BES 10.2 now available - Brings along BlackBerry Web Services for Universal Device Service

By Adam Zeis on 21 Feb 2014 02:16 pm EST

The rumors have been abundant over the last few weeks, and today BES 10.2 is officially available. There are plenty of new features in tow, the highlights of which is Blackberry Web Services (BWS) support for Universal Device Service (UDS). The addition of BWS helps to close the gap between UDS and BlackBerry Device Services.

The release also brings new features, APIs and fields and is much improved over previous versions. You can check out all of the feature updates in BES 10.2 here. 

BlackBerry is also hosting a Jam Direct event for those interested in getting a virtual tour of the goods. The event takes place next Wednesday, February 26th at 10:30am ET. You can register here.

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BES 10.2 now available - Brings along BlackBerry Web Services for Universal Device Service


Yes..10.2 has been out for"ever"...10.2.1 just came out. Unless you're referring to an updated iOS / Android client? ..checking

Appears to be Feb 20 updates to Work Browser for BES10 and Work Connect for BES10...hope they fixed notifications for IBM Notes Traveler!

Sigh..still no notifications with Traveler. Man this sucks. I *SO* want to get some users on BES10 for iOS but without notifications, it's useless.

I share your pain. I tried the Secure Work Space thing when it was first introduced, but it was so buggy that I didn't even concider it. Still some work to do on the UDS side it seems.

I have re-tried with each UDS update and if I was an Exchange client, I would be using it and trying to sell it as a replacement for Good for Enterprise. Unfortunately, it's still not ready for iOS in the IBM Notes world. I have a friend at Blue Cross that just introduced it but they're on Exchange so all good. I have told my sales reps repeatedly that UDS is not production ready and they are definitely getting better but not for us stuck with Notes.

What thinking the same already upgraded several BES10.1.3 infrastructures to 10.2 last month. BES10.2.1 mostly changes the license structure for BES10 regulated Workspace only.

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Of course, if you use AT&T updates are irrelevant. AT&T still hasn't pushed out 10.2 from Nov 2013. Last update was 7/2013. Terrible.

misread this and thought it was the 10.2.1 os update. Comment applies, however, to ATT on the os side.