BerryWeather Upgrade Sale - Upgrade to Version 2.2 for $1.99 Through May 21st

By Adam Zeis on 19 May 2010 01:43 pm EDT

Been wanting to get the latest version of BerryWeather buy don't want to shell out $4? Well now through May 21st current users can upgrade to the latest version (v2.2) for just $1.99. This means if you've been hanging on to that old 1.x release for way too long, you can have all the latest features including homescreen wallpaper, weather alerts and more accurate weather conditions. Unfortunately this upgrade price is for current BerryWeather users only, so if you are a new user you'll have to grab it at full price. Head to the CrackBerry app store and choose "Buy an Upgrade" to take advantage of this offer.

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BerryWeather Upgrade Sale - Upgrade to Version 2.2 for $1.99 Through May 21st


Lots of people do .. probably one of the best weather apps and one of my favorite BB apps. Has loads of options and homescreen wallpaper is sweet.

that's just obnoxious! i cant stand bellshare! They always want you to pay for an upgrade that should be free! I have berrybuzz and i've already upgraded about 3 times since it first came out. I've already shelled out over 10 bucks for that app. WTF! No way should upgrades cost more money. And the original price doesn't even go up. So a loyal customer pays 3x as much as a new customer would for the same stuff.


haha! I feel better now.

Hold the phone! These are some major upgrades and well worth the price. I'd rather pay for some quality apps and the folks over at Bellshare make excellent apps. So what's one reason I buy an app for weather rather than use a free one?

As a frequent traveler I can have berryweather auto update weather alerts via GPS as I'm traveling so I don't get caught in a severe t-storm or go through a flooding area. I also have the ability to view radars!

They didn't just make a weather channel for no reason. Same thing goes with Berryshare. Some people's activities revolve around the weather sometimes and they need up to the minute details.

Please tell me that everyone understands why there are upgrade fees. Minor ones are generally bug tweaks. Major ones are generally new features, indicating a large amount of time invested. Even that said, most will still not charge unless it is a major change (2.0 to 3.0, not 2.1 to 2.2), indicating a possible rewrite at the core, etc.

This is done because it is essentially a new app at the core.

I know the iPhone/iPod/iPad app store does this, i'm assuming the Android store does too. So let's just agree that if you don't want to pay, don't. Quit crying your unresearched/unreasonable tears.

On a related note, BerryWeather was the first app I purchased, and it is fantastic. :)

Enough with the whining and sniveling crowd that doesn't think that they should have to pay for anything. Time and effort goes into development. Developers deserve to get some reward for the development just as you are getting the benefit of the app. If you don't feel like shelling out a couple of bucks (for a new app or an upgrade to an existing app), then don't.

Maybe there should be a "I'm cheap and don't want to pay for apps" section of the CB forum where you all can go cry on each others' shoulders.

I'm not saying that I want free anything. This is what I'm trying to say. For example: Let's say I purchase berryweather for, say $5.99. I've had it on my phone for a year and in that time there have been two major updates worth $2.99 a piece. I upgrade both time because you say "it is worth it because it has more features blah blah blah". Okay, so now I just pay a total of $11.00 for the same app. Now, a new user comes along and wants to buy this berryweather app that has the same features blah blah blah and they get the same thing for only $5.99! I paid a total of $11.00 for the same app. See where I'm going with this?? If it's worth the upgrade, then the initial price should increase with the price being requested for the upgrade. So? $11.00 for the new user purchase.

make sense? That's what I mean about upgrades should be free. I'm by no means cheap. I've never downloaded a free app or theme because you get what you pay.

That's all i'm saying. I'm happy the developers are making great apps and I will keep buying it if i feel it's worth it. I just won't ever upgrade again.

I agree with you jxj,totally. It doesn't make sense. I'm already at $14 from the last upgrade. At this rate in less that 2 years I will have paid 25 to 30 dollars, and Joe Smoe can still get it for $10! I'm done with their upgrades...

While I recognize the validity of what you're saying, to some point, using your own example, it's clear that although you would be paying more as a loyal customer, you're getting more. Specifically, you've had the app and followed the weather for a full year. The new user doesn't have that.

If I buy a lawnmower in, say 1972, it's probably going to be pretty bare bones. When I replace it in '82, it'll probably be more efficient, have a better pull start, etc. When I replace that one in '96, maybe I'll get self-propelled as an option...perhaps even pushbutton start. Then, in 2010, I get my riding mower. Cumulatively, I've paid in the thousands, and if my neighbor just gets his first lawnmower in 2010, he hasn't shelled out nearly as much as I have. But I've had short grass for 38 years.

Yes..a ridiculous example, but sometimes it's the extremes that are need to drive the point home.

I tried out the trial of BerryWeather a while back after using BBWeather for quite a while and I really don't see the point of "upgrading" to BerryWeather. BBWeather has all the information you need including icon updates with temp and conditions, and its free, but it doesn't have maps or a fancy looking UI. But I highly recommend it, its the best weather app I've ever used.

If you want a great free weather program checkout and use their program. It's probably the one program on my BB that I use the most (except BBM of course).
If you like BerryWeather, then pay for it and stop whining.

Anyone else that actually wants to upgrade having a problem selecting the upgrade option? I get a blank window with a red x pop up using any browser on the crackberry site.

Going in using the Mobihand site, I get a login popup that throws me into a continuous loop, saying that I'm eligible for an upgrade, but need to log in...

I already have this new version. And I didn't have to pay an upgrade fee. Could that be because I have a licensed version and not the free one?

They still use the shit Weather Underground as their only source. It shows partly cloudy all the goddamn time. Just like most other users complained.

Most of us ask for more than 1 weather source, but BellShare doesn't listen, neither do they acknowledge us.

there are new features included in that price and it's well worth the price. Unfortunately, I won't be upgrading. haha!

It's my favorite app, by far! next to quicklaunch, that is.

croldan72... same issue here when I hit the upgrade button.

btw, weather underground works great for me. It's my go-to weather source across the board.

If I upgrade now and OS6 comes out in a couple of months... but BerryWeather stops working. Will I have to pay for another update, or will that one be free?

You use a $500+ phone, and pay an additional fee of $30 a month for internet service. If your too cheap to pay the money for some of these excellent apps who actually deliver what they advertise, then its your loss. berry weather, quick launch etc... Well worth the price paid for them.

I've bought & won almost all Bellshare apps. The ones I did buy are well worth the dough. I shoot sports professionally and need a great weather app to keep me up to date. I can't stand having adds run on my app either which is why you benefit from purchasing the full app.

Berrybuzz is by far the best app for lighting notifications. I can glance at my BB everytime it rings or vibrates and know whether or not I need to get it.

Just recently purchased Berrypopup and love it! Comes in handy when I need to be notified of certain email while in another app.


I use this every time I touch my phone.. I love the cell tower location for my weather among other cities for weather. One of the best apps out there... I would buy this again, worth the update price for people with older version. GO GET IT!!!!!!

I just switched devices to the Bold 9700 and when I went to reinstall, I got the latest version 2.2 ran their license transfer tool. Sent me a new code, and registered successfully, no fee!

So maybe for these upgrades, just uninstall the app, reinstall and reregister and that should do it!