BerryWeather Updated to 2.0.63 - Add Your Own 'Weather Slot' to Any Theme

By Adam Zeis on 14 Dec 2009 09:33 am EST
BerryWeather 2.0.63

Just a few weeks back BerryWeather 2.0 was released with a ton of new features. Among them is my favorite of being able to have the weather info display on your homescreen backgound. My only gripe was that there was no way to disable all the excess text (conditions, location, etc) and show just the icon. Well in their latest update, Bellshare has given the option to completely customize this feature. Now you can create your own "weather slot" theme and tweak it to your liking. You can choose to show or hide the location, conditions, tempature, 'Feels Like' temperature, Hi/LO and observation time. You can choose where the icon is placed, as well as what wallpaper is displayed. I have to say I'm a huge fan of this update since I can now place the weather icon anywhere on my homescreen, ultimately making any theme on my device a "weather theme". BerryWeather is one of the higher priced apps at $9.95, but is well worth it in my opinion. 

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BerryWeather Updated to 2.0.63 - Add Your Own 'Weather Slot' to Any Theme


I have many apps installed on my 9700 and i must admit I use this one the most. It is fantastic if you travel and even on a day to day basis at home. The weather alerts are outstanding and useful. If you havent bought this app, get it! 10.00 is cheap for how often you will find yourself using it!

I would like to finally get the FREE 2.0 upgrade from appworld. Yes I agree the software is EXCELLENT, and 2.0 has been available for almost 2 weeks now. But come on let me have it!!!!!!

I'm in the same boat and it appears we will not get the free upgrade that BellShare says is due to customers who purchased BerryWeather after October 15, 2009. MobiHand offers the free upgrade link but the App Store does not and I've sent dozens of messages to BellShare's support and thus far have gotten nothing back but second-hand replies from their volunteer forum staff.

I did get one email back from BellShare confirming that I am entitled to the free upgrade and they pointed me to MobiHand to get it...but unless you bought it there, that doesn't work We're screwed, I think.

Running 4.7..65 and the wallpaper functionality is NOT working. Posted several times on Bellshare's own forum and have received very little feedback outside of "we'll look into it." Only feature that I'm getting that I didn't have prior to the major overhaul is the ribbon thermometer.

yeah if i leave the wallpaper option turned on (even though it doesn't display), when Berry Weather updates, it changes my devices wallpaper back to the themes default. crazy. but i really like the app.

I tried this app and liked it at first but it has slowed down my Tour too much. I also don't like all the weather advisory alerts I get.....they aren't important to me, and I don't know how to make them stop.

I thought there was a 30 days money back guarantee from Crackberry app store. Did I read something wrong? I would like to get my money back.

I have turned off (unchecked) all notifications and I still get them about 10 times a day. So a river 2 miles away might flood....actually no it won't. I don't need weather notifications where I live. The weather doesn't get that bad.

Somewhat. This feature is only for BerryWeather. Users of other weather programs such as WeatherBug, etc. will still be calling for weather-specific theme versions.

From 2.0.54 to this 2.0.63, no charge - free upgrade. From the older version to 2.0.54, yes, $4 upgrade charge. I will think it is a bit pricey as many discussed but they won't do anything about it...

I noticed using your wallpaper through BerryWeather makes it a little grainier :-/

oh well, i guess there's more significant issues out there.

I am hoping someone out there can help me. How do you get it on your home screen?? Do I need a specific theme that allows it??


Go to BerryWeather, BB key --> setting --> Homescreen Wallpaper --> check Enable BerryWeather Homescreen Wallpaper. You an select whatever you would like to see in the home screen by checking. To determine where to show the weather, you need to adjust margin in addition to "Style" (Top left, top right, center). After doing so, a wallpaper needs to be selected from this Homescreen Wallpaper setting. Scroll down all the way to select a wallpaper you would like to use. If you change wallpapers in the traditional ways such as from camera (photos), it changes but the weather won't show up in Wallpaper. If it is not clear, PM me. I learned this from somebody else a few days ago LOL.

I tried that with my .57 OS and it still doesnt work.

Thanks anyway. I like the app alot, would love it if the wallpaper setting worked! LOL

why don't they make it to where people running os 4.5 do the same? because that's why i haven't got it yet...i love the berry weather but i can't use it as a theme on my 8820 because it's running os 4.5... i would pay the $10.00 for it but i can't use it as a theme so i will wait until they make it where people who is running os4.5 can do that...keep up the good work crackberry...all smiles.

I just realized this feature was even available. You do have to set your walpaper through the app its self. Wish there was a way to just show the icon for the current conition and not have it say overcast to the right of it for example. Will continue to play with it to see if I can get that done. Overall very nice.

I have the same wallpaper problem with the OS. All it does is cycle back to the theme default. I tried battery pulls, reinstalls, etc.. Was hoping that the upgrade to 63 would fix it. Still a nice app, but would love to have the wallpaper work.

This is hands down the best app on the market. Bell Share continues to improve on it and make it better and better! Well worth the 9.95 price tag, although if you are patient...I bet it will be a DOD within a couple of weeks :)

I could see the current conditions before. Not with this update. I do not see the option to change what info appears on the BB main screen when hovering the curso/ selector over the BW icon. This is with a Curve 8320 using OS

I absolutely love this App! It worked like crap on my TOUR but it is flawless on my 9700!

Best weather app ever...recent updates by Bellshare have made the weather forecasts so much more accurate

Guatiao: open berry weather go to Settings->Homescreen/Notification Icon, and the first pulldown labeled "Icon title" has the setting for what is displayed on the icon/homescreen title

BerryWeather is a favorite app of mine. With the new update installed yesterday I have not yet had time to explore all the new options. Maybe later today...

As a rule I do not pay for apps but this one is worth every bit of the purchase price IMHO.

The Homescreen Background doesn't worked in my Bold 9000 :(

And after I upgrade, there's no more option for Homescreen/Notification Icon.

So sad. I thought I can set it as Homescreen Background, but unfortunately not.

Anyone having the same problem as me? exactly what this is.

I have been using Berry Weather for some time and I just love the latest update. Well worth that $$ for it.

My code was lost in the last Verizon Tour OTA upgrade, and I have sent bellshare numerous emails and they will not respond with my code, its been over a month, and nothing!

I totally agree with eRick89. What happened to the Homescreen/Notification icon?

I'm having the same issue. Can anyone help?

I seem to not get the wallpaper and radar to work for me. I love that I can get plenty of weather data. If only the wallpaper and radar would work for me.

Definitely worth the money. I was using WeatherBug for a while now and finally dropped the 10 bucks for this. Well worth it and a lot more streamlined and graphics are GORGEOUS!

The option setting to set the weather on my back ground isn't even there? What the **** I spent my $4 exactly for the that reason

I'm sure this has been answered countless times, but what Twitter application is that on the bottom right?



The old version (1.x) used to have some nice BerryBuzz integration. That's gone in the 2.x version.

I hope they get that worked out someday soon.


Same thing on my Bold 9000 also!
There is not even a Homescreen option in the settings menu.

Getting tired of these great apps that do not FULLY function like they should and the answer all the time is working on bugs.

Developers do not mind taking full payment upfront. If these stores would offer a full or partial refund for these apps they sale maybe they would not be made available till all the kinks are worked out.

$3.99 for upgrade is no big deal but at least function.

Not mentioned in the article, but if you go to Bellshare's site you can download the 1.6 free upgrade if you don't want to pay for the 2.x version.

This supposedly fixes the GPS location issue that 1.5 users started having when they switched to WeatherUnderground as the provider.

I'm downloading now. Will report results soon...

Great app...but if you purchased via BlackBerry's App World you're still stuck not being able to upgrade :-( I bought v1.5 after October 16 so qualify for the free upgrade to 2.0 but after several weeks now I still can't upgrade. The developer has been promising it all this time but blames RIM for the problems.

im taking it from what ive read if i purchase this app on my bold running 4.6 i wont be able to use the wallpaper option?....and by the looks of it many people who are running it on the right o.s are finding it doesnt work anyway lol

So just did the upgrade from 1.5 to this 2.0 version and it upgraded me to the 4.7 OS version even though my OS has since changed to 5.0

I can run it just fine and it seems to be ok, but would it worth the hassle to get bellshare to give me the 5.0 version instead?

I like app but i believe it drains the battery. Its always running in the background and even when i set the intervals to every 4 hours to update it will still do it any time. Maybe the update fixed that

Version 2 is good. Really good in fact. My biggest complaint is how they left out the nifty little 'icon in the notification area' bit (either that or I'm an idiot and can't find the setting). I really dug that and now it's gone.

Oh well. Still a sweet app.

I have a storm and downloaded the upgrade from mobihand onto my Storm.
I get an error message and it wont download the upgrade.
I have os 5.0 for the Stormand I got the app from the app store. Whats up??

I'm running on my Curve 8330 and it works great. Although I agree I think it does slow down my phone a bit. Open BerryWeather...Settings...Homescreen Wallpaper...make sure that the top box is selected.

Because I'm so interested in this app I've just upgraded my o.s to 5 and went onto bellshar site and downloaded the .46 trial and everything works fine on my bold the homescreen wallpaper works fine too. At least now I know I can pay the price and get no problems with it

Are you no long able to change the color and location of the temperature for the home screen icon? You used to be able to on the previous version. I'm only using the trial, didn't know it the paid version offered more hidden features.

I've been using the app for about two days now and love it. I just can't figure out how to make my icon title give me the temperature it feels like. Right now I have it set to tell me the conditions, but it's not my personal preference.

Definitely not the end of the world.. but if I wanted to open a weather app to see what it feels like, I would've stayed with the free Weather Eye app in App World. Just saying.

How do you get the keyboard out of the way to see this program, especially radar full screen on the Storm?

How do you get the keyboard out of the way to see this program, especially radar full screen on the Storm?