when they go down a little for sure.

No one is really talking specs on the 4g playbook. Does anyone know if theres a duo core/1g ram like the original?
Playbook, the one and only

The 4G PlayBook is featured on -- all the specs, all the meat & potatoes!

RIM has also captured some recent reviews of the PlayBook and OS 2.0 -- lots of nice compliments. When we watch TV or on the Internet, you don't hear much of the praise the PlayBook has received over the past few months. I found it nice to read them again.

New PlayBook users, especially those looking to get the 4G PlayBook, should visit

There is also Team CrackBerry's excellent in-depth review too!

Perhaps I missed out something earlier, but does the article above imply that current PB owners will not get BB10 to their tablets when it is released?

Yes we all get BB10. No way is RIM gonna alienate the first gen Playbook users
Playbook, the one and only

RIM has always said all along that ALL PlayBooks will get BB10 soon after the BB10 phones are released. It isn't a just nice thing to do, it's part of RIM's integrated mobile strategy -- all their devices will work very closely together. We're seeing a tiny bit of that with the remote control features in BlackBerry Bridge, but RIM is doing so much more stuff. Even your vehicles will sync up with your devices. I tell you: we will all be amazed when BB10 comes out! Remember, RIM is no longer just a smartphone company ;)

Not worried about the rumors that car makers are actually looking to Apple to start making the entertainment sysetm in tehir cars?

RIM can't worry about Apple or the Google Android alliance. RIM just has to do it. They've got as good or better technology at their disposal -- yep, QNX is more powerful than iOS and Android! :P

RIM has acquired the right pieces to build an amazing platform for the next 10 years: Torch Mobile (awesome webkit browser), TAT (slick & sexy UI magic), QNX (hardcore multitasking & multiprocessing power in a teensy tiny fully-optimized real-time OS), and a bunch of social media & cloud friendly companies like NewBay. It will be "insanely great" -- to steal a bit of marketing prowess from Apple regarding the Macintosh.

RIM will succeed if they manage to put it all together and make it work well. I believe that is why Thorsten needed a few more months -- all the pieces of the puzzle need to gel well!

Great video as usual James, I quite like the look of, Smash Cops, and,Reckless Racing. Wonder how many games you can run at once when BB10 hits town. The future is bright for Playbook.

Wow! Are you selling yours at a premium ;) It's $549 no-contract everywhere else -- less if you get a 1 or 2 year contract.

I would note that all these games were running on the 1.0 ghz processor. Just think how the 1.5 ghz upgrade will further improve the performance.

Hello :-) Ive been trying to find the specs on CrackBerry and the web on the new 4g Playbook, but cant find anyting. Do you know the full specs? Is it a 1.5 ghz processor compared to a 1 ghz? And whats the ram?
Playbook, the one and only

Oh Yessss!!! Thats awesome. New Playbook looks AWESOME Thanks Joe :-)
Playbook, the one and only

Hey James, don't forget the side gesture! I saw that you always gesture up from the bottom bezel and that is great to show all the windows but the side gesture is faster.

Yes, you can swap between apps more quickly using the side bezels without having to go to the home screen each time ;) Good point, Toodeurep!

Once the GSM (don't like 4G or 3G lol) playbook hits windmobile, I'll be buying it, only after I sell mine on ebay's instant sale thing, the same day. :D I hope the GSM playbook isn't limited to just the big three in canada, that would be a MAJOR letdown for me. I should ask windmobile if they'll be getting it. Then, I'll use my blackberry's sim in it when I'm not getting phone calls to surf where wifi isn't available. I'm not having an added data plan either.

32GB would rock even better. I love my 16GB playbook. :)

Has anyone considered that? Playbook 16GB IS listed in the popular items. :D

Just bought a 16GB PB from Best Buy for $174.99 to hold me over until I can get my hands on the 4G - which I am going to wait for BB10 to come loaded with. Maybe the price will be lower by then anyway.

The interesting part was that no stores in San Francisco had inventory of PlayBooks - I had to order online.

But for $174.99?! That's a no brainer. I was shocked by the sheer numbers of garbage tablets in the store with minimal specs selling for $300-$400. PB is easily the best value play in the tablet space right now.