BerryJoose Improves BlackBerry Functionality - 75 Copies to Give Away

By Adam Zeis on 14 Jan 2010 09:31 am EST


BerryJoose isn't your typical hands-on application. It is a utility that runs in the background on your device and keeps an eye on everything, helping the device run smoother and minimizing hourglasses, memory leaks and more. It essentially watches whats going on, and keeps everything together so you don't have anymore face to palm moments. Features include:

  • memory leaks are minimized.
  • no more Blackberry® freeze.
  • super-charged for speed.
  • fewer starts and stops, fewer dropped calls and missed connections. Turn on your Blackberry in the morning and enjoy optimized performance all day. BerryJoose just does it.
  • battery pulls? BerryJoose keeps them under control.
  • warnings before you lose your work or that new client. You always look good with BerryJoose no matter what's on the line. Or who.
  • deploy more apps simultaneously, increasing productivity. 

BerryJoose is on sale in the CrackBerry app store for $3.99 until January 17th (regularly $9.99) but we have 75 copies to give away. Just leave a comment on this post to enter. Contest ends this Sunday at Midnight PST.

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Reader comments

BerryJoose Improves BlackBerry Functionality - 75 Copies to Give Away



Well that could come in handy. I hate it when i go to show something to my friend (WinMo guy)and it freezes!

My Blackberry is my life. It is hooked into the BES at work and I get hundreds of e-mails and texts a day. Some days are better than others and I don't have issues, but when it goes bad, it really goes bad.

Not sure where my memory leak is, so please help...

As an original storm user waiting for my new every two to come up I think that if I don't win Verizon should buy this for me out of principal.

I would like to try a copy of this program. Since my last OS upgrade it seems like my Curve hangs up more frequently and I get longer hour glass time.

I have a 8330m and it is my main source of communication. My computer died. So hour glasses are starting to become a common site on my screen.

I ordered this app over 24 hours ago, and have yet to receive it to my device! what the crap is going on? i try and check my order status and it says it doesnt exhist.

I am now using my 5th BB Curve 8330 with Verizon- HELP! I am no cracker - but no dummy either. Paying out a carpayment to be annoyed by this hacked/cracked/BAD BERRY! Former Unicel ROKR forced into this VZW contract due to substandard BROWSER with VZW Motorola W-755 phone - I am TICKED + ready to lito go!

Sounds like a dream come true; I can't remeber how many times some apps just grind my BB to a halt. I would love to give this a try. BerryJoose-me!

This would be great to help with memory leaks and help my device run smoother. Please pick me for this one so I can give it a try.

I purchased this app, there doesn't seem to be any difference in my 8900 at all. So it doesn't seem to do anything. I still get occasional hourglasses, and my memory is the same after 24 hours as it would have been without this app. I'm kind of dissapointed:( But for 3.99 I'm not going to complain, perhaps it does do some little things. I just can't tell the difference.

This software rocks .... Crackberry keeps getting better and better with introduction of new utilities for us BBers Abusers and Users. Two Thumbs Ups !!!

would looooooove to get this app. I hope I win one, I really do!!!!! My 9700 is already slowing down so much, need to get it under control.
Thanks a million

Was thinking of making a blank reinstall of my BB when 5.0 would arrive. Maybe this could help me before I do that.

My Storm 2 is pretty loaded with tons of apps and it used to require frequent batt pulls (at least every couple of days) which I could MOSTLY avoid by using QuickPull's scheduled reboots.

Since I've loaded BerryJoose (a couple of weeks ago) I've disabled the scheduled reboots and while I've had a few reboots from installing and updating apps after that, I've yet to have a single freeze or forced batt pull. I can only credit that welcomed improvement to BerryJoose.

Now I need another copy for my Wife's storm 2!

I hope I can win a copy, but if not, I'll buy it while it's still on sale (hope that doesn't kill my chances to win).

thanks CrackBerry is just the application that I need I have a blackberry bold and sometimes my crashes, I like to have this application, as I have said it is very good, hopefully one of the lucky ones, just because CrackBerry

As i knew and make me so horny to get Berryjoose 1.7 is after i saw my friend have it in his bold 9000, his bold 9000 no more got lacks or insufficient memory anymore like mine.
Hmm what a wonderfull apps!!!