BerryJoose Improves BlackBerry Functionality - 75 Copies to Give Away

By Adam Zeis on 14 Jan 2010 09:31 am EST


BerryJoose isn't your typical hands-on application. It is a utility that runs in the background on your device and keeps an eye on everything, helping the device run smoother and minimizing hourglasses, memory leaks and more. It essentially watches whats going on, and keeps everything together so you don't have anymore face to palm moments. Features include:

  • memory leaks are minimized.
  • no more Blackberry® freeze.
  • super-charged for speed.
  • fewer starts and stops, fewer dropped calls and missed connections. Turn on your Blackberry in the morning and enjoy optimized performance all day. BerryJoose just does it.
  • battery pulls? BerryJoose keeps them under control.
  • warnings before you lose your work or that new client. You always look good with BerryJoose no matter what's on the line. Or who.
  • deploy more apps simultaneously, increasing productivity. 

BerryJoose is on sale in the CrackBerry app store for $3.99 until January 17th (regularly $9.99) but we have 75 copies to give away. Just leave a comment on this post to enter. Contest ends this Sunday at Midnight PST.

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BerryJoose Improves BlackBerry Functionality - 75 Copies to Give Away




I purchased 2 BB Storm2's for my daughter and I so we can communicate while she is traveling in Central America for 2 months. While my phone has been pretty good, albeit not as fast as my friend's iPhones, her phone has consistently frozen and required multiple battery pulls and even a memory wipe. She still finds it freezes and this is not helping allay my fears re: her upcoming trip and our keeping in touch. If this app works as promised, I will purchase it for her phone as well. I hope it's not too good to be true!

I'd love one of theses! So useful to have in handy, especially I don't think it's worth the 10$ they ask for...

this is a need for me. i've hade the 9700 for 2 weeks and already have a leak... RIM needs to implament this on all their BB's.

I need this app because...I have to have this for...hold on (what do I need this for Honey..oh yea) I need this app because my menory has had it, I think something like that if it comes to me I will get back to you.

This is a Program I really want!
I always have Taskmanager running on my PC, killing processes that are getting out of whack, the resources task manager uses are saved when killing background things that don't shut down right,

If this works the same way, for $4 it might be worth it even if I don't win

But would love to try it. Heck, for 4 bucks I'll buy it if I don't win it. I've spent more on themes I ended up hating.

I read about this app over at the crackberry shop, one of the most useful, worth the money apps. especially if it's free!

I'd enjoy a copy of this for my wife's phone, maybe I can get her back into BBM a bit more often without bogging her down.

Need to say more?
I will send a test result and compair the latest Optimizer-applications anyway.
This opportunity speeds me up(Right here on daily busride.

The sale and the contest end at the same time. So, if I buy it now, and win it on Sunday, will the combination coagulate in my phone and work twice as good as if I had just one? Or will the two cancel out and it will be like I don't have it at all? Any help on this would help. Thanks!

At the moment i'm doing atleast 2 battery pulls a day. So i really hope this app can help me minimize the battery pull.

What an App. Sure would miss doing those battery pulls!!!! Thanks for the chance to win a free copy.

This sounds like something that RIM should have already running in the background. Thanks for another great contest. Sign me up!


Talk about between a rock & a hard place! I'm definitely going to want this app, but if I don't win one I'll end up paying full price? Methinks someone should recompute their deadline...

WOW I would love to win a copy of this. My 8330 is plagued with all sort of OS problems no matter which OS and what I do to it. This would help me stop the freezing and al the battery pulls I do in a day. Hope I will this one!!!!

One thing I love about CrackBerry is you guys are always letting us know the best of the best of what's out there!

I'd love a chance to try out this application. I think it'd be of great benefit to my BlackBerry!


I've been using Memory Up Pro and I've never been able to notice a difference. I hope this newer one really ups the quality.

I hope I win a free one as I already spend enough on apps. -_-;;; My wife is ready to kick my butt with all my apps. :S

Very intrested even if I dont win cant wait to hear the feedback sounds like a great concept hope it works as great as it sounds.

I have entered COUNTLESS contests on CB and other sites and have never won a single one. This one I REALLY hope I win because this sounds like a grand app.

hopefully the 3rd time is the charm and i can win this app. it seems to be very nice from what i read. im a crackberry head and i hope i win a free copy.

Since I am a Storm 1 user I an going to put my name in to win. This is perfect for the Storm. App memory is hard to come by with this phone. Hope I win!

So eine App suche ich schon sehr lange!
Ich würde mich wahnsinnig freuen wen ich zu "den Glücklichen" zählen dürfte :-)

Guß Dirk