BerryReader updated to version 1.1; Get it today for half price!

By Kevin Michaluk on 4 Nov 2010 11:45 am EDT
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The folks at BellShare, winner of CrackBerry's 2010 BlackBerry App Developer of the Year award, have released an update to their popular Google Reader client for BlackBerry, aptly named BerryReader. Version 1.1 brings with it a number of changes, which include:

  • Added share via e-mail, Twitter and Facebook support
  • Added new visual UI for swiping article headers to toggle read/star on touchscreen devices
  • Now showing multiple article images inline, not just the first one
  • New image viewer for full size image viewing, with option to zoom and pan (supports pinch-to-zoom on touchscreens)
  • Added option to hide "all feeds"/"feeds not in folders" from feed selection popup
  • Feed selection popup now shows feeds below folders
  • Improved overall UI responsiveness
  • Many bug fixes and other improvements

Overall it's a great list of improvements. I personally love BerryReader. I installed it when it first came out and have been using it religiously ever since. It stays fully synced to my Google Reader account and you can still read stories even when you don't have a network coverage. It's definitely a nice app to have, especially if you're on a non-BlackBerry 6 operating system.

Save 50% on BerryReader Today Only: BellShare has set up a 50% off coupon code for BerryReader. Use coupon code berryreader11 at checkout from our Mobile App Store or App Store Client and you can get it for $4.97 vs. it's regular $9.95 price. Make sure you're seeing the discounted price before you complete checkout and note that the coupon code only works from our on-device stores.

Reader comments

BerryReader updated to version 1.1; Get it today for half price!


It's expensive (well, it was before the price drop) but for me its worth every penny. love this app.

Tried BerryReader, it was okay. I felt like it was a little bit of a resource hog and not quite as smooth as it could be. It is sexier than some of the other options.

For my money, however, I picked up "Unread", which is a Google Reader compatible app from the CB App Store. I believe it was also $4.99. I've been very happy with it, as it does a great job of simply grabbing the text of RSS feeds and throwing it on the screen, or at least making it easy for you to access the link. Synching with Google is easy too...just log in the first time and you're set. It also allows you to use all the space on your screen more efficiently. That's my biggest gripe with BerryReader and a lot of the "native" BB apps (like FB and Twitter)...they only allow you to view two or three entries at a time, even if you have it on the smallest font.

Except Unread hasn't been updated in quite some time, and I still have an unresolved issue with pictures and text not displaying properly. It seems as though the developers threw in the towel and abandoned their customers

Tried several versions of readers, and I am quite pleased with the BerryReader. I bought it (full price...figures) for the Bold 9650 running the leaked OS6. Works outstanding. The display is perfect for me, with the images and one-click to get into and out of the details on an article. Particularly like the smooth scrolling, which works much better with the new browser. Other apps seemed to browse painfully slowly, moving one row of pixels with every swipe of the touchpad. But BerryReader works great. It's a keeper!

I just bought it. Put in the code, it took off 50% of the price in step 2 but when I confirmed my PayPal account had me billed at full price. I put in an email to mobihand support.

Couple notes:

a) Just a reminder the coupon code ONLY works in the Mobile App Store (visit the app store on your phone) or from the our downloadable app store client. It wont work when you visit on the computer.

b) when you use the coupon code, make sure you're seeing the proper price discount before completing your order

c) for those above who said they used the coupon code, had the discount, but then still got charged the full amount, definitely email I've alerted them that this appears to have happened. Not sure what happened there, but they'll definitely work to make sure it's all good.

Berry Reader advantages:
- faster sync
- feed AND folder view
- background sync
- still being updated (I have had an issue with feeds for the past couple of months. I informed suppoort, and they said they are working on a fix...nothing)
- add/delete feeds