BerryWeather for BlackBerry - Version 2.5 now available with push notifications, custom icons and more!

By Bla1ze on 14 Oct 2010 04:16 pm EDT

Fans of BerryWeather will be pleased to know that version 2.5 is now available for download. Winners of the CrackBerry App Award for best weather utility, BerryWeather 2.5 has a whole slew of changes and bug fixes in place. Almost too many to even list here so, we'll slim it down a bit for you all and concentrate on all bigger changes:

  • Added push support to instantly notify about weather alerts without draining the battery
  • Added support for custom icons. We are looking forward to iconsets created by the community!
  • Added support for sharing weather and advisory via Twitter
  • Added support for BlackBerry LBS (location based services) on OS 5.0 and higher devices for cell location lookup. This greatly improve cell location lookup accuracy
  • Improved weather alert support and filtering
  • New default background image in Day&Night theme. Shows sunlit sky for daytime, moonlit sky for nighttime locations. Transitions smoothly between locations on touchscreen devices.
  • Added support for wide background images. If a background image is wider than the screen it will scroll slightly in the background while you move from location to location.
  • Added option to show a shortcut on the homescreen for selected locations (OS 6.0 only)
  • New titlebar showing full device radio status and application indicators (OS 6.0t only)
  • Added support for restricting auto update during certain hours of the day
  • Added option to select font family (OS 5.0 and higher)

There really is quite a few more changes that I didn't list here so be sure to check out the full change log for all the details. You can download the free trial of BerryWeather from the CrackBerry App Store today.

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BerryWeather for BlackBerry - Version 2.5 now available with push notifications, custom icons and more!


I have had a issue with berryweather for quite a while now...I have a 9700(ATT running and I even got it replaced at the store about 2 weeks ago. My old BB did it and now I just tried to upgrade and my new BB is also doing it. I get a message saying "java.lang.nullpointerexception" and when I close out of that the app does not show up in my task switcher but if I try to open it again it will tell me its already running. If I use 1.6 it works fine (Worked on both devices) But the previous update and this one both produce the same errors...Any thoughts or ideas?


Best weather app...been a user since my bold 9000 i'm on the torch and it is absolutely beautiful...recommended for everyone

Unfortunately for you, AppWorld has an approval process for app updates, so you may not be able to update for a couple weeks. That's one of the reasons why I try to avoid AppWorld. With Crackberry/Mobihand the developers just send an update in and it's available right away.

OK, my post either went to the wrong place or you edited your!

Sorry about that. I was having problems at first. Then I realized I needed only to log into My Account at the bottom and it would direct to my apps.

I'm going to wait to download this until I change my OS, but I'm looking forward to it. I've never noticed any bugs in BW, so I have no idea what bugs they fixed, but the app is excellent and well worth the price of entry. I can only imagine the update will be top notch!

it is one of the few that i have paid for and was worth it. I travel a lot and love being able to set it to current location so that it is in sync with where i am always at. I also love being able to have mutiple locations to scroll between too so i can look at the weather at home with out having to do much.

One area i like to see them improve is the built in maps/radar and maybe give a list of other available maps/radar that would work with this app. Other than that i love this app and will use it for as long as i have a BB.

Worth the money that you spend on it and if you hold out long enough crackberry puts it on sale every few weeks for about 50% off so you can then pick it up for 4.99!

+1 on the location setting. I do a good bit of driving (cdl) and its nice to have the weather for the current location without having to figure out where you're at and set it as a location.
One of the few paid apps I heartily recommend.

I began experiencing the advisory /Java error message issue a few weeks ago, and was told by Bellshare that this release would address it. Well, my 9700 is still experiencing it after updating, and I contacted them again to follow up on the issue. It's the same issue didiqqq mentioned in his comment.

We would need more info about the NullPointer exception. The next time you get it, please open the event log on your device by holding the ALT key and then typing L G L G on the homescreen.

You should see an item NullPointerException. Please post the full item data here or on our forums at

WOW....this new version is wonderful!! Runs great on my Bold 9650 OS5. Great new features. Thank you Bellshare!

Is it possible to remove it totally? I've got the wallpaper activated but its duplicated by the small notification which is a shame. How do it I remove the notification icon? Thanks.

Settings> Homescreen/Notification Icon> Notification Icon

Uncheck block next to "Show Temperature Icon in Notification Area"

I currently have installed the version for "OS5.0 to OS6.0." I now see there there is an OS6 version, but I don't have the option to "swap to that version." I am on a Bold 9650 running, fyi. Any thoughts on how to get the OS6 version installed?

I did exactly the same thing, installed the 6.0 version, and my registration from the previous version carried over just fine. Didn't even have to re-enter my activation code!

Worked perfectly (I didn't have to enter my activation code, either)! Thank you both for your quick and helpful replies.

when the weather apps first came out for BB, I grabbed a free one or two to play with and eventually did an early trial of BW. At the time these apps were all around or under 400Kb. As OS5 and newer devices with larger memory abilities have come out, these simple weather apps have become more feature rich and rounded. 2-3 years ago no one would havebought a $10 weather app that was nearly a full meg of app space. And with the limited apis available, what could they have done - well I remember - not much.

More proof, that if you build them - they will come with apps. That is, more memory, more power, more APIs, better OSes will eventually equal fully realized applications on this platform.

this is by all means a great and welcomed update to a great app, but i cant help but miss the homescreen feature of previous versions where the pixel settings set the backdrop as well as the icon placement, making it possible to create what looks like a widget on my bb screen. the new option only allows to place the icons with the pixel settings, and gives the option to lighten or darken the entire screen ratehr than just behind the weather icon.

also i love the option of having the forecast on my homescreen, but it would be nice to be able to place the today information next to it, rather than only displayed above it. also would be nice to configure how many days i would like forecasted.

looking forward to future updates. and more icon sets.

Just now:

Name: NullPointerException
GUID: 9c3cd62e3320b498
Time: Oct 14, 2010 20:24:41
No detail message



Love this weather app...however, on my Storm 2, when using current location it won't located. It continues to say Failed Locating.

Anyone else come across this issue so far?

I have a bold 9650 on Verizon running a, i was always getting failed messages within the app until i turned my GPS on. now i don't know if there is a collation between the two but it fixed the problem.

I'm a little disappointed that you still cannot use your theme wallpaper when you enabled the homescreen wallpaper.

I can't stand using a different wallpaper. Why can't they fix it or make it an option?

You can still have Berryweather on your homescreen overtop your current wallpaper...

Instructions for putting BerryWeather icon on homescreen:

Open BerryWeather and go to:
Options>Settings>Homescreen Wallpaper>Check "Enable Homescreen Wallpaper" and any other items that you want on the homescreen. Then scroll down further and choose Style: Icon centered, right or left. Then choose Icon Size (I like large). Then backdrop off. Top margin needs to be set at 100PX. Left margin and right margin at whatever you like. Then scroll down to Background Image and click on Select Image>Click on File icon and then open>Click on file icon again and open>Click on file icon and open>Click on file icon and open>click on SDCard and open>Click on Blackberry and open>Click on Pictures icon and then open>Choose any picture that you have on your SD card that you want for homescreen WP and click select>hit back button>Click save and you are all done!!!!!

I have used Berry Weather for a long time. Would be nice if the notification icon could go higher than 99F. When you live in Phoenix it will say 99+ most of the time during the summer.

I just upgraded to version 2.5 on my torch and there is no option to activate the BerryWeather wallpaper nor is there any notification icon option.

I have a 9800. I just downloaded the trial. The screenshots look great. Hope it works well on my Torch. Thanks Crackberry team.

I love this update. I really like the fact that I can lighten or darken the background. Great app!

but with all the other ones out there $5 or $10 is just too much for me, maybe if it was cheaper I'd grab it.

I cannot get the icon to appear as desktop backgroud - this is on my Torch.

Is that option available on the trial version?

wallpaper still messes up in landscap on the torch. fix this already bellshare i'm tired of paying for broken apps.

Is this the weather app that lets you put the lil thermometer icon on the home screen so you can get a quick glimpse of the wheater? If so, I want it lol.

I picked this up the last time it was on sale for $5.00 in the CB store but after using it and seeing how good it really is I would have no problems telling someone to pick it up even at full price. IMO no other weather app comes close.

I picked this up the last time it was on sale for $5.00 in the CB store but after using it and seeing how good it really is I would have no problems telling someone to pick it up even at full price. IMO no other weather app comes close.

I dont use berryweather I use The Weather Channel. I find that much better. I will download the updated Berryweather and try it out.

The update apparently hasn't propagated to App World. Since that's where I bought it, I'd rather wait and update it from there.

I am on BES and the previous version worked fine..i.e. would update. That no longer is the case. Setting it to auto or BES...update fails....only WIFI connection will update...any thoughts?

....Cool new icons and interface, now all I need this app to do now is............... TELL ME THE RIGHT TEMPERATURE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What about the FREE or close to free iphone and android weather apps that surpass it, which also include homescreen animations?.. This app is great&gorgeous, but 10$ is too much. (I got one nevertheless)