BerryJoose Improves BlackBerry Functionality - 75 Copies to Give Away

By Adam Zeis on 14 Jan 2010 09:31 am EST


BerryJoose isn't your typical hands-on application. It is a utility that runs in the background on your device and keeps an eye on everything, helping the device run smoother and minimizing hourglasses, memory leaks and more. It essentially watches whats going on, and keeps everything together so you don't have anymore face to palm moments. Features include:

  • memory leaks are minimized.
  • no more Blackberry® freeze.
  • super-charged for speed.
  • fewer starts and stops, fewer dropped calls and missed connections. Turn on your Blackberry in the morning and enjoy optimized performance all day. BerryJoose just does it.
  • battery pulls? BerryJoose keeps them under control.
  • warnings before you lose your work or that new client. You always look good with BerryJoose no matter what's on the line. Or who.
  • deploy more apps simultaneously, increasing productivity. 

BerryJoose is on sale in the CrackBerry app store for $3.99 until January 17th (regularly $9.99) but we have 75 copies to give away. Just leave a comment on this post to enter. Contest ends this Sunday at Midnight PST.

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Reader comments

BerryJoose Improves BlackBerry Functionality - 75 Copies to Give Away



this is a great app! it really does work, and is probably the best app ive purchased for my tour. everything runs smoother and no more hour glass freeze ups. if you dont win a free copy, i suggest you purchase now before the sales ends.

How can you tell that it's working? "Device run smoother" and "minimizing memory leaks" are not things you can objectively measure. Sounds like snake oil to me.

if you go to the 3rd party apps sub forum you'll find a post on this app, and i know there are folks in there that are on 5.0 and they are loving it.

I can't tel you how I know it works, but if you spend your money on it you can find out for yourself (that it of course does NOT work, and any product with magical claims and zero evidence is probably snake oil).

I don't know anything about this app, but the posts here were just too classic to ignore. If this app is not snake oil, I'll be pleasantly surprised.

I'd take this application with a grain of salt...

I bought it the day it came out and to be honest, there's no clear sign that it's actually doing anything!

Ocasionally I get a message telling me I should reset my device, delete some content and/or uninstall some applications... But that's it.

Furthermore, BerryJoose doesn't give me the option to accomplish any of these things nor do any of them automatically - a reset for example, must be manually performed by removing the battery (wasn't this application supposed to prevent my having to do that?)!

It's cheap enough that you could have a look if you're interested, but don't expect any miracle cures to your memory cures because this application seems to have little<--->no effect...

This seems interesting I want to see if this actually works and a free copy would be a perfect oppurtunity!

This would be really useful because I feel a couple of my apps have memory leaks and I need to reset almost daily.

Experience seems to show the more things running in the background on the OS, the more resources are taken up and an element of instability gets introduced. I like more of an "as needed" application. Perhaps this one is written more efficiently than others?

With a Curve running OS 5, I could definitely stand to have this app. But with two kids and school loans, I'm gonna need to win it. ;-)

This couldn't have come at a better time, almost bought lastnight. Hopefully I'll be lucky enough to get a copy.

Wanted to try this mysterious utility for a while but the price kept me away. I guess, now I have a chance...maybe?

I need this app to assist me with everyday clock issues; which I believe it is due to all the apps I have on my BB. Please choose me to receive a Free copy. Thank you in advance to crackberry dot com and BerryJoose for the chance to win!!!

I like this app! I like the idea of an app running in the background that can control the battery pulls! I'll take one please!

First time to enter a giveaway sounds like a great app. I live in bfe Arkansas would like to see how it does on the dropped calls in the hills around here.

Managing applications/memory can be a real help. Especially when your on the go and the Phone FREEZES UP !! So I am sure this software could help reduce the frustration we all come to expect espcially with those BB Storm devices.

I would love to try this application. Hopefully it would stop the memory leaks and having to wait on the hourglass. Daily battery pulls are becoming annoying.

This would be such a great thing to have on my phone. I would to win it. I never seem to get lucky enough to win.

Please pick me! I want to try this one in my Storm with the leaks of memory that just kills..

I think my Storm is the best test that this app can do... please i want to quit Quickpull :S


Thanks again CrackBerry for the giveaway contest. I would love to give this a try on some new OS 5.0 builds :)