Good news from down under - BES10 leading the enterprise market in Australia

By James Richardson on 11 Mar 2014 08:06 am EDT

The word on the street is that BES10 seems to be doing rather well down under which is nice to hear considering most of the press tend to give BlackBerry a slating. According to it seems that one in five businesses with more than 20 employees are using BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 - meaning it's the number one mobile enterprise solution being used in Australia. 

With BlackBerry still very much having a strong foot hold in the enterprise market and with the Canadian company focused on BES10 - soon to be BES12, it's certainly some encouraging news. 

The latest large organization to adopt BES10 is the Australian National Audit Office and professional services company Questas. 

BlackBerry managing director ANZ Matthew Ball said the group was continuing its expansion into the Australian enterprise market, with BES10 being adopted across sectors including government, finance, mining and professional services.

"While we continue to win the trust of Australian government departments, we are also seeing significant traction in other regulated and private industries that want to enable workforce mobility with multiple devices, while maintaining company IP and data is protected and secure," Mr Ball said.

Both the ANAO and Questas said they had chosen Blackberry for its security capabilities.

"We looked into other mobile providers, however we found BlackBerry provided the level of security our business needs at both the device and network level, and is able to optimally satisfy our mobile requirements, while catering for other platforms as well," Questas chief information officer Ferdinando Cosentino said.

This is the kind of news we love to see here at CrackBerry. We've seen numerous enterprise organizations adopt BES10 over the last year and I'm eagerly looking forward to more and more. 


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Good news from down under - BES10 leading the enterprise market in Australia


Well, BES is also #1 in most markets worldwide, so this doesn't surprise me. Remember the press release that said that BlackBerry has more customers than the next three MDM solutions combined?

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Absolutely. We have a strong nanny government, because that's what people asked for by doing silly things in the past. (convicts colony heritage, giggle)

Same with mobile phones. This is kinda hilarious. Give a company mobile to someone, and they will use it the way they see fit. LOL. Aussies will do just about anything they "can get away with". Sure BES10 has a market here. ;-)

Telstra is not anti-BB at all, they stock and sell the phones (Z10, Q10, Z30), but don't push them. Of course they like to move a lot of easy-to-sell mainstream stuff like S4 and iPhones, but if you ask for a Berry, you will get one. At least here in my local store.

Aussies also like worry-free. No fuss.Turn on, turn off. Computers are often neglected (viruses), and phones should be secure, look after themselves and need minimal maintenance. Even installing an app is a thing (many less tech-savvy) people rather avoid. Built in is better, and that's were BlackBerry excells.

Just my take.

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

Only problem is Telstra is not valueing their BB customers as good as they should. The software update 10.2.1 has now , yet again , been delayed until 14/04/14. Stating " resources constraints " ......yeah right

When I sent my boss and wife into Telstra to buy their Z10s, to be connected to our BES10, they were shit canned and told the usual rubbish about BB, and to buy a GS4. When they finally got through, they were told they were about to ship all stock back and they were lucky to get one at all.

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It's a small market with regards to population, 23m.

12th largest economy, fifth highest per capita income

Large areas in the country with only very low population density. However most people (I estimate 80%) are city dwellers, and live in one of the five big state capitals (Brisbane, Sydney, Adelaide, Melbourne, Perth, each over 1m pop.)

But a lot of transient population, many new Asian immigrants. Chinese holiday makers often get their first Western exposure here.

Easy market with a good product. Many products don't need to be localized, we get US or UK stuff. UK English language settings, US keyboard for PCs.

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

I agree that Australia is in good economical shape. Anyway, what is for BB important, how many licenses and phones can sell on the market. No company will get more BES licenses then has employers, doesn't matter how rich is.

The article has it backwards. It should be employers not employees.

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What I don't get is why BlackBerry as a business standpoint is having such financial setbacks if they are doing well in most markets besides the states. I would think BlackBerry would have plenty of profits but I must be not realizing how important one demographic can influence another.

Keep The Faith  BlackBerry Q10 

Financial setbacks are from $1 billion write offs of unsold Z10. Which pretty much is poor inventory management. The deal with Foxconn will solve that problem. 0 growth of handset sales as we continue to lose market share. Hopefully that will all change next year.

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Many of the bes licenses that are out right now are trials and demos to convince people to use BES. Once more of those are converted to subscription we will see more revenue generation.

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This will be a good decision for business. While the average person does not put much thought behind their device purchase, corporate must consider a lot. This is great news that they are choosing bes10!

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Good news, gives me another reason to visit the continent down under.

Keep it up, would be interesting what the stats are for South Africa and Africa

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Telstra, Australia's largest provider still has not released the 10.2.1 update. Latest information is it's due next month. It was supposed to be yesterday but they did not have the resources to do it yet.

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Optus / Virgin has got it.

It's a two-dollar sim at the petrol station or supermarket. No dramas there. Telstra has released 10.2, so the wait is not too bad, it's not like Verizon / ATT customers still on 10.1

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

Only thing downunder is that Optus the 2nd largest carrier in OZ, won't stock the Z30, soon frustrating, luv that phone

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Sounds niiiice ;-) We just need a BIG USA company to adopt BES 10 so that it can boost BlackBerry worldwide for what enterprise is concerned!

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Great news! It would have been nice if they had also deployed BB10 devices, but I didn't catch any mention of that. Regardless, it's very encouraging to hear news like this. Can't wait to hear more!

Posted while peeking and flowing on my incredible BBQ10! 

I love hearing about the support for BlackBerry for security and but sense!

Posted using the best phone ever, the Z30!

That is great news, I have just worked for a few councils in the UK and they are all using Apple , Microsoft Phones, with Air Watch, whatever Blackberry's they have left are legacy, running on older BES, the problem is one person in the top of IT Department is Apple fan and he or she is just the poster boy/girl for Apple, they convince the rest this is the way to go. When I came into the office with my z10 I was crucified each day, Blackberry is dead ,get a real phone, I replied at least I am not sheep, and I said in terms of security there is no competition that sets them off. But one just has to look at he amount of security issues with IOS compared to Blackberry there is no comparison. As UK residents you should be worried that your local Government is not on the most secure platform, though, I must admit the IPAD is the preferred choice these days . This is where Blackberry dropped the ball, they should of developed the Playbook more, I believe with some polishing up, it could of given another option, but Blackberry has given up on that ,

this is the great stuff i want to hear! blackberry succeeding in its roots and strengths.

I thought BlackBerry was no where in Australia. Good to hear something is going down there.

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BB Devices are 'rare as hens teeth' in Australia. Great to hear that BES is still hanging in there. Ironically those BES servers are managing mostly iOs and Android phones. Still better than nothing....

And like yesterday's new.... the mass media in NA won't even touch on it. worse..... it will have little /no effect on the stock price :(

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G'day, world! Yeah, I live in a remote mining town & drive a Zed Ten... luv it, but don't see too many BlackBerry devices around at all... in fact, all my family are using iFangles... once in a blue moon I see a BlackBerry on a business desk somewhere, but few in private hands... although I'm sure they're out there... btw, if you're in Oz & on a BlackBerry , I'd luv to hear from you... BBM me! Oh, yeah. I'm with Telstra... Optus works here but ya gotta stand on one leg & hold ya mouth the right way... ;-)

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Howdy, mate!

My Telstra store here in Cairns have no dramas selling you a Berry. JB HiFi have Z10 on display.
Harvey Norman also carry Z30. At Z10 is sold out.

Out in the bush on Optus, you're right with that "stand on one leg,..." thing, made me laugh.

BlackBerries not too uncommon. Even had the pleasure of setting one up for a lady and installing Link for her. Another fellow was sent a free upgrade Q10, but stuck with his Curve. Lucky for the nephew who apparently got it....

Zzzzwiped from a Zedevice....

I think what is more impressive is 65% of enterprise companies are test piloting BES10. BlackBerry has the real potential of being of blow out win.

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BlackBerry has always been and will continue to be a premium device in Aus.

It was always a matter of time for BlackBerry and the wait appears to be over!

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