BerrySilent - The Ultimate Ringer Switch - $1.99 Until Thursday

By Adam Zeis on 20 Oct 2009 09:58 am EDT

Last week we checked out FlipOff, a cool app that changes the profile on your Storm just by flipping it over. I got word that Bellshare (makers of BerryBuzz and SmartAlerts) also have a similar app called BerrySilent. The application silences (or changes your profile) when your Storm is placed face down or by using a convenience key. You can set BerrySilent to silence when flipped over, and then return to the standard profile when picked up again. You can also choose to have the phone locked after switching profiles, and even an audible alert so you know BerrySilent took action. You can grab BerrySilent for only $1.99 in the CrackBerry App Store through Thursday.

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BerrySilent - The Ultimate Ringer Switch - $1.99 Until Thursday


i'd get it just to show it off in front of my friends and really show them how apps are actually useful and not just for useless lolcatz translations lol

What app makes the LED blink all those colors when ringing, that was cool as hell. Went with the ringtone very well haha.

Downside is that there is not option when in a holster or case.
FlipOff does offer a holster option.
this app is 1.00 cheaper though.

I like it much better than FlifOff. Much easier to configure. I'm sure an update will correct some other issues above.

On the iPhone, you could have just hit the button at the top to silence it. Same goes with the Storm - Actually just hitting the end key is the fastest solution of all. Unless you're sitting down somewhere with your phone placed on the table, this app is just a waste of money.

i agree, lol, actually the iphone seemed to silence quicker than the storm. if i were going to be in a meeting and i knew i wouldnt be taking calls, i would just silence the phone to begin with. i guess though, the iphone doesnt completly ever silence like the blackberry. the iphone will only vibrate. so i guess i kinda see that. but if the phone rings, everyone is gonna hear it anyway, so the buzzing isnt that big of a deal at that point. kinda cool to say it can do it though.

yeah, i was watching this and wondering why they dont just hit the "ignore" button on the screen, which works WAY faster than this app does. i like the idea of putting my phone face down and it just automatically goes silent because i could have it sitting on my desk at work and not worry about it.
theyre approach kinda made me want it less. especially when they put it against a 3yr old iPhone.

well, the 1st gen Omnia has it, so its nothing new.nevertheless, convenient cos being human sometimes we forget to put thm on silence n sometimes ur just in a rush u dont hv e time to do it...just talking frm experience...