BES 10.2 rolls out in beta with new updates and services

By Adam Zeis on 14 Oct 2013 11:32 am EDT

It appears that BES 10.2 is rolling out to some testers in the beta program. We don't know too many details as far as official dates but we do get a good scope of what's new in the latest release. In addition to the new BES 10.2 bundle, users get updated Android BES10 client and Secure Work Space apps as well.

Some features of the new beta include:

  • Regulated BlackBerry Balance
  • Secure Work Space support for iOS 7
  • BlackBerry Management Studio management of multiple BES 10 domains
  • Web-based user self-service portal
  • Proxy profile for global HTTP data traffic on iOS
  • Enhanced smart card support over Wifi
  • S/MIME wireless public key retrieval for BlackBerry 10*2
  • BlackBerry Secure Connect service status indicator
  • Generic LDAP directory integration

Also included will be new IT policy rules for Miracast, NFC and BlackBerry Protect.

Again, no certain dates for all of the goods but it looks like things are cranking along. More details as they come so stay tuned!

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BES 10.2 rolls out in beta with new updates and services


Ok. That’s for the positive part but where's the negative. That is how it has been for quite some time. We hear a positive news and then comes a negative. Hope this all stops soon.


I hope this is a good update - bes 10 is the real future of BlackBerry, more so than BlackBerry 10 OS.

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I have seen both white an black and side by side. And held them too. On this occasion black q10 stands out.

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No, I will be changing to the BlackBerry Q5 as soon as the off-contract price drops to an acceptable level.

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'Regulated BlackBerry Balance'...

Eh ?, I'm confused by this. Activation types in BES 10 are either Balance or Work Only (Regulated) so what on earth is 'Regulated BlackBerry Balance' ?.

I haven't been able to test it yet, but I believe it gives admins ability to enforce IT policies to the personal side of the device. At least that's what BlackBerry rep and I were talking about a couple of months ago.

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Regulated services are for "high security organizations only". It will remove the Personal side of the device leaving 100% control to the BESadmin.

At BB World 2013 I learned that it does require a special BB provisioned SIM (oh - no! Monthly fee). The carriers did not like this, as they have to deal with another "product".

This is just a *guess/thought*: Regulated services requires a special provisioned SIM because BlackBerry wants to seperate them completely from all "regualar" BB customers. Maybe they also get another APN assigned.

Pls. refer to this for further info.


I understand that, all BES 10 activations we perform are 'EMM Regulated' with SIM's provisioned as required, that's straight forward. However, the article above states the new activation type of a 'Regulated BlackBerry Balance' which makes no sense, you either have Regulated or Balance, why would you want a bit of both on a device ? (if that's indeed what it implies ?).


I agree. I just think BlackBerry is really proud of the word "Balance" (Work / Personal). Even if you remove the personal space, the work park of "Balance" is still left.

But I really don't know - just guessing.

Hello folks, I am the Q10! Me and my mentally challenged brother the Q5 are part and parcel responsible for the failure of BB10 and for having brought BlackBerry that much closer to its grave!

You see, me and my less than sharp brother were taken off of the short bus and promoted by a certain Thorsten Heins Ketchup and his special needs friends as brand new the future of BlackBerry...even though we are little more than supped up versions of our now defunct or quickly dying cousins the Bold and Curve models running BB7OS!

We sure as hell showed those uppity, arrogant bastards, the Z10 and the Z30, what's rendering them largely irrelevant with our useless presence...

As I always say "Keep Moving Backwards!"

Please, please for the love of god, stop putting up pictures of the Q10 as the lead in for your articles...

You want another piece of good news? Fido (a Canadian carrier owned by Rogers) will NOT carry the Z30, and as a further bitchslap to its customers, they have also stopped selling both the Z10 and the Q10. They even removed the pictures from their website . They will only sell the models remaining in their inventory but will not stock up anymore Z10's or Q10's...

So here I am a Fido customer, who purchased a Z10 at full price not even 6 months ago, stuck with a phone that has become largely useless. I cannot afford to buy another phone nor change carriers...

Thank you Fido, thank you BlackBerry...except I'm fucked...

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Thanks for lightening for mood of this thread. You had me laughing silently.

Posted via CB10 from the BlackBerry Z10

I too have a Z10 and it is far from useless! If Blackberry go under I will continue to use this until it no longer works - brilliant phone.

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Yep. The BlackBerry Z10 is great for many uses but as a pure communications device I miss the physical keyboard.

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While this is welcome news for enterprise clients the timing is odd given the present situation. Poor BES 10 adoption and deliberate actions to suppress the stock price.

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Regulated BlackBerry Balance? Huh?

That sounds like an oxymoron to me. I will await to see what that means. - Mobile: Monitor. Manage. that a pic of DJ Reyes using the device? Or someone using her device?

If it is her, then she has "man hands". :)

Haha...only playing...just a quick little shootout to Seinfeld.

Dear Philippines, go back to bed.
The update is for BlackBerry Enterprise Server 10.2

Not for BlackBerry handsets.

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The up and down with BlackBerry is caused by media... they want viewers and traffic and any cost to BlackBerry.

Please have updated Docs To Go features, specifically the ability to insert tables and photos into a doc. My Bold 9930 performs much better at this function. I need this A.S.A.P!!!!

On a side note all the sarcastic comments gets on my nerves, it must be an Internet thing.

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"S/MIME wireless public key retrieval for BlackBerry 10*2" does this mean smime will now work over activesync? cause that is really what i have been holding out for to make bb10 my daily driver. i can side load lots of apps but there just is no good way to get work email over activesync if your work requires smime for their email. Touchdown is the best current option but the android runtime on bb10 constantly crashes it and makes for a terrible user experiance.

You're using smime over activesync to send and receive email with exchange? How? What version os are you on? What device? Unless you're on a bes 10 server, that shouldn't be possible.

Very interesting news! I read the headline "Blackberry is open to breakup" Wow and if that happens, what will they do after beta testing is complete? I wouldn't trust anything the current board of directors say! If it wasn't so sad it would be kind of funny. All the members of the board are a disgrace! They have some gall to call them selves CEO or Director! They are a bunch of snake oil salesmen/women, they are psychopathic lairs, they screwed over the Longstanding shareholders and totally misled everyone including the employees of Blackberry. Go to hell! I hope the People involved in the class action suit against the company take theses spinlless tards to the cleaners! What about the Prem Watsa hes just looking out for himself. He got the Board to put out conflicting reports to make the SP tank so he can buy the company for cheap! Funny how they think that everyone is so stupid not to see through that BS. Well guess what when this thing finally goes to trial , it will make your skin crawl when you hear about all the crap that went on. Everything they did was a screw up. They announce the company is for sale at the worst possible time, or they could of tried to sell but keep it under wraps so that you don't harm the business even more that it already is. So was it any surprise their sales tanked? They announce to the world hey were doing so bad we need to sell the company before it tanks, and then they are surprised no one wants to take a chance and buy one of their products! Well What about BES 10.2. Would you as a corporation spend tons of money to implement BES 10.2 and then find out 2 months down the road that XYZ company who bought BB announces we bought the company to shut it down because BB was competing directly against us! Doesn't it make you SMH! Essentially no one will Buy BES 10.2 until they are convinced Blackberry will be around for the long haul and fully support their products. And even then they might not. After all how long can you wait. Things need to be implemented in a timely fashion! This problem of diminishing sales for Blackberry has been going on for a few years now, it didn't happen by surprise or overnight, they had lots of time to turn things around, but they didn't because the BOD didn't give a shit all they cared about was getting their bonuses for doing nothing. If they had come out with Z30 2 years ago they would of been in better shape. Even if they had decided to use Android OS they would of been better of then they are now. But they decided to do nothing (probably because they were too stupid to think of something.)


I have access to a roadmap from BlackBerry showing a wide range of product editions etc.
I cannot share anything specific, as I am under NDA.

All I can say is: When looking at the roadmap, BlackBerry has no intentions of "going away". I don't know if this roadmap is different from previous roadmaps, as I have never seen a complete x pages document before, but it seems clear to me that the *are* focusing on "razor sharp" delivery and there is a clear path for many products.

To deliver on time, has not been their strongest skill (BB10, xBBM, ...). One reason could be, that BlackBerry has been "behind" for too long. Designing and developing BB10 and all the development tools has been a tremendeous task and obviously it has not been as easy as they thought. BB10 pulled almost 100% development ressources and hopyfully this will settle now as the OS is there and is now to evolve over time.

I hope (*sigh*) that the delays are now over, and they *will* deliver on-time in the future. It is hard to keep forgiving delays, and i *does* hurt their image. Only thing worse is to deliver bad solutions, so at least we can focus on the fact that they have the guts to postpone delivery in order to fix quality issues.

Unfortunately BlackBerry did not have a version for the STL 100-1 available, so pls. stop asking for it :-)

hi guys,i'm from iran and i got BB Q10 last week. unfortunately i cant update my BB os/i cant download apps OTA and even gps is not working in my country.the reason is that i cant connect with Iran IP to BB world (OTA) or .....its ridiculous and also there anyway i can do update and install apps from my pc? and what kind of joke is BB Link?cant do anything useful in case of apps or os update....i'm not sorry i got BB but i'm very disappointed ....please help