BerryWeather - Helping you Weather the Storm (or Bold or ...)

By Ryan Blundell on 14 Apr 2009 01:38 pm EDT

Berry Weather

Where I grew up we had four seasons, just like everybody else. In our case, these seasons we called Almost Winter, Winter, Still Winter and Construction. We've become quite dependent upon knowing the forecast; regardless if would affect us or not. We recently had a birthday party for our son. For weeks before we would check daily, sometimes numerous times a day, to see if it was going to rain or not (it did end up raining, but we had fun nonetheless).

Just like the various weather conditions we may experience, we BlackBerry users and abusers have various options when it comes to obtaining weather information. To date, I've tried using the Weather Service on Viigo (worked nicely) and accessed The Weather Network through the BlackBerry push services (not so nice). I heard of the visually stunning application called BerryWeather and wanted to see if it would call for a sunny application day, or rain on my parade (hopefully not causing water damage with my Bold). With options including extended forecasts and the ability to monitor multiple locations, BerryWeather should help you decide if you need to pack an umbrella or not. More after the jump.

About BerryWeather

BerryWeather was made possible by the folks at Bellshare GmbH. You may recognize them as being the brains behind the popular BerryBuzz. BerryWeather is available for any Berry running on OS 4.2.1 or higher (including the Storm). The application will take up 674.2KB of space and, when first opened, will automatically test the best connection to the internet.

The main menu is where you will be able to obtain the forecast for up to 10 different locations simultaneously, although you do have access to over 72,000 locations. They can be easily searched by name or zip code. Each location will be displayed in what appears to be "weather cards". The locations are beautifully displayed and can be scrolled through by moving the trackball to the left or right. Each location has seven different views to choose from, simply by pressing the trackball or selecting a view from the menu. Below is a list of views available;

  • Today
  • Today with a 7 day outlook
  • Today with an hourly outlook
  • Full Daily view (an expanded card with more detailed information)
  • Full Hourly view 
  • Compact Daily view (a slightly less expanded view)
  • Compact Hourly view
Berry Weather
views available to you

Berry Weather
Today w/Daily view

Berry Weather
Full Daily view

The "cards" for the locations can be shuffled and reordered to suit your needs. You are also given the ability to decide which location will be considered your main, "home" location. For each location, an ample amount of information is presented, including a visual representation of sky conditions, temperature (Celsius or Fahrenheit), dew point, wind and what it "Feels like". The application also displays when the weather was last observed and last updated. BerryWeather also helps you personalize your viewing enjoyment, with different themes and the option to change the background image and font.

The home screen icon will display the most recent temperature conditions, so you can have a very quick glance of what's happening outside. The application can be personalized as well, with information positioning and colour choices.

Berry Weather
keep informed using the icon

Get the kids into the cellar, there's a storm comin' !

Hopefully, the need won't arise, but rest assured that BerryWeather will alert you of any weather warnings that have been issued. You can see the start and stop times of the alerts, as well as a description of the conditions and affected areas. BerryWeather also works well with its sibling; BerryBuzz. The application will alert you using the LED and using the options found within BerryBuzz, thus hopefully keeping you on top of any advisories. On top of this, the settings menu helps you dictate which views and notification you prefer to see.

Berry Weather

Scattered thoughts with a 90% chance of a conclusion

BerryWeather sports a visually appealing delivery of weather conditions. Information requests were responded to quickly, as well as easy to read. The application packs a ton of customizable features. I love having the ability to view multiple locations and choose which one I want to call home (there's no place like home). BerryWeather is available with a 3 day trial and can be purchased from the CrackBerry App Store for $9.95. Now the only thing I need to go with this is a BlackBerry Umbrella, the BerryBrella. Hey! I call dibs on the name!! For more information on BerryWeather, click here.


  • monitor multiple locations (up to 10)
  • information for over 72,000 locations
  • detailed information beautifully presented


  • none to report so far

Reader comments

BerryWeather - Helping you Weather the Storm (or Bold or ...)


I would need radar also. We are on the go and spend so much time outside during the summer it is nice to see exactly where the rain is. It helps us determine if we are going to go more north, south, east or west. :) It also helps us if rain is inevitable(?)about when it may hit and/or how long it will last.

We travel to theme parks and it would be nice to get animated radar for our location. When we travel, we don't always know the local news stations to connect to their web sites, so animated radar built into the weather program is needed to help us see when and where the weather is.

Hello people...why do you need an app when you can goto
www. in the browser and type your
location and bingo bango bongo.. instant forcast and radar.

or on you BB...the best weather site on
the planet!!!!


Boating, smowmobiling and Street Bikes.
I would like to know where the weather is coming from, when and how long till it passes.
I care....seriously ;-)

I think for the folks that live in areas of the country where the weather is rather stable year round, can't understand, why people in areas of the US or world for that matter, where the weather can change from sunny to stormy in as little as 30 mins, or why they would want a active weather radar, along with their weather radio.

Until you have hunkered down in a strangers storm celler or the basement of a grocery store, or been caught out on a large body of water, in a boat smaller than you'd really want to be on in rough water, when a sudden storm rolls in, you will never know why anyone would want up to the minute weather info, that is not pushed from a basic forecasting site that is still showing sunny and clear, while the 7th circle of Hades has just opened up over your head.

Can someone fill me in on why there is such a big deal over weather software that you'd want to pay for it? I hope it is for more than just a fancy graphical interface. Myself, I get text updates on local weather and I also use Viigo to check local weather and other cities. Why would I pay for something like this when there are so many FREE alternatives. Please enlighten me.

ok the programs with all the colors looks great...BUT....

BBWeather is free, does all this, doesnt take up as much memory as this thing will....o did i mention its free!!!!

Exactly what about it makes it awesome? I really want to know. Are you a meteorologist or just into cute graphics that deliver the same information readily gotten for FREE?

No i'm not a meteorologist but I'm a weather freak. It all depends on personal preferences, I want function AND cute graphics. Of all the weather apps I've tried this was the most accurate and the one that offer customization and a lot of different settings. Some people don't like to pay for apps but if I like something and it suits my needs, I'm gonna pay for it!

There is a typo in the coupon that lead to some confusion ;-)

We added another one so both will work: You can use crackberryweather25 or crackberyweather25

Someone who has got this working, anyone confirm whether or not it has Longridge, Lancashire, UK or Preston, UK in it? Or it's not worth my monies.

I've compared the trial version to, which is usually my go to on the computer, and BerryWeather is usually off on the highs and lows about 2 degrees. Has anyone else seen this? Or not think its accurate?

Its nice and all, maybe worth the money to pay for, but not if its not accurate.

I live in the midwest and, this time of year, you're godamned right I am watching the storm fronts. A forecast is nice, but I can see all I need to know from a radar image, preferably an animated one.

People keep asking why, when there are so many free weather apps. Well I just downloaded and it is very very pretty and convenient. But something else that might make it worth spending a little greeen on is its fast. What I mean is currently with Weather bug or Viigo, you get some basic info, but when you want more detail or forcast you click and then wait for the browser. On this app, its at the flick of the track ball (btw, Im on a curve). So that is pretty cool if its important to you. Also, switching locations is a breeze as well, just roll track ball left or right. I assume on the storm, its just a flick left or right. I know Viigo, it list all location in one spot, but again for detailed info, it goes to accuweathers website. So anyways, with a 25% off, I think its worth it. Other than that, if the freebies work (and they do) for you with out the glitter and convenience, then I say stick with em, but I dont think you would shoot yourself in the foot if you bought this app either.

Thank you leathernuts, for a reasonable explanation that wasn't defensive. I have no problem paying for apps if I believe they add value that can't be added for free. I am one of the skeptics regarding paying for a weather application with so many free alternatives available. But you do make some good points. I'm not sure I'd still buy it since I do utilize so many different options including the local news.

I'm in the same boat. Living on the coast or in the SW might not see the dramatic weather we have almost every week in the "middle of no-where" mid-west. I look at the radar every day before I leave the house and again at night before bed time. Stuff moves pretty fast during the spring.

On a side note, I did contact the developer after I purchased the app. Radar and GPS are coming in future releases.

I have 3 weather apps loaded on my Storm at one time to compare the readings, this one seemed to be more accurate that WBug and BBWeather. I would gladly pay for a good loking, good performing app that the developer has an interest in making better.

"Where I grew up we had four seasons, just like everybody else. In our case, these seasons we called Almost Winter, Winter, Still Winter and Construction"

HA HA HA I grew up in Winnipeg too!!!!

I think this is probably one of the more visually atractive weather applications out there.

Sadly at over 674K in file size, it is a little too bloated for my 8830. Memory is too valuable a comodity on the 8830 to give that much up.

I tried the Barryweather free trial and love it. I am a weather freak.... I emailed them about not having any weather radar. They responded that an update to add radar is on the way very soon. I can't wait. The addition of radar will make this app the absolute best.

I think its a great weather app and you can have multiple cities too...and with the update coming which will add radar
it makes for a GREAT LOOKING must HAVE app

There are indeed alot of free weather stuff for the berry but if anyone wants to purchase a nice clean one then this one if great.

Tried the free trial for about a week and I bought it (love it)Tried the others they were good, but I like the clean interface. As for not paying for weather applications or any other application each his own, if you want it pay for it if not don’t. But just don’t degrade an application because they charge for it, that’s plain silly.

Why would I purchase an app like this when google offers the same info in a search that can be bookmarked?

The best weather site is
It has free weather information. Yes radar is on there. It updates me on alerts like Tornado watches or warning before my weather radio goes off with an watch or warning. Yes weather underground is another great free weather site. I still say my-cast is #1 for free weather sites.

Thanks for the 25% off! This is an awesome app at an awesome price! Don't miss out!

This is a wonderful weather app. Better than WeatherEye and WeatherBug, in my opinion. Easy to use and definitely worth the $9.95.

Paid for and DL'd because of recommendation but keep getting java.load.Error when i try to start ???

I had a similar issue with my storm recently. Although, it was with the messaging. It turned out, a file was corrupt. I had to back up my storm, and clear my messages to fix it. I guess you should try to reinstall?

have any of you guys tried weather eye?? Guys n Gals should give this a try... Best thing about this is that its "FREE"

I use and like WeatherBug BUT... I also haven't upgraded to the new one because of the ads AND the font and positioning of the Detail Screen has changed... The .274 version has no ads and is easier to read but no animated Radar in that version... I Bookmarked weather underground's Animated Image for my Zip which comes up Full Screen and looks great...

I may try this and see how I like it.

i notice that berryweather must be running in the background however im using a trial please let me know if this is so on the paid as well, once i close berryweather all readings are remove from icon its pretty good app i like it it tells you everything and also alerts you as well for thouse who like radars thats no problem your better off using the web anyway for that but the app itself is great

i use weathereye and love it but the only thing i dont like is that it dont have global cities other than the states the countries i go to there are no city lists in weathereye and also weathereye is not as on point as i thought. when rain was falling it took weathereye at least 1hr between the times to read the readings and this is after a hit. its free thats why i dont complain and it works in the city if im to travel abroad in the bush or jungle this thing will get me killed.

Been using this one since I saw it here a few weeks ago. Didn't win a free version, so when my trial expired, I bought it from Handango (25% off).

It works great... smooth, fast and reliable!

I like it even more than weatherbug, which is very nice too.

This is nonsence this app is nice however don't waste your money if you can't impress some one the first time the second is just a waste of time its raining right now in NYC hahahaha and this piece of crap is not even telling me there's rain its telling me overcast for like 2hrs now this is worse than weathereye at least it tells me the correct reading. To thouse of you who's getting the correct reading good luck this app don't work as advertized. Don't waste you money.

I sometimes see the abbreviation POP followed by a percentage (i.e. 10%). What does this mean? If you scroll up and look at one of the screen shots you will see it on the third screen shot directly under where it says Partly Cloudy

It's percent chance of precipitation. That'll give you an idea as to whether or not you should take your BerryBrella.

It's easy to use, it looks great.. A++
BUT, the weather advisories kind of suck and they are too generic for my location. I think I will check out the text message alerts from as an addition to this.

I'm a weather "junkie".On my old Nokia I used to have MyCast5 Weather,which was an awesome weather app.When BerryWeather gets animated radar it's going on my 8330.

I live in Amsterdam, we got the 4 Seasons every day ... this app appears more accurate than other weather solutions, i can not wait for the update with the radar! I purchased a license :)

This app is worth the money you will pay for it its basically a push weather app its amazing easy to use and a great addition to your home screen

Does anyone know if you can transfer this application to another phone if you upgrade (as I am planning to do when the Niagara 9630 becomes available on Verizon) your phone? Or do you have to purchase the software all over again?

I'm not sure what that comment means. I am asking if I can transfer this program if I upgrade to another Blackberry (Niagara 9630)

Yea, I know. Weather apps are a dime a dozen. Free ones exist. Why would anyone pay for one?

Well, this one is just so nice to look at. Very intuitve (is that is even a criteria for this kind of thing.) How could you not like it? Well worth $10. Come on, folks, it's just two lattes from Starbucks. :-)

My only regret is that I didn't wait for another few days, since now it's 25% off. I could have bought a small latte.

Okay, so here's the thing...I have historically not been the biggest fan of weather apps. WeatherBug made my BB Storm run terribly slow. In fact, just about all weather apps caused memory leaks and just made everything quite sluggish. So I installed the shortcut and went to the net for weather updates. So when I saw this, I said there's no way I'd spend money for this, especially not almost $10. And even with the 25% off, not a chance. All the free ones made my phone intolerable, why would I pay money to do that to my phone.

Luckily, BerryWeather offered a free trial. And I absolutely loved it. It does not make my phone sluggish. No memory leaks...yet. And it is very detailed, convenient, and quick. Not to mention it is visually appealing as well. I'd like to hear if other people are having memory problems or if this app has slowed down your phone.

The moral of the story is: free trials really pay off so they should be offered more readily. And one other thing...for those of you who think it is silly to pay for a weather app, I hear you loud and clear, but no need to get angry with everyone who has bought this app. And for those of you who have spent money on a weather app, don't get so offended when people say it is silly to do so.

I am giving the Berryweather trial a go, it has a nice intuitive interface, but living in Europe I'm finding many towns are simply missing. They are on Viigo and Wunderground, so they are not exactly unknown places!

Maybe those 75,000 locations are mostly in North America? :-)

when you add your cities try adding spaces in the cities also try a city close by from north to south or from west to east. same thing happend to me at first but it found them.

I tried weather channel, weather eye and a couple others and this one won out for me. I would like to have radar since I'm a motorcyclist, so that's a minor loss, but the pros on this outweigh the cons, mainly:

1) Nice temp icon so you can see current conditions at a glance.

2) GREAT multi-city support. If you travel a lot and might have a trip connecting through several cities it's great to "flick" through them easily. No waiting, entering zipcodes or goofing around.

3) Always updated. If I want current conditions I just pop into the app and I'm updated in a couple seconds. No opening the browser and slogging through several URLs, no waiting for Weather Channel to load, etc.

Well worth the ten bucks.

The horizontal scrolling is too sensitive and is quite annoying. The developer need to be in a 5-10 pixel buffer before it attempts to scroll horizontally.

Make sure if you want the discount that you go to the app store THROUGH THE BROWSER on your phone. If you downloaded the crackberry app store app for your phone like I did then you will not even have the option of putting in the coupon code.

Very disappointed that this was not added to the crackberry appstore app.

I love the app but at ten bucks I probably would have stayed on the fence and used free apps. For 7.50 it was worth going ahead and getting.

So don't make the same mistake I did and get screwed out of your 25 percent off.


in our post we said it had to the browser on the mobile phone. sorry for the frustrations on that.

a new version of the app store client will be soon that will include the coupon code feature - it just didn't make it into the beta.

I understand, but I was assuming the the app store app used the mobile website running in the background and gave a more visually appealing interface for it. Therefore assuming that so long as I purchased it from my phone I would be okay.

I'm happy with the purchase and greatly appreciate all the work being done on the crackberry site. I'm not mad, just disappointed and didn't want to have somebody else make the same mistake I did.

Still awaiting a reply from the company to explain the differences. When the badge is set to display the temp/sky cover, it always differs from the text reading, when the trackball is over the badge and it's different from the view today page. Even updating still produces inconsistencies.

Agree with the previous post. Log onto weather underground ( and you can get up to date forecasting as well as live animated radar - FOR FREE. Add this site to your bookmarks, and it is easily accessible.

This may or may not be a good app, but why pay for an app when you can get virtually the same information at no cost?

Works most of time ,radars pretty accurate when showing storms approaching. EZ to access and doesn't use alot of resources. I leave it running all day in background most of the time.Its worth the 10 bucks.