BlackBerry announces BES10.2 testing, enhancements and availability

BES 10.2
By Adam Zeis on 3 Dec 2013 12:01 am EST

It was only yesterday that BlackBerry's new CEO, John Chen, sent an open letter to enterprise customers reminding them that BlackBerry is not letting up on the enterprise front. Less than 24 hours later, BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10.2 improvements have been announced - including some background on the large organizations that have been testing the multi platform EMM (Enterprise Mobility Management). 

The new version of BES10 features some great updates for enterprise users including expanded support for iOS and Android devices as well as a new self-service portal for users that has added features and will help cut down on IT support calls. BlackBerry is working to make things dead simple for end users on BES10 and this update certainly helps things along.

Big companies with the likes of Boeing, Morgan Stanley and Secusmart are all currently testing version 10.2 and are praising it for the enhanced security, lower costs and ease of use. 

“We enable any organization or government agency to manage iOS, Android and BlackBerry devices without compromising security,” said Stephen Bates, Head of the Enterprise Business Unit at BlackBerry. “No other mobile vendor has the same level of trusted and proven security as BlackBerry. We’ve achieved this with an end-to-end multi-platform solution that’s secured at the device, server and network layer. And now BES10 version 10.2 provides even more tools to help manage BYOD environments and achieve cost efficiencies.” 

We had heard bits and pieces of what would be included in the release and we're happy to see such great enhancements now go official. BlackBerry is making it easy for corporations to deploy BES10 and for employees to activate their own devices with little to no effort. 

Check out the full press release below.

Press Release

New Delhi, India – BlackBerry® (NASDAQ: BBRY; TSX: BB) today announced enhancements to its award-winning multi-OS enterprise mobility management (EMM) solution with the release of BlackBerry® Enterprise Service 10 (BES10) version 10.2. BES10 customers including Morgan Stanley, Boeing, Aneurin Bevan University Health Board and Secusmart are currently participating in the BES10 version 10.2 Early Adopter and Beta programs, and are running the new version in a test environment.

To date, customers have installed nearly 30,000 BES10 commercial and test servers around the world. Organizations continue to choose BlackBerry because it is the most proven and trusted enterprise mobility management (EMM) solution, supporting iOS, Android and BlackBerry smartphones. That is why Secusmart, a leading expert in the field of highly secure mobile voice and data communication, uses BES10, and chose to be an early adopter of version 10.2.

"Secusmart’s needs an EMM solution that can enable our workforce to be more productive and connected, while maintaining our strict security standards and not compromising on our end user experience,” said Dr. Hans-Christoph Quelle, CEO of Secusmart. “BES10 provides the necessary functionality and security for our employees and has truly exceeded our expectations. We’ve benefitted tremendously from BlackBerry’s single, secure multi-platform connectivity model to mobilize our business and empower our employees to be more productive and better equipped to serve our customers.”

Recently named the Best Mobile Device Management Software for 2013 by UK enterprise IT publication V3, BES10 is the only enterprise mobility management solution capable of delivering comprehensive management and security for devices, apps and content across iOS, Android and BlackBerry devices, all easily managed through a single console. Backed by industry leading global support services, BES10 offers a seamless, scalable and cost-effective way to truly mobilize businesses, enabling organizations to balance end user and corporate needs without compromising security.

"There’s a huge opportunity in the enterprise market for vendors that can meet customer requirements for full turn-key solutions for their security and enterprise mobility management demands,” says Stacy Crook, Research Director, Mobile Enterprise at IDC. “By adding features that support BYOD across any device type, self-service, scalability, and the flexibility to build mobile management into business processes, BlackBerry's latest release of BES10 demonstrates the company's ongoing commitment to its enterprise customer base."

“We enable any organization or government agency to manage iOS, Android and BlackBerry devices without compromising security,” said Stephen Bates, Head of the Enterprise Business Unit at BlackBerry. “No other mobile vendor has the same level of trusted and proven security as BlackBerry. We’ve achieved this with an end-to-end multi-platform solution that’s secured at the device, server and network layer. And now BES10 version 10.2 provides even more tools to help manage BYOD environments and achieve cost efficiencies.” 

BES10 version 10.2 brings key new features to the EMM solution, including:

  • Expanded Multi-Platform support: Includes Secure Work Space support for iOS 7 background email sync, API support allowing the automation of BES10 functions for iOS and Android devices through BlackBerry Web Services, and dynamic support for iOS and Android OS updates, which allows ITadministrators to create activation and application distribution rules for the latest iOS and Android devices that employees bring into the organization, without requiring a server upgrade.
  • BYOD Enrolment for iOS and Android: truly enable BYOD by allowing administrators to manage only the Secure Work Space container on iOS and Android devices, thereby providing BYOD users with the assurance that the personal information and apps on their device remains in their control.
  • Self-Service Portal: A self-service portal enables users to perform device management tasks on their own, meaning fewer calls to IT, lower TCO and more control to users.
  • Reduced Cost: BES10 now easily scales to support 100,000 devices per domain, with any mix of BlackBerry, iOS and Android devices, reducing the number of servers and resources required for large scale deployments, and significantly reducing costs.

BES10 version 10.2 server software is free to download at

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BlackBerry announces BES10.2 testing, enhancements and availability


Good work India. Also, delicious food - how did you defy the laws of physics to get all that flavour in there?

Posted via CB10

Thank you for the good words.
We gifted this world with some of our own flavors to enjoy having food.

Q10 \m/

BlackBerry's "strategy" of forcing corporate customers to upgrade from legacy BES 7 to BES10 is backfiring very badly.

So what if you wish a smooth, gradual transition from BES 7 (Bold 9900, etc.) to BES 10 (Q10, etc.)?
Sorry, BlackBerry says you must run both BES 7 and BES10 servers at once (at double the manpower and cost!).

So many companies are simply not upgrading to BES 10.
BlackBerry's attempt to force companies to abruptly ditch all of its fleet of Bold 9900 investment and shut down BES 7 servers all at once is simply not realistic.

And how come BES 10 can manage iOS and Android BYD devices, but BES 10 cannot manage corporate workhorse BES 7 (Bold 9900) devices ??

BlackBerry is seriously overestimating its pricing and influence (or lack thereof); companies can simply *not* upgrade to BES 10, and switch to its competitors instead.

He meant BES 5 OS 7 but his point stands and unfortunately my company has fallen into this category. We have a BES 5, installed another BYOD solution and they refuse to adopt BES 10 for exactly the reasons mentioned by w0qj. From what I understand BB10 was such a significant rewrite from OS7 that they can't ,or haven't invested the resources to, do it cost effectively, which makes little sense given the number of customers being lost. For months I have been using a poor man's workaround to get my email via webmail. Just last week I connected to the network via the Android version of the BYOD app side loaded on my device. I have no idea how secure it is but I'm not complaining as I am connected and IT is happy.

Most companies run Virtual Machines, the resources to run VM's for BES is next to nothing, it is very convenient. So running BES5 and BES10 at the same time and managing everything through BES10 is easy. We have been doing a transitional upgrade and expect that by January all our phones will be replaced and than decommissioning BES5 will be a simple task. If your company has an IT worth their salt, this shouldn't be an issue or a concern for any company. These are only concerns for those businesses who do not have IT, but than those businesses usually are not running BES either. If the company doesn't have IT, they should just outsource their mailboxes. There are many companies who will sell you exchange mailboxes connected to BES for a low cost.

Thank-you. Either it's a song and dance or they are not worth their salt. Either way I'm out of luck on that front for the foreseeable future. If I can just get them to install it for "testing" purposes.. but I have already pushed for this more than I should. Hopefully things solidify around BBRY and IT can be more open about the idea in the future.

"BlackBerry's "strategy" of forcing corporate customers to upgrade from legacy BES 7 to BES10 is backfiring very badly."

Can't argue with that as far as the initial release is concerned. A truly dumb (arrogant) strategic decision but characteristic of the madness that infected the company once they finally realised they had competition.

But I'm sure I saw somewhere that was no longer a limitation?

Agreed. Got mine YESTERDAY and am LOVING IT 'so far' ... LOVE the screen real estate, but know not to expect 'all' of the functionality and ease-of-use I've grown accustomed to in my beloved Torch 9800 ...

As for the BES, I'm glad not to have to deal with all that ...

Just my 2 cents' worth from our penny-less country.
Cheers and Keep Moving!

That's all well and good except for the part where you can run them both on the same server and manage everything from the BES10 console...

Do you have any clue what you are talking about? You can have a smooth, gradual transition if you wish. Spin up another virtual server and run them together. There is no in place upgrade and since you will need BB10 devices for BES 10 you can upgrade your legacy devices however you wish.

Now I realize companies don't have the budget for this, BES 5 last I knew was going to be supported through 2015 if not longer due to sizable deployments with key enterprise and goverment customers. But like Windows XP - it's time to start looking for your upgrade strategy be it BES 10 or another MDM. Your going spend money on servers and devices regardless. The 9900 is going on 3 years old. Legacy BB is nearing end of life and you cannot get them from most carriers.

Double the manpower? That was a good laugh. I alone support over 6,000 mobile devices and 4 MDM solutions. I will say BES 10 is much cheaper than all the other MDM's getting press. I guess you can think they are "better" but they are limited by what Apple and Google allow to be managed so in a way they are still way behind BES. Balance is a quite nice solution and fits nicely into BYOD. I will say make the switch - don't think your going to save money or equal what you had with BES unless you had very basic mobile needs.

Legacy BB cannot use BES 10 as it's not ActiveSync based. BES 5 was MAPI / CDO based so the model is totally different. Understand it's a big change but it was needed and is the same model used by pretty much every other MDM out there. The difference is Blackberry controls the MDM and the OS (BB10) so they can do things the other MDM cannot.

Depending on the number of users, you can run BES 5 and 10 on the same server. I'm not saying I would if both were very large environments, but you can do it. BES can be on a VM very easily. And I agree with Frank, if it takes double the manpower, you're doing something wrong. Other than adding/deleting users and a few other items, the servers pretty much run themselves.

I was going to post the same thing. Original comment is making a lot of bad assumptions about BES after 10.1. Maybe they are basing opinion on pre 10.1 documentation.

Posted via CB10

Thanks to the 3 guys above that clarified this hot topic.

You know, it would be a good idea, if not already done, to open a forum for debating BES versus X.
This would help the rest of us that aren't IT professionals, to better understand.

Your logic is flawed. You are asking the wrong questions. Let me explain, by not making BES10 compatible with the BB7 OS, it only shows how old BB7 is. Most argue how old BB7 is and my simple argument is what mobile platform has the best security (Excluding BB10), its not iOS, and its now Android, and its now WP8, nope, its that age old BB7 that blows them all out of the water.

So you see, BB7 is not compatible with BES10, due to its age. And both iOS and Android truly suck as security regardless what anybody tells you, is secured & managed by BES10.

So its not like BBRY is sticking it to companies that are running BES5, and forcing them to upgrade to BES10, just that BB7 is a no go for BES10.

And here is your token negative post from someone who has no clue as to what this is, does, or what it can do. Move along, nothing to see here. When will these types get a clue.

BlackBerry forever, haters never!

It is not "twice the cost and manpower" to run BES10 alongside BES5. Most tasks can be done in a single console.

Platform changes can have a lot of consequences, and the old BBOS couldn't be extended any further. Something had to give. BES10 has been upgraded continually since its launch, and it's a compelling (and relatively easy) upgrade for many businesses.

What is more interesting is who is on the list. Morgan Stanley was a big hold out last time and was at times publicly dismissive of BES10. I guess they had their IT experience with the other players and then back. It is quite telling as to the quality of the product.

Posted via CB10

Saying they are testing... is not the same as they are switching over.

The question is are they testing only BES10.2 or are they also testing two or three other MDM Platforms?

Until the are upfront and quite hiding behind the words TEST....

This BES test download stuff is really beginning to 'Test' my patience.

We want real numbers released this ER under our 'Test CEO'; please and thanks.

All companies test the platforms they are going to buy. There is simply nothing new about this. If they didn't, then why are the BES10 going up month and month. It's not rocket science.

Posted via CB10

I like very much that his open letter was quickly followed by actual, uh, action.

Although a relatively small update in the grand scheme of things, it shows the type of follow through and commitment to an idea that Thorsten rarely did.. one small step for the smartphone industry, one (perhaps) large leap for BlackBerry..

but more importantly, it shows something I'm more excited about that their committment to BES10; and that's FORESIGHT. The fact that they announce this one day after the open letter tells me they are coordinating their activities much better than anytime in the past 5 years that I can think of...

this is a good sign for sure, hope it's just the first of many!

You made the point I was going to make. I think this shows good strategic thinking.

Get people's attention by sending out the letter and let them know you're in for the long-haul, then while you are still on their mind, remind them that you are walking the walk: "Keep on Moving"...

Quick Reference Guide on says "supports messaging environments that support Exchange ActiveSync. So Lotus Traveler should be supported. I think I'll test it soon.

Posted via CB10

Good! We don't need a wait around let's wait and see CEO.

Get'er DONE!

From my Z10 to YOU, BOO-YAH!

Well he hasn't done anything yet aside from clear out most of the C level execs, so how are you coming to this conclusion?

You realize that BES 10 has been growing continually since introduction because the BYOD and EMM markets have exploded in the last 5 years creating a dozen or so small competitors to BlackBerry in the space. A ham sandwich could have delivered growth in enterprise with a multi-platform EMM solution.

We will see if Mr Chen can turn around the devices business, and if he can accelerate cross platform BBM and reach feature parity on iOS and Android with native BlackBerry devices for BBM. We will see if Mr Chen can grow BlackBerry World and get some big name developers on board. We will see if Mr Chen can grow the QNX business and increase revenue from sources outside of the mobile phone space. Those will be the areas to judge John Chen on. This is just showing that he has someone more skilled at writing press releases then the previous CEO. But the growth in BES and the rollout of BES10.2 would have happened even if the company had been broken up and sold in pieces.


Well said. Clearing out the C suite is not enough. Chen needs to rebuild the entire team - HR, QA, Software, Developer Support, Industry Design, Manufacturing, Network Operation. RIM's problems are all over the places.

He can be quiet on team building. He does need to be loud and clear when facing customers.

It's starting, blackberry is making moves now, by summer the profits will be coming in, don't know about this Christmas, but I know for certain that the next Christmas will a very good one, with BlackBerry stock at least to double, long bb

Posted via CB10

The press releases are getting better, that's for sure.

The BES10 business has been continually growing under any management team all the way back to before it was called BES10 and was known as MobileFusion. It would take incompetence unheard of in this world to cause negative growth for BES10 as the entire BYOD movement in the enterprise sector is exploding worldwide. So I don't know if Mr Chen deserves all the Kudos he is getting in this post as a ham sandwich running the show would have still delivered growth for BlackBerry's EMM and MDM business.

Problem is, enterprise is only a tiny portion of their overall business. If they are able to roll out channels cross platform and monetize BBM, by this time next year it will far exceed the income generated from BES10.

Why? Because the consumer market is where all the money is. Great that BlackBerry wants to manage the secure workspace on the iPhones and Android phones that people bring to work while Apple and Google make thousands of times more profit off those same devices from the very same people bringing them to work from the personal side of their phones.

Don't get me wrong, as long as BlackBerry turns a profit in the short term by any means necessary that's a good thing.

But BES10 may not lead to growth at all in BlackBerry sales. The problem for BlackBerry with BYOD is that in order for some one to want to bring their own device it has to have a compelling consumer friendly ecosystem. Right now, people will happily allow BlackBerry secure workspace on their iPhone or their Samsung Galaxy phone because they expect the secure workspace to be boring but they still get to have the Apple or Google ecosystem when the workday ends.

So BlackBerry, if they desire to be anything more then a niche player in the device market reserved for high level corporate employees and government officials that need maximum security and will carry two phones, had better not lose sight of the consumer space.

BlackBerry may be able to turn a profit as a tiny niche player, but they have the potential to be much more then that if they figure out the consumer space.

"But BES10 may not lead to growth at all in BlackBerry sales."
How so? You do know BlackBerry gives companies incentives to purchase and adopt BB10 devices, such as by 2,000 Q10's and receive 500 on us for instance. This is going on, though not sure the extent of it.
For the most secure and managed devices on the planet, its BES10 and BB10 for obvious reasons.

Not really. Windows Phone is seeing little to no enterprise adoption. Last I checked out of 6,000 mobile devices under management we have .... 3 Windows Phone. Why bother adding support for it when 1. it's not gaining enterprise adoption and 2. Microsoft provides little to no API hooks to manage the devices.

All the major MDM platforms have limited Windows Phone support and will confirm the same - there's no market for it.

Like BlackBerry Microsoft don't allow 3rd parties access to their MDM APIs, or won't allow when their Enterprise APIs actually arrive sometime in 2014.

So you will have to use MS SCCM to manage Windows Phones beyond what ActiveSync can do. It's far more expensive than BES10 but a lot of large Windows based Enterprises will already have it as it's the top of the range MS way to manage Windows deployment, patching and application rollout to PCs.

It will be interesting to see what Windows Phone take up is like in the Enterprise in 2014 when their Enterprise features actually launch but don't expect BES10 to ever support it unless Microsoft open up their APIs to BlackBerry (unlikely).

Posted via CB10 on Z10 STL100-2 on EE, UK

Am I missing something? If each server generated $3000 in service revenue, then that's 900 million.

Posted via CB10

The word TEST mean that they generated $0 in service revenues.

Service Revenue come from the $19 per year, per device license fees that they currently are charging.

Yes, which is why I've been saying this all along, all this hard work in BES10 now will greatly benefit BBRY in the near and long term future. But the bashers will tell you otherwise.

Does anyone know how many BES 5s were out there in total?

Does BES10 have a small piece of that or is it bigger, in terms of units installed?

Posted via CB10

A while back BlackBerry sent me an email talking about a cloud based BES10 offering 'coming soon'. I see a mention of it still at their website but nothing in terms of date of availability. Anybody know more about this?

Posted via CB10

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Posted via CB10 using my BlackBerry Z10

Totally no clue how that posted, my phone has a mind of its own! Sorry :x

Posted via CB10 using my BlackBerry Z10

Is there a release date yet? This is my first blackberry and I absolutely love the os!

Posted via CB10

Good Job BB, but i was a little upset monday as i bought the New Z30 friday night and it crashed monday morning get my new one today :)

BES10 is a step backwards. They went from 500 IT policies to maybe 50.

Can't even block the browser? Can't block the phone? It's useless for corporations like ours that don't want or need BYOD.

I have not heard about an "UK enterprise IT publication V3" before. Is that just me or are their readers really relevant for the business market (in UK)? - BTW: It was a reader's voting award.

So i just downloaded 10.1.2019 and for the first day there was a definite increase in battery life, but after the 2nd day of having it. The battery life is decreasing like it used to! What do I do!

Posted via CB10