BerryPopup Message Notifier Updated to Version 1.5

By Adam Zeis on 21 Apr 2010 02:49 pm EDT
BerryPopup  BerryPopup

The team at Bellshare let me know that BerryPopup has been updated to version 1.5. If you haven't heard of it before, BerryPopup is a neat app that allows you to preview incoming email and SMS messages on your device without having to jump into the specific message. If you have a ton of emails coming in constantly (like most of us do) the app lets you preview the message without having to stop what your doing -be it browsing the web, playing a game or using another application. When the popup shows, you can quickly check it out and choose to reply, forward, mark as read or delete the message right in the preview box. One of the cool features about BerryPopup is that it reformats both Bellshare and CrackBerry forums emails for easier reading (as seen in the screencap above) in the preview. Other updates include:

  • Option to automatically delete forum notification e-mails
  • Added 'No Buttons' layout mode
  • Added backup/restore to memory card
  • E-Mails deleted by BerryMail will no longer show
  • Complete rework of settings user interface, now with tabbed user interface
  • Improved compatability with OS 5.0
  • Many bug fixes 
BerryPopup is on sale in the CrackBerry App Store through Sunday for $4.99 and a free trial is available. Hit the link below for more info.
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Reader comments

BerryPopup Message Notifier Updated to Version 1.5


This is a really useful app. I was having incredible buyer's remorse once i realized that i couldn't reply to SMS's from the popup but that was two months ago and they fixed that bug with this update. Kudos to bellshare.

This is a must have app, one of the best to have on your BB. you can quickly glance at your BB to see who has e-mailed or messaged you & reply, delete etc straight from the pop-up. this new version looks great

this seems like it would be extremely annoying, having it pop up automatically in your face while doing something... i'd rather have control over when i read my email/sms... even if it takes a couple extra clicks...

I love this app.

Only issue I have is when reading email in the popup, it appears as one big wall of text. The app does not seem to format the emails as they were formatted (with paragraphs).

Other then that, it's cool.

Maybe I'm going crazy, but is anyone else having trouble finding the layout options (such as the new "No Button" mode) in this updated version? I can't find the settings anywhere.

One of my most missed features of my old Sidekick was how whenever I would get a new message, whether it be text, email, IM, etc, it would scroll across the top of the screen for a couple of seconds, no matter which app I was in. It wasn't intrusive & I could read it w/o having to really pause what I was doing. Now THAT was useful, especially for a multitasker like me!

I've been using this app for quite some time. Matter of fact, it was one of - if not THE - first apps I purchased for my Blackberry.

I was a bit disappointed with it's behavior after upgrading from 4.7 to OS 5.0, but this update has made me VERY happy!

Bellshare's apps are all being updated quite nicely now with some great UI and feature improvements - and who can't appreciate the backup/restore features?!?!

Thanks BellShare!!

I'm glad to see the update, especially the backup and restore.

I use this app with SmartAlerts so that I only get popups of value. Is there any plan to update SmartAlerts?

This app still sucks. It does not mute when BBM is selected. Its sooo annoying to have a message popup as you are writing in BBM only to have accidentally deleted your new email/sms. you think that they would fix this with the new update.

Go to your Options > BerryPopup. Then scroll down the list and click on "Muted Applications" and select BlackBerry Messenger to mute the app while BBM is on.

Doesn't that work? I've never tried it.

One of my favorite utilities. Saves me time by allowing me to see how messaged me at a glance, without having to get out of what I'm doing to check. A+.

been using smrtalerts wonder if this will be better as sa works great on os 5.0 also - may give this a go and check it out

wish the background in pop ups was transparent instead of solid black, but ok so far and nice options

I bought this app a week ago, but now I have to pay another $4.99 for an upgrade that's major selling point for me is "many bug fixes". I had the same experience with BerryBuzz not even a month ago. Is this a standard industry practice? This is my only complaint about this app, or any of the 5 bellshare apps I'm using.

I bought this app over 2 years ago and I got the upgrade for free. That $4.99 is if you're buying it for the first time now.

thanks for the tip, but i'm still unable to find an OTA link that doesn't require me to purchase the BepopUp update, whether at the Crackberry Superstore or App World catalogs, my applications list, or by checking for an update via the options app list.

Took a bit to find the rest of the options, but I really like it.

Took long enough to get updated though...

It also works well with Empower's Mail Rule Manage, which looks to have more options than BerryMail.

I tested it out for 1hour and loved it... now to make me tell my friends about it, have it popup with BBM!!!!

Unfortunately, this is a limitation/security feature of the OS. There is no access to BBM messages however, PIN will work IIRC *shrugs*

The only thing this does well is to lock up my bold 9700. & Interrupts other apps,In all honesty i wouldn't waste your phones memory