BES12 dashboard and features get shown off on video

By Adam Zeis on 22 May 2014 03:12 pm EDT

BES12 is slated for release later this year, and while we know much of what to expect, we haven't seen a lot of it in the flesh. This week at the BlackBerry Experience Washington, Senior Director, Enterprise Product Management, Jeff Holleran gave a good rundown of some of the features in the upcoming service.

BES12 is a ground-up rewrite as compared to previous BES10 installs. It will manage more than just mobile devices and teams are testing endpoint management. Currently in trial in Canada for healthcare devices, R&D groups are testing it on RaspberryPi and Arduino boards. There will be on-premise solution, in-cloud, and also hybrid cloud and on premise. Able to move users between on-premise and in-cloud seamlessly in the hybrid environment.

BBOS will be supported as long as clients with TSupport want them supported. BES12 will support 200-250,000 devices per domain at launch and scale up from there in the future. BES12 is set for release in November of this year with BES12 multi-tenant solution for small to medium business in March 2015.

Later this year BlackBerry will leverage the NOC for other services — things like complex identity management through multiple services, file sync and share.

Check out the video above, give the slides a good once over and hit up the comments!

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BES12 dashboard and features get shown off on video


How will revenue work with BES 12 vs. BES 10 which was very lucrative for BlackBerry?

Anyone? Bueller?

Where is Umi? He is, apparently, the only contributor on CrackBerry who cares about how these things make money for BlackBerry... someone wake him up....

From your lips to God's ears. I remember a quarterly earnings call - a long time ago - when it was clear that BB10 phones were going to affect revenue on BES 10..... and The analysts attacked Thorsten on this and he had no answers to defend losing money on this transition.

And the analysts were right. Will BES 12 ever make the kind of money that BES10 did with legacy BlackBerry phones?

I think that's a pretty good question.

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John Simms, President of  BlackBerry, said that the company is moving to have four different pillars of their business. 

Security is the base

The four pillars are - 


          Enterprise Mobility Management


          Embedded Software

And the cap stone is Enterprise Applications.


They should be looking to monetize ALL of these pillars and grow them all.

I am well aware of the "4 Pillars Rhetoric"....I am not aware of how much money QNX is making/will make and if BES12 will ever be as profitable as BES10 was....

And nobody else seems to know either.

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BES10 was not nearly as profitable as BlackBerry had hoped. BES5- on the other hand was very much so (originally). And you are right, no one knows for certain, only time will tell.

The in-cloud solution, will this be something like Google Apps or Apple's iCloud? In other words can a consumer pay for blackberry hosted email server?

BES10 was still about managing smartphones and tablets, BES12 is about managing anything you can connect to a network.

When they say "R&D groups are testing it on RaspberryPi and Arduino boards", what exactly does this mean? Are they talking about managing those devices? Is this related to the IoT stuff that QNX is doing, "Project Ion"?

One of my friends who works at BlackBerry was at this. I will see what they have to say over the next couple of days.

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If the world snubs it's nose at BES12 we truly have entered the Twilight Zone.

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I was at this event and looks great for me. We are already thinking of moving from our Bes10+Mobile iron infrastructure to Bes12.

It is definately a great system to disperse apps to different platforms across the enterprise. How will it work for paid apps ? Is a company able to purchase multiple licenses of an app for their employees?

Question for all the MDM deployment experts: is BES12 an obvious step up from the competition or will it simply level the playing field?

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Too early to tell. It's better than mobileIron and Good, but for in cloud BlackBerry doesn't have the necessary government certifications yet. I've talked to them about this and they are going to partner in order to get into a FedRamp environment. So hopefully they have that prior to November. Also I know they are having DoD test it now.