BES 5.0 Getting Closer and Closer to Launch

BES 5.0 Getting Close!
By Kevin Michaluk on 21 Apr 2009 09:29 am EDT

As we mentioned yesterday, WES 2009 kicks off early next month and one of the big things we know will take life there is the long-awaited release of BES 5.0. In case any of you enterprise folk were thinking it could get delayed further, be at ease. Yesterday some of the BES 5.0 marketing materials leaked out (click the image above to see them all in detail - it's kind of funny how many of the ads feature the Storm considering in the enterprise space I barely know anyone who uses that device) and RIM also shot out a ton of BES 5.0 info in the I.T. edition of the BlackBerry Connection newsletter. You can also sign up at to be notified of BES 5.0's release. All positive signs that it will be here soon!

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Hope it will bring us a lot of fun!


Hope it will bring my Storm an official update....


We have about 40 blackberries on our BES 4.0(?), but only 4 Storms.


The ones you mentioned that feature the Storm, are the ads that didn't include any pictures outside of the devices. So they probably only featured the Storm because it allowed them to use the Storm's larger screen to place a nice picture in the ad. So I don't think it's so much about the Storm and BES, as much as it was just a decision on ad placement.


Oh how long will Verizon wait to upgrade to this one? Still waiting on a Storm update and the new iPhone + AT&T is looking mighty good this summer...