Berry Labyrinth v.0.90 BETA For Your BlackBerry Storm!

BerryLabyrinth v.0.90 BETA 1
By Bla1ze on 8 Mar 2009 11:52 am EDT

Beta tests are always fun! This one especially, considering it's a beta test of an already awesome game, which can only get better from here on out. Berry Labyrinth is designed for the BlackBerry Storm and at this point consists of 10 playable levels of pure enjoyment.

The object of the game is to get the ball through the maze while avoiding any obstacles that may be in the way until you get to the other side where you drop the ball into the hole. The developers of the game Berry Blow are offering the game up for free while they beta test it and improve up on it, which they are dedicating a lot of time to.

You can read about Berry Labyrinth in the Forums and please, help them out with the beta test by leaving any comments you may have. Applications get better when developers openly share beta tests and the best way to improve a game or application is to share your experiences with the developers. Check it out and enjoy. And don't blame when you say goodbye to a few hours of productivity!!

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Reader comments

Berry Labyrinth v.0.90 BETA For Your BlackBerry Storm!


that was easy i just beat the ten levels in the one level. the other 9 i cant until the official release. it was a cool game though and it should be fun once i get really challenged haha lol

The accelerometor works really well in this game. The levels and the challenges are awesome...I did notice in a few of the levels that when you try to get the ball to just sit there still without any motion it would consitently bounce up and down. Other than that the game is really cool and I didn't notice any other problems. Thanks

The game was fun. Most of the levels were really easy, so tougher levels would be cool.

I did feel like they did not get progressively harder. I would suggest switching around the order of the fist 6 levels as I felt 4 5 and 6 were easier than 1 2 and 3.

Great job though...very smooth!

Game is pretty lame. Way too easy. I finished practically every level the on the first try. Now I just deleted the game after spending 5 minutes to get through all 10 levels

-Ball doesn't seem to have enough weight/mass.
-Ball seems too "touchy" when bouncing off a wall at very slow speed.
-Game seems too one dimensional... I think the walls/barriers are too flat, not enough shadowing to give more depth.

Good first effort, accelerometer very nicely implemented. Will happily pay for final release after a bit more improvement.

Thanks for bringing such an addictive game to the Storm!

No leak, but another app, that once the beta is finished we will have to pay 5 bucks for. Brilliant.

I love it. Can't wait for more levels to become available. smooth movt's and perfectly responsive. Good job!

I've downloaded it and played it a few times and noticed some glitches like
The ball teleporting by bouncing it off certain walls on two or three levels
I know its the beta but I just thought I'd throw it out there and see if anyone
Else found this.

I agree...the Ball rebounds from the wall a little to much. If you let the ball rest against a wall it takes a while for the ball to come to a full stop. The game is very fun though and i like it

i tried this today and it's pretty good. game play is a bit laggy and the graphics (the ball loses it's 3d appearance as the ball moves) compared to the one on the iphone. overall a great game!

Had this for a day and only issue I have had is on level 2 it got a little glitchy for about half a second. Very fun game!

Downloaded is last night. Very cool. Works great with the accelerometer. Looking forward to sounds and more levels! Bravo!

I don't know how to play this yet, but I am glad to hae a new game ti figure out. Thanks a bunch.


Storm owners need more games like this, this is a very good looking game and the only thing I hope they do is make it like the updated iPhone version were when you tilt the screen the walls raise up 3D for a very realistic look.

Berry Labyrinth is the bomb! I used to play Monkey Ball on an old Samsung phone and it was fun. This is 10 times better.

This game is way too addictive! Finished the first level and couldn't put it down for a long time.

Nice game

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