BerryGlowDesigns returns with five more premium themes compatible with the 9900, 9930, and 9981!

By Alicia Erlich on 18 Aug 2012 04:56 pm EDT

Not too long ago we told you that BerryGlowDesigns had something in store for us after making their FREE Sharp!Ice and Sharp!Pink themes compatible with OS 7/7.1. Now that he started hand coding for BlackBerry 7, which is not an easy task mind you, BGD's taken five of his popular premium designs and made them available for the 9900/30/81. For those who miss the simplicity and flow of their designs I can tell you their unique style is not lost. If anything the colors are even more vivid on my display.

BGD Promo

Each of these elegant and beautiful themes retains the same visual elements you loved in the originals including the crispness, clarity, and quality of the graphics. Whether you love the frosty blue gradients of my personal favorite Naturize Winter Dream, the clean banners and framed clock of Silv3r, the glossy and refreshing green feel of Naturize Clean, the simple design of AquaGlow, or the electronic beats of Dubstep, they are all lovely and refreshing designs for your compatible device.

Each and every one of BGD's themes offer beautiful layouts, small file sizes that don't affect performance, wonderful graphics and colors, and custom icons, battery and signal meters, and colorful wallpapers. All five of these creative themes not only run fast and smooth on my BlackBerry Bold 9900 but are on sale for a limited time for $.99 in BlackBerry App World. All BGD themes are compatible with OS5 and OS6 devices as well so if you haven't had the opportunity to check them out then be sure to pick up your favorite before time runs out using the links below.

If any of the themes are not appearing in App World you can refresh by pressing and holding ALT R+S+T. Don't own a 99xx? Be sure to let BGD know which device you would like to see him support next by dropping a line in the comments below.

More information / screenshots and to purchase Silv3r
More information / screenshots and to purchase Naturize Clean
More information / screenshots and to purchase Naturize WD
More information / screenshots and to purchase AquaGlow
More information / screenshots and to purchase Dubstep



Any other devices on the map?

Matt J

These themes are ugly.


That shows your appreciation is clouded and lacking. If you don't like what the theme maker worked so hard on, don't even bother commenting negatively.


I appreciate the effort, but a lot of these themes are not really "themes." The changes are so subtle. OS 7 themes just look like wallpaper and font color changes. I miss the days of completely changing the layout of my OS 5 Berry to look completely different and having soooo many choices to choose from.

Its been forever and the OS 7 Theme Builder is still nowhere to be found. Its like RIm doesnt even care anymore.