BerryBuzz Version 3.0.66 Maintenance Release Now Available

By Bla1ze on 28 May 2010 09:03 am EDT
BerryBuzz Version 3.0.66 Maintenance Release Now Available

Having long been a user of BerryBuzz, I'm always glad to see when a new release is pushed out. This time we have version 3.0.66 now available. This version is maintenance release that adds new items to the list of options and fixes up some general bugs that were found through testing. Check out the list of changes:

  • Added support for YouMail Visual Voicemail
  • Added support for Tweetissimo
  • Added support for crunchSMS
  • Improved contact matching for incoming calls (fixes LED not working for some contacts)
  • Fixed SocialScope support
  • Fixed clearing of IM+ notifications
  • Clear messages on first key activity' now applies to messages, not only e-mail/SMS
  • Fixed activation not working via direct TCP/IP
  • Fixed custom profiles being deleted on BerryBuzz deinstallation (OS 5.0 only) 

If you are new to BerryBuzz, you can grab the free trial that is available and give it a test drive. If you're already a BerryBuzz user, you can download the update now to make sure you are indeed running the latest version.

Reader comments

BerryBuzz Version 3.0.66 Maintenance Release Now Available


So let me get this straight:

If I want a "fixed" version of the berrybuzz app, I have to pay for it? WTF


This is a maintenance release for *version 3*. The last update was the major release going from version 2 to version 3. For major updates there is a nominal upgrade fee... but since I ordered through CrackBerry, they only charged me $1.99 to upgrade instead of the $6 or whatever. That is why you are being prompted to pay. If you would have upgraded to version 3 already, this download would have been free. Mine was!

...that upgrades should always be free. lol

That's why I didn't upgrade from 2.0. So perhaps they should offer a fix for the 2.0 version for free. I don't need all the hoopla associated with the 3.0 version.


yes, because version 3.x has been out for a while. this is an update of that. If you're going from 2 to 3 there is a small upgrade fee. my opinion. I already paid close to $10 for what I have now. It's not worth another 3 bucks from me. I'm sorry. it is a great app though. I will stick with what I have.


I didn't have to pay anything for the upgrade from version 2 to version 3. Went to buy it and it said I was eligible for a free upgrade.. Maybe something to do with when it was purchased?

I originally bought BeBuzz when it was version 2.x in 2009 for $5.99, then paid $2.99 to upgrade to version 3 a few weeks ago. The license code I was provided with for 3.0.59 worked fine, and now 3.0.66 won't accept the license. Says I am using a 1.x license code...?? :(

if you install over .59 you shouldnt need to re-input your reg code. At least I didnt have to.
Make sure youre using the new 12 digit code. Go to "my account" on here and itll show you the code.

I purchased 2.xx in early 2009. A new version came out less than a month later and I had to go through hoops trying to get a functioning key for the new version, while NEVER getting any response from Bellshare. This year they expect me to pay for version 3, which really fixes problems with version 2 more than it adds features. I can write mods into programs and call that a major version too. That doesn't make it true. Why not just admit that you want users to pay you every year?

I won't pay another dime.

Bellshare customer service is non-existent. All their emails are auto-responders and they are not monitored. No one ever responds.


well i didnt have to anyways. I guess i got kinda lucky cuz i bought version 2.2 like a week before version 3 came out so i got a free upgrade. And version 3 members get a free update to this as well. When i logged in, it was saying i had to buy it. But when i updated from the app itself it did it for free!!!

Very happy that Berrybuzz got on the ball to add crunchsms. I only got it last week and already the app I have supports it, my favorite apps by far are from Berrybuzz! <3

For some reason, it doesn't work for Ubertwitter or Twitter native app. I'm on a Storm2 OS .580. It does on previous releases though.


I'm still having the problem when I have SMS set to blue then Contact1's SMS set to yellow and Contact1 sends me an SMS I get blue+yellow blinks.

Latest OS5 on 8900

I'm seeing people posting the similar issue I have, from back in MAY! The issue is that there is still a problem when trying to assign a contact a specific LED color. I can't seem to add specific contacts for specific LED colors. Bellshare fix this crap!