BES 5.0 SP4 MR7 now available for download

By Bla1ze on 12 Apr 2014 02:56 pm EDT

If you're a BES admin and have been waiting for the BES 5.0 SP4 MR7 release we let you all know BlackBerry was preparing for, now is the time to go ahead and grab the download. The update went live as of yesterday and is available via the BlackBerry BES portal downloads section. The update focuses on two changes within the service but addresses a few others along the way.

  • Updates to BlackBerry Enterprise Server 5.0 SP4 MR7 include installation of JRE version 1.7, update 51 and JBoss Enterprise Application Platform version 5.1.2.
  • CPU utilization in BlackBerry Enterprise Server 5.0 SP4 MR7 increases slightly (13-14%) over previous versions of BlackBerry Enterprise Server.

The upgrade package itself comes in around 1GB for all services and if you're looking for the full release notes, those too can be found via the BlackBerry BES portal for whatever services you be running.



I really want to understand how exactly BES works

Riddymon a nutshell, BES kinda sits between your mail server and the "internet". When an email is sent to your mail server, it's intercepted by the BES server, a copy is sent to your mailbox and another copy of the message is routed securely (encrypted) from the BES, through BlackBerry infrastructure, through the wireless carrier infrastructure to your device.

Sending an email from your BES connected device is the same. The message is encrypted and routed to your BES where a copy is sent to your mailbox and another copy is routed to the destination mail server.

There's a TON more to it but at its simplest that's basically how it works.

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And what's the point in that? Just added security?

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You also get very quick push emails.

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Rodney Wilder

Exponentially better security due to the proprietary encryption and data tunneling through BlackBerry's private network. The security key is created and owned by your own company BES server so no one outside, not even BlackBerry can snoop on your encrypted data. Also before the advent of activesync it was the only solution that provided push email.
BES also provides the admin capabilities to set and enforce advanced device policies and settings,lock down features, push apps, control web browsing and even make enterprise web apps and intranet sites hosted within the corporate network available to the BlackBerry using the MDS.

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To others' comments i'll add proprietary data compression which is widely seen best in industry.

Don't worry, BES is no fluffy extra. We'll, it's not for enterprises anyway. This is not meant to be for you to deploy at home ya know.


BES10 Admin

If your company email not accessible from Internet, BES is the best option. Native ActiveSync can do this job but with less security and policy restrictions. Admin has full control over the device and the data compression of BES is the best in class.

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Let's do this!

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And fixes a security vulnerability: KB35647

Update to Java just in time for the new one to come out on Tuesday :)

Shadberry Bold

I NEED BlackBerry Balance THROUGH THE CLOUD!!!!!!

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Prem WatsApp

Me four!

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "


What an horrible strategic mistake they 've made with this Bes5 to bes10 transition.

How can judgment can be so poor.

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