BerryWeather 2.0 Released: New Features And Services Added

By Bla1ze on 2 Dec 2009 07:24 pm EST
BerryWeather 2.0 Released New Features And Services Added

BerryWeather 2.0 has finally been released and adds some awesome new features. For those that have been using the app for a while now, you'll be pleased to know some bugs from previous versions have been fully addressed in this release. Along with some tweaks, new features have been added to improve functionality.

BerryWeather's pricing is same as the original release at $9.95. Users with prior versions can upgrade for $3.99 (free trial available) and users who purchased the app after October 15th will get a free upgrade. Full list of newly added features is available after the jump.

Weather Data:

  • New weather source:
  • Get more accurate current conditions by switching to a nearby weather stations for any location
  • New high resolution iconset
  • See your current weather as a homescreen wallpaper, includes many customization options
  • Full support for OS 5.0 screen transitions

Weather Advisories:

  • Get notifications only for specific advisories
  • Support for BerryPopup, get a popup with advisory details in any app

Radar Maps/Webcams:

  • Now you can use multiple custom radar maps/webcams
  • Pinch-to-zoom radar maps on any touchscreen BlackBerry

BerryWeather 2.0 is available now so original owners be on the look out for your update notifications from Bellshare. New users should be sure to give the free trial a look.

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BerryWeather 2.0 Released: New Features And Services Added


another typical uninformed comment, it is so commonplace anymore on these forums ... you seem to have forgotten to put FIRST!!!!!!1!!!ONE!EXCLAMATIONPOINT!!!!ELEVEN!!! in there.

I want a contest for this app! I cannot afford to spend $10 on a weather app, no matter how good it is... it only tells the weather. Give it to me for free, however, and I'll try and convert my rich friends ;)

Please help me upgrade. I check my account Crackberry store Mobihand, and see my activation code for 1.5. I installed 2.0 but code will not work? It worked on 1.5 this morning....
i only want upgrade price, seems fair.

BerryWeather 2.0 OS 4.2.1
Application Support PIN: 21607DA0
Activation Code: 426??? Current Version: 2.0.54
Purchased: 1.5.47
New version notification: On

There should be an option for you to upgrade through your MobiHand account and pay the $3.99. After which you should get a new code that works for 2.0. Old codes will not work for the obvious reason that nobody would pay for the upgrade if they did.

This is typical when an app gets what they consider a major overhaul. I'm still debating that myself, not sure if I actually need the better icons and minor bug fixes, my current version works fine on 5.0 and has never given me any problems.

You should have gotten a new longer digit activation code when you bought the upgrade. The 1.5 activation code will not work. Make sure you delete the 1.5 version before you install the updated version. It's great weather app.

I hope the programmer for BerryWeather makes some money for his/her efforts. However, in light of the fact that Weatherbug is free and gives the same information, I'm surprised that the BerryWeather developer is asking people to fork over almost $10 for this APP.

Berryweather is the BOMB. My favorite feature has been the ability to choose my own source for weather radar. I'm looking forward to seeing the new version in about 2 minutes.....

I've had, Weather Bug and other weather apps. This one by far is the best working and looking app for your BB. Spend the money. It is so worth it. I bought it when it was on a half price sale awhile back. The upgrade is only $4. Looks great on my Storm.

Bummer... I got the notice from Crackberry, uninstalled prior version, installed new version, my PIN code doesn't work and I just purchased Weatherberry 6 days ago.

I should not have to pay (and it looks like the article also says it should be free).

I sent an email to BellShare, hopefully I will get a response within the 3 day trial period, otherwise I'll have to try to find the old version until this can be worked out.

I clearly fall into the 'after October 15th category'. You would think they would ensure they address current customers in that category before posting it for general sale (or at least at the same time). Thus, anyone willing to 'pay' can get it now, anyone who purchased it recently (even yesterday or in my case, 6 days ago), must wait until...


Do you mean My Apps from Crackberry? I purchased it through Crackberry but it does not show up in my account (despite the fact that I got the email from Crackberry about the update with a link to my account).

Is this what you meant by My Apps?

After receiving an e-mail indicating my wonderful BerryWeather is updated, I decided to spend the $3.99 to upgrade it to vers. 2.0. The issue is this. The e-mail did not mention it, but there are LOTS of versions of BerryWeather out there (just as other programmers are doing as well). There is a version 2.0 for OS 4.7 and a version 2.0 for OS 5.0. Since I updated to OS 5.0, the version it downloaded for me was for OS vers. 4.7. And of course, it crashed the program and tried installing a second version of it, which also crashed. I deleted it all, contacted both mobihand and Bellshare about it. Bellshare sent an "standardized" response which was worthless. Mobihand did let me know that it would change that program in my Crackberry App Store to offer a free change to a new version. I did that, downloaded it, installed it, and, voila, I have the new version of BerryWeather running on my Storm. It works well, but will have to notify the Bellshare programmers of some changes they made that may not be better. The one main item is not being able to go to different versions of the weather info by simply touching/clicking the screen. Now, that brings up a menu window requiring you to choose which screen you want. It might seem that would be better, but now its more cumbersome. The setup area needs to allow for choosing all weather info screens you wish to see by just touching/clicking on the screen. So, I got to the new version, but it was way too convoluted of a path to do it. Really, programmers, Mobihand, Crackberry, my phone ID # should tell you what OS version I'm running, and update my programs intelligently. SHEESH!

Sending an email to Bellshare is worthless. I get an automated response telling me "you apparently have a registration issue and to go to a specific page". You go there and it asks for your device PIN. You enter it and it says the PIN is valid and there is no problem with the only choice being to transfer it to another device.

Thus, how can we get this resolved if all emails will be diverted and not attended to?

Bummer #2.

Hopefully someone on this forum / via these comments can help.

You can set where you want the icons displayed, and move them down, up, to the left or to the right.
It's in the "Top, Right, and Left Margin" areas in the settings.

tried all that, moved the icon and text around a bit, but the text still goes over the today screen text.

Just drove from Albuquerque to Phoenix with a huge rain/snow storm coming in. BerryWeather proved to invaluable. $10 is well worth all the options that come with this app. (Although I only payed $5 when it was on sale and $4 for the upgrade)

I have been using BW for about six months. I went to the CB App Store, click on the download arrow and was offered the $3.99 upgrade price. Added to my cart, purchased and wham, there was the new Activation Code and the link was sent to my phone. I had previously uninstalled the old version (they don't tell you to do this, but you really should) so I simply downloaded and installed and entered the new code.

The graphics are superlative! I love it, love the ability to add multiple radar maps and hey, for the price of a beer or two, it's well worth it.

I think this only works if you are eligible for a paid upgrade. Those who are to get a free upgrade... well, does not work. Since my last purchase is not in "MY ACCOUNT" (at least for me), I do not have such an option to get my free version 2.0 activation code for the product that I purchased 6 days ago :(.

I appreciate all the posts. Am I the only one who has this problem that purchased it after October 15th and is eligible for the free version?

They want four dollars for an upgrade to an expensive program that I already paid for! I think that is horrible. I'll never spend another penny with their company. I also had problems with my previous version and got absolutely no support after many requests for help.

My $.02 would be pass on this one sorry guys.

I purchased BerryWeather for both of my BBs ages ago (for the $10 each)! Now they want to charge $4 on top of that for marginal improvements??? Thanks, but no thanks. I'll hold off on upgrading until there's something worth upgrading to.

4 dollars to upgrade a program I already paid 10 bucks for? No thanks. This will be the last app I buy from Bellshare. Here's hoping your company goes under!!!!!!!!!!!

How much did you pay to upgrade Windows? Or your computer? Or your car? Or your.... (fill in the blank). Welcome to life.

This is a minimal upgrade not comparable to those other upgrades/payments.

Maybe $.50 would make people reconsider.

The problem is this:

Apparently, even though I have place all my orders through the Crackberry Store, I have two accounts, one with Crackberry and one with MobiHand.

Once I decided, by chance (from frustration), to go to Mobihand (didn't even realize I had an account there), I was able to request a password and get the free upgrade.

The other cluster is the notice and link to My Account brought me to the Crackberry My Account, not the Mobihand one and since they are not synchronized, it wasn't there and of course by pure nature of the link, you would expected to be listed there.

I hope this helps others.

I still love you Crackberry, but the accounts should be synchronized.

Don't bother if you happen to be still using say a Curve 83xx like I am as there are really know reasons to upgrade as most of the enhancements seem to be for newer handsets.

I would have considered this but this app still does NOT run updates in the background when closed like WB. You gotta keep it running which sucks for the battery. Plus more money, for an upgrade, for your already loyal customers?! Pshh kiss them goodbye bye the looks of previous comments...

Apparently you didn't have it set right because mine updates just fine and is not doing any damage to my battery life at all.

This is an OPTIONAL upgrade. If you don't want to pay the $4.00, enjoy the version you have now and don't worry about it. Nobody is forcing anyone to do anything or spend any money. Not much in life is FREE... including this upgrade apparently :)

I upgraded and I'm liking the new updated version. Wasn't to thrilled about the $4.00 but I did it anyway and am pleased with it.

No way! Not after the issues I had AND read about others.
Absolute BS.

Go to google type: berryweather

You'll find plenty of issues with last release.

I have noticed a lot of guys complaining of having to pay an upgrade fee but when I checked mine was for free ($0.00).

I guess I was lucky...yeah for me!!!

Paid 10 bucks a long time ago and never had a properly working app to start with.(I will say that if it worked, it would be worth the 10$) Now they fix it and want another 4? The equivalent is i'll give you part of the money you want now for a fully functional app. Later, when i can, i'll pay you the rest if you add more features to the app than i originally agreed to.....I doubt they'd agree to that!

I got the notice of the upgrade and downloaded it through the crackberry app store. Well it gave me the same key I had for the previous version and it won't take it for the new version. How do I get my new key? I bought the app 5 days ago so I fall into the free upgrade.

To begin with, $10 is absurd for a single function application. Second, charging for upgrades is not justified since the OS and equipment is constantly changing.
Developers who think that this is fair pricing, don't understand the user. I would be willing to pay a fair price with free upgrades. I'll pass and use one of the many weather programs available.

Just my $10 + $3.95 +

"Second, charging for upgrades is not justified since the OS and equipment is constantly changing."
This is precisely why it's OK for the developers to charge a fee to upgrade. The OS and the equipment is indeed constantly changing and developers don't get free BlackBerrys every time RIM brings up a new model. They have to pay for new equipment just like you and me.

I'm looking to update mine,downloaded it from the app world last month.I'm curious if it the new update will be in the app world. Tried to look for it there,but nothing yet

Don't hold your breath...I'm waiting for it there, too...but they're slower than anyone on the planet to update versions. I hope the old activation code works in the new version.

Got the upgrade for free from my account page at
I like it. The only thing I don't have the "homescreen wallpaper" option in settings. I am assuming because it's not compatible with my Bold 9000.

The update is great. I did have to delete my previous version and then install the new version but it went smooth so no worries. I wish there was a way to get rid of the location and conditions on the wallpaper. Other than that it's still the best weather app...

Hope I'm not being rude... but when in the heck did everyone get so cheap?? It's $10 if you've never had it, $4 is you have had it in the past and free if you bought it recently.... I can't believe someone would complain about $10 and even more so about $3.99.. I mean seriously.

Apparently, some people think the developers work (and eat) for free. Come on people, these people have to make a living. Not everything is free.

I am very insulted there is an upgrade fee. This weather app is one of the more expensive weather apps to start with.. and now they want another $4.00? WOW.

I don't foresee myself buying more apps from this company.

I'm lucky enough to get the free upgrade cause I bought it just recently... But I agree with paying for an upgrade is ridiculous especially when I don't think you can transfer the app to another device.

I for one want to say thank you bellshare. I purchased the original version a year ago for my Storm 9530 and loved it, reloaded it when I switched to my Tour still loved it. Well it just got even better. Love the look and functionality of it on my home-screen, well worth the extra $3.99. Instructions do need to tell folks to delete the old version first, but no problems after I did that. You really did earn the extra $3.99 on this update. Folks are complaining about the price, but the last couple of apps I looked at wanted $10 a year not a one time fee, so I for one am happy. Thanks!

Sweet, I purchased BerryWeather in the last sale when it was half off about a week ago, and now I get the free upgrade! Don't know if I'd pay $14 altogether for a weather app though...

I have gone through 2 prior upgrades of this and at best the performance was fair. Often the today screen conditions would not match the conditions within the application. Even more annoying it would go hours with an "unable to update" error. As a registered user I would give this one a pass. I contacted BellShare, ignored, followed forum users suggestions of removing and reinstalling. No luck.

I agree. I have always had problems with it on both my Storm and Storm2. I think WeatherBug works better, but since I paid for BerryWeather, I use it.

I thought the upgrade would work the way it should... but it doesn't. Here are the problems I have with the app...

- I still can't use the cell location for gps.
- It only successfully updates half of the time.
- Updates take a long time to download even with perfect reception.
- It is murder on the battery because of the slow updates, and if you use the gps function, it takes about 5 minutes to time out when it can not get a lock.

The only good thing about it is how pretty it looks.

Lol @ all the people in this thread using $400 phones that pay an additional $30-$40+ a month for data services for the BB complaining about $4 lousy bucks.

I love the people who make comments about buying a $400 dollar phone and complaining about a $4 dollar app upgrade. This reminds me of the fools in the Infiniti forums who say you got a $50k car but dont want to pay for xxxxx.

Who cares how much the phone costs or how much money you have, its in the value of what you are paying for.

I bought BerryWeather just a few days ago and am eligible for a free upgrade. The problem is there is no upgrade path for the new version. I have my activation code but it doesn't work in the new version and the developer isn't responding to support email.

Being in IT and working with programmers, I'm insulted at all the people that feel they deserve a beautifully developed app for free or next to nothing, just because a bigger company can afford to give a lesser app away for free.

BerryWeather is worth every penny, and I couldn't wait to toss my $4 on top of the $10 I already spent in order to get the latest and greatest. The update is absolutely awesome for what it does.

got in on berry weather when it hit the deal of the day on the app store. Wouldnt pay 10 for it but 5 was enough to pull the trigger. I really like i. I just hope this new upgrade fixes the icon update problems on the home screen. I con would enver update but when I turn it to landscape it was updated. Turned back and it was the old icon.

I'm waiting till BellShare has ANIMATED RADAR MAPS for us Canadains before I spend money on this app. Get with it BellShare.

Berryweather does not have access to Canadian radar maps unless you can point us in the right direction. Believe me, we've tried.

For all of you whining about a $4.00 upgrade. Most devs will charge an upgrade fee when going from 1.x to 2.x etc.
The improvements in BW2 are not minimal as one poster put it.
Also most of the issues BW1.5 had were data source related. BW2 has a new much better data source than the previous version.
BW1.5 will be upgrading to 1.6 with the new data source for those of you that aren't going to upgrade to BW2.

If your OS is LESS than 4.7 it's very minimal, a point BellShare failed to post (at least earlier).
BTW, had the app lived up to hype for 1.5 people would gladly pay the upgrade fee.

I have tried to download the Berry weather upgrade...Version 2.0 .54 for operating system 4.7. It won't download because it says, "This application requires the following module, which is not installed: net_rim_bbapi_messagelist."

Don't know what to do next.

Well, if you go to the BellShare support forum, you'll see that the built in maps are not working for a lot of folks (including myself) that worked perfectly in the prior version. All the posts are from different states / locations, some large cities too...


The custom maps seem to be overly complicated to apply, otherwise I'd just through Weather Underground in there as my custom map...

does anyone else have the problem where if the berry weather icon is on your main wallpaper screen it wont update the icon? I just get a red umbrella but when i turn to landscape the icon is what the weather condition is.

So I uninstalled the previous version of berryweather purchased the new version installed it and comes up with an error. The error reads "Error starting berryweather: Class 'com.bellshare.berryweather.Advisory' multiply defined" if anyone could help!!! man I should of waited a few weeks! Really dissapointed!

Had BW on my Tour and it slowed it to a crawl...the only way to stop it from causing 30-45sec hangs was to tell it to stop auto updating.

If they fixed that issue I would be willing to pay for it, but it still sucks that this app- while very good when working- req's you to spend an additional $4 to make it work the way it should have to begin with. BOO!!

I was thinking the same thing. I'm running and NOT getting it either. Must be a 5.0... feature :(

Go to settings, then homescreen wallpaper, then check the box that says show current conditions etc. Check the other boxes for additional info you would like to see.

So far with the updated berryweather I don't seem to have any options to allow setting the forecast as your wallpaper. I can also confirm that searching Waterloo, Ontario shows no Ontario Waterloo locations Ive added Kitchener till its fixed. Anyone else having issues with the forecast on the wallpaper. It also said no location found for Toronto.....

I just updated to this and when I try to view the radar it locks up my 9700 and I get an uncaught exception and the process gets terminated. It's done this three times so far and I am unable to get to the radar now. So, there are still some bugs.

heifzilla do you find the rain symbol is hard to see, like you see the clouds by its hard to see the rain coming from the clouds! need to make it a bit darker!

This version is TIGHT!! wish I could take a pic of my homescreen to show you. I was just staring @ my homescreen for like 10 minute straight like wooooow lol. Glad this joint was free cause i just bought this a week ago

That's what I got when it tried to retrieve information. It couldn't update my city nor any other city I entered. I think choosing "weather underground" as the source was a big mistake.

I liked the new layout and some of the new fearures looked very nice I but had to uninstall it and reinstall the older version. Thank God for BBSAK!


Reinstalled last night and now it's working great. My favorite feature is the multiple radar choices. The included radar images suck so I'm using gif's from WFAA for Texas and they look great!

will eventually. I love berryweather. BUT, that said, I think they underestimated the drain on their servers or something. Like I said, still running the old version, and for the first time, I get failure to update some locations, unable to update new locations and a draining of my battery from the constant attempt at updating. Hoefulyy this will all be worked out i the next day or so.


Since early last night, I can't get the radar maps to load on BerryWeather and I'm getting "Update failed" messages when attempting to update the weather info.

I bought my license last Sunday so in theory I should qualify for the free upgrade, but it seems devices with 4.6 OS don't benefit from the upgrade so I'd rather have BerryWeather 1.5 working properly again.

I can't get a smaller icon on my homescreen, it's more bigger than the last version. How can i change this and yes i already changed the icon settings into small but it's still a large icon

Okay, I don't get all these comments flaming bellshare and the update and how it isn't different...The weather updates faster and gives more accurate information. Isn't that what you want from a weather app? Yeah, $4 is soooo much but I think its worth it cuz the people are bellshare have put alot of work into their apps and they work great!

Bottom line get what you pay for. If you don't like paying, then stay with the crappy v1.5 while I can rejoice in my new 2.0 =) If you are too cheap to trade a latte for an app, get weathereye.

I haven't had BerryWeather very long, so to any of the long-term users: Are the upgrades typically free? Or just the 'major' ones?

Very disappointed to say the least. I paid the $3.99 for the upgrade since the free upgrade is for purchases after Oct 15th and I got mine on Oct 9th! Doh! I selected the version for OS 5.0. I was sent to the upgrade feature and subsequently got the version for OS 4.7 for the Storm in the download. I went back to try and download the version that states it supports OS 5.0 non-touch screen and OS 5.0 touch screen and was told that this product does not support Storm 9530! WTF!?!? Why didn't they tell me that before they took my money? Now I am stuck with a buggy program that doesn't seem to work with Storm on OS 5.0, takes 15 minutes to get an update for my home city, and also says there is no data for New York, New York! Nice. Should have kept the old least that worked.

Thanks, but I did try that....twice

I followed all of the directions, including uninstalling the old version prior to installing the new version. I have uninstalled and re-installed the app twice. I have done battery pulls too.

Dont blame user error on the developer. Take of few minutes, change your diapers and figure it out. It works fine on OS 5.0 Storm and Storm 2.

Here is the message that I receive when I try to get the free trial 5.0 version...

BerryWeather 2.0 OS 5.0 v2.0.54
Download Center
This product is not compatible with 9530/9530T (Storm)

It did not say that when I got the upgrade. It didn't even give me an option.

Thanks again for your "help"

Thanks to those that posted about radar maps/functions not working last night, but working now. Decided to try re-installing again (third time) this morning. I don't know if the servers were out last night or what, but the updates now work, it can find New York, New York, and the radar map does actually load.

is the bird a twitter app, if someone know what it is can they tell me. i know this has nothing to do with berryweather but iv been wanting to know for ages.

For the people that say they downloaded the wrong os version of berryweather for whatever reason, delete berry weather from your phone, now download the free trial of berryweather2 from the crack berry site and simply put in your registration key and your good to go. simple fix.

Very nice update. Its getting closer and closer to weatherpanel with every release. Not quite there yet though.

Paid $10 back in August for this app..

Don't think its fair to pay another $4 in 4 months for an upgrade... That's 40% cost for an upgrade, way more than most vendors...

Should be less for folks that bought it less than a year ago...

Just installed the new version. Dont like it at all compared to the old one, and personally, given the choice, will stick with the old one.
Flicking between views is a chore, adding locations is awkward as it cant find a lot of places.
Was hoping good was going to get better, but im left disappointed.

I like it better when all you had to do was click the screen to get cycle through the views. that and having to select the radar map you want to see everytime you open it up is a bit of pain also.

Berryweather is always SO CLOSE to being what I want yet doesn't ever quite hit the mark. For example, in the Hi/Lo application text, it shows a "H" and "L" next to the high and low temp. For example:


Why does it do this? Do the Berryweather folks think we're so stupid that we don't know which is the high and which is the low? It just clutters the display. I'd much rather see:


I know which is the high and which is the low, and this is much easier to read at a glance.

I have to admit I'm rather pissed that I had to suffer through the bugs of BerryWeather with 5.0 and now I have to pay to upgrade..... To the creators of BerryWeather, thanks for the kick in the balls you greedy fools.

I just bought this app a couple months ago and have had nothing but problems with it. NOW they fix the bugs and want ME to pay for them fixing what I already paid for ???

If this is true, I will NEVER purchase anything from this company again !! I purchased the app in good faith hoping it would do what they stated it would, and now that they FIXED it so it WILL work as they stated, I HAVE TO PAY AGAIN ??

I hope they resolve this or they have just lost myself and numerous other customers in the process.

Good thing they have your $14.00 to ease the heartache of losing you as a customer. Tool. At least the guy crying about Waterloo missing was entertaining.

I have logged into both crackberry and mobihand and neither show that I have previously purchased BerryWeather. I have however been running it for 8 months and have an activation code from then. Any ideas on how to upgrade?

The new condition icons are beautiful, but as homescreen icons they're way too large. Any theme that has a weather slot is going to have to be redesigned because the icons are 50% larger than they used to be and take up a huge amount of room on the home screen. That, and the temp banner is placed so far at the edge of the icon that it runs into whatever is around it.

Overall A+ for effort, but B- for implementation, as far as the homescreen icons are concerned. Once in the app, it's great, except for the side-scrolling behavior which is stuttery.

I am amazed at all of the complaints about the upgrade fees. I have tried almost all of the others including WB Elite and I think BerryWeather is the best one out there. I had some troubles as well with the previous version but even then it was better to subtract 6 hrs from the times then to use the others. The Radar beats all others hands-down. The ease of use in adding locations and switching locations is awesome. It just looks cool and provides all the weather I need, wherever I go, easily. We are talking about a phone that lists for several $100's of dollars, where luckily the apps are not that expensive. I actually paid full price for the upgrade cause I wanted it quick. No complaints. This is less than the cost of a single movie and a large soda. And it lasts a lot longer.


The only reason why I upgraded from the old version and spent the additional $4.00 was so that I could place the weather as the wallpaper on my Pearl and not use up the icon space for another application on my main home screen. Well, apparently setting the weather is not an option on the Pearl... I wish this would have been stated BEFORE I upgraded.

Please don't list features and make them appear as for all devices if they are not!! If something isn't available on lower-end devices, please state so!

BellShare, I've already paid you $10 for an app that barely surpasses WeatherBug -which is FREE. You made some minor changes and now want me to pay an additional $4 for this? SHAME ON YOU!!


I just purchased weatherberry on October 26th and had no problem getting te update for free.I did have to go to mobihand to get the license though and the instructions should have been clearer...

You also need to remove 1.5 app before installing 2 as it will not work...I made that mistake...10 bucks was worth the price...4 buck upgrade is again worth the price! What can you buy for 14 bucks these days?....lunch at the golden arches...

I have had no problem with the new app on OS5 on a Bold 9700, it is sleek, updates fast and have had no issues setting my location to Toronto although I did have to use Toronto, Ontario in order to find the location...

Best weather app available barr none. If you want the best pay for it, if not choose something well lets just say inferior!

I purchased BerryWeather from Handango awhile ago. I'm interested in the upgrade, but I can't even find the old version on Handango anymore. Any suggestions for upgrading through Handango?

I originally purchased Berry Weather from Handango but when I went on their site last night to check for the upgrade, they don't even sell Berry Weather any longer. I am willing to pay the $3.99 upgrade but I installed BW 2 last night and only have two more days left on my trial. I hope someone lets us know soon.

Could this update be why my Berry Weather crapped out last night and hasn't worked since?

Guess I'll find out soon. Down loading the update now. Hope this was the reason.

and damn! That's one long activation code right there!

Explain to me the need to know the weather on your phone? I just dont get it..And to spend 10 bucks...hahahahahaa...

Maybe if it can change the weather!!! then Im all in...

If you travel knowing the weather you are heading into can be use your highly sophisticated words hahahahaha to those who land in a snow storm and are not prepared...also very handy when making outdoor plans for later in the week when at a glance you have a good idea what the weather will be like...

Gotta love some of the shills on here explaining the difference between t*rds.

This t*rd is better than that t*rd.

All they want is for you to pay more for a specific t*rd.

Point is you still have a t*rd and also have a lighter wallet as a result.

I have had quite a few bugs with BerryWeather 1.5. I would have loved it if they had pushed out a release for us 1.5 users that would fix our issues without trying to force $4 out of us - I don't need the new features.

To everyone blasting those of us who don't want to pay additional money for a bugfix by citing OS upgrades: you still get bugfixes for older OSs after a newer one is released. I paid money with the reasonable expectation that the application would be functional, and any bugs would be ironed out over time. That hasn't happened.

Either way, I'm not upgrading, nor will I buy another BellShare application again.

This was originally a comment blaming Bellshare for few features to justify a 2.x version, but I spoke too soon - after checking the software I noticed there are LOTS of improvements and new features, such as the notification bar icon temperature, the homescreen wallpaper (really sweet and effective), and the data bank is really improved.

Therefore, on second thought... I am indeed buying the upgrade ;-)

I love this app. Used to use weatherbug but it always had memory leaks. Unfortunately, bought berryweather on October 9th, a couple days before the free upgrade cutoff. Oh well. Still money well spent. Great app.

To change screen views in Berry Weather 2 all you have to do is press the H key on your keyboard and it cycles through all of your chosen views. Pretty darn simple.

Before you only had to click the trackball/pad. Irritating when they change it for no good reason.

Thanks for the heads up though.

Now just to work out why its so hard to find my locations.

All I really need to know is if it's going to effin rain today or not. And weathereye does this for free. And I already know that its warn in the summer and cold in the winter. Who needs all the radars and bs? Just get a free app and go to if you really need to know much more. You guys would pay $10 for a clock app that doesn't work then pay another $5 to upgrade to the fixed version, suckers, all beacuse the freaking clock icon looks better thena the native one.

I see in the description that this should work, but I cannot figure out how. I am running the 5.0 OS on a Bold 9700

Alright, I'm not complaining about the upgrade price even though 40% of the original price is a little high for an upgrade. I do like the new version and the ability to store multiple maps, etc for each location, looks and works great! What I do want is support for Berry Buzz back!! I don't want a popup each time an advisory is issued, I don't even have Berry Popup, I want my custom LED color back!!! Please add support for Berry Buzz in a free update very soon!!

upgrades should be free. this is total freaking BS that one has to pay $3.99 to upgrade. oh, but if you purchased after 10/15, then its free. well i purchased 10/9, and think its total BS that i have to pay an additional amount.

Not only that, but the version I had pretty much sucked. Would update BerryWeather, which told me it was 61 degrees outside. Went to which told me it was 50. That is completely unacceptable. especially for an app that costs $10.

This is very low class, makers of BerryWeather. Low Class

You say 1 say 61 and the other said 50.... But which was right, do you know ? Im curious to know which is that inaccurate

I've tried all the free apps and even Weather Bug elite. Berry Weather has been the most accurate.
I did get it on the deal of the day though so I didn't have to pay $10.00.

Just followed the link for the upgrade from my email. Logged in and upgrade directly from my phone. got the new activation code then. It was also emailed to me. If you didn't get an email with the new activation code I am guessing you downloaded the trial and not the full version. Automatically came up as a free upgrade since I just got it on black friday. This version looks very nice.

I just installed this upgrade (yeah, I know, I spend the $4...) and find that my 9530 Storm running OS has leaked 5MB since the reboot after installing the app 3 hours ago. I can't live with an app leaking 5 MB in 3 hours.

If Bellshare doesn't fix this FAST, I'll have to drop back to 1.5.47 to keep my phone alive more than 8 hours at a clip...

UPDATE: Looks like MobiHand sent me the link for the OS 4.7 version. After installing the OS 5.0 version directly from Bellshare, my leaks appear to be plugged (so far, anyway)

Why the hell should I have to pay for the upgrade when I've had the app long before all these new douche bags, but yet they are getting the upgrade for free. Not really fair to the people who have been supporting this app from the start. Think about it.

I have been unable to get updates on GPS locations on the old 1.5 version since yesterday...I suspect this may have something to do with BerryWeather switching to WU. While I probably will update, it seems pretty bad that they are asking for more $$ when the old version doesn't even work properly.

Lucky for Bellshare, the 2.0 version gets GPS locations, maps and updates just fine. So I guess I will spend my $4 and get out of this corner I have been boxed in to. That said, I like the all the new options in Settings.

Well, it's less than 24 hours later and the maps are now all working, the updating processing for weather and advisories is now lightning fast (at least on my Verizon Tour). Memory usage seems to be down (my memory is holding and using less than the prior version).

I am not commenting on whether it is worth paying more if you already paid (mine was a free upgrade), but the upgrade is significant. The weather map is larger and clearer (on the Tour), there are more options, an interactive wallpaper option, love the little weather icon near the top of the home screen (good for those who don't want to give up a space for a full home screen icon), more options for home screen icon display, etc... I am not sure why they gave up the horizontal view for 5-day in favor of a scrolling list, but other than that, I 'subjectively' give it an 'A', especially if you got it for half price during cyber-monday (it was $4.97).

In any case... everything seems to be working now.

P.S. I had added the weatherundergroud custom map while awaiting a fix last night and the built-in maps are clearer with better resolution...

I really can't see why everybody is complaining. It states pretty clearly all over the place that upgrades may cost money, especially when you're going from 1.0 to 2.0 or 2.0 to 3.0 etc. The same thing happened with Quicklaunch and Druglord Wars. You had to pay for upgrades on those as well. I mean, 3.99 isn't that bad for an app like this. I prefer it over the free weather apps that caused my memory to drain like crazy and could never actually provide me with accurate weather. Berryweather has not let me down like the free apps.

Unistalled 1.5, installed 2.0 and it won't load. Errors out stating cant load a moduel. Have uninstalled and installed severalmtimes.

Sent Bellshare email asking for help.

Any others having similar problems?

I loaded this app onto my 9700 and for whatever reason, I cannot change the background image from black to a wallpaper that I want.

When I go to load it with their option under Options, it says "failed to load" every single time.

Any thoughts on this? Anyone else using a 9700 and been successful loading these?

why pay more for an upgrade when you already paid a pretty penny for the appli. NO THANKS unless you offer it as a free upgrade for your current customers.

Give us a break dangit--- the economy is rough enough!

how do you get the berry weather icon on the wallpaper like that?

can someone tell me how your do that,i can t get that to work!

how do you get the berry weather icon on the wallpaper like that?

can someone tell me how your do that,i can t get that to work!

i have been using weatherbug since storm 1... I downloaded this last night and I like it a lot.. My only wish is to be able to launch the program from the homescreen wallpaper widget.. other than that... It's faster, cleaner and much more aesthetically pleasing then weatherbug!

Don't think I read this in the comments though, but my 1.5.47 weather is no longer updating weather information.

I'll try again for a few more days but really? $3.99-or else?!

I got a copy of the original berryweather a while ago, then some time later did an OS update to find that a message that my "free trial" had expired and I had to purchase the product.

I emailed the company about this months ago and still have not gotten a response.

Its a great product but Bellshare needs to improve their customer service, definitely not a product that I'll buy again.

You just had to save your registration code and enter it again. Everytime I do an OS update, I have to enter codes again for all apps. Not a fan, but that's the way it is.

Not devs fault, ignorant user's fault.

Hi Bla1ze, sorry to get off topic, but can you link me to the theme you're using please?


how do you get the berry weather icon on the wallpaper like that?

can someone tell me how your do that,i can t get that to work!

how do you get the berry weather icon on the wallpaper like that?

can someone tell me how your do that,i can t get that to work!

Anyone have any idea as to what is happening to Berryweather on BlackBerry App World?

I got mine off there, and up till now there is no sign of an update. They are still showing v1.5.35.

Any ideas?

I wish I had read all of this before I bought the software. Interesting that my version 1.5.47 quit working today. It keeps telling me "No GPS/Cell Location" so it can't update. I did a battery pull and no help, same error message. Now I know for a fact there is nothing wrong with my GPS and/or my cell is fully functional. I get this cool idea of reinstalling it so I go to Mobihand and login and it shows the "Current Version" in my account is 2. whatever so I downloaded/installed it. I start it up and get a nasty little error message and it won't start. I'm thinking "well it didn't ask me to overwrite the older version so maybe I should have uninstalled the older version first". Sure enough both versions were still on my phone. I uninstalled both of them and then reinstalled the newest version. I rebooted the phone and started it up and it worked, wants me to register it so I put the key from my Mobihand account and it tells me it's a key for 1.5.X and I need to pay again. Oh yes, I'm mad, now I want a link to the older version but sending an email to Bellshare is B.S. Anybody have a link to the older 1.5.47 version? And does it still work? Has BS purposely nuked the older versions? I don't think I will ever purchase anything from BS again.

Since the email I got from Mobihand advising me to upgrade, my GPS/cell location functionality has been gone. I can just about guarantee they broke it to force us into paying to upgrade. Eff 'em.

i dont know why i got to pay more just for icandy i paid full when it first release 3.99 after for 2.0 well only because i use this as my main weather after viigo, by the way the new viigo rocks far better than AP dont know how the hell that made it to #1 can even dl to SD card what a waste, at least its free. im going to upgrade they better if my city update in pku by now it only works at night in the day i get NA.

how do you get the berry weather icon on the wallpaper like that?

can someone tell me how your do that,i can t get that to work!

how do you get the berry weather icon on the wallpaper like that?

can someone tell me how your do that,i can t get that to work!

how do you get the berry weather icon on the wallpaper like that?

can someone tell me how your do that,i can t get that to work!

I haven't updated to 2.0 yet because I'm not sure that the new weather icon will fit into my current theme, which has a weather slot.

I'm still running 1.5.47 and although it's been updating just fine all day, I get the "No GPS/Cell Location" error message when I checked to see if it still worked. I'm also not able to open the "Show Radar Map" operation (I get a "failed" error message), which I know was working a few days ago.

I've been happy with BerryWeather since I bought it a few months ago, so for now I'm going to give the developer the benefit of the doubt and not assume that they're disabling features of the 1.5.47 version to force an update to 2.0.

This sure is curious!

I purchased beweather from the BB app world, how do i upgrade, I bought after the oct. date. So it should be free.

I downloaded the 5.0 ver to my Storm 2 and I can't get full size screen displays. keyboard stays up. is there a fix?

the gps may not have been disabled because of the upgrade. i've been using beweather since april and have had a few days where the gps/cell location doesn't update.
for teh link to v 1.5 go on BB appworld and download it there. it's still there as 1.5

I'll give it a week to be corrected, after that the app gets the zap and another lesson will be learned.

i buy this app when it first came out on handango together with berry buz now the bloody site says its not available, i have to buy it all over again aww well. never will i buy from handango again.

To the people complaining about paying an upgrade fee... You previously paid for a previously released application. No where did you EVER read that free upgrades would be supplied for the life of the product. You are NOT forced to purchase this version, so stop acting like "They made me pay for the upgrade"!!! Most of you have talked about purchasing other weather apps, and apps in general, but then you should know that upon every version release from Mobihand it specifically states that there are nominal fees for jumping whole version numbers. People are trying to justify their cheapness by stating "They fixed some bugs, and now want me to pay again". THIS IS NOT A BUG FIX RELEASE!!! It is a new product with a new version number, and you are lucky for it to be offered at a discounted rate, if at all. Actually, there is more interest in this app than I've seen in others in a long time. Just look at the post count, as opposed to other Blog postings here. Those with the previous version have NOT had their current location GPS disabled. Ignorant fools. If you reads the Bellshare forums, because this app is in such high demand, with the release came an overload of their servers, which are being upgrade as I write this to accomodate the many additional users who now use this wonderful application. Stop being fraudulent with your stupidity!!! You are all basically calling yourselves suckers, because you claim some company in Germany duped you. Don't blame others for your own transgressions. Do your homework. Read the forums. If you wanted something added or taken away, you should have been active, and posted in the forums. Don't blame Bellshare for not being mind readers, they are app makers, and damn good ones at that. If you don't want this version DON'T PAY FOR IT. You should all be adults (with credit cards to pay for apps), and there has always been trial periods from the begining. Why didn't you say this during the trial periods you have taken? Or, you did not try it and now blame someone else for your "A$$HOLINESS". Stop posting this stupid sh^t... Idiots on crack (or should I say CrackBerry).

And to think people come to this forum from help from people like you!!! Be ashamed, very ashamed.

"Those with the previous version have NOT had their current location GPS disabled." How about backing that up with some fact or links to posts on that forum? Or are you too busy calling me and others "ignorant fools"? "Stupid sh^t" indeed.

We'll see about the GPS functionality. If it was a server issue, I'm thinking no data would be available--period. My other non-GPS-linked locations seem to be updating fine. The GPS on my phone is working with other apps that require it.

Yeah...we'll see about this.

First as per request. Here is a link for you coming from the developer's mouth.

Also, obviously, when you think, it seems that you are still at a loss! Just because YOU think an app should function in a certain manner (If it was a server issue, I'm thinking no data would be available--period. My other non-GPS-linked locations seem to be updating fine.), does not make it so. There are different components to the application code that function independenly from one another, (GPS/NON GPS), and may or may not be hosted on the same server bricks. This may be above your comprehension level though.

Please, get your facts straight.

Here are the facts:
Version 1.5 GPS/Cell location updates are not working.
The data feeds for 1.5 have been messed up for weeks.
Bellshare does not acknowledge any problems. The link you provided says that it is fixed.
When Bellshare does provide their weak support for their "premium" apps, it is usually just an arrogant response like "It works for me"

This link was posted for the previous response, and was not in response to anything you're speaking of.

In response to what YOU'RE speaking about, the 1.5 updating issue is not due to just server overload. Instead of just looking at the single link posted, maybe you could have spent a little more time there educating yourself.

BerryWeather has started testing in a private Alpha phase more that 2 months ago, before going into the Private Beta. If you perused the forums there a little more, you would see that Bellshare has been trying to port over the new weather source for existing 1.5 users, so that they can have the same accurate data that is present in v2. Obviously this will make 1.5 users happy, and also it make sense to retrieve data from a single licensed data source, rather than maintaining both.

This process is not instantaneous, and the result of that is "The data feeds for 1.5 have been messed up for weeks.". Also keep in mind that there has been a heavy demand on the Bellshare servers from new users with v2.

Also, as the link stated... [FIXED]. Meaning that it may have been fixed for certain customers who have reported that it was, but the post ITSELF indicates that there is an exising problem. Unfortunately you are obviously not one of those who can report that it is fixed for your use.

So, all in all, instead of jumping on a bandwagon in another person's reply, educate yourself by reading more that one post, before posting here. Thanks.

MADBRADNYC, I've read 100's of posts in this forum and Bellshares. I've even attempted to use the pathetic search in Bellshares forums to get information. The only thing I've discovered is that 1.5 is broke and your an idiot.

Obviously you do not have the mental capabilities to comlete a simple task. Hopefully you can learn to search better if you cannot find what you're looking for. Maybe if you spent more time researching instead of trashing an application that hundreds love, you would find a solution to your problems. Just because you say something a million times does not make it true. Until then, enjoy your application. Thanks.

Yours truly,
the idiot with a well functioning application.

BerryWeather is a great app. Bellshared screwed up on the transition between versions. I just checked again and 1.5 current location still does not work. The Bellshare forum search feature is weak. It needs to stop telling me what words are to common and return results. Maybe if you spent more time taking an objective look at the situation you would realize that hundreds of people agree with me. Just because you say something once doesn't make it true

1. My GPS functionality is no longer working.
2. It happened the day the new release came out.
3. It has not been fixed.
4. Nothing on the BellShare forums directly acknowledges it.
5. I contacted BellShare and got an automated response and nothing further.
6. You are king of making excuses for BellShare.

Sorry, but server overloads and such are excuses. Even an amateur should be able to see that the popularity of the last version of BerryWeather should have warranted some work ahead of the release of 2.0 to avoid server issues. As you rightly point out in another comment, I am no expert in the field of server operation or architecture. But I do know about capacity and being able to fulfill it. Quit making excuses for the developers' laziness. They should have anticipated these problems and worked to avoid them in the first place.

This would all be different if BerryWeather was freeware, but it isn't.

I guess the posting of the link you were spouting off about doesn't do it for you. In this case, I must apologize, because you just don't get it. Enjoy your application. Thanks

...that my current version of BerryWeather is now broken. Yay!

Is it coincidence that since the 2.0 version was released, my Storm is no longer able to retrieve GPS or cell data to get weather for my home location?


I was hesitant to pop $10 for this app originally, but was pleased with its interface and performance. Now they come out with a new version, ask for 4 more dollars, and break functionality on what I've already paid for.

Yeah, that's scummy. I'll find something free to use.

Maybe this advanced program is too much for you, and you need to go back to a more simple & free application.

You obviously do not know how modern server technology works. It is an overload issue, that is all. And, actually the server farm is being upgraded to handle much more additional capacity at this time.

This reminds me of when there were RIM/BIS issues a few weeks ago. Everyone who "thought" they knew something did not actually know anything at all. Carriers, cell towers, and the Taliban were blamed, but in the end it was just a server farm issue.

Sometimes proof doesn't help people who will not open their eyes to see it. I could post your "proof links" (once again), but you've already demonstrated that you are not receptive. Most likely because it is not working for you, and you are upset, which is understandable.

You are more that welcome to go into the forums yourself to see this YOURSELF. This way the "PROOF WILL BE IN THE PUDDING" so to speak. It is not difficult at all. Do a search just like here on Crackberry. I hope your issues with the application are resolved soon. Thanks.

Where is this "weather wallpaper" option? I looked all over my settings and it's nowhere to be found in the upgrade. And the only other few comments I saw saying this on here, were also Bold users like myself...coincidence?

Nevermind, I see now.
"- See your current weather as a homescreen wallpaper, includes many customization options (OS 4.7 and higher)"

OS 4.7 and higher, that's why.

I can't get it to work on my tour, I've downloaded the trial twice to test it out and both times i get an uncaught excemption or out of memory and my phone bricks...i wish more software vendors would ACTUALLY TEST their software on all devices they release it for, especially since so many programs for whatever reason don't like to run on the tour...guess it's back to the free weather programs...

Please, come to the Bellshare forums to discuss what is happening with the app and your Tour. I know personally that this app was Alpha & Beta tested with several Tour users, and the most I have heard reported was that there may have been some slight lag in backing out of the radar screens. I also know that the code for the Tour was rewritten to combat this issue.

I downloaded last night to my 9550 Storm 2. No problems at all. I did not have the previous version. This is a very nice looking app. I am a bit of a weather nut and being able to incorporate and manipulate the BeWeather functions is a lot of fun. Not to mention that it is very functional and accurate. I love being able to select various weather stations. I still have weather bug elite installed and the two display nearly identical temps wind speeds etc. I live in a college town and am lucky to have weather station points all around me. I was able to find one that matches my external temp almost exactly. Actually better than whatever station weather bug uses. I am guessing weatherbug uses the university station as their data matches perfectly. Just tried the radar for the first time and it popped right up, displayed my location and immediately animated. Updates also seem to be timely and quick. No gripes here. Kudos to the folks at Belshare. A great app well worth the money to an old weather nut.

With version 1.5 still not working after 4 days with little or no attempt to sort the problem. Only effort I have seen is a bunch of bashing in the forums, and the only reply to my questions from tech support is an auto reply telling me to go to the forums. I am thinking it won't be long before the line starts for people wanting refunds for a product they paid for, that no longer works as it did when they agreed to pay for it.
Probably won't cause much of an overload on a server, but could cause one heck of an underload on the pocket..

I had a hard time to find the 1.5ver of BW, and a hard time to upgrade it in mobihand(just click "buy an upgrade" and nothing happens), "Nice" service Bellshare.

After two days of limited to no usability, I've been able to retrieve data consistently for the three locations I watch, all day yesterday and so far today. The Radar maps are still somewhat flaky, but I think things are going to click back into place. I can't speak for the GPS functionality because I don't use it.

In short, for those still on v1.5 there's still hope that things will start working again.

I read your post, and I believe you called it like you see it. Yes there have been problems, but at least you are of open mind to see that something was being done. It may not be up to par yet, but I have good news for you...

The v1.6 upgrade has been released today for FREE!!!!

You can go here and get it if you choose to do so.

To all of the others who repeatedly posted about "disabling v1.5", or being "forced" to upgrade to v2. I would hope that you posted retractions just as feverishly!!! IMO. But, I doubt it, because some people are just like that. However; notes have been made regarding these people for future reference in the forums.

Let us know at the forums if this update works for you.

Moving to Weather Underground as a source is a huge improvement. We'll finally have a weather network that's on a par with Weatherbug (I've been using Elite), and, similar to Weatherbug Elite's feature, we can choose which weather station to take our report from (there are about 5 within 3 miles of my home location). The weather source that BerryWeather 1.5 used was well meaning but too inconsistent for an app like this. Glad Bellshare made the move.

UI improvements are very nice. Took all of a few seconds to get used to hitting "H" to switch views, or else pressing the trackball and then selection a menu item by number for a view. Tiny change to the way 1.5 worked, and in the end, faster and easier. Keyboard shortcuts are nice, such as hitting "A" to immediately display the Advisories, and "R" to refresh/reload the location info. Very quick and easy.

The notification mini icon thermometer is almost the same as the one Weatherbug Elite uses -- nice touch, and I appreciate the fact that it's user selectable (an option that Weatherbug doesn't give us). Good move Bellshare.

One area I'm not sure about yet:

When you turn on the home screen wallpaper option you can get a very dramatic and useful display. It's redundant, however, if you use a "weather icon slot" on the home screen and only makes sense if you do NOT have a weather icon on the home screen. Bellshare thoughtfully provides the option to create a "W" hotkey for the homescreen to invoke BerryWeather...but this only works, I guess, if you have "dial from home screen" turned off -- and I *like* to dial from the home screen, so the shortcut doesn't work for me.

Something to think about here.

But...overall, I'm pleased with the upgrade. Weatherbug Elite may do a bit more, but I like the fact that BerryWeather will always show you the latest cached version of the info it has fetched, while Weatherbug makes you wait EVERY time you open it to have it fetch the latest. Nice that it's current, but I hate having to wait for the app to load and then fetch data before it can show me anything. BerryWeather has, I believe, the right usability model in mind -- weather info available immediately when the program opens (and it's quick!), and can be refreshed on demand and/or on schedule.

Overall -- very nice. I know that some disagree with me, but considering the work that's gone into this, and that they're maintaining a whole server-side operation to support this as well even though it's a fixed price product, I think I'm getting my money's worth. I consult my weather apps (BerryWeather and Weatherbug Elite) several times a day, every morning before I go out, etc -- I use them constantly, and depend on them. Hard to complain that I've spent a total of $14 for BerryWeather. Not a bad price for something I use so often.

On the flip side -- I appreciate Weatherbug Elite, and hope they are watching, and learning, from BerryWeather's success. Weatherbug Elite could be great, but it needs a couple of changes I think:

- faster initial loads -- right now it takes TOO long
- display cached data on open, and fetch an update as a background task -- don't make users wait before seeing info
- a more familiar approach to menuing that's consistent with Blackberry UI standards. Also -- use some hotkeys!

I'd like to see Weatherbug Elite evolve like this, because I think that good quality competition benefits all of us.

No GPS/Cell Location here either since BS announced the upgrade. I was wondering what was up and came here to check.

Entirely NOT COOL that BS has apparently killed the functionality in V1.5 to essentially force an upgrade.

To those stating that that's not the case and that it's ONLY $4 and then asking how much one pays to upgrade Winblows on their computer, I don't like being forced into an upgrade (turning off functionality IS strong-arming) and I do NOT jump on the Winblows upgrade wagon when a new version comes out. Invariably I've finally got all the kinks out by that point anyway. I tend to buy my computers and worry about the new OS every 5 years or so when I've worked my computer to death or it's fallen COMPLETELY behind tech-wise. To put it in perspective, how would you feel if you turned on your computer tomorrow and it was unable to do the tasks you've come to expect? Email? You don't need that! Browser? Why would you want to go online? Speaking of that, you can't access the internet today either. Go a step further and have your computer not boot at all. Call up your manufacturer and be told "I'm sorry, we've just pushed out a mandatory upgrade and if you want that functionality back, you're going to have to pay for it. Again. We don't care if you bought your computer recently, we've already launched the new and improved version, so pay up!"

Bottom line is, I removed the 'current location' choice from my V1.5 BW, I'll use it with static locations until they COMPLETELY nuke that version, and then I'll delete it. At least NOW I know why my battery life tanked over the last few days too. Went from normally having 75% or more battery with normal usage to less than 20% the last few days.

While I may have entertained a $2 upgrade fee, I am not paying for an upgrade that I have no choice in (as evidenced by the loss of functionality-GPS/Cell Location). Count me as another pissed off former BS customer. I'll use what BS products I've paid for, but I'll be damned if I'll pay to upgrade ANY of them now, or purchase new ones in the future.

I have used the 3 day trial and everything seems to be just fine except that the upgrade is killing the memory. I have lost 8-9mb in under 12 hours. I turn off BW and the memory becomes stable and never drops. I have sent on a message to the folks at Bellshare and I am waiting for a response. I tried to go back to the earlier version I had and it's not available any longer (Hmmmmmmm)so I'll wait and see what happens. I will tell you I won't keep 2.0 if it drains the memory like this ....I'll just turn it off!

Bellshare has released version 1.6.10 beta to fix the problem 1.5.x had with the GPS function not working. You need to get it from the Bellshare site. This is a free update unlike 2.x. While I would recommend the application for it's functionality, I had a horrible experience with support at Bellshare. You be the judge.

i am running the tour on sprint with os 4.7 but when i downloaded the trial there was no option in my settings to make the weather icon part of my wallpaper. Any suggestions? do i have to purchase the upgrade in order to have that option?

Ok so Im new the whole BB expirence but am having a blast playing with all of these cool apps. That being said, I downloaded Berry Weather for my Curve 8330 OS 4.5. I dont have a menu to add my weather to my homescreen. Is it not available on my curve?

I've been reading the comments here, and the vox populi seems to hold that this $10 app gives the user a lot more than the leading comparable free apps (eg Weatherbug). What I fail to understand (without having downloaded a trial version) is what it can do for me that a free weather app can't that makes it worth ten bucks. If anybody can explain (and preferably without flaming me) I'd really appreciate it.