BerryWeather updated to v2.6 - Brings OS 7 support, bug fixes and new features

BerryWeather 2.6
By Alicia Erlich on 11 Aug 2011 10:49 am EDT

There's nothing like waking up in the morning and discovering an update to one of your favorite applications - especially when it brings OS 7 compatibility. Bellshare released an update to their popular weather application BerryWeather (aka BeWeather) making it available for the newer BlackBerry 7 devices as well as including additional features for existing devices. As a 2010 CrackBerry award winner, it's one of the best weather apps available. I never leave home without checking it first. So head on over to the app store and grab this update today.

New features

  • Adjusted day/night background images for higher resolution screens on OS 7.0
  • Added native send menu for sharing weather on OS 7.0 (Facebook, Twitter, BBM etc)
  • Added native send menu on OS 7.0 for sharing weather advisory
  • Added new compact forecast style/configurable POP visibility
  • Added support for multiple built-in maps
  • Added auto-dismissing popup showing detailed error information when location update fails
  • Reworked license screen
  • Reworked settings categories screen
  • Minor changes to theme colors
  • Fixed error on first load of radar map

BerryWeather is available for $9.99 at the CrackBerry App Store for most BlackBerry devices.

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Reader comments

BerryWeather updated to v2.6 - Brings OS 7 support, bug fixes and new features


And still works great on the old 9530 (waiting on VZW to release the new touchscreen BB but that's another story) - fixing the error on first load of radar is worth the price of admission.

there is a problem with your More information / purchase BerryWeather Link !! when you choose either add to cart or free trial the OS7 does not appear on the OS choices...

Very cool that it is ready for OS7 but they left the current OS6 user in the dust without the BBM intergration. That is not good.


Who in their right mind would throw 10 dollars down the toilet for this app when is a free app? How incredibly senseless....

A person like me that watches for severe weather, has his own personal weather station and likes a well done app.

Not to mention people who are traveling or travel often.

Just because you find no use for it does not mean the
rest of the world feels the same way..

Now go download a nice fart app to keep you busy..


I downloaded update this morning and my 9650 powers on and off on its own. This problem occurred after the download. I then removed the app and my phone worked properly. Can anyone help with this discrepancy. I really enjoyed the app on the OS6.

I downloaded the update to my 9650 and while the phone does boot up, the"hourglass" has been spinning for over 30 min. Pulled the battery and the same thing happened. I guess I will be uninstalling this from my phone when I go home - annoying that I'm now stuck at work without a functioning phone :(

Is there a way to get the old version back?

BerryWeather no longer shows up on my home screen, or changes the wallpaper. Kind of defeats the purpose. Using a 9650 running OS6.

Same here. works fine on my 9650. I wonder if they are serving up the wrong (OS) versions from some links......

I have a horrible time picking the home screen wallpaper after the upgrade. None of the folders seem to be selecting properly and when I do highlight a folder, it seem to take a long time to desplay the folder name I have selected.


I gave up on this app several months ago. About 60% of the time it cannot find my location based on the Cell Location. To me that made this app stand out form other, free, weather apps. Nice to see my home screen update as I travel. Downloaded 2.6, same issue ... deleted it.

My issue is on a 9700 AT&T and 9800 also AT&T. Could be the carrier I guess, either way, no luck.

Yeah I don't always get an accurate weather forecast for Sydney, Australia.

The temps are often wrong even only 1 day in advance, and then during the day itself if you do an update then it quite frequently shows the wrong weather, like clouds when it's perfectly sunny, or no wind, when it's really windy.

If you want a great weather app, DO NOT waste 10 bucks on this app. Spend the $15 and get My-Cast. It makes BerryWeather look like a kiddie app. Just the facts.

same here, also when i use the day and night theme the background doesnt format to the screen correctly looks like it is still set to the 480x360 res for the 9650