BerryScroll - Flick Scrolling for the Storm Now Available!

By Bla1ze on 25 Aug 2009 06:50 am EDT

Probably one of the most requested and sought after features for the BlackBerry Storm is the inclusion of "Flick Scrolling" to be built into the OS, but since RIM has yet to do it a third party application from BellShare is here to save the day finally!

BerryScroll has been in development for a while now and finally has been released for all. The application is great to see in action but keep in mind where it's a third party application it will only work in certain areas of the OS. Right now, BerryScroll will work in the browsers, contacts, phone and finally, media applications. Sadly, no free trial is available for the application but many users in the forums have done the beta testing of this app and state it works amazingly well. Below you can find a 5-minute video review of BerryScroll put together by our friend WayneD so you can really see it in action. BerryScroll for the BlackBerry Storm is available for $4.99 in the CrackBerry App Store.

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BerryScroll - Flick Scrolling for the Storm Now Available!


$4.99 for something that will not work with all functions of the OS. It is a nice feature, but not for $4.99. Would have been great to have offered a free trial to convince people (myself) that it was worth the price.

OK I'm all for coolness and all, but I'm more into function vs aesthetics.

Instead of endless scrolling/flicking in long lists like Music and Contacts and things like that, why not just use the 'Find' function....? umm hey?

I have over 3000 contacts and also almost 4000 songs, and for me, the Find process is the best way to get what I need.

I do think BerryScroll looks neat and probably worth $2.99 at most, but I contend that for long list lookups, the Find process is easier. Again, just for lists that are long. For shorter things, and for sure on browsing, BerryScroll looks nice.

You have to PAY for it because someone spent a lot of time developing it, while RIM was sitting on their asses. Get real, stop asking STUPID questions.

agreed. I know they take time and effort, but if developers for the iPhone can sell them so cheap, then BB should also be at least close to their prices...

Developing for BlackBerry is *not* the same as developing for iPhone. At all. It can be a big pain in the ass at times when you're writing code for BlackBerry. You have to work around stupid limitations in the API and OS, ANYTHING that needs to connect to the internet is a nightmare if you want it to work on most carriers, and lots of things have to be coded from scratch because the built-in components just won't cut it.

The iPhone development environment has built-in support for all of the fancy controls and animations that the iPhone uses in native apps. In BlackBerry, unless you want your app to use the plain boring black and white controls you've got to code them yourself. And forget about animations.

On top of all that, BB developers have to deal with simulator problems and inconsistencies, shoddy development environments, and MOST important of all, we have to make sure our apps work on as many of the myriad of BB phones as possible, on as many OS versions as possible.

With BlackBerry, there's OS 4.2, 4.3, 4.4, 4.5, 4.6, and 4.7, plus there are different screen resolutions on the many different phones so you have to take that into consideration as well.

With the iPhone, there's ONE target platform, ONE version. iPhone. From a development perspective, you don't have to worry about iPhone 2g, 3g, or 3gs. They all code the same.

Despite all of this I still like coding for BlackBerry, heh, but you have to understand they're pretty different animals. Though I do agree that some developers do overcharge, you shouldn't expect everything to be free either. $4.99 is a little on the high side, $0.99-$1.99 would be optimal in my opinion. But, it's definitely not THAT unreasonable, especially compared to some of the other apps out there.

Nice app, but for $4.99 that's over priced in my book, for only functioning with cretin applications. 99 cents I'd probably pick it up. even at 2.99 I'd still hold off. This should be a feature of the OS. Hopefully RIM makes this a standard feature of the Storm 2, or the next version of OS for our phones.

I probably would have purchased this if I didnt hear that flick scrolling was coming with the new 5.0 os. Will patiently await the Os release and save myself 5 dollars.

As usual Bellshare charges a butt load of money for there apps. Plus, give it a month they'll abandon the original version and release an upgrade. Then tell you your uneligible for a free upgrade because you weren't in the two weeks grace period and try to charge you almost more then half the price just to upgrade.

hmmm... Sounds like berry buzz to me

No thank you's

The funny thing is, if they sold it for a $1, they'd probably have 50x as many sales, and would make a ton more money. Simple economics that some people just don't get.

Ok so this app is pretty cool but how do you change the preferences? When you buy it, the app shows that you can change the sensitivity and other preferences but once you actually download it, where is that?

it works ok.. sucks though when you shut down the app your going to have to enable it again... would not have bought it if i knew about that before hand.

my opinion: WAY overprice... should have been a buck.

I'm not saying the app is priced right, but personally as a developer I'd rather deal with 10 people that bought it at $5 then have to support 100 that bought it at $1. Supporting 90 more people takes time and time is money.

Cheapest/best apps out there are dmg's and most of his you can get for $1 and just look at number of posts and support issues that he has to deal with for people that paid $1.

You hit it right on the head... imagine people asking how do you get to this and that... when there's a video showing you how to lol... I wake up with at least 100 emails with people going "How do I install a theme" lol I try to be as nice as possible and keep up my good customer satisfaction but like you said... sounds good in theory but isn't practical... never trust the people around here saying "its way to much" those are the same people who bash it.. I spent five bucks because I could ignore a meal at Taco Bell for a flick scroll app that someone spent time on :)

Can't Make everyone happy! At least one person knows whats going on!

from a business standpoint, maybe it would be worthwhile to deal with those 90 people. That's 100% increase in sale. That's more people with the product. That's more exposure for your product. That's more possible feedback about your product. So maybe your logic is also flawed. Just a thought.

People holy crapballs. For $10 bucks i would pay for this. Upgrades will be free i hope.
I still have my blackberry storm to use as a pda coz i switched to the iphone. But i am going to buy it right now and install it on my storm.
Nice job!!!

five, five dollar, five dollar flick's catch catch catchin on....NOT

Great idea and good job to the developer who figured out how to do this, but definitely not worth the money.

I do not care for this feature on my iPhone. I hate it when I am in the browser or searching through contacts and it goes past the information I need or I'm reading. In my opinion this is one advantage my Storm has over my iPhone. I just prefer the screen to stop when I lift my finger off of it.

sux how you have to enable the feature to work. Why not have an option to enable it automatically for the apps it supports.

Stupid Bellshare..

I could go without a meal from TacoBell or In-N-Out and get more use out of this than the food. $5 app > $5 meal, so worth it for me.

I was on the verge on getting this but when I read this portion of the product description

"NOTE: Due to a limitation of the BlackBerry OS you have to re-enable BerryScroll after you exit and relaunch one of the applications. A workaround is to exit the apps by pressing the red phone end key to exit out of an application."

I thought that could be a real issue leaving something on just so you can have the cool scrolling experience. Not worth the pain. I'll wait to see if the 5.0 will have the flick scroll.

But not $5 cool.
I agree with most of the posts i've seen in the forum.
1. You shouldn't have to enable it each time (what a pain)
2. I'd pay $1 for this, not a penny more.
3. Hopefully RIM will add this feature device wide in a future OS update anyway.

So many apps out there to do the basic things that iPhone does right out the box. RIM... please get it together. Storm 2 will make or break, not going to wait for Storm 3.

What a total ripoff on the price. Don't you think you would get a lot more people signing up if you ONLY charged a few bucks.

I would vote EVERYONE stay away from this expensive application.

Agree that this should be built in OS functionality, but perhaps RIM will catch up with Berry Scroll.Can't wait to try it!