BES 10 Hosted Service Now Available on the UK Government’s G-Cloud Programme

BES 10 Hosted Service Now Available on the UK Government’s G-Cloud Programme
By DJ Reyes on 5 Dec 2013 07:26 am

BlackBerry Enterprise news is certainly coming out thick and fast lately and there is more great news today. In the UK, BlackBerry is offering up a BES 10 hosted service on the U.K. Government's G-Cloud Programme.  The G-Cloud Programme is a cross-government initiative that focuses on introducing cloud services to government department, local authorities and public sector. The hosted BES 10 service will offer one of 7,000 services provided by 800 suppliers who are part of the G-Cloud Programme. Get more detail from the Press Release below.

Press Release

London, UK – December 5, 2013 – BlackBerry® (NASDAQ: BBRY; TSX: BB) today announced that BlackBerry® Enterprise Service 10 is now available as a hosted service under the fourth iteration of the UK Government’s G-Cloud Programme.

The G-Cloud Programme is a cross-Government initiative which focuses on easing the adoption of cloud-based ICT services across Government departments, local authorities and the wider public sector. This directory of preferred suppliers is designed to significantly streamline and accelerate the procurement and exchange of services between technology providers and Government customers.

This hosted BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 offering will be one of 7,000 services delivered by 800 suppliers, available on the G-Cloud Programme. BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 is the only cross-platform enterprise mobility management solution on the G-Cloud Programme that can manage BlackBerry, iOS® and Android™ smartphones and tablets in accordance with the latest End User Device guidance from CESG, the UK Government's National Technical Authority for Information Assurance.

In the UK, BlackBerry is the mobile solution of choice for every Cabinet department, the majority of central government and other public sector bodies including the Ministry of Defence. The availability of BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 on the G-Cloud Programme will allow the broader public sector to procure a solution that can securely manage their existing fleet of BlackBerry smartphones as well as iOS and Android devices, all easily managed from a single central console. Prospective customers will also be able to take advantage of a free 60 day trial of the new solution.

Alexandra Zagury, Managing Director, UK & Ireland at BlackBerry commented: “The G-Cloud Programme reflects the changing needs of the public sector which increasingly must manage multiple device types and platforms. This hosted BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 solution perfectly meets this evolving need by providing a secure cross-platform solution that extends our renowned security and manageability credentials to iOS and Android devices. With its inclusion on the G-Cloud Programme, any public sector organisation can quickly benefit from BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 directly from us as a fully hosted and managed solution, with complete end-to-end support.”

The inclusion on the G-Cloud Programme follows the recent announcement of BlackBerry’s forthcoming cloud-based EMM service, which will enable IT managers to deploy, secure, and manage their employees’ mobile devices through a web-based admin console.

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I really like that they just keep moving forward!

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Go on BlackBerry, flex those enterprise muscles.

BlackBerry...Get it done!!!!

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R Field

Nice I hope to hear of some big BB10 orders from the UK government soon.


Yeah! Go one prosumers!

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Yeah ! Really nice to read the words cloud, BES and AVAILABLE in the same sentence !
Thanks DJ :)


Would be nice to see the Canadian Government do this for local small business

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Why wouldn't BlackBerry themselves provide the service? Your BES hosted on BlackBerry servers. Sign up, pay monthly fee, for BlackBerry cloud based BES services. Anybody can sign up, pay and get secure communications services. Am I missing something? Or would that not be a great and timely business as security is now up on everyones radar.

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They would have my business as long as they can do it for under $10/mo/user. And if my team of 4 can share contacts, calendars and documents.

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well, they do also offer hosted BES10 for mid-size companies. The offer is currently in "Market Preview" state, meaning only a selected set of companies can use it, but then it will be opened to anyone.

Check this:


More good news, and congratulations to BB UK....
I wonder how many other web sites will cover this good news story though?


Keep moving... Yes!

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I certainly haven't seen any mention of it in the papers online, just lots of articles about how well Apple are doing!

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Hey DJ, it is offering ONE of 7000 services. :) Not offering 7000 services...according to the release.

Mmm...CB10! Just the tip though...


This is great news once again BlackBerry. Now when I do a Google search for 'BlackBerry news' the results are starting to look much better.

Heading in the right direction!

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Were all these initiatives that BlackBerry has been announcing of late deliberately held back by the previous chief executive officer in an attempt to reduce the potential cost for Fairfax Financial Holdings to acquire BlackBerry? I'm happy Fairfax Financial Holdings couldn't raise the capital to outright buy the company. Hopefully John Chen is not Prem's newest lap dog. So far Chen is moving forward with a viable revival strategy minus SensorGate 2013 which seems to have been caused by technical incompetence on the part of Clewely.

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Christopher Medrano

No, a lot of this has been in the works for a while, and the various projects have been going through BlackBerry's normal release process. Enterprise customers under NDA had been told about a lot of the pending changes well in advance. Even under Heinz we were being communicated with. The strategic alternatives announcement changed the landscape but BlackBerry never stopped working. It's good to see so many things finally becoming available.

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John Meredith

Hold your horses people. The G Cloud is a white elephant - no one certainly in the NHS touches it with a barge pole...

Having said that it might be ideal for my recent project...

Bacon Munchers

Good direction, but from an investors point if view, I am tired of hearing "potentially", and "available", tied with "downloaded" and "testing".

I just want to see solid contracts. Only then will this snail of a stock price move.

Nick Shadow

I think it is great, however,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,the more good news they get, the more the stock goes down. If they get much more news, it will be two bucks!



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This is great for BlackBerry. All news going in a profitable direction is exciting. Baby steps, but steps!

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I come from china!

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very important news for BlackBerry !