BerryWeather Free Now Available In BlackBerry App World

By Bla1ze on 13 Jan 2010 08:37 am EST
BerryWeather Free Now Available In BlackBerry App World

BerryWeather Free or BeWeather Free if you will, as it's known in BlackBerry App World, is now available for download. BeWeather Free is a slimmed down free offering of the popular BerryWeather application from the folks at Bellshare. While slimmed down, it's still a beautiful weather application for BlackBerry smartphones with auto updating and 5 day outlook that's sure to fill your needs for keeping up to date on the weather. You can check out the full list of differences between the free and paid version via the BlackBerry App World webpage. Personally, I don't really need all the offerings of the full paid version of BerryWeather so for BellShare to offer up this free version for its users is just awesome.

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BerryWeather Free Now Available In BlackBerry App World


Cool! Is there a list of the features that have been removed compared to the paid version? Also what's its size?

Does this version eliminate the lengthy lag that has been reported while running the paid version. That's the one major downside to this program and it drives me crazy.

From what i have picked up so far, gps location has been removed and the options to set home wallpaper. Also now only has two views.

That explains why the reading is always off for me... reverting back to BBweather is looking more promising.

I love this app the best weather app I've seen But it slows my phone down to a crawl I hope they get this problem under control

Great, so I pay $10 to get the program in the first place. then I pay more to "upgrade" to the new version a few weeks ago.

Now they offer a free version which does basically everything the "upgrade" version does bc the option to set the home wallpaper isn't available on OS 4.6 anyhow.

Last time I give Bellshare any of my $.

The same thing has happened to me. I left my comments today 1-20-10.

Don't buy this app. Bellshare, the mfgr, has lousy cust srvc and they try to soak you for more money just like you said.

+1 to what MAM said...not to mention the terrible lag I deal with to use this

not a happy camper...congrats to all the people who never have to pay for this now, i coulda live with 2 views and no gps location

I tried Weatherbug, WeatherEye, Weather Channel free apps, and so far I think this one kicks them all to the curb. I don't think I really need radar imagery on the go, but I can probably find it if I do. Temp, conditions, hi/lo, time, or any combination thereof on the icon, works with my weather slot theme, no more freakin' alerts that make me open the app, wait for them to load, then open and view just to dismiss them (thanks, Weatherbug! >:[ )

All I wanted was a home screen icon to display the temp, and maybe be able to see a forecast. BeWeather Free does all that, and does it well. After I use it for awhile, I may actually be convinced to buy the full version. We'll see.

I'm one of those who paid for BerryWeather and now that the dust has been settled with their weather server migration (there's even a new BerryWeather 1.6 for those who didn't like 2.0), it's good to see them making a free version. I don't feel bad at all for paying. BerryWeather is worth the $10, but it's good that they now have a free version, as I tried WeatherBug, WeatherEye and The Weather Channel free apps, and none can compare to the usability of BerryWeather.

this is what a weather app should look like. i am beta testing the new weathereye 2.0 and although they made great improvements to the app, it still pales in comparison to this.

i wish rim would just make their own weather app that can be integrated into other phone features. i had a hero and loved how when i check my calendar appointments, it told me how the weather would be like on that day. and how nice would it be if we had weather updates while the blackberry is in bedside mode?

More developers need to do nice things like this, even though the app does seem to have a few problems. Thank you!

I have the trial version on my phone and I believe that the paid version is on sale for $4.99. So it might be a bargain there. I had previously paid for weather bug and I find that this is a much better weather app for my storm. Will likely buy when trial is over. I am concerned about the reported lag problem. Can anyone elaborate on this.

I have noticed that right after install and reboot. Memory started to drop off - 2 meg for the first hour. Another 2 meg in the next 30 minutes. If it stabilizes great if not, I will have to pass. It is nice to have just a weather icon on the home page, but at what trade off?

You can wait and hopefully there will be an ota or download app world, download BeWeather Free and delete app world if you'd like after wards.

I d/l this app 3 days ago and and I think it uses a lot of battery anyone else notice this? Is full version BB Weather heavy on consumption?

After looking at what the free BeWeather offers, I'm not bothered I paid for the full version. I like the GPS Location and also the hourly forcast. Not bad for free though. I think they should have left the lag out of the pay version and implemented it into the free. That alone would push people to pay $10 just to get rid of it!

Memory leak, and didnt give enough forecast info like BBweather did. It's a nice idea, but just not for me.

Edit - Berry Weather was not the problem. I just re-installed it.

Nice, right after I paid for my upgrade you come out with pretty much what I could of had for free. Perfect especially in these tough econimic times. Would someone remind me why I should pay for a Blackberry ap? Enjoy all of you who don't have the ap yet it's a great addition to your blackberry as I use mine daily!

I don't see any extensive battery drain or lag time issues. For the people that have asked questions here, did any of you think about reading the program's web page?

If you have troubles with this app don't expect Bellshare to help you out. I have emailed them 3 times in 3 months with no response at all. wow way to drop the ball bellshare on a 10.00 app.

How many times is this going to happen? Like others, I've purchased BerryWeather twice! Once for the original program and once for the upgrade. Now, there is a free version that does everything that I need it to do!

Why does this happen so much? Either a full version update will release days after purchasing a previous version or a developer will release a new app that makes the prior app useless. I understand that app developers need to make a living but when did app developers (other than dmg) stop caring about their users?

This is ridiculous.

I bought the paid version when it was 50% off and think it is a great app. I am using it on my Bold 9700 with the latest official OS5. I see no lag and no memory drain from using this app.

I loved the look of BerryWeather when it first came out, but it was unusable then with all the server issues. Almost gave up on it in favor of Weatherbug Elite, but then they fixed their servers and moved to weather underground, and BerryWeather has been the app to beat, defining the marketplace ever since.

I'm glad there's a free version now, but do not regret buying the full version. I love the extra features, and GPS location is fantastic when I'm on the road. I haven't had lag problems in several weeks now, and I have to say this is an excellent app.

- Jon

Seems like weathereye gives you a lot more information. Which is a bummer because I kinda like the layout of Beweather better.

I've purchased the app, but after a week I had to remove it due to lag problems, will try this free one to see if the lag disappeared :)

Downloaded this yesterday... totally messed up my internet connection! I couldn't do anything, no facebook, no MSN, no INTERNET!!! And so I deleted it, had a hard time doing that! I rebooted like 3 times and the 3rd time it appeared again but not as Deleted, but as Archived... and it reappeared in my Application list. So I deleted it again and finally got rid of it, but then no EDGE, just edge. Finally after 2 more reboots, EDGE!!! So I'm staying with WeatherBug.

First impressions...I quite like it.
From the free stand alone weather apps that I've tried, this one can actually show me an Australian forecast, so that makes me happy to begin with.
It's nice and simple and I like that!

I purchased Berry Weather from the Crackberry site. Shortly after downloading it I recd an email from the mfgr informing me that there was an upgrade. I followed their directions to the letter and still no upgrade.

Then I had to search forever on the Bellshare website for some form of communication for cust srvc. I exchanged no less that 10 emails and still no satisfaction.

I would advise everyone NOT to purchase and download this app. You could possibly lose your money like I did.

I have BBWeather and like it but Berry Weather is awesome. Is there a link for download of BeWeather besides app world?

Clicking on the he link in the email that I get after clicking the 'Send App Link' button in appworld just opens up to the page to send the link to my BB again (Curve 8900)... It's a vicious circle, anyone have any ideas? Thanks!