BerryJoose Improves BlackBerry Functionality - 75 Copies to Give Away

By Adam Zeis on 14 Jan 2010 09:31 am EST


BerryJoose isn't your typical hands-on application. It is a utility that runs in the background on your device and keeps an eye on everything, helping the device run smoother and minimizing hourglasses, memory leaks and more. It essentially watches whats going on, and keeps everything together so you don't have anymore face to palm moments. Features include:

  • memory leaks are minimized.
  • no more Blackberry® freeze.
  • super-charged for speed.
  • fewer starts and stops, fewer dropped calls and missed connections. Turn on your Blackberry in the morning and enjoy optimized performance all day. BerryJoose just does it.
  • battery pulls? BerryJoose keeps them under control.
  • warnings before you lose your work or that new client. You always look good with BerryJoose no matter what's on the line. Or who.
  • deploy more apps simultaneously, increasing productivity. 

BerryJoose is on sale in the CrackBerry app store for $3.99 until January 17th (regularly $9.99) but we have 75 copies to give away. Just leave a comment on this post to enter. Contest ends this Sunday at Midnight PST.

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Reader comments

BerryJoose Improves BlackBerry Functionality - 75 Copies to Give Away



If there's one thing I could change about BBs is improved speed and reliability. I hope that winning BerryJoose would help with that.

Hope I win!

This would be an immense help to me. I am doing a Battery Pull/Quick Pull twice a day due to lack of memory. I watch my memory drop about 10+MB looking at alt-l.shift-H. It is getting old fast. I have the 9630 and I can't find the program(s) causing the problem. In have wiped my phone and added apps 1 by 1 with no luck. Please let me get a copy and help keep my drama down too.

Thanks CrackBerry and BerryJoose!

This App is awesome. A friend has it and I love it. Would love to win a free copy for my new storm 2 that I am getting in a few days!!

This seems like a very cool application, but shouldn't the problem it fixes not even be problems at all???? How about releasing OS 5.0 with these corrections?

This seems like a very cool application, but shouldn't the problems it fixes not even be problems at all???? How about releasing OS 5.0 with these corrections?

This would be extremely helpful for us crackberry addicts. Especially downloading and deleting a lot of apps.

why don't RIM just make the phone and OS to work together. why need third party software to run the phone and os. oh wait it's marketing. no deal!!!!

I would love to get my hands on this app. I always find the battery pulls, quickpull apps and the hour glass freezes irritate me to no end. I see it more with certain themes which make me shy away from using them because they run so slow at times.

OMG could I use this on my BlackBerry Bold 9000. I have 5.0 on it now and the memory leaks are worse then when 4.6 was on it. Please, this would be a lifesaver. HELP!

Nothing like a little "Joose" to get through the day. A copy of this app would make all the pain go away!

Would love to try a copy of this app! I am not totally clear how it does what it does, but so many people are saying it makes a difference. thanks for the chance to win a copy!

This app would be great for me! I run a ton of apps and it slows my berry... a lot. Hopefully it works just as well as promised!

With single digit application memory on my storm and just minimal apps running, I would love to try this app.

This sounds like something I would love to try! I've tried the other memory "optimizers" out there and have concluded they all were in adequate. I would love to take this for a spin on my new blackberry.

This sounds like what I am looking for. If I don't win a copy I may have to purchase this. But I WILL win a copy!!!

Sounds like this will help me from needing to remember to reboot my Bold twice a day for it to run smoothly. Yay!

looks like a sweet program. it rly functions the way its supposed to? my bb has been slacking lately

I have been having issues with my BB ever since I upgraded to OS 5.0. I am hoping that this program would help!!!!! So PLEASE PICK ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I would really love to win a copy of this app. It would certainly help with the hourglasses I receive daily. Also from the description of the app it would help my new pretty Blackberry Tour run smoothly. Thanks.

I would LOVE to win a copy of BerryJoose. I have had a memory leak on my phone and would love to utilize this software.

BerryJoose really a great app for my blackberry. it make my bb run smooth and stable. i would love to hav a copy of BerryJoose. pls pick me... thanks

I'm on Bell Canada running a BlackBerry Bold on and I have to do a battery pull every day to help with memory.

like most other posts, hopeful but not banking on it.. have a Storm 9530 with with better memory management than .328 crap but still leaking after using some apps and shutting them down. Would love it if this app delivered! awaiting reviews..

Just got my bold 9700 in dec. and already had the freezes! i LOVE my bold so much and would love it even more with this app!

Just got my bold 9700 in dec. and already had the freezes! i LOVE my bold so much and would love it even more with this app!

My phone always has memory leaks and I end up with little memory and have to do battery pulls all the time. Would love to win!

Thx to this posting I went ahead and purchased this application...and I already see a blackberry 8900 runs a lot fast ^_^ but enter me into the contest I would give it to one of my blackberry friends

I would like a free copy to test... if it truly does work, then I'll buy another copy for my wife's phone

I really hope I win, my Tour has been a bit slow lately even afte O.S. upgrades and regular battery pulls. C'mon berryjoose... time to regulate my berry!

Now...if the sale ends sunday...and the drawing is announced midnight sunday...whats the point of hoping for afree version? Oh well, if I win I'll donate it to the girlfriend for her Tour.

I already have this, for about 2weeks now , and can honestly say does nothing. Memory leaks are still there, hourglass is still there, still have to reboot everyday...this app is snake oil.
If you win but don't waste your money.
BTW, I have a storm running 419/436 hybrid.

Just got my first blackberry phone but have had a lot of fun with applications for other smart phones, can't wait to rate and review this application as well!

Free copy? How could one refuse?

Loving my Storm 2 and recommending Crackberry to all my noob Bberry coworkers. Would be sweet to show this app off to them!

I've heard alot of good things about this app. A free copy would not be unappreciated. Thank You.

Oh I could so use this, those freezes, that little spinning clock drives me crazy....the dropped calls, I really need this....hook me up crackberry!!