BES 10.2 Gold Candidate released in beta, official release imminent

By Adam Zeis on 20 Nov 2013 03:30 pm EST

BES 10.2 has been rolling along since the last beta release and it looks like an official release is right around the corner. We're getting word that the Gold Candidate was released to beta testers today so that means a full-on release can't be too far off.

This version contains a few tweaks, fixes and improvements so it's just about ready to hit the streets. 

Check out the full list of updates below. We'll let you know when this one goes official. 

Regulated BlackBerry Balance

Regulated BlackBerry Balance gives your organization full control over devices that have a work space and a personal space and are activated on the BlackBerry Device Service. Users with devices activated with the regulated BlackBerry Balance activation type should be aware that all data on the device can be audited by their organization, even if they are using the device or application for personal use.

User Privacy Activation on iOS and Android Devices

BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 version 10.2 lets you define the activation type for iOS and Android devices. 

Support for LDAP Company Directory Integration

You can configure an LDAP company directory with BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 version 10.2. Organizations that are not using Active Directory can connect to LDAP company directories such as IBM Domino Directory and Novell eDirectory. LDAP company directory integration is supported in both the BlackBerry Device Service console and the Universal Device Service console.

Support for Organizational Control over both the Work and Personal Spaces on BlackBerry Devices

BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 version 10.2 provides work space only activation and management for organizations that would like to have full control over the work space and some control over the personal space on BlackBerry devices. For example, you could use IT policies to control specific functionality for Facebook, such as disabling use of Facebook when at work, on a user’s personal space. You can specify the level of control by selecting the BlackBerry Balance+Regulated activation type profile.

Support for Viewing the Status of the BlackBerry Secure Connect Service in the Universal Device Service Console

You can monitor the status of the BlackBerry Secure Connect Service from the Universal Device Service console and BlackBerry Management Studio. The BlackBerry Secure Connect Service is a web service that provides a single access port for activation and management traffic for iOS devices and Android devices. The BlackBerry Secure Connect Service allows you to connect directly to the BlackBerry Infrastructure by routing data through a TCP proxy server.

Support for BlackBerry Device Integrity Alert Compliance Rule

BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 version 10.2 allows you to allows you to configure the Integrity Alert device compliance rule to encourage users to comply with the device conditions that your organization requires. You can send a notification to users to ask them to meet your organization's requirements or you can delete work data, or delete all data from the device.

Support for Smart Card over Wi-Fi

BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 version 10.2 provides Smart Card support over Wi-Fi for Supplicant, Non-IPSec VPN, and IPSec VPN. This provides an additional layer of security for organizations.

Support for Enterprise Authentication Enhancements in the BlackBerry Device Service Console

BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 version 10.2 provides enhancements to Single Sign-On and enterprise authentication. You can configure an IT policy so users may only receive minimal prompting for their enterprise credentials when accessing enterprise resources using any work space apps, such as the work browser, using the following forms-based authentication methods:

  • NTLM v1
  • NTLM v2
  • Kerberos without gateways
  • Proxy servers (including BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10)

Ability to Reset Work Space Password Only

BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 version 10.2 allows you to reset only the work space password on a BlackBerry device. If a user forgets their work space password on their BlackBerry device, you can reset this from either the BlackBerry Device Service or BlackBerry Management Studio and notify the user of their new password.

BES10 Self-Service Web-based Console

BES10 Self-Service is a web-based application that a BlackBerry device, iOS device, or Android device user can use to perform certain tasks on their devices, for example, creating a password to activate their device. If a device is lost or stolen, users can remotely change the password on their devices or delete data from their devices. Users do not need to install any software or connect their devices to their computers to use BES10 Self-Service. You need to provide the web address and login information that users need to log in to BES10 Self-Service. This application may help reduce your administrative workload by enabling users to perform simple administrative commands themselves.

Support for installing BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 on a computer that has a non-English operating system

You can install BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 version 10.2 on computers with English, French, German, or Spanish operating systems.

Improved support for IBM Notes Traveler

You can now enable synchronization of IBM Notes TravelerToDo lists in BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10. Secure Work Space for iOS and Android now supports IBM Notes Traveler.

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Reader comments

BES 10.2 Gold Candidate released in beta, official release imminent


Great! Hopefully we will have it soon, especially the language "free" installation is a strong wish.

Posted via CB10

I do not like the "Big Brother" additions to this update (although not sure what they could do before). I really don't see a need to audit what happens on the personal space. I thought the purpose of this was for "personal" use.

And then the added organizational control over the personal space. Was this always there? Seems to allow companies to have too much control over their employees. I guess we sacrifice our right to privacy when connected to BES?


If your employer owns your phone it's not yours to do with as you please.

The additional auditing and control of the Personal space are for non-BYOD scenarios.

Posted via CB10

Not necessarily. Many companies will NOT support jail broken devices - especially Android ones or with tampered boot loaders or ones with circumvented app security.

This compromises corporate data which is NEVER owned by the end user regardless of any device you use. This is nothing new to users accessing corporate email via Web mail in personal laptops and the date/time of when you use that service to be accessed is logged/audited so this shouldn't bother anyone.

Be prepared for a lot of business using.

Posted via CB10

It's only some control over the personal space. I could see this being in place to prevent employees from being distracted by things like social media while on the job.

Posted via CB10

How about looking at this the other way? You get a phone from the employer (i.e. Not your phone) and you still get some personal area use as if it were (almost) yours...

Posted via CB10

I totally agree. I just called company to see if I can get my Z10 connected to the firm, but looking at these updates I'm actually raising the question about the purpose of BlackBerry Balance. If it is truly made for best of both worlds then those updates doesn't seem like it.

I might go buy an Android and receive firm emails through the Good Application (though it is truly a POS).

Posted via CB10

I understand if this helps with ppl that are using firm BlackBerry, but this doesn't apply in my situation because I'm actually using my own BlackBerry. I just need to connect to the firm to receive emails.

Posted via CB10

Many of Blackberry's enterprise customers ARE big brother, so it makes sense for them to enable these kinds of things. I'm not a huge fan either, because it undermines the beauty of Balance, but hey, if the phone is corporate, they should be given whatever control they want.

Posted via CB10

How does a user know if they're on a regulated setup? Do companies have to disclose that information since they are monitoring your personal activity?

Posted via CB10

Our organization wants a view into the personal space specifically because our users text for work purposes and we need to be able to log and track communications. But we gave them the personal side to allow them to use the device on a personal level. But BlackBerry didn't give us the option to have texting be on the work side of the device... so for use auditing the personal side for logging text conversations is important

Posted via CB10

Launch it quick! I read on Google/yahoo financial news that blackberry has lost the DOD, pfizer and the american army. I hope that this will change the minds of others.

Z30, Q10, iP5. Update CB10 please!

What where are you reading this? The DoD committed to buy at least 30,000 BlackBerry 10 devices.

This makes me laugh. Every country in the world would like nothing better than DOD moving to Android or iOS. Haven't you been listening to the NSA testimony about how easy it is to crack these phones.

Posted via CB10

Kerberos without gateways
Proxy servers (including BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10)

These securely and seamless integrate mobiles with existing IT authentication and authorization infrastructure.

Great work that throws other solutions further behind.

Now, I can definitely say only an IT manager who has no Enterprise IT knowledge or who only serves his/her personal interest would make the wrong decision to use other solution.

BlackBerry will rule the Enterprise world forever.

Yuck, Regulated Personal Space?! That defeats the purpose of having the separate spaces.

Posted via CB10

Why would you want to give your Co access to your personal stuff when they want. Where is the security in this.!

Flicked with my Zed 10 running

I am so glad every day that BlackBerry didn't sell and get broken in to pieces. 10.2.1 is awesome and I'm not sure we would have gotten to see it if things had gone differently.

-ARWestenberger, Maester of New Yevon

Does this address the annoying media volume popup when the volume is changed? It's large and right in the center of the screen (i.e., intrusive).

Posted via CB10

Please read how they gave the example of disabling facebook while "at work".... this is not an invasion of privacy... This is creating features that customers want. Namely big customers who will buy thousands of phones, or licenses.

They've GOT to KILL IT in the enterprise space to send all the skeptics running away with their tails between their legs. This is a good start, but they've also got to crush the perception that a non-bb IT plan is a necessary contingency.

Posted via CB10

If you have a corporate liable device, the company is responsible for it so they reserve the right to set the policies and terms of use. It is a privilege ("benefit") not a right. The company should have some sort of mobile device procedure/policy outlining the terms of use to protect themselves. Probably written in a form of lawyer-speak.

These additions look good. It doesn't hurt to give users options, especially if those users are the main customers of the BB10 platform and bringing in lots of revenue.

also, corporates may need to run their company owned devices in balance mode simply because ported apps like skype cannot be installed in the workspace, and hence cannot be run in work-only mode. therefore there is a very real requirement to have some measure of control over the personal space in balance mode.

So basically this BES update completely negates what was originally alluring about BlackBerry Balance, should organizations choose to update.

jenks5150 - organisations don't have to implement every new policy that comes with the 10.2 update. the company i work for provides the handsets, and we have had to run them in balance mode for the reason stated above. thats the beauty of BES you can pick and choose the policies. also, those who are business beta subscribers have significant input with Blackberry especially regarding feature requests, and these are features that have been asked for. I understand your point as well and it is a valid one if it is your own device.

We have the regulated profile activated for all our users at the moment due to stringent security. The only reason we don't allow the balance profile is because of our compliance department! They don't want a corporate issued device being used to access personal stuff, browse any Internet site they like (porn for example) ,browse Facebook or Twitter during work hours all the time using the company's data plan paid for by the company. I think the introduction of these new policies is an excellent decision, we will definitely be making use of them! Finally, BlackBerry saw the light and are back at what they do best - which is to provide a true enterprise MDM solution. Bravo!

Posted via CB10

We use BES10 and Air watch. I can tell you that air watch has the same kinds of controls over android and Ios phones. Air watch won't install on rooted or jail broken phones. Nobody sees that as a bug deal, the folks that really have to do that understand and have a second phone.

Posted via CB10

Is it out yet??? Come on Rogers. Give it to me! Minus the new call screen Plz and thank you.