BerryWeather 2.2.01 Released - Brings With It Great News For 3rd Party App Developers

By Bla1ze on 5 Mar 2010 02:25 pm EST
BerryWeather 2.2.01 Released Brings With It Great News For Developers

Bellshare has released their latest version of BerryWeather. This update is a little different from the standard operations of an update however. Bellshare has decided it's high time they opened up their awesome Weather application for other developers to make use of the information it provides. Developers now have the option to use data from BerryWeather in their own applications.

One of the first apps to make use of this integration is Ultimate Lock, which was also updated to coincide with the new BerryWeather release. I'm quite certain as newer applications are released, quite a few other developers will be making use of the data BerryWeather can provide much like how theme developers are now requested in droves to include a dedicated weather slot in their themes. If you're a developer, you can read more about the BerryWeather 3rd party app access via the Bellshare forums.



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I feel that I need to mention it is not 'one of the first' but THE first and ONLY for now!


where can i get it!??!?! :)


what theme that is. Looks like a droid theme but I like the little bit of info on the left side. Is it available for the storm?


That is the storm version as I recall.


That is the lock screen for Ultimate Lock illustrating the integration of BerryWeather with the App.


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So is there still a free version of this app? Is this the upgrade to the free version as well?


how does this work on non touch devices ?

more importantly, since .484+

the lock button can't activate it...

kinda bummer, until it gets updated.


i'm more interested in the theme in this picture, any ideas what it is?


This will be a very nice feature for dev's to have available. Good job, Bellshare!


Benexus... pretty cool theme. Icons are a little large and with they changes the "X" when highlighting/selecting an icon, but otherwise its near perfect.


Benexus... pretty cool theme. Icons are a little large and wish they changes the "X" when highlighting/selecting an icon, but otherwise its near perfect.


this is Ultimate Lock. An application similar to the berry slider...just droid like :) awesome app btw.


Recently purchased there still another upgrade chage for the 2.2.01?


This is a great app; works well for when I travel, but this most recent update gave me troubles with BES.


Is it sucking your battery dry by constantly using data? This app seems to be my latest battery sucker.


Updated to this version of Berryweather OTA from 2.x (don't remember) via the app store and Berryweather no longer works on my Tour

Verizon Tour 9630 v4.7.1.61 (cause I run Mac and can't update to leaked 5.X easily)
Facebook, Ubertwitter, Viigo

Here's what I get-

Error starting Berryweather:
'net.rim.device.api.ui.TransitionContext' not found

Restarted BB twice. Removed Berryweather and reloaded with the same issue. Surly this is an isolated incident but it always seems to isolate me...grrr


This home screen/theme looks so cool. Can someone make this into a theme and post it?



ultimate lock, and 9700 = SUPER long reboot time

it stays there on the full bar for 7-10 minutes.

removing it makes the next reboot equally long, but it stays on 3/4th

then all is back to normal.


I got a new phone and its asking me for the activation code, just wondering if you could send me a new code. Thanks love the app i use it every day!